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*In class, shooting paper balls into trash bin* - Regular director: *ball flies in* Classmates: :| Zack Snyder: *electricity flickers over the surface of the ball as it soars through the air. It catches on fire, and lands in the bin with a miniature explosion* Classmates: *silently tear up at the poetic beauty*

Reset (m)

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Reader x Park Jimin

Rated m for graphic sex

Word Count: 10, 226 words

Summary: We are made of the pieces of what we remember, and we hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there are memories to call our own, there can be no true loss. But Park Jimin has no such privilege. 

A really HUGE thank you to my lovely britt @mintyoongee and nhi @ohmanholyjungkook for so kindly betaing for me!!! 

I highly recommend that you listen to Reset by Tiger JK while reading this! :>

The elastic of your hair tie tugs at your ponytail as you reach to tighten it, but the sting on your scalp is nothing compared to the churning pit in your stomach. The gathering perspiration on the palms of your hands is way too slick to be attributed to the heat of the midday sun alone, and you consider retreating back to the safety of your dorm instead.

The shade of the indoor sports centre provides no respite from the sweltering weather, but the sight of the other students already gathered and starting their own warm ups sends panic pulsing through your veins. The incredulity of the situation makes you want to scoff: you, the most unathletic person ever, actually signed up for a volleyball elective. If not for the uni’s regulation that each student fulfil a minimum of 1 sports module, there’s no way you’ll ever willingly indulge in any physical activity more strenuous than running for the bus.

You chuck your bag into the lockers near the stands, trying to stall for time as you tighten the hold of your ponytail one more time before smoothing down the front of your shirt. Maybe it won’t be that bad, you try to convince yourself. Volleyball is just a more intense game of don’t let the balloon hit the floor; so how hard can it be?

The sound of a whistle blowing and shoes squeaking across the indoor court puts an end to your musing, and you slam the door of the locker closed before heading to the centre of the court with all the other students. Most of them seem to be dressed in sports jerseys of some sort, donning sweatbands and kneepads that make them look like actual professional players. A cursory glance around confirms that you’re one of the few students not sporting such extra accessories, and you curse inwardly for not choosing a more beginner friendly sport like track and field or basketball.

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Control Ch. 6 (NSFW)

You adjust the visor, trying to protect you face from the sun. It’s so bright it looks like the green of the grass turned into a mat shade of yellow.

“Remember to keep your arms steady but your hips a little loose.”

“Like this?”

“Yes. Oh, and don’t use your palm, try to grab it with your fingers.”  Jumin instructs you, watching intently as you focus and wiggle your hips. “Very good. Now hit it.”

You two watch as the ball falls down a curve and rolls slowly till it stops very far from the hole.

“Not bad for a beginner.”

“Too bad for such a critical teacher like you, going all soft on me.” You both chuckle and he narrow his eyes at you.

“I don’t expect you to be a great golf player in your first try. But… if the matter is softness, I can always be tougher on you.”

“How so?” you smirk teasingly, and he comes closer.

“I can show you no mercy and take that ball to the hole in less than 3 putts.” He says, adjusting his position and preparing to do his move. You two watch as the ball he putted flies way further than yours.

“Well played, I must admit. But what a coward, showing no mercy on this poor beginner…” you pout. And he laughs, wrapping an arm around you and bringing you closer.

“I suppose you can say I’m trying to show off a little. Now, your turn. Do it like you did before.”

You go to the ball, repositioning yourself the way Jumin taught you. But before you try to putt, you feel his arms covering yours, and his chest pressing against your back. He places a hand in your thigh.

“Remember to keep your legs in a parallel position.” His hands go on top of yours, gripping your fingers along the club. “Focus, MC… and… hit it.” He leads your movements, like the two of you are one player. “Very good.”

“Thanks. I… think I got it, you can let me go now.” You say wiggling your shoulder when you feel his chin leaning on it.

“Hum… I think I can provide much better lessons if we stay like this.” He leans his chin on your shoulder, and you both chuckle. “One more time, but slower now.”

“One more time, faster now, MC.” Seven moves backwards while your left hand hits his right, you begin a sequel of strikes. Left, right, left, right, crossed left! “Good girl! Faster!” you repeat the sequel of movements. “Now kick!”

“Isn’t this boxing?”

“Well, yeah… but neither of us are professional boxers, so give me a kick!” you kick his left hand. “Good girl! That was amazing, MC!”

You lean your hands on your knees, panting and letting the sweat droplets fall from your hair, then you look at Seven, who offers you his squeezer of water, that instead of taking a sip, you use it to splash water on your face as you sit on the mat, panting heavily. Seven sits beside you and you both chuckle breathlessly.

“Whew… I’m pretty rusty too, huh?” he says, plopping in the mat. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m pretty good, actually.”

“Yeah, I knew you would. Sometimes all we need is to punch some stuff to release stress.”

“Yes, when you call me to invite me to some sparring, I… have no idea it was exactly what I needed… I… been saying this too much lately, but thanks, Seven.”

“It’s fine. So… how are things with the internship?” should you mention what happened to Jumin the other day? Nah, it would look like you’re complaining and whining, and you don’t want to sound ungrateful to the guy who got you this internship, in the first place.

“It’s good.”

“Is Jumin giving you a hard time?”

“Don’t talk about Jumin, Seven.” You don’t really need other people to remind you of him, last days have been filled with thoughts of him. Sweet memories like the golf lesson alternating to when you two left, with you leaving his office and fighting your tears. Maybe there was a time you actually considered nothing of that was real, you weren’t in love for him, you were just pretending to Care for him in order to help somebody who desperately needed love and understanding, but… no, you’ve loved him. You still do, matter of fact. And how do you know that? Because of the fucking memories of the golf lesson, and how you would give everything to go back to those days.

Jumin knows there’s no turning back. Not on what you’ve done, and definitely not on what he said the last time you saw each other. He wasn’t fine with any of this, but if there was a little glimpse of comfort, it was on the fact he was pretty sure you were a cold woman acting like he was an unsatisfied client breaking a contract with you. But apparently, you were hurt too, as much as he was. And this pain is killing him, what could it have been doing to you?

He replayed that last arguing so much in his mind it’s giving him a headache. Your shocked eyes when he asked you about paying for the wedding dress with your filthy money. A filthy money you were willing to give up on when you two would get married. Ugh… you really were studying the exact moment to tell him about the domming ordeal, weren’t you? What on his actions could have possibly made you hold back for so long?

Elizabeth the 3rd finds her way to his lap, and he caresses her softly, rubbing her ears gently like you used to do. And though Jumin knows now she’s just a cat, she can’t know how complicated things got, he swears she’s suffering too and missing you,or what you pretended to be in front of them… maybe you weren’t pretending? You were really scared of his reaction? But he was changing for you, wasn’t he really worthy of, at least, the benefit of the doubt? Were you worthy of the benefit of the doubt? Ugh… see? Too many complicated thoughts a cat could never understand. Not even he understands, he just misses… the old days. And there’s no turning back.

“Zen would be a good power sub, don’t you agree?” he asks as you jab his hand again.

“Oh my God… no, we’re not doing this, Seven!”

“Ah, come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of us from this point of view…”

“I haven’t. I’m a professional, I would never take this out of the privates of my dungeon. But… I… thought how it would be if I tell the other RFA members about it.”

“Oh… yeah, that’s interesting too. But Zen being the power sub he probably is… would consider paying for a session after he finds out.”

“Oh… not trying to be a bitch, but Zen needs to get top notch roles in at least 3 or 4 musicals to afford one of my sessions…”

“Oh wow! If it is like this to Zen, just imagine to our poor little M Yoosung. Boy will never make his fantasies come true…”

“Yeah. Guess there are only two people in this group able to afford it, but one of them hates me and the other one is his best friend, who probably hates me as well.”

“What about me? I’m rich too!”

“Oh… and are you interested in one of my sessions, Seven?” you smirk, and he scratches the back of his head, blushing. “Kinky pervert!” you hit him lightly on his arm. “And here I was thinking you were a good catholic boy, tsk tsk…”

“You don’t know anything about me, MC.” He says, holding your wrist. “And if I may say, that’s the problem with people in your field, you label people too much.”

“The…  BDSM field?”

