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if you would stay | m

◇ “Come back home.” Always.

◇ Namjoon x reader

◇ mafia!au

◇ length: 8.5k

◇ um???? Guess who has no idea where tf this came from??? Anyway enjoy lol


Namjoon catches you staring again.

Your eyes hooded, your bottom lip caught between your teeth, your chin resting gently on your open palm. You were a sight for sore eyes; a sight that Namjoon could not indulge for the time being, but a sight nonetheless.


Namjoon prides himself on his emotionless composure but he’s sure that even Jimin could tell that he was distracted; though, said man was well aware that he shouldn’t question the whereabouts of his boss’s thoughts. He didn’t need to know that Namjoon was thinking about pressing you against his desk and taking you from behind, after all.

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in a post-canon setting, how does bakura even begin to apologize to ryou for everything he did to him? assuming he thinks he has anything to apologize for, of course.

I finally finished this:

Ryou sat on the coffin-sized concrete balcony and stared at the traffic below. His breath rose in puffs from his mouth, and he hugged his knees to his chest, but he didn’t go inside for a jacket or even shoes.

Ryou felt a thick, heavy blanket wrap around his shoulders and a scalding hot ceramic mug press into his hands. Bakura knelt in front of him, working house slippers onto Ryou’s feet.

“His name was Diva,” Ryou muttered, not bothering to thank the once-spirit-now-human who’d been hiding out in Ryou’s apartment for over six months.

Ryou had found Bakura while taking out his trash, curled in a small ball in tears near the dumpster. Ryou still wasn’t sure if the tears had been from pain, sorrow, or fury. Ryou had never known the spirit to react to pain, so he assumed one of the latter two. He’d had nowhere to go, no possessions other than a body that looked strangely like Ryou’s, and no identification papers. Despite all common sense, Ryou couldn’t bare to leave him in the alley next to his apartment complex, so he took him in and told him he had a year to gather the things he needed to make it on his own.

But that was before Ryou remembered what had happened… the day he got the Ring.

“I don’t remember their names.” Bakura’s voice was gruff, coarse, nothing like Ryou’s despite their similar faces. It was like all the years that had weathered his soul showed in the tone of his voice.

“But he remembered mine.”

“I’m not going to apologize for Shadi. He was a asshole, as bad as the rest of them.”

“Yes, because everyone’s the villain except you.” Ryou stared at the cup in his hands, tempted to drink from it, but resisting because he knew what it’d mean, if he accepted the offering. It’d be like accepting an apology. “Is there anything you’re actually sorry for?”

Bakura crossed his arms over his chest, defensive as always, and looked away.

Ryou snorted, his breath sending miniature ripples across the surface of his coffee. “Would it kill you to say it in words?”

“What the fuck good are words? They don’t bring people back. They don’t stop the nightmares. They won’t make you feel better. You know I’m a liar, so why say anything?”

Ryou gave up and stared at the city lights below.

“Look…” Bakura paused for a long time as he stared at his hands. “It’s too pathetic to even try.”

“Yes, of course. If you apologized, you’d be weak like me. I get it.”

“Not like that,” Bakura snapped. “But an ‘I’m sorry’ can’t stack up to my pile of fuck ups. Not to you … and not to my village …”

“Okay,” Ryou sighed.

“Okay what?”

“I understand. I just… I wish you would talk to me more. I can’t understand your side of it if you never tell me.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t with you,” Bakura blurted out in a rush.

“What?” Ryou asked.

“Fuck.” Bakura ran his fingers through his hair. “I can’t stop anything that happened before, but I’m sorry I wasn’t there this time. When Diva found you. He was pissed at me, and you got the blame for it, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

“No one would have rescued you.” Ryou shrugged as he continued to stare at traffic lights.

“That doesn’t matter.” Bakura snorted. “Hell, I’m used to it by now.”

“We’re both used to a lot of things, but that doesn’t make it right.”

“What was it like when you were gone? Was it like the Shadow Realm?” Bakura asked.

“No. At first it was Domino, then my old home town, and then…” Ryou paused, frowning, staring at his cup of coffee and squeezing the mug. “Then everything was on fire.”

“What?” Bakura jerked towards Ryou, leaning closer as if he hadn’t heard correctly.

