ball finals

Regis playing golf on top of the Citadel because he needs a day off

  • His advisers are not welcomed to the top except Clarus
  • There’s a mini golf course with that cute spinning windmill attached
    • You got Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto playing it
  • Regis tees off as he looks into the distance - “Good eye, Your Majesty.”
  • Somewhere down below, Cor immediately takes out his sword and slices the ball in half
    • :[
    • “I told you he would notice,” says Clarus
    • “That was luck.” and Regis aims one at Cor again
    • Cor steps to the side, takes out his phone and calls Regis
    • “Your Majesty, is this necessary?”
    • “I’m practicing my shots.”
    • “At me?”
    • “Think of this as training.” And Regis hangs up and lets Clarus try
    • Down below, Cor lets out a very long sigh and Drautos stands next to him and asks him how his day is
    • “Eventful.”
    • Golf ball lands behind Drautos
    • :|
    • “Good aim, Clarus.”
    • It’s a very good day for golfing

You know that part in Hercules?

My sis and I joked about it lol. Sombra might wanna rethink that tho, IDK if I can see Reaper putting on the act. Guess Soldier 76 would just be into it anyway? (I think I remember a tweet about him “Being a bit dense sometimes”? lol)

Woooh team talon

Finger guns, please don´t tag any ships but Reaper76 thanks my dodz.