“No, the publicity field. Aren’t you getting a degree in publicity?” he smirks, Oh… what was the last time somebody remembered about this other job? Well, probably was with Jumin, but… “You label people in order to put them in groups so you’ll know to who you sell it, correct? Well, there are those people who you can’t really predict their patterns.”

“And you are one of those people?”

“Maybe. In the publicity and in the BDSM field. So… watch out for what you’re trying to sell it, you’ll never know if I want to buy it, at least not in the conditions you’re offering me.” Is he… is he flirting? Nah, it’s Seven! He can’t be really flirting at such a witty and provocative way, he’s too goofy for this, isn’t he?

“And what would be your conditions, then?” you place your hands on your hips.

“Hum… I’m not sure if I should talk about this when you’re still hooked on… Elly’s owner.”

“I’m not hooked on Jumin!” shit! You said his name again!

“Are you sure?” he asks, and you don’t really want to answer, so you start jabbing him again. Left, right, left, right, crossed left, uppercut, knock out. He falls with his back on the mat.

“Oh my God, Seven! I’m so sorry! I… I lost control, I…” once again, here you are hurting someone who has nothing to do with this just because one particular name has been brought up. It happened with your sub that time, and now it happened to your friend. How come Jumin has so much power over you even when he’s not around? “Ugh, I’m so stupid, I… Seven?” he looks at you and wipes the little trail of blood rolling from his upper lip to his chin, then he smiles.

“You have a good left.” He chuckles but immediately winces at the pain.

“Here, let me help you with your glasses.” You hold his arm and help him shift to a sitting position, taking his glasses off the mat and putting in his face.

He holds your wrist again, but not to stop you like he did before, is more like… he’s pulling you closer. His other hand holds your forearm as he brings his face closer to yours. Then you just feel the taste of the blood from his lips in your own, invading your mouth to be vanished by his tongue. He was flirting with you, here’s your answer, and it’s coming in the form of a very steamy kiss.

“Seven? I…” he kneels before you without breaking the kiss wrapping his arms around your waist. And you try to make a motion to pull him away placing a hand in his shoulder, but as he trails his lips down your jaw and nips it, whimpering, your hand balls into a fist, grasping his shirt as you let out a low moan.

Before you even know, he makes you straddle him and bites your neck, you tighten the grip on his hair, moaning. His hand slips to inside your shorts as his mouth reaches the cleavage of your top.

“Se-Seven, I…”

“Shhh… let yourself go, MC. When was the last time you had fun? No fighting for power, no worries about being in charge, just… having… fun?” he asks as he brushes the fabric of your underwear aside and slip one finger inside you, making you arch your back in response.

“I… nnnng, I…” you interrupt yourself taking your mouth to meet his again, sucking in the wound on his lip, making him whimper in pain and pleasure as his finger moves to your clit, drawing circles. Seven swallows each one of your moans, dwelling in the feelings you’re spreading to his whole body. And when you palm his erection and make him lay on his back, you know there is no turning back on what’s about to happen.

The two of you ended in your bed that afternoon. Now both of you staring at the ceiling. What is he thinking? You’ve always knew this was a very regular question when it comes to him, but right now, this is the first time you actually want an answer. What is he thinking? What are you thinking?

Right now? You’re thinking about his question. When was the last time you fucked for fun? No restrictions, no worries about losing control, just embracing who you are and how you truly feel? Well, it probably was a rhetorical question when it left Seven’s lips, but you actually had an answer:

It was after the golfing lesson, it was with…

“Jumin?” you ask, watching his name popping in the screen of your phone. “He is… he is calling me.”

“Aren’t you gonna answer?” Seven asks. Another great question coming from him today.

Who’s a terrible person? I’m a terrible person! It’s not personal, guys, it’s angst! Try not to hate me too much ;p

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7 

You can see all the smut on the boxing ring here~

Home Run

This is pure family fluff to make me feel better. It’s season 11 AU and I don’t care.

There’s a particular note, a pitch that’s unmistakeable, when a baseball bat strikes a baseball. There’s an initial thwump followed by a harder thwack and the ball flies off with a low whoosh. She thinks about this quite often now that it’s been put into her mind. Those sounds are followed by Mulder cursing, his choice cuss words flying up with the ball, dropping to the dry grass beneath closer than he’d like. He’s lost his swing. Something to do with the virus. Not that he’ll accept the diagnosis. She told him that lost muscle tone was the least of his problems but he’s been out there most of the day, hitting that damn ball into the heavens and swearing.

              She takes a tray of lemonade outside. There was a case once where she took a tray of wine into his motel room. He ran off, chasing his monsters in the dark. He won’t run off this time, she knows. No more monsters. They’ve found what they were looking for.

              Mulder is leaning the bat across his shoulder so that it falls down his back. His other hand is on his hip, such a Mulder stance. He’s staring out to the horizon where the silvery sun is streaking low over the fields. She still loves this house, its setting, the way it settles into its landscape like it was birthed there, bursting from the earth. She loved it as soon as they saw it. Mulder took a while to take to it, but it grew on him. It should have been a real family home.

              “What do you see, Mulder?”

              He turns, surprised at her voice. “I see that look on your face that says you know more than I do, Scully.”

              She puts the tray on the loveseat he built years ago. He’d hidden in the shed after she left. Recently, she pulled it back out and renovated it. Sanded it back, repainted it, positioned it to take advantage of the setting sun. “Sit with me.”

              “Getting better, Scully.”

              Sipping her lemonade, she nods. “So I hear.”

              “No, I mean, I feel better, stronger. Not just my swing, but me in general. I feel good.” He balances the bat against the side of the seat and sits next to her. “You were right.”

              “Wow, Mulder. I haven’t heard that in a while.”

              He chuffs out a laugh and takes his glass. “You were right about time, that it would take a while.”

              “You nearly died, Mulder. Your body needs time to heal.” There’s a noise a way off, barking and yapping. The look out towards the sunset as it glowers. She lifts a hand to her brow.  “Daggoo? What have you got?”

              The dog runs towards them, holding the ball in his mouth, tail wagging. He drops it in front of them and sits.

              “Good boy,” she says, picking up the ball.

              Daggoo turns at the noise of heavy breathing behind them, footsteps over the dry ground, panting. The dog runs back and from the silver distance, a young man emerges. He jogs forward and rests his hands on his knees.

              “Next time you ask me to shag balls for you, Mulder, can you get more than one? It’s a real work out chasing the dog to get to the ball.”

              Scully laughs and hands William a lemonade. “How much further is he hitting it?”

              Their son sits on the ground in front of them, long legs stretched out, hair plastered around his face, just like Mulder after a run. “Who could tell? Daggoo picks it up and runs off with it.” He grabs the dog and ruffles its fur. “But I’m pretty sure the old man could make a home run if he puts his mind to it.”

              Scully feels the buzz in her temples and looks at William.

              “Sorry. I tried to switch it off.”

              “S’okay. I’m still getting used to it.”

              Mulder swallows the last of his drink and stands up. “If you two empaths don’t mind, this old man needs some more ball practise.”

              William heaves himself up and slaps Mulder across the back as they walk away. “What’s all this about a tower of furniture, Mulder?”


September 2017: I’m moving my HUGE rec list onto this account. I CONSTANTLY AM UPDATING THIS POST WITH NEW RECS BTW JUST TO KEEP THINGS IN ORDER.

September 25 2015: Recently I’ve been getting back into Hey Arnold! (again…) and with all the hype about Nick dropping some heavy clues that our long wait for the jungle movie or just any news at all for the ending we all know Hey Arnold! Needs and deserves well I couldn’t help it but get back to reading fanfiction again!Now now … lately I’ve been complaining a lot about the bad fanfiction I’ve been reading and how little rec lists there are since the fandom is sorta tiny so I decided to make a rec list of fanfictions that won’t make you wanna cringe!So I might as well get this one out of the way, since most of the fandom has read it and it’s one of those “fanfiction the entire fandom knows about” but I’m sure there’s a few people here and there that haven’t read it and the story is of course, the amazing, 

Helga and Arnold meet at Eugene’s wedding, ten years after the cruel circumstances that split them apart. Helga reveals a secret, and its not what you may think.