“A village on fire. I tried to help a women but… well, it was a world of memories. I couldn’t do anything.” Ryou shifted until he was completely facing Bakura, looking eye-to-eye. “There was a little boy hiding. I… I think your memories saved my life. It gave Yugi more time to pull me back into this reality.”

“You … saw…”


All at once Bakura crumpled into a ball, chest hitching. His fingers dug through his own hair and he kept his face hidden.

Ryou reached out with one hand, the other still holding his warm mug. With his free hand, Ryou combed a free strand of Bakura’s hair.

“I’m sorry… oh gods.” A tear slipped down Ryou’s own cheek. “You’re right, it’s a useless word, isn’t it?” Ryou set the mug down and hunched over Bakura in an awkward embrace. “I’m here.”

Bakura smeared his face over with the sleeve of his shirt. He sat up, trying to act composed, but still struggling to breath. He opened his mouth to speak, failed, and sat there rasping breath and shaking his head as if it were all too much to experience let alone explain.

And Ryou understood. He backed away, giving Bakura his space. Needing a distraction, Ryou sipped the coffee while it was still warm and pleasant.

“This is really good,” He said, bringing it up to Bakura’s lips. “Here. Try it. We’ll drink it together.”

goodbye to our empty ruins

klaus x caroline (werewolf mate au inspired by this gifset series by @howeverlongs)

“Eight ball, corner left pocket.”

Caroline let out a defeated groan as Bonnie sunk the last ball without a hitch, winning another round. Elena just giggled from the other side of the pool table, as she saw the prediction she’d made earlier (that Caroline had protested hotly) coming to fruition.

“I’m gonna beat you one day, Bennett, and when I do…”

A skeptical laugh told Caroline exactly what she thought of the idea as she started gathering the balls to rack again. “Well maybe if you spent half as much time contemplating the angles of your shots than the ones that make your ass catch Tyler’s eye more, you’d have a chance.” The teasing rebuke had Elena snickering along then, too, and Caroline would’ve thrown her stick at one of them if it weren’t so impossible to choose which one deserved it more. Yeah, she might have been sneaking furtive glances at him all night, but it was for completely opposite reasons.

“Ugh, you guys are seriously the worst.”

Although she hid it underneath a playful whine, the desire to avoid the whole Tyler issue was starting to come from a very real place of uncertainty. She couldn’t imagine anyone understanding her sudden hesitance to what she’d always said she wanted. Least of all, her father who was already questioning why they weren’t busy planning their June wedding as a white house with a tidy little picket fence was built for them somewhere nearby town. A neat little package of domestic bliss wrapped up in enough square footage to remind them to fill it up with pups.

It was the nice, quiet and secure future she’d always pictured for herself. One she would’ve never second-guessed had it not been for the tugging deep in her gut, lately. Ever since Tyler had hinted that he was finally ready to make those commitments to her, and to their pack, an urging in a voice very unlike her own had whispered to her at every turn.

Wait, wait, wait.

Shaking off the troubling thoughts, she focused on helping Bonnie empty the pockets. She and Elena had now started a debate on which angle her ass did look best, and Caroline let out an irritated grumble. ”Can we please talk about something else? Anything else?”

Bonnie flashed her an evil grin as if she had no intention of dropping anything when Elena brightened at the sudden opening.

“Ooh, what about your dad’s mysterious visitor, huh? I got a look at him earlier when Stefan was showing him around, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t kick that out in the morning.”

As grateful as Caroline was for the change of topic, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

“Aren’t your hands full enough as it is?“

The implied dig about her situation with the Salvatore brothers didn’t go unnoticed, and the gathering frown on the other girl’s face made it clear she wasn’t going to let it go.

“Oh, so it’s a crime to have eyes, now?” she muttered defensively, her voice rising steadily as she went on. “I’m not allowed to even look at another guy just because—“

Sensing the impending argument, Bonnie quickly interrupted whatever Elena was leading up to, no doubt staving off another argument about a subject that had been rehashed over and over for years without any kind of resolve.

“Well, you gotta admit,” she began teasingly, “it’s gotten you into some scrapes, babe. Remember that fiasco at the founder’s parade when we were freshmen?” The memory of that day had them reluctantly smiling, and before they knew what was happening, they were engulfed in laughter as if nothing untoward had happened.

Just then, a small commotion at the entrance caught their attention and all three of them gave each other a confused look before craning their necks to get a better look.

