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went to brookstone today and sat in a massage chair, because that’s what you do. the chair was already on when i sat down. it began to massage my butt in the most assertive of fashions. it was uncomfortable. i didn’t know this chair. i hadn’t even said hello. i didn’t even know its name and it was unexpectedly digging its multitudinous and sensually rotating knobs into my previously unfondled buttocks.

i sat, frozen and staring into the middle distance until a brookstone employee approached. “can i help you with anything?” he said with the friendly-but-dead-inside tone that only comes with hard retail experience.

i made full eye contact as the chair kneaded my gluteus maximus with renewed alacrity. “this machine is touching my butt,” i said, maintaining eye contact. i’m not sure what i expected him to do about it. it was too late. i’d already said it. the ball was in his court.

“it does that,” he said.


so are you telling me that stiles stilinski knew all this time that she felt something and never ever said anything or pushed it because he wanted to make sure she was ready for it, wanted to make sure she came to the realization herself. youre telling me that stiles stilinski left the ball in her court and gave lydia full control over what happened.


I’ve always wanted to do that! 🏐🏀



Today I went to go see the Engeki Haikyuu poster in Shibuya Station~
Shouri told me to go take this photo for the both of us, so I took one with the both of us in it! 
I was a little nervous, ha.  
Happy now? Shouri!

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Swift, who has said she’s not touring in 2017, performed “Better Man” during a special performance in Houston as part of the pre-Superbowl festivities, but Sweet said the band is ready if the pop star ever wants to perform the song with them.

“I mean, come on, Taylor,” Sweet said. “We would love to do it. If she’s up for it, we’re up for it.”

—  LBT on the possibility of singing Better Man with Taylor

Aced it! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Okay but consider this: lil bby Tobio always getting ignored during play time, whether it was during recess or at the park. 

He never got picked for teams, wasn’t approached during tag, the ball not passed to him in soccer, and not even looked for during hide and seek. 

That’s why he wanted to become a setter: his team had to give him the ball if he was in that position, and then he could finally play with them and befriend them like he’s been wanting to. 

What he didn’t realize was that being able to play with them didn’t mean they liked him. 

What he didn’t realize was that even if he got sent the ball 

they could still reject him 

Adrien’s Game 2.5: The Ball’s In Your Court, Nino

If you’ve read my previous posts “The Evolution of Adrien’s Game” and “The A-mew-sing Sequel”, you’ll know that:

A: I’m being forced to rest until my bronchitis is gone, so I can’t sew
B: My creativity is suffering so, therefore, I’m making crack posts
C: I have a warped sense of humor

This one’s gonna be an in-between because “Animan” is where Adrien’s game truly shines!  Unfortunately, he uses it to coach Nino into trying to get a date with Marinette.  Go with what you know, I guess.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alternatively titled: Adrien Flirts With Marinette Through His Bestie

  • Can we all just agree that Adrien giving Nino advice on how to score with Marinette is the cutest thing ever?
  • Nino literally tells Adrien this crush came out of nowhere.
  • Adrien’s all “yeah dude, IKR?!”
  • If I were you, I wouldn’t look so smug, Junior.  
  • Phase 1 of Operation: “Clueless Dorks” uh I mean “Give Nino the Confidence to Ask Alya Out Instea–” er…you know what?  We’ll just call it Phase 1.
  • PHASE 1
  • Ask Mari out on a date.
  • No, not me.  YOU.

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i. I know I told you this, but I haven’t heard from you in a while and I just wanted to remind you that I left the ball in your court. That I will sacrifice my happiness and give you another chance, all you have to do is reach out and tell me you don't want to throw this friendship away. 

ii. So by the looks of it you are having a lot of fun with your new friends, don’t get me wrong I’m happy you found happiness. But I just want to make sure that this isn’t you escaping your past and letting these new friends be a band-aid for old wounds. I am here if you ever want to talk.

iii. I miss you. I can’t believe this happened again, that after reconnecting you chose to put me second again. You hurt me more than I thought. And I know I told you that you were hurting me, and you said you were sorry; but are you?

iv. Do you miss me? Or have you replaced me enough to forget me? Because I worry about you every day, your state of mind and if you’re being kind to yourself. But when I picture how you’re spending your day, I can't imagine you missing me. 

v. I am no stranger to the notion of people leaving me. I have been told ‘forever’ only for 'forever’ to expire later on. This isn’t new for me, missing people is almost routine for me. But you linger more than others. You creep up on me. 

vi. I thought I would be able to move on, because you hurt me so bad. But turns out you too are a bad addiction of mine that I just can’t shake.

—  Texts I would text you if I ever got drunk enough and brave enough.

I have watched this scene a thousand times and I remember the very first time I watched it and my heart still does the same funny thing.

I remember absolutely losing my shit at the shot of the flowers in the air and I was like “OMG BRENNAN’S GONNA CATCH THE BOUQUET. ARE THEY ACTUALLY GOING THERE. ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT???????? OMGGGG.” And they teased us with the slow mo shot, heh. (When I rewatch this scene, I STILL get that anticipation of excitement.)


I adore that she looks back at Booth,who just does an adorable smile/half shrug, trying to seem nonchalant when you know he’s screaming on the inside, like all of us. HAHAHA.

No, but seriously, the marriage arc on Bones was just perfect, there was NEVER a single instance when Booth pestered Brennan about marriage. The ball was in her court all the way through, and Booth absolutely would have been fine if they had never married in the end (”I LOVE EVERYDAY.”) A testament to how much Booth loves her but also a point of great character development for Booth, who was once fixated on the idea that he HAD to get married. (Arguably, you could say that his change of heart was because Brennan was the only one who really mattered, which is equally valid, but I like to think that Booth learnt something from his previous mistakes).

And here, Brennan was not horrified at the thought of catching the flowers; marriage no longer seems like such an awful concept when it’s in relation to Booth ;)

kinda wanna see an AU where Chichi is the one who forgot the Marriage Promise and Goku’s the one who remembers which in turn is the one who does the pursuing idk it sounded interesting


He didn’t want to think about this, didn’t want to feel this, so he thought about the Foxes instead. He clung tight to the memory of their unhesitating friendship and their smiles. He pretended heartbeat pounding a sick pace in his temples was an Exy ball ricocheting off the court walls. He thought of Wymack holding him up in December and Andrew pushing him down against the bedroom floor. The memories made him weak with grief and loss, but they made him stronger, too. 
He’d come to the Foxhole Court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real.