Oh no-it seems Arnold needs a little help with his poetry assignment if he wants a decent grade in English!Hmm, I wonder what fourth grade poet laurete Mr.Simmons could assign to help him out…Set postconfession to make things even more fun

What could be more amusing than taking two hundred thousand words to make Arnold realize he loves Helga? Taking EIGHT hundred thousand words to explore in detail how this newfound relationship is working out! Sequel to Tutoring Arnold! Let’s do this!

“ … She was still Helga and he was still Arnold: the enemies, the lovers, the eternal paradox…”

When a girl is known for being strong, it can tear her apart to be looked at with pity. Helga Pataki, an 18 year old girl, had a part of herself stolen from her one night and ever since then, she lost herself. She was ready to give her life up, until someone reached a helping hand out for her. Arnold wouldn’t let her fall, especially not when someone else was going down with her.

Helga figured that Arnold was drunk enough to not remember anything, and she was drunk enough to think it was a good idea. But she’ll soon find out that what they’d done that night isn’t going to be a secret for long. Very Slight AU.

Arnold can’t decide which is harder: Raising a baby or figuring out his feelings for Helga. Sequel to Dropped the Ball.

He brought it up first. Just because she was hopelessly in love with Arnold didn’t mean she’d risk any chance of being exposed. She’d never suggest something as crazy as being Friends With Benefits. Oh, no, this was all his fault because he brought it up first.

Love is like a baseball bat. It’s used as a weapon if needed. It’s something you hold close to you, something to be used with all of your strength. You have to fight to get a decent swing, just like the good relationships are worth fighting for

A journey through time reveals the trials and tribulations of an unlikely couple.

“You do nothing.” Helga whimpered to herself. “You sit and watch, and you, and, you let him go. Cause there’s, nothing you can do.”

Dr. Bliss receives a new patient. My sequel to the Hey Arnold! Episode Helga On The Couch. This time, it’s Arnold’s turn to talk! Enjoy!

Teenage Helga gets a letter from a long lost friend.

July 25 2016:

I said a few days but it’s actually been months…

Anyway this is probably the longest fanfic rec list yet

I’ve read A LOT of fanfiction since the last list and I want to share the gems I’ve found with ya’ll

Some of these are incomplete and some are ongoing, basically if it’s been over a year since the last update I will mark it as INCOMPLETE.

Instead of me getting all crazy over how much I love these fics like I did the first time, I will be posting the original summary. This list will be long and I will probably repeat myself since I do love all these fics.

It would be a daunting enough task to tutor the weird girl with the bizarre hair and bizarre fashion sense even if you had never actually met her. It was downright scary to tutor that girl and know that, at least once, she had been in love with you. A/H

Arnold begins to see the real Helga in his dreams and starts to wonder about his arch nemesis.

4 years after graduation, everybody else has moved on, but Helga is still waiting for something to happen to her.

Arnold and Helga make a deal: If she can help him get a date with the girl of his dreams by coaching him in romance, then he has to accompany her to formal dinner as her date. However, a lot can change in two months time. Will Helga be able to handle helping Arnold woo another woman? And if Arnold does get what he wants, will he still want what he gets?

Senior Year of High School: Helga loves Arnold. Arnold loves Helga. Lila wants Arnold and will do anything to have him. And that’s all before the school year even starts!

What would happen if Helga had never erased her name from the wall in the episode “Arnold and Lila”?

The sequel to “Arnold Loves Helga”. What will happen in particular episodes now that Arnold and Helga have been on a date? The answers are here in this new reality.

While on a road trip to Vancouver with Gerald, Phoebe and Arnold, Helga decides to torment Arnold during the trip but what happens when things heats up…could things change their normal relationship into something more?

In a moment of irrational thinking, Arnold agrees to let Helga help him get Lila to fall for him. However, he soon learns the hard way the nothing is ever a sure thing.

Helga had always made it her personal mission to keep her love for Arnold a secret. She’d never ever thought that someone would overhear her monologging about him! And this guy was ready to demand absolutely awkward, terrifying and embarrassing things from Helga in exchange for not telling her secret to anyone.

Always prideful, Helga is loathe to ask for help, especially from the person who makes her feel so vulnerable… but it’s about more than just her…

At sixteen, while on an extended visit in Hillwood, Arnold not only reconnects with his friends and old times, but also, having to battle his ongoing sexual desires regarding Helga. As for Helga, she too is facing the same struggle.

Most people would argue that Arnold is a saint of nature. Lady Luck is not always on his side though and one day, while playing baseball, he hits the ball so hard it flies through the window to Madame Blanche’s store. The gypsy does not take it lightly and puts a curse on him. Soon he starts acting weird around his peers; especially around a certain blonde girl.

“Well maybe not your complete soul but definitely part of it. If you’re willing to bare your body to me, it’s only fair I get to see part of your soul too.”

He was sick, he had to be. How else could he explain the fire inside him every time she smirked at him or teased him, this constant need to defeat her? Ever since that kiss on the rofftop it was like something inside him snapped, she occupied his every thought, consumed him even in his dreams. He didn’t know who he was anymore and it was all her fault.

When Arnold is dared to write a fake love note to Helga, things get a bit hectic. More like a lot hectic. Can he stop things from going further than he expected?

Fate, in the form of Arnold, collapses onto a twenty-five year old Helga G. Pataki’s front step as she runs late for work one fine summer’s day - effectively turning her life upside down and then stomping on it for good measure.

When Helga came home one night after a party, she thought that Arnold was in pain because of the whimpering noises coming from his bedroom. What she discovered when she barged in, left her in complete shock and… fascination?

“You’re bored with her, aren’t you?” the strange girl asked me. I wanted to tell her that Lila was perfect for me. I had fought for her attention for years and now she was finally my girlfriend, but it felt like I was still trying to win her heart. Something was missing and that something could be this excitement I felt whenever I looked in the blue eyes of this strange girl.

“I told you I was trouble with my bad behavior.” he said to me as he pushed me up against the wall, claiming my lips in a breathtaking kiss. I, Helga G. Pataki, has officially fallen for a bad boy, something I thought I was too smart to ever do. He is sugar-coated misery, a devil in disguise and a snake with green eyes. I guess it’s karma… I have bad behavior too.

Arnold and Helga are set up on a blind date by their best friends in an attempt to get them out of their depression. After not speaking to each other for nearly two years, old wounds are reopened and secrets are revealed on a night neither will forget.

Gerald never understood the appeal of Helga until age 19. He should have felt bad for sleeping with his ex’s best friend/best friend’s ex-girlfriend, but he didn’t. He always knew he’d never be her happy ending, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

After FTi Helga confesses her love to Arnold, who sadly doesn’t feel the same way. Now Arnold is running Hillwood High’s newspaper, and dating Lila. As an act of revenge, Helga becomes the mysterious advice columnist ‘Geraldine.’

“Have you ever watched someone die? It’s awful I have watched her die so many times if I do one more time I won’t survive” Arnold is stuck in the same day and no matter what he does it keeps repeating. Can he make it stop? Can he change the future?

In which Helga G. Pataki gets stuck in an elevator with the last person she ever wanted to be in close quarters with. Her life, ladies and gentlemen.

Spanish 2 with Arnold was fun until a class presentation changes everything. When he leaves to chase his dreams & find his parents in the middle of the San Lorenzo jungle, it’s Helga who is left behind with the secret she was never able to tell. But will a surprising video call from Arnold months later change her life forever?

She gave up her boots, her closet, her childhood, and ultimately, her heart – so, it only made sense that she should be the one to give this up, too. Never underestimate a woman in love.

the best night of both of their lives become the most tragic and ironic as Arnold pops the big question but after getting hit by a drunk driver he forgets his love for Helga. He remembers how much he hated Helga and how much Helga hated him. Will Helga have to start from square one or will his memory come back? would she have to give up the only thing she cares about most?

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Helga can’t cook. Or can she? Take one cup comedy, add a spoonful of drama, and a dash of romance. Then overheat like Helga’s imagination!

Helga and Arnold are reunited at Phoebe and Gerald’s wedding, and neither of them are talking about what happened between them. But what did happen?

The Gang’s older, and Arnie’s back, but he’s not the same geek he was 8 years ago. Can Arnold contain his jealousy when Arnie turns his attentions to Helga?

