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You know when you're getting head on the dance floor of a club and he's really deepthroating you, like you can't catch your breath because he's sucking it out of your dick, and then your friend turns around and sees you in the club and comes over trying to talk to but doesn't realize someone has gone all dementor on your cock, and you try to act natural but you can feel your eyeballs being sucked back into your skull and sinking to your gut to replace your balls, and finally your friend looks d

what did I just read


How about an update on the girls??
I’m so sorry for not updating I’ve been busy with college but the year is winding down and ill be back home for the summer and hopefully you’ll all get more updates haha. Anyways here are the babies! First, Nagini my pastel ball python is finally on a regular eating schedule! she’s fattened up finally after i got her sick from a pet shop. Zadkiel my corn snake is still beautiful as ever. She’s been eating annually but she’s got a small knick on her head which she got from trying to escape her cage. No worries it’s healing. Lastly my big girl Azura, my Colombian red tail boa, she’s doing well also, although because of her blind eye it takes her a while to strike her food correctly. Other than that theyre all doing fine!

aa5 is definitely athenas game but ditching apollo’s plotlines as throughly as canon aa5 did is A Bad Idea so it’s like…tutorial case (HEAVILY athena/plot relevant, athena pov) —> au magical turnabout (apollo and trucy centric for sure but it also gives the player outsider pov on athena which is useful character building) —> au turnabout academy (obvious lmao), athenas pov and her gay backstory —-> ssssssome cosmic turnabout which would build up apollo’s backstory a bit and probably be his pov but this is setting the ball rolling for the finale and definitely won’t leave athena out of it in execution? obviously because we’re finally revealing more of the games Conspiracy and then —-> the final case which is athena pov and. obviously her thing.

klav is a dlc case?

Regis playing golf on top of the Citadel because he needs a day off

  • His advisers are not welcomed to the top except Clarus
  • There’s a mini golf course with that cute spinning windmill attached
    • You got Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto playing it
  • Regis tees off as he looks into the distance - “Good eye, Your Majesty.”
  • Somewhere down below, Cor immediately takes out his sword and slices the ball in half
    • :[
    • “I told you he would notice,” says Clarus
    • “That was luck.” and Regis aims one at Cor again
    • Cor steps to the side, takes out his phone and calls Regis
    • “Your Majesty, is this necessary?”
    • “I’m practicing my shots.”
    • “At me?”
    • “Think of this as training.” And Regis hangs up and lets Clarus try
    • Down below, Cor lets out a very long sigh and Drautos stands next to him and asks him how his day is
    • “Eventful.”
    • Golf ball lands behind Drautos
    • :|
    • “Good aim, Clarus.”
    • It’s a very good day for golfing
  • jikook 2013: who are you?
  • jikook 2017: i'm you, but stronger