Caroline’s view was completely blocked from her position, but Elena’s surprised gasp of “He’s actually here!” made it clear what the fuss was all about.

The excitement and curiosity of the pack since it was announced they were expecting some kind of important visitor had become a familiar refrain to Caroline over the past couple of weeks. At some point or another they had all come to her in search of any scraps of information or tidbits on who it might be, but in truth, she knew little more than the rest of them. She might’ve been the daughter of the current alpha, but her father had been as tight lipped with her like everyone else.

The only insight she could offer were the extent of the preparations for his arrival, all of which had automatically fallen to her, of course. Admittedly, she’d enjoyed the excuse to implement some long overdue improvements, but the fact that it was only for the sake of some unnamed guest rankled her a bit.

Okay, it had bothered her a lot, and to the point where she was already determined to hate him. Clearly, Mystic Falls wasn’t good enough for the likes of him, in which case she wouldn’t mind showing him the door and letting it slam his ass on the way out.

As if fate wanted to prove how fickle she was, the crowd dispersed enough for Caroline to finally get a good look at him. And the ass she’d just vowed to shove out as soon as possible.

She immediately cursed Elena’s knack for understatement as she gave him a thorough once-over. And then another. Not wanting to kick him out in the morning was hardly an accurate description. She felt her wolf stir beneath her skin with growing interest as she eyed his lean outline, noting with satisfaction that the hint of curls were just long enough for her to rake her fingers through and pull. Even though he didn’t seem like her usual type at all, the confidence of his easy movements in a place crawling with wolves unknown to him spoke to an intriguing level of confidence she and her wolf wanted to dig into with claws and teeth.  

The blatantly possessive thought surprised her enough to bring her out of her daze, but not enough to stop her from following the lines of his chest and shoulders where his shirt clung a little tighter. She barely caught herself before licking her lips.

“Oh my god,” Bonnie whispered lowly from somewhere beside her, “that’s Klaus Mikaelson.”

The name sounded vaguely familiar, but other than her friend’s hushed horror and the aura of danger she could sense herself, nothing concrete materialized to curb her increasing attraction.

Shifting uncomfortably, she sat back onto the edge of the table and leaned against her stick for better support, her damnable knees very close to actually wobbling. This sudden hunger that permeated throughout her entire body was as unwelcome as it was all-consuming. She wanted to blame it on the considerable dry spell she’d been in for the past few months since she’d put the brakes on with Tyler, but she had the creeping sensation that it was something… more.

Even during their best, she’d never felt the urges of her wolf push at her this hard.

She watched with undisguised curiosity as they settled in at the bar, Stefan pointing out various people to him and making a few introductions to those brave enough to actually approach. When their attention shifted over to the pool table she and her friends were occupying, Caroline’s heart lodged itself fully in her throat. Its almost painful pounding getting even worse as she saw him start to make his way over to them with purposeful strides.

And just as swiftly as it rose, so did it sink to the pit of her stomach when she noticed what had caught his interest.

Elena was beautiful, of course, but the automatic draw she had over every single person they’d ever met had some deeply buried insecurities rushing back in to the forefront of her mind and her wolf gnashing its fangs furiously.

He was halfway across the room when something strange happened.

The offhand glance he gave her brought him to an unnaturally abrupt halt as their eyes finally met.

Caroline didn’t understand the shockingly immediate response of her body, but the flood of want she suddenly found herself drowning in kept her rooted to the spot, unable to escape the intensity of his direct gaze. She was afraid he could see her desire to bite down on those lips written plainly across her face, but the startling blue eyes locked with hers darkened with something far more feral. It was clear that whatever was raging through him in that moment dwarfed even her filthiest, most secret cravings.

When she saw that he was similarly struck immobile, an instinctive panic rose within her even as a deeper, more powerful need to have him closer vibrated throughout every nerve.

His steps seemed faster, but less sure when he finally resumed his path towards them. A predator made clumsy with the scent of new and more enticing prey.

Although the entire room had stopped pretending to be discreet and looked on with obvious astonishment, Caroline couldn’t see any of them past the quickly approaching figure that was pinning her in place with only the force of his gaze.

He came to stand less than a few inches in front of her, and somewhere in the back of her mind the fact that his eyes were flickering gold and black should have alarmed her.

“And just who might you be?”

Caroline didn’t respond immediately, the unexpected accent throwing her even more off balance. Since the few beers she’d had earlier could hardly be blamed for this dizzying lightheadedness, she was forced to admit it was purely an effect of his proximity.

