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Everlark Drabble Challenge: Everlark in disguise

I was tagged by jennagill for the Everlark Drabble Challenge with “Everlark in disguise” - I’m pretty sure this isn’t what she had in mind, but this is what I came up with, enjoy!

I challenge baronesskika, streetlightlove1 & fuckingplebe to write Pirate!Everlark. 

As the pair of sleek grays pulled the carriage through the darkened streets of London, Katniss wondered again at the point of it all. Over the last few months one thing had become abundantly clear: the marriage mart was not meant for the likes of her. Not only was she bored to death on the nightly circuit of balls and various entertainments, the fashionable at-homes held during the early afternoons were even worse. At least there was some exercise to be had in the evenings whereas during the day she was forced to attend to conversation centered around ladylike accomplishments that were more to her sister Prim’s taste than her own. Unable to contribute anything useful to the drawing room conversation, she usually busied herself with her tea and kept her mouth shut. Evenings were only marginally better given that while dancing much of the conversation was prescribed and required little to no concentration for her to pass muster. Wherein every other aspect of life amongst high society left her under the intense scrutiny of she had never been criticized for holding her tongue.

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