“I’ve never felt sorry for you, Helga. And no one ever should.” Helga’s life has never been easy, but at the peak of her high school completion, she suddenly finds herself homeless and with less friends than fingers. Can she save herself and make her dreams come true?

“For her, it marked the day she lost her inspiration and stopped writing. Her entire worldview and every dream she ever had were on a plane the next day.”

What the heck are Arnold and Helga doing on top of a building AGAIN?

A chance encounter at a record store? Some things never change.

Helga takes Arnold on a road trip neither will soon forget. Sequel to The Turntables.

A smile came to his face, and he said nothing, just continued to admire her, how beautiful and soft she was, in the afterglow of pleasure. “I guess studying on more important things was worth it, huh?”

After Helga witnesses her fiancé killing someone she goes to police and discovers just how little she knew about him. He is connected to the biggest crime ring in the East Coast. After giving her statement she learns she must go under police protection and is shocked when she finds out the FBI agent assigned to protect her is her old crush, Arnold Shortman.

Helga takes in Arnold after he’s had a few too many drinks.

When Helga sees Bob slap Miriam late one night, she runs away and finds herself on Arnold’s doorstep. Her emotions are running too high to keep under wraps, and Arnold begins to see another side of Helga that he never thought existed.

Helga snaps after she sees various things in her life go wrong, grades, family, friends, and her love. She sees the only way out after one night. Will someone save her before it was too late?

Because their sexual tension could only remain unresolved for so long; something was always bound to happen.

The first time I saw her, she was naked. The first time I met her, she recognized me. The first time she kissed me was the first time I was kissed at all. This girl would change my summer and I knew it from the moment my eyes met hers. There exists many bad ways of meeting the girl of your dreams, but the way I met Helga Geraldine Pataki takes the cake.

After years of confusion and hiding her feelings from Arnold, Helga has finally become the object of Arnold’s affections. The catch? Nobody knows, and they intend to keep it that way- at least for now. But will an unexpected school group project prove to be their secret’s undoing?

Arnold gets amnesia after getting hit on the head. He mistakes Helga as his girlfriend, but after two days does Arnold really have amnesia or is it a trick of the mind?

I spent more than five years trying to forget the greatest heartbreak of my life. I grew up, moved in with Olga, and tried to figure out what I was going to do with my life. So of all the coffee shops in the city, why did he have to come to mine?

Many have different perspectives on how life is defined. Some would say lovely, complicated, treacherous, passionate even. But whether the thoughts be pleasant, cherishing its value, or bitter enduring its harsh realities, from my experience I’ve found this fact to be true…that life is short. So my story begins…

Since Arnold had stayed in San Lorenzo six years ago, sixteen-year-old Helga always sleep walked to the boarding house and slept in his bed, hoping she’d wake up next to him. She didn’t expect one morning to actually wake up to her very beloved next to her.

You can grow up, you can move on, you can even move away and start over, but somehow the things you left in the past have a way of catching up with you…

Arnold volunteers to Stage Manager the school play “My Fair Lady” in order to get an extra activity for college apps. However, working under Helga as acting director isn’t the best job one could ask for. But Arnold has an escape - his online IM partner. But when he discovers the blogs owner, adjusting to what he sees against what he reads can be hard. Which version to believe?

Arnold, now 17, has always been left wondering who Cecile was. So when an odd girl who knows who Cecile is moves into the Sunset Arms, Arnold might finally get some answers. At least, as long as his new found feelings for Helga don’t get in the way.

After receiving news that her grandpa Robert has died, Helga learns that he left her his house in Hilwood. She moves back only to find that her repressed memories are waiting for her

Arnold was never sure what it was exactly that made him fall for Helga. As he retraced every possible memory of her, he couldn’t choose only one reason.

Helga and Arnold are stuck in Anatomy class discussing sex ed. Things get awkward when the instructor makes everyone put condoms on bananas and the class gets a little rowdy. Time for confession perhaps, Helga?

Everyone is dying their hair lately and getting a lot of attention for it. Should Helga cave and dye her hair too? Will that get the attention she craves from Arnold?

Helga’s much more than the nine year old ‘It Girl’.

He’d sort of already known what was coming, truth be told, when he questioned Helga on the roof of FTi. But then again, he hadn’t really known at all. Some puzzles are too preposterous to solve on ones own.

What maybe happened after Helga ran off into the sunset after her confession? And more importantly what the heck happened to TJM?

Arnold reacts out of character as he feels the need to defend the girl he cares for the most. It’s rated T for violence and adult content.

Being dense is hard work.

Arnold reflects his feelings about what had happened on the fated day upon the FTi rooftop. After some pretty good advice, and taking the time to think it all over, he decides to get it all out and have a good talk with Helga about it.

“I don’t think I’m that good of a liar.” “I think you are.” “Well, I did convince you I wasn’t in love with you for nine years…”

In the aftermath of her dramatic confession, Helga begins to withdraw.

Based on the adorable Disney & Pixar movie WALL-E, follow along with our hero, the lovable and curious Arnold as he goes from his life as a trash collector, to find out what he is truly meant for upon meeting the beautiful search scout Helga.

“You’ve been in love with me since we were three and treated me like shit ever since. I let you because I knew deep down you didn’t mean it.” When the confrontation comes it is not planned and what occurs is a surprise to all.

July 27 2017: 


Five years after Helga G. Pataki vanished, presumably murdered, her ghost pops up in Arnold’s house to take care of some unfinished business.

Arnold had always had a strange ability- the ability to hear Helga, even if she wasn’t around. Years later, he can still hear her, but now it haunts him. If she is dead, how can he still hear her?

I never thought life without Olga would cause so many problems for me. After all, out of everybody I knew, I was probably the only one with just cause enough to want her gone. But now that she was, everything was up in the air, including my relationship with Arnold. Could a view from Mighty Pete shed light on what I’d lost? Or help me lose Arnold forever?

Helga is a slam poet. Arnold is a musician. What happens when the two collide?

Being in love for the first time is never easy, but to Arnold, it’s downright torment. Not only has he been in love with her his whole life, not only is she his best friend; she hates and distrusts men with her entire being. He is the only exception, but how much of an exception is he really? Can he win over the girl whose heart has turned to stone by the men in her life?

After ten long years in San Lorenzo, Arnold suddenly returns to Hillwood, throwing Helga’s world into chaos irreversibly. Gerald and Phoebe start acting suspicious about his return; what secrets does he bring with him, and what does it mean for Helga? Can she get him to stay? Does she want him to stay? And how does Lila, mysteriously absent for years, factor into his return?

The hottest thing on television is a teen drama called "Ever After”. It’s fresh, it’s raw, and it’s popular in the Shortman household. The problem is, the story might be a little less fiction and a little more family history.

The episode is called “Homecoming” It’s a story that needed to be told. The second in the “Ever After” Series.

A Hey Arnold fan fiction with the kids in 5th grade and beyond. The lead up to the events in The Jungle Movie and what is my version of the Jungle Movie and what happens after.

A journey of selfdiscovery for Helga as she discovers who she is, with a little help from a certain Football Headed young boy.

After waking up in the hospital, a 26 year old Helga lands herself in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Bob wants her cleaned up but while she’s there, Gerald begins to dig into the past and brings out a skeleton in her closet that has haunted them both. And what exactly does all of this have to do with Arnold anyway?

“So… Arnold had cheated on his girlfriend. My man Arnold. Cheated. On his girlfriend. But it was the way that he said it that really interested me: he just said it. It was a statement to him, not a confession, or a heart-wrenching admission of guilt. He said it the same way he’d tell me he was out of sugar.”

Collection of events that eventually culminates in an understanding. And boy, does it take forever.

Just a quickie, a little bit more than a drabble but much less than a story. Hope you like it. 

Why Lila only likes Arnold and doesn’t like-like him. 

Helga Pataki- 26, now settled in almost every sense of the word: a steady job, a kid and a house- kind of, really doesn’t think she qualifies as certifiably crazy anymore. That is- until she kidnaps Arnold Shortman’s children. By accident. Sort of. 

Arnold left. Arnold came back. Arnold didn’t change at all. Everything else did. Helga hadn’t physically hit someone in years, but God, did she want to punch him in the face. 