Ever the self-appointed white knight, Stefan was quick to step forward. “This is— ”

Klaus held up his hand swiftly to silence him, not even bothering to break their eye contact to address him. “I didn’t ask you, old friend, I asked her.” The dangerous edge to his voice should have made her shake in her boots, but apparently tonight had somehow rewired her synapses, because it made her toes curl instead.

“Caroline,” she finally managed to say, her forced calm in direct contrast to the riot of emotions beneath her skin. “Caroline Forbes.” There was a flicker of something in his eyes at that, but it quickly dissipated as he stepped even further into her personal space, taking the pool stick from her grasp and setting it aside before insinuating himself between her legs.

The press of his body against her own had her biting down hard on the inside of her cheek to hold back a moan.

“Caroline,” he repeated softly, drawing out the vowels as if to test and savor the sound of it on his tongue. “What an interesting turn of events, this is.”

Before she could puzzle out his meaning, he leaned forward and dragged his lips along her jaw, the shocking force of her wolf’s pleasure drowning out any other rational thought.

It had taken Caroline years to leash the more basic urges of her animal, and with one brush of his cheek against hers, it was instantly severed. He let his hands roam freely along her body, and instead of pushing him away, her wolf begged for more.

It was only when he grabbed a fistful of hair at the base of her skull that she stiffened in his hold and dug her nails deep into the back of his arms. As a warning, or an entreaty— she wasn’t quite sure.

Either way, it seemed to please him, and he hummed deep in the back of his throat. Tugging on his grip just short of rough, he tilted her face up to meet his.

A twisting sense of both alarm and excitement coursed through her at the strange sight of both hardening veins and his glowing yellow eyes. The instinct buried deep in the back of her mind rang clear with the recognition that he was more than just a wolf, but the longer he held her stare, the less important it seemed.

“I think you’re mine, little Caroline Forbes.” Any half-hearted protests or objections were cut short when he bared his fangs, and finally, just as she was about to lean over and give him the length of her throat, she registered the looks of varying horror and disbelief among the onlooking crowd.

He licked over the throbbing pulse at the base of her neck with a self-satisfied chuckle, and a sudden burst of indignation exploded inside of her with the realization he was going to claim her right then and there.

It was the single most significant thing that would ever happen in her life and it was about to happen in a crowded bar, by a man she didn’t even know, with whom she’d shared less than a handful of words.

Fuck. No.

The edge of his teeth were cool where it pressed against her heated skin, and spurred her on to reach out to her sides for something, anything

Her fingers settled on a discarded beer bottle and without hesitation she brought it up to crash right against the side of his head.

Later, she might savor the look of utter shock on his face, but in that moment all she could think was that he was lucky she hadn’t gotten ahold of the pool stick.

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Wonderful drabble on the forniphilia kink! I feel like I'm learning new things, so in the interest of unique Sebaciel kinks how about a drabble on katoptronophilia? Thanks for the excellent writings!

Well I’m glad I taught you something, but I’m definitely learning new things by looking up all these freaky kink names and what they mean.

Anyway, enjoy, my pervy muse~ ;)

Sebastian always did what he was told to do by his master. Only times when he went out of line was if he was not composed or his master did something to anger him. Today, he decided to be a little daring and explore a harmless little kink.

Instead of taking his master to the bed, he decided to get to action right in the bathroom. At first, he had to ease up his master, get him in the mood. That wasn’t an issue as he presented the excuse of having to wash the young lord anyway after their session so why not do it in the bathroom this time. He appealed to his master’s disdain at having to go back to the bathroom and then back to the bed when all that he wants is to lay down and rest right after getting finished. That convinced Ciel. However, later, the boy would find out why the demon really want to keep him in the bathroom.

He lifted Ciel up, the boy’s legs resting over his forearms while Sebastian held him up by the buttocks, spreading the cheeks in order for him to move a little more freely.

Ciel moaned and leaned his head back. Getting fucked while held up felt different. Sebastian moved inside him at a different angle, and while he did rub against his prostate, Ciel wasn’t getting the kind of stimulation he was used to. He was getting friction, but not what he wanted the most, and that made him groan and whimper in need.

