ball joint tights


The threezero Shield Liger arrived in the mail today, and since we had the car I was luckily able to pick it up on time!

The detailing really is amazing and not as overwhelming as it appears in photos (especially those with artificial lighting). I honestly didn’t notice the saturated red rust along a lot of parts when I opened it up, and still have to look to see it, so it’s not as distracting in person. Photos on the other hand like to capture that red and oversaturate it. In person he just looks really dusty, but the paint scheme is growing on me. There’s also a lot of silver edges that look brilliant in person but barely show up in photos.

The size is way bigger than I expected. Almost double the size of a Liger Zero and very hefty. The figure has weight to it but still has an obvious plastic feel. I mean, it is plastic- but it’s just one of those lingering things that’s always reminding you “Hey, this is just a toy.” The articulation isn’t fantastic, but not bad. The movable parts like legs, guns, etc., are all very tight besides the tail. There are also a few pieces that are able to wobble so that they have give when posing, and don’t obstruct movement as much.

So far my only real beef is that the jaw has nearly zero movement and the tail ball joints aren’t tight enough to keep it lifted all the time. The batteries are also microscopic AG1 x3 but the cover is almost entirely hidden. The only outwards indication of its production is the copyright information on the lower belly. The battery case is hidden under a detachable panel that’s hidden under the bottom shield generator, 100% invisible.

All in all this is an amazing figure. I’m not sure I’d go out as far as to say it’s worth the high cost for a casual collector but if you can get a hold of one it looks fantastic in person.