Trouble always seemed to find Arnold, especially if that trouble was Helga Pataki. After a fierce mud fight at a school trip, Arnold was forced to head back to shower. Helga was also left behind in order to change so when the rusty pipes gave out and left Arnold blind with his own shampoo who else could save him than the girl who had put him in this predicament to begin with? 

Acting had in many ways been one of Helga’s many skills. Arnold hadn’t expected her to give a shot at a career in it though thereby leaving Hillwood to study abroad just when he had started to grow feelings for her. That smidge of love has turned into bitter resentment, so when the play Helga is cast in as the heroine is falling apart, can Arnold ignore the past pain and save it? 

“-My leg is killing me!” She howled, “Crimeny it hurts!” At that, the young man paused and squinted very closely at his victim. “H-Helga?” He asked. Helga pried her eyes open and stared at him with a furrowed scowl, “Football head!” She barked. Of course! Who else would bowl her over but Arnold Shortman! Arnold freakin’ Shortman.  

  • The Elevator by American HOT Fender

It certainly wasn’t how Helga Shortman had planned to spend her day. Trapped in an 8x7 space with her soon to be ex-husband. 1 elevator, 2 people, 6 hours. Will they kill each other or rekindle their love? 

As Arnold begins his biggest adventure - growing up - he finds that the things he used to find easy and simple become more and more complicated and the people he used to have certain slots for in life… well, maybe they just don’t fit in easily definable boxes the way he always thought. It’s hard to tell if the world is getting bigger, or if he’s just feeling, hearing and seeing more of it than before. 

Puberty takes a physical and hormonal toll on our favorite Hillwood hero while he tries desperately to take control of his life, afraid that he is not the one holding the reigns.

Shakespeare’s original version of Romeo and Juliet has FIVE kisses? Helga’s totally getting gypped! …Or is she? “School Play” inspired two-shot.

Antics { Bucky x reader x Clint one shot}

{Can you write something Bucky and Clint are getting lunch but someone keeps hitting them with little balls of paper? They look around but don’t notice anyone laughing or looking, just other patrons doing their own thing. The reader is sitting at a table on her laptop and she’s good at holding a straight face. She’s been throwing things at them with telekinesis just to have fun with them. She decides to reveal herself by making one of their drinks float to her table.}-Anonymous 

Buckys POV

“ I’ll have a -” smack
“ what the hell clint !” I turn around to glare at Clint . His eyes move from the menu to me

“ what?” He asks
“ stop smacking my head!”
“ I’m not! ” I grumble at his denial and finish my order . I move over so he can order while I wait for my coffee .

Clints POV

What a weirdo, I didn’t even hit him! Old mans imagining things now.

“ hey there! I’ll take a large iced-SERIOUSLY BARNES ?” I bark as I rub the back of my head. I can’t believe he hit me!

“ what are you -” Buckys cut off when a paper ball flies across the cafe and smacks into the back of his head .

I throw my hands up “ TOLD YOU IT WASNT ME!” I shout before realizing we are still in public .

Readers POV

you can’t help but crack up as you watch the two accuse each other . You decide to give them a break and out yourself before they start a fight . You use your powers to ball up another wad of paper and whip it at Barnes head , it takes them both a minute before their eyes lock on you. You make sure no one else was paying attention and you slowly levitate your coffee off the table , revealing yourself to the two. It was only the three of you( besides the employees) at the cafe . This probably wasn’t the best way to get heir attention , but it was effective. There isn’t many people to go to for help with your powers, so you had to take your chance to speak to them. You’re thankful that the employees didn’t see you doing it , you lucked out . You burst out laughing and send them a shy wave. After they get their coffee they approach you .

You close your laptop and smile up at them
“Sorry about that but I needed a little entertainment .” You shrug , pushing the two chairs infront of you out a little bit with your enhancement . They shoot each other looks of concern before sitting .you don’t give them a chance to speak ,cutting right to the point
“ I don’t have many options . I don’t know who to go to for help with my powers, and the avengers aren’t exactly the easiest people to get a hold of . ” you admit with a sad smile .
Clint sighs and starts shooting questions at you. Within 10 minutes he walks away to calls tony , you assume gets him to do a background check to make sure you are who you say you are . When he comes back he doesnt sit , just sends you a warm smile .

“ come on you two, It’s a long drive to the compound .”

Deal-Zach Herron

♥ ♥ ♥

“All right ladies, come on in!” your coach says, waving you over as a sign that practice is finally over. “And shag up the balls!” she adds and you grab as many soccer balls as you can before jogging over to her, setting them down in the pile your teammates had made before sitting down in the soft grass. 

“As you know, we have a really big game coming up on Monday. We will not have practice over the weekend so I just wanted to let you know that I expect you to rest up. No parties, no boys, and no going out.” She says firmly. 

“Just thinking about soccer and mentally preparing yourselves for Monday. Got it?” she asks and the whole team robitically answers with an in sync “Yes Coach.” before getting up to huddle. “Alright, Rangers on three!” she cheers once everyone’s hands are in. 

“1,2,3, Rangers!” you yell at the top of your lungs before you and your team mates all part ways. A couple of your friends, Miranda and Shelby, join you as you walk to the locker room and you wipe the sweat from your forehead with your shirt before speaking. 

“Damn practice sucked today.” you complain and they join in with their fair share of moans and groans. “Yeah Coach has been riding us hard lately.” your friend Shelby says, taking a swig from her waterbottle as you continue to walk inside. 

“Wait,” you say and your friends both pause for a moment while you look around worriedly. “Ugh, I left my bag in the bleachers.” you groan and they chuckle at your small but frequent mistake. “Well I’m not waiting for you this time.” your other friend Miranda says, holding her hands up in the air. 

You glance at Shelby and she gives you the same look. “Fine. You guys go, I’ll catch up.” you tell them before turning around to walk the length of the field one more time. When you finally reached the bleachers, you grabbed your gym bag, sighing when you realized you weren’t alone on the field. 

“Hey.” a voice from behind you says happily and when you turn around you’re met by the one and only Zach Herron. “Are you done stalking me or has this become an after school special for you?” you ask him sassily, a smirk evident on your face. 

“Hello to you too (Y/N). I was wondering if you were free this weekend?” he asks with a smile that your brain shrugs off but your heart just can’t seem to ignore. “First of all, fans usually only come on game days.” you say, raising your eyebrows at him as you sling your bag over your shoulder. 

“And second, I know you heard Coach. I can’t do anything this weekend. Not even with people that I actually like.” you reply, a small smile on your lips. “Oh ouch.” He leans over the bottom row of the bleachers, clutching his chest with both hands. 

“Your words really do hurt.” he says in a mocking tone and you can’t help but laugh at much an idiot he’s being. This is how its always been with the two of you. Zach will ask you out, you’ll say no, he’ll make you laugh in a way that makes you wish you had said yes. 

Secretly, you did think he was cute and wondered what it would be like to date him…but you were way too busy for a boyfriend. You had soccer, music lessons, school clubs, school in general. There was no way you could go around hanging with Zach, flaking on all of your other responsibilities. Right?

“Okay, okay. It’s been a lovely talk but I really need to go Zach.” you say, turning away from him, bracing your sore legs for another walk across the field. “Come on. Just go out on one date with me!” he calls after you but you don’t stop until he says something that really grabs your attention.

“I’ll play you for it!” the words echoed through out the school stadium and rung in your mind. “Play me for it? My game?” you yell, turning to face him. You had been playing soccer ever since you could walk and the fact that Zach thought he could even come close to you was hilarious.

“Well…” he trails off and you laugh at him as he realizes he probably just made the biggest mistake of his life. “How about this: Cross bar challenge.” he proposes and you knit your eyebrows together. This isn’t exactly what you had in mind but it’s still soccer so you listen as he continues.

“If I win, I get to take you out on a date.” he beams, his whole face being taken over by a smile. “And when I win?” you ask cockily. “If you win,” he corrects, “I’ll never ask you again. I’ll leave you alone completely.” he says, and you can hear the sadness in his tone. “Deal?” “Deal.”


“Okay so how exactly is this gonna work?” you ask Zach before crossing your arms. You could tell he was currently thinking about this for himself. He looked around the field for a few seconds before picking up a few cones. “So these will be the markers for the line.” he says, arranging the cones in the grass.