Sebastian smiled at the sounds he elicited from his young master. Then he lifted his gaze from the young lord to what was behind him, a mirror. Seeing himself move in and out of his master, even though with the boy’s back to the mirror, was exciting for the demon. He decided to spice things up.

Ciel gasped in surprise when suddenly Sebastian pulled out of him and unwrapped Ciel’s arms from around his neck, then turned Ciel to him with his back. It was then that Ciel saw the mirror. His mismatched eyes widened in shock. “Bastard… You-!” He was cut short by Sebastian sliding inside him with one thrust, this time holding Ciel up by his thighs under his knees. The Earl gasped and let out a trembling moan.

“Lift your arms and wrap them around my head, Master.“ Sebastian instructed, staying base-deep inside his master.

With the change of position, Ciel now felt Sebastian pressing into his front, right where his sweet spot was. He felt too good suddenly and couldn’t argue, so he did as told, raising his arms and wrapping them around the back of Sebastian’s head, his hands gripping the demon’s black hair. When Sebastian started moving, Ciel closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, his brows drawn together in the middle and raised.

The demon looked into the mirror, his eyes fixed on his member going in and out of his master’s body and burning red. “Master, open your eyes.” He spoke into Ciel’s ear.

Ciel shuddered at the sensation of hot breath in his ear and lips ghosting the shell. Slowly, his eyes opened, then widened when he saw the new sight.

Sebastian spread Ciel’s legs a bit so that they both could get a better view, making Ciel lower onto his member until the demon was balls deep. Ciel’s voice hitched in his throat at the sensation and in shock. Then Sebastian started thrusting again, this time deeper than before.

Ciel could feel him press harder into his prostate and his little boyhood twitched. Also, at this angle, they both could see just where Sebastian’s large manmeat was moving in Ciel’s taut belly. That added to the visual stimulus as Ciel could not only feel where Sebastian was inside him, but also get visual clarification.

He felt his master tighten around him involuntarily and smiled. Deciding to treat his master to something else, Sebastian brought Ciel’s legs together and hooked an arm under the knees to hold him up while his other was free. With the hand of his free arm, he took hold of his master’s penis and started pumping the young erection in the rhythm to his thrusts.

The human boy couldn’t tear his eyes away from the mirror. So obscene yet so irresistible. Watching Sebastian move inside him, seeing the demon’s expression with those burning cheeks and the hungry look in his eyes. However, it was when their gazes met in their reflection that Ciel really felt the excitement peak. He bit his bottom lip, his expression of tortured pleasure growing. “Sebastian… I want to cum…!” He said the words in a small voice.

The butler smiled. He released Ciel’s member, to the master’s dismay, and had both arms hooked under Ciel’s legs to hold him more securely. He kept those legs together while Ciel’s penis bobbed up and down and his balls bounced from the power of the thrusts as the demon picked up the pace.

Ciel opened his mouth and panted, then he leaned his head back at the side of Sebastian’s face, his own turned a little to the butler’s. He was beautiful and the demon couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Thrusts grew stronger and faster, their orgasm coming closer and closer. Sebastian watched their reflection until he finally released his seed inside his master. In that moment, he captured Ciel’s lips in a kiss to muffle his cry of pleasure as the young master ejaculated, his little cock spewing streak after streak of cum.

When they were finished, panting and both a bit tired though each to their own degree, Sebastian slowly crumpled to the tiled floor. He pulled himself out of his master and sat there with the boy in his lap, hugging the little body to his own and pressing his face into the boy’s hair.

Ciel just breathed. His eyes were closed for a bit. Today, he got more stimulation. To some degree less than on other occasions, but still a lot because this time was different. When he shifted a little, Sebastian raised his head and the human’s and the demon’s gazes met. They looked at each other for a bit, both panting softly. Then Sebastian placed a chaste kiss to Ciel’s forehead and moved to stand up, lifting up Ciel in his arms. He washed Ciel’s rump and wiped his body with a wet towel from the sweat, taking care to clean up the boy’s member with his mouth. Then he dried him and dressed him for bed before taking him to finally rest for the night.

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Morning comes and I still lie awake in my bed, Motionless, My brain begs me to fulfill my responsibilities, New Year they said, a new life, a new you, But the fireworks sound like gunshots, like an ominous warning, The ball drops, My breath hitches, and I don't think I survive another year.

You survive. I skipped ahead in the story, and you survive. The last page is decades from now and you can’t stop talking about the sunlight.