“And we’ll stand behind them to take our shots. First one to hit the crossbar wins.” Zach says confidently, looking over at you for your approval. “Does that sound good?” “Yeah but how many tries do we each get? I don’t wanna be here all night.” you say as you tighten your ponytail.

“Hmm, lets go with ten? One of us is bound to win by then I’m sure.” he says and you nod your head. “Get ready to lose Zach.“ you grin before lining up a few balls behind the imaginary line. 

"Yeah sure. Ladies first so go ahead.” he laughs and you take your place behind your ball, the goal is only about two hundred feet away but it feels like miles. Taking a deep breath, you get into your stance and charge at the ball, sending it flying, but not exactly how you pictured. 

The soccer ball flies over the goal and even though its an impressive kick, its nowhere near the crossbar. “Shoot.” you mumble over your breath and look back to find Zach bent over, dying of laughter. “Oh shut up. Your turn.” you say and he composes himself before taking your spot. 

“Here we goooo!” he yells, kicking the ball into an even crazier direction than you. “And you were laughing at me?” you chuckle. “Your turn.” he says and you take your place behind the line once more before running at the ball. This time it was much closer, but you still couldn’t hear the ping of the crossbar. 

You glare at Zach and he silently trades you places on the field and wastes his second attempt on a kick that doesn’t even get the ball off of the ground. Things go on like this for a bit and soon you’re on your seventh try and your team mates are in the stands cheering you on in your bet against Zach. 

“Go (Y/N)!” Shelby yells, arms flailing as she watches you approach the ball for what feels like the hundredth time. The ball soars for a moment and you turn away, unable to face yet another failure. 

Just as you are about to tell Zach that you’re done, that you give up and you would rather go on a date with him than embarrass yourself in front of your team, you hear the sound of ball on metal and you jump to face the goal. Just as you thought, the ball was bouncing back from a hit from the crossbar. 

Zach’s and the portion of your team that had stuck around to watch this mess’ jaws all drop in surprise and before you know it, your team mates are flooding the field cheering. Soon a crowd is all around you, everyone jumping and screaming with joy and you can’t seem to find Zach in the crowd. 

“Hold on.” you say, excusing yourself as the team continues to celebrate. “Zach!” you call after him as you spot him walking away from the field. He turns to you and you immediately see that something’s wrong. 

“What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?” you ask, filling the space between the two of you so you’re less than two feet apart. “You won fair and square. You don’t have to go out with me this weekend.” “What you don’t want to anymore?” you ask in a playful tone. 

“You obviously don’t and besides, your coach said this weekend is off limits.” he explains as he bites his lip softly. Inching towards him, you place a kiss on his cheek before telling him one last thing. “She never said anything about next weekend.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: This imagine was requested by @they-own-my-world ! I am so sorry that it took so long and I hope that you like it! :-)


Okay, so I was asked to clean the restrooms at my job (the little lady who does was on vacation; they worked the poor thing seven days a week for three weeks so I volunteered to give her a rest). I was cleaning the customer restrooms and just have to ask: how? How bad of a bowel movement do you have that you literally get out of your underwear and leave it on the floor? I threw garbage bags over them, picked up said bags and bleached the life out of those areas. Thank God it was in the morning when traffic was slow. I would not have wanted some kid to find this foolishness. I swear that just when I think I have seen everything in retail a curve ball flies my way.

Playground Promise (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Minor Character Death, Implied Smut (+hinted exhibitionism)

Word Count: 4.3k

It was the kind of promise that couldn’t possibly stay unbroken.

You were seven the summer you met him.

It was burning hot that day, leaving the playground empty of it’s usual crowd of children. Disappointed at the lack of playmates, you wandered around aimlessly, distracted by the popsicle in your hand. Cherry red dripped down the wooden handle, staining your little fingers and almost ruining the hem of your dress.

You left splatters of popsicle as you followed a trail of chalk, the bright yellow catching your attention and drawing you towards a shaded corner where the trail blossomed into a cluster of swirly flowers.

Ducking beneath a bright red slide, you found a treasure trove of chalk, a whole box practically untouched.

Perfect to play with.

You reached out with a sticky hand for your favorite color, eager to add to the flower petals beneath your feet.


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So fluffy!!!(Harry Request)

“Wanna play a game babe?” Harry suggests when you walk into his room.
You were currently in that state that only came out when you were at home. A T-shirt that belonged to your boyfriend, sleeping shorts, hair in a messy ponytail and glasses on. No makeup of course.
“Sure” You smile, “Though I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve tried to let you win”
“Come on, we’ll play together" He nods and shuffles in his seat to get you to sit on his lap.
You roll your eyes and sit down on top of his legs, waiting as his arms snake around your waist and he clasps his hands over yours on the controller.
“Why do you look so cute today?” He mumbles into your ear as he sets up.
“Why do you have to lie?” You joke, “I look like I’ve just woken from the dead”
“And you’re a damn sexy zombie” He smirks and kisses your shoulder as you adjust to sit between his legs.
“Shut up” You chuckle and turn to kiss him properly instead.
“Alright babe what team should we be?” He asks you.
“Arsenal You smile proudly and he rolls his eyes, selecting the team and choosing it.
“Ready?” He starts, moving his arms to the side so he can see the controller before the game starts.
“Let’s do this” You grin and the game starts.
The pair of you are messy to begin with. You don’t pass very well since you’re so used to playing alone instead.
“Babe pass it” You comment, eyes focused on the virtual players on the screen.
” I’m trying but-“ He starts but watches as the ball is tackled from his players feet.
“Woah so good” You roll your eyes and tackle the ball though Harry jabs your side to distract you, “Fuck” You mutter as the ball flies off. Until you realise it was straight in the back of the net.
"Oh shit!!” Harry laughs.
“Look at that! I’m a fucking legend” You chuckle and he kisses your side.
“Of course you are princess” He smiles.
The game continues and the pair of you get more and more tired as you go through to the next game.
“Just think, some day we’ll be teaching this to our mini-mes” He mumbles, hands moving aimlessly across the control pad.
“You think about that?” You question, tilting your head only slightly.
“Of course I do. I can’t see myself having kids with anyone else” He admits.
This was the side that only came out when he was this tired. And at 5am in the morning, it was perfect time for him.
“Well do you think about how many we’d have?” You ask as he shuts off the FIFA game.
“Ideally two boys and a girl. The girl would be a right daddy’s girl. And she’d be amazing at football too. The boys would be great as well. We’d have family games every weekend and I’d teach them as much as I could. They’d be fearless. Just like their dad” He chuckles, flopping onto the bed with you beside him, “And of course the boys would be their uncles”
“You’ve put a lot of thought into this I see” You smile.
“Definitely. I’d like to imagine us with a little place just outside of London. Close enough that we could see the guys whenever we wanted but not so that they were growing up in all of this chaos. It would have to have a garden”
“And enough room for a dog” You chip in.
“Sounds like we have a plan” He kisses your head.
“A few years down the line” You mention, “But we’re heading there now”
He goes to kiss your lips but pauses when he hears a crash outside.
You frown and get up, pulling down the material of your shorts slightly and going towards the door.
You open it to see Cal, Lux, Joel and Chip all with ears pressed to where the door used to be.
“Can I help you boys?” You question, folding your arms.
“I tried to stop them!” Tobi yells from the lounge.
“Thanks” You call back, “Mind if I can actually have a conversation with my boyfriend in peace then?”
“Yeah yeah sure, you get back to that” Joel nods, pushing on Cal to help him stand up.
“Can I just say one thing?” Lux asks as he goes to leave, “You’re just so fluffy!”

Golf wasn’t really Y/N’s sport. She thinks it to be unnecessarily complicated and quite dull, with the tiny holes and the long distances and, most of all, the walking. However, there is one thing she loves about the sport: The clothing style. More specifically, the clothing style on Harry, which (if she is to be completely honest) is the only reason she had tagged along with him today.

He looked drop dead gorgeous out and about on the bright green hills, with a light wind blowing at the curls that stick out along the rim of his grey Nike cap and the material of his loose, neon pink golf polo flapping against his toned back as he stands next to his father. Des holds a conversation with Harry about a business party coming up, keeping his focus as he lets his club swing against a tiny white ball, watching as it flies across the air and lands a couple of yards from the designated hole. Harry nods and makes comments every now and then, switching off with his dad for his turn.

Y/N stood off to the side, waiting for him to finish his current conversation so that he could help her with her swing, aim and things of the such. She had stared at him blatantly, trailing her sight from his crisp white, gold-detailed sneakers and up the brownish grey pants he is sporting, admiring how well they fit him. Harry was made to wear these clothes and nothing could convince her otherwise; how else could he look so fucking amazing if it wasn’t meant for him?

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“If your mind is calm, you’ll find that it’s easier to give a quick reaction.” Jace explains. Today you have your martial arts training and you’re standing in front of Jace eager to begin. “When are we going to get into action?” You ask impatient. Jace gives you a hard glance. You’ve rarely seen him smile and never even laugh. “Patience is also important.” Without a warning a ball flies right at your face. You were not ready and have just enough time to protect your face with your hands. A burning sensation spreads across the hand the ball hit. “Was that necessary?” You ask offended. He gives you a small amused smile. “I thought you wanted action.” He raises his eyebrow. “Always be on guard.” You nod decisively. The rest of the training consisted mostly of you hitting the ground. Then time was up. Satisfied you wipe the sweat from your forehead. Jace walks towards the door. You quietly run after him when you’re about the strike you let out a warrior yell. Jace reacts quickly turning around and throwing you on the ground before you could even touch him. “I almost had you.” You say laughing. Jace smiles broadly. “The battle cry sort of gave you away.” Jace reaches out for your hand to help you on your feet. You take his hand and yank him to the floor. Swiftly rolling on top of him. “You know, a wise man once told me to always be on guard.” You say teasingly. “Maybe you should follow his advice.” Jace smiles. “You still got so much to learn, Y/N.” He links his legs in yours and rolls on top of you. Being this close to him gives you trouble breathing. You can feel the heat radiating of off him. Admiring you look into his eyes. You love the sight of his one brown and one blue eye. Jace realizes the inappropriateness of the situation and adjusts his attitude. His face turns steady again and he stands up, helping you on your feet. “Tomorrow, outside.” He mentions before leaving you alone in the empty training room that seems more hollow than normal. Confused you’re trying to figure out what had just happened. You felt so at ease with him. With him you could just be yourself, even though he didn’t always approve of your impulsive actions, he understands you. On a level that it feels like a remedy to everything. He shows his emotions very rarely, but you know he feels the same. There is an invisible link between the two of you.

The next day he seemed more distant than normally. He made you run around the institute for a long time. Saying that if you couldn’t fight, you had the run and creatures like wolves are pretty fast. “Is this it?” You ask after having to run for over an hour. “Running and advice? Is that how I’m going to be a good shadowhunter?” Once again your impatient side surfaces. Jace just raises an eyebrow. “Y/N, when you’re ready we get to the fun part.” No emotion on his face. “Only when you give a hundred percent now, you can become a good trained shadowhunter.” He explains. “I have faith in you.”
That last made you regret having complained so much. You ran another round giving it all you got and after that Jace called it a day. That night you made a decision. There was no way you could keep your feelings bottled up any longer. You craved to be more than just a student to him. It’s been four months that he has been your mentor and things were getting harder to avoid. You could tell that it was getting harder for him to stay his professional self. With a nervous and excited feeling you fell asleep.

In your mind you’ve started the conversation different every time. You can’t seem to find the right words for Jace to tell him how you feel. Mostly because you are afraid that he is going to deny his feelings for you. “Y/N.” Jace waves his hand in front of your face making you return to reality. “Focus.” You give him an apologetic smile. “If you hadn’t been wearing me down so much, I would get enough sleep.” You tease him.
“We both know that your sleep hasn’t anything to do with you keeping tuning out.” Jace says. You watch his chest as it goes up and down as he breathes. “I got called in yesterday because you got into a fight.” Your heart sinks. “What did they say?” You ask afraid that it was going to be something drastic. “I convinced them you were going to be one of the better shadowhunters and they know you have potential, so they didn’t pursue anything. This time.” You sigh relieved. Jace watches you. “You really got to learn how to control yourself.” Jace points out.
“And you’ve got to learn to let yourself go a little more.” You react without thinking. Jace waits for you to explain yourself. “Do you ever even have fun, or show your true feelings?”
Jace is confused. “I don’t think that is relevant right now, Y/N.” He looks you in the eyes, making it feel like there is something squeezing your heart.
“I do! I’m sorry that I am not as perfect like you at controlling my feelings.” You say before you kiss him. Jace freezes shocked by the feeling of your lips on his. You were shocked too that you’re actually kissing Jace. Jace relaxes and kisses you back. It feels like you’re going to explode. His hand touches your back, pulling you a little closer. You put your hand on his chest feeling his heart racing. Jace slowly backs away still holding your back. “You know this is wrong.” Jace says softly, studying your face. You feel like your melting under his gaze. “Screw the rules.” You mumble.
Jace smiles at your never ending ‘I don’t care’ attitude. “That is what got you in trouble in the first place, remember?” You would do anything to see him smile like that again. “Well, I’m known for my charm. It’s not really that surprising anymore.” You say shrugging. “I’ve tried to hide and stop this feeling I have, but it only has been getting stronger.” Now was the time to tell him. Now or never. “For me it is the same, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s against regulations.” The only thing you hear is him admitting he feels the same. You hadn’t realized that his factor of attraction for you was the same as your attraction to him. “But if we aren’t going to admit to our feelings, what are we going to do then? I mean I can’t focus because you’re so close when I still can’t have you.” Again your lips parted before you could think about it. “Y/N.” Jace cups your face with his hands. “We’ll find a way.” A little smile played on his lips that he wiped away with his tongue. “Listen. I am not going to give up on you, but we do have our duties and our first priority is the clave.” You nod as far as his hands let you. He watches you for one more second, then pulls you close wrapping his arms around you. With an entire line of mixed emotions filling you up, you wrap your arms around him and burry your head in his shirt. You were going to find a way, together.

I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Chapter One) {Trixya} - Palace

A/N: Hi! So here is my new series, I’ve been working on this since November and its fair to say writers block got the better of me, but this idea has been burning in my head for a while now so I wanted to persevere with it.

Just a heads up before this starts, the uploads for this are most likely going to be extremely slow as I have lots of uni work coming up and I’m about to start an eleven week teaching placement, however, having said that every chapter should be a decent length. So you may have to wait for the next chapter, but, it’ll be a decent fill when you get it :)

This fic will follow cis girl Katya and Trixie through their years at college, following their developing relationship and the struggles they will endure together.

——- This represents a change in POV, it’ll switch between Trixie and Katya quite frequently but I’ll make it obvious who we’re focusing on each time it does.

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Prepared? (Cal Request)

“And she shoots and she scores!” You grin, slowing yourself down as the ball flies to the back of the net.
“Fuck off” Simon whines, since he still couldn’t seem to beat you yet.
“I may be over 8 months pregnant but I can still beat your ass in football Minter” You laugh.
“Shut up and relax sis. Put your feet up” Your brother, Tobi, chuckles.
You had come to the pitch with Tobi, Manny, Simon and Cal to watch them film. It was one of your favourite things. With your favourite people- two of your brothers, your best friend and your fiance.
“Yeah they are very active today” You smile, resting a hand on your stomach.
“So they should be. Only got another 17 days” Cal points out, walking over to you and kissing you lightly.
You had followed the suit of a ‘football’ sized bump for your almost born sons and had been lucky to only have a small bump for twins in your final month.
Your new flat with Cal had a beautiful nursery room for them already and you had begun to make your list of name ideas. All of the boys couldn’t wait to meet their nephews. Yes, they would all be uncles.
“These kids gonna be the new Ronaldos I’m telling you” Manny comments, a grin on his face.
“Of course” You laugh to your one twin.
“You feeling okay though babe?” Cal asks quickly.
“Yeah babe don’t worry” You nod, “They'rd just letting me know theyre awake”
The boys are half way through filming Simon’s video when the pain in your stomach increases massively.
“Shit” You mutter, resting one hand on your stomach again.
It wasn’t like they were kicking or like they were simply moving around a bit. It was something more. The pain that you could only describe to match the descriptions you had seen in birth books. You were concerned.
Instantly, you grip onto the fence beside you and this is when the boys notice.
“(Y/n)!” Simon exclaims, rushing over to hold you up.
“What’s happening?” Manny questions, followed by the other two boys as he hurries across the short distance.
“I think” You start but stop as a sharp pain shoots through your stomach again, “I think the babies are coming”
“Are you serious?” Cal raises his brows and you can only nod in response, “Holy shit”
“Alright sis, tell us what to do” Tobi nods.
“Simon, get your car” You begin, “Manny, pack away the stuff. Tobi, call up Lux, Harry or Ethan and get them to pick up the hospital bag from our flat. It’s the black one by the door. And Cal, babe, just do whatever you can to keep calm”
All of the boys disperse to their jobs and Cal wraps a strong arm around you to help you to the car.
“Is it okay that theyre this early?” He questions with worry.
“Yes babe, its only 17 days” You nod, getting to the car as quickly as possible.
“Okay” He replies, taking a deep breath, “Are you sure we’re prepared?”
“There’s no going back now” You wince before Simon and him try helping you into the car as much as they can.
~~~Time Skip~~~
A short car journey. An instant check in to the hospital. A prolonged pain that seemed to hurt Cal more than it did you. And eventually, they were here.
Your sons. Their little bodies out into the world. Tiny curls of hair already seemed evident on their heads from what you had seen on their caramel skin.
And he was here. Cal. With sweat beading on his forehead to match yours and a tired look upon his face. His hand still gripped yours in determination to help as much as he could and a sigh of relief passed his lips.
“Would you like to hold your sons?” The midwife asks, now holding two blue wrapped bundles in her arms.
You nod and shuffle to sit up more in bed whilst she places one tiny frame into your arms cautiously and the other into Cal’s arms.
“He’s so little” Cal comments quietly and makes you chuckle.
“He has your eyes” You mention, brushing the hair from his forehead.
Eventually, you’re back to your proper hospital room and the patient boys can finally come in to see their nephews.
“Hey guys!” Simon grins, his voice quiet however.
He’s followed by Manny and Tobi, all of them holding a different balloon. Simon had one of those clear ones that hold different coloured balloons inside, Manny had a blue helium balloon reading ‘its a boy’ and Tobi held the hand of one that was shaped like a cartoon person.
“Hey” Cal smiles, turning to face them with his son proudly in his arms.
“Oh my god this is mad” Manny mentions, all of them crowding round to see the stars of the show.
“Here, Tobi, most reliable first” Cal jokes before handing over the bundle.
“Holy sh-” Your older brother stops himself, “Sugar”
You laugh lightly and Cal returns to your side to collect his other son and hand him to Manny.
“Did you think of names yet?” Simon asks, knowing you had spent the past four months debating between about 8 different names.
You and Cal look to each other and nod, “Yeah, guys, Tobi is holding Theo Tobi Airey”
Your brother’s eyes dart up when you say the second name, “That’s just like my name!”
“Well done T” You chuckle, “And Manny, you’re holding Eddie Manny Airey”
Both of the boys look at each other with the proudest looks on their faces.
“I’ve called all of the guys, and the rest of your family. They’ll be here soon” Simon mentions.
“Thank you so much” You grin.
“And Ethan and Emily are bringing your bag with them” He comments.
“Oka-” You start before pounding feet can be heard down the corridor.
Followed by- “Is she in here? Can we see her?”
You can see the midwife from outside your door look at them with worry before Simon heads out to help.
“They’re all family. They have to be here” He says before he returns, with JJ, Vikk, Josh, Freya, Ethan, Emily, Harry, Lux and Sarah.
“Hey everyone” You laugh, surprised they even got this far into the hospital without being stopped.
This is what your new boys would grow up with. And you couldn’t ask for anything better.

Complicated (Pt. 7)

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Summary: Life was good. You had your boyfriend Cedric and best friend Oliver. But what happens when hidden feelings come to light?

Setting: Okay this all takes place during Sorcerer’s Stone, but I changed things around a bit so Oliver is a 5th year, Y/N and Cedric are 4th years (canon they’d be 3rd but for the sake of it I changed it a little)

Notes: This part is super short I’m sorry guys there just wasn’t much more to add, but epilogues will go up tomorrow morning! This is the last full part, I’m really glad you guys have liked it so far! Also if you guys have any requests for Oliver or Cedric send them in!

Tagging: @idfkalina @thisisthelilith @icat8 @magical-spit @sarcasticdorkk

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6|

A couple days later you still hadn’t told anyone else what happened. You’d talked to Cedric and Oliver, both of them agreeing to give you some space to think until you were ready. Your friends questioned your sudden detachment from the boys but you merely shrugged it off, claiming that you were focusing on schoolwork and pulling your grades up.

At times, maintaining the space proved difficult. You bumped into Cedric a lot in the halls, the two of you sharing a fair amount of your classes. And Oliver, well you saw him every day, having to stand side-by-side with him while you lead the quidditch team through practice.

It was an odd feeling, not hanging out with either of them like you were so accustomed to. It would have been much more worthwhile if the distance actually helped to clear anything up. So far you were still at square one, knowing you felt something for each of them but still completely unsure of who you felt more for.

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I'd like to request scenarios with Ukai and Kuroo and fem!s/o. She's trying really hard to learn how to play volleyball but her nerdy ass just cannot move like she want. After some kind of practice with her bf she's vv annoyed at herself.


I hope you do like it anon-chan <3


Ukai Keishin

“Keishin,” you whine when the volleyball you’re trying to bounce on your arms goes flying again, “what am I doing wrong?”

The coach flings away his cigarette, striding towards you with a chuckle on his lips. Taking your arms, he turns the flat of your forearms up, lacing your fingers together. “You keep hitting it here,” he advises pointing to the seam where your wrists are touching. “You need to hit it here,” he continues, tracing his finger up your skin to the center of your arms leaving goose bumps in the wake of his touch.

He grins at your pout, giving you a peck before saying, “Try it again, sweetie.”

You do so and for about five seconds it looks like you’ve finally gotten the hang of it when the ball goes off again rolling towards the fence.

“Forget it,” you say flinging yourself down onto the grass, “I’ll never get it.”

“Maybe not,” Keishin shrugs, “but then again, you don’t have to for me to love you.”

You smile at his sweet words, the blush on his cheeks making you giggle; he really is still such a boy in some regards.

Kuroo Tetsuro

The rally keeps on going and the ball doesn’t touch the floor. They were connecting. They made it look so easy that even you wanted to try it out. Practice ends and you walk over to your wonderful, sneaky ass boyfriend in the gym. You tap his shoulder and he turns around.

“I need you.” You sigh tiredly.

Kuroo looks back at you with his eyebrow raised.

“Well, not here sweetheart. Everyone’s watching-“

“That’s not what I meant!” You roll your eyes and he playfully kisses your cheek.

“What’s wrong babe?” He sets his towel down and crosses his arms.

“Can you teach me how to play volleyball?”

His eyes widen and a big smile etches on his face. Who wouldn’t want both the things they love at the same time?!


Okay, on second thought, maybe you just didn’t mix well with the other thing he loved.

He throws the ball at you, making sure to hit exactly where you’re supposed to receive it. You lift your arms up and it goes flying to the left side. You sigh and huff angrily.

“It takes practice, love. Don’t worry.” He reassures as he smiles at you apologetically.

You try again. Still no luck.

“Why do you want to learn so badly anyway?” He throws the ball at you again and it goes to the left.

“You make it look so easy and I just wanted to try it.” He nods and walks over to you.

“Okay so you’re just moving your arms, you need to send it off with your whole body,” He demonstrates and adjusts your hands to the right position.

“And, don’t forget,” You look up at him with expectancy. He leans down and cups your face, pressing his lips to yours. It ends in a second but, it still helped to cool your head.

“I love you even if you suck at volleyball.” You sigh at him and slap his arm.You mutter a soft, ‘not helping’ and he laughs. He goes back to his position.

“Alright, you ready?” You nod and take a deep breath. The ball is tossed to you and you hit it with your arms, trying to ‘send it off with your whole body’

The ball flies to the left side of the court and you make a beeline for your bag, leaving the gym in a huff.

“_____! Where are you going?!”

“Volleyball isn’t for me! Come on, let’s go home.”