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Ultimate WARM UP Cardio Workout - Zenkai Boosts Energy!

A nice way to start the day or a workout! 

This is perfect for anyone trying for anyone at any level to break a sweat, boost energy, and warm you up for a hardcore workout!

 You could do this Daily if you wanted!


inspired by this video (sfw, but a sex toy is being used as car repair, so take that as you will)

“Laura’s gonna flip,” Derek says in dismay, looking at the huge dent in the driver’s side door of the Camaro. Her most precious possession, the car she’d been saving up for forever, the car she waxes and washes every weekend, the car that she let Derek borrow to go to the Mathletes competition in San Francisco because Derek had a basketball game on Friday and couldn’t make the official school bus, the car that Laura made him swear his life on, is now forever ruined.

“Damn, if there ever was a good place to curse, that would have been it,” Stiles says, crossing his arms and looking far more attractive than he had the right to. “C’mon, Derek. Just say it. Fuck.”

Derek blushes, watching the word tumble out of Stiles’ pink mouth. “No, I… there’s gotta be a way to fix it. But if I call her insurance people she’s gonna know…”

“It’s totally my fault,” Stiles says. “I was the one who wanted to go to Tastee Freeze on the way back, and let some dingbat hit you in the parking lot. Actually, it’s their fault, whoever can’t drive.”

Derek shakes his head. It’s his fault. He’d been having too much fun this weekend; he’d spent practically all of it with Stiles. He’d had a crush on him forever— in fact, joined Mathletes at his request, and the whole year of practice, of spending afternoons with Stiles poring over math problems, watching Stiles lick Cheeto dust off his fingers— it’s been too much. Coupled with the fact that Stiles actually just plain forgot to catch the bus on Friday, and then caught a ride with Derek, meant hours in the car listening to him sing along to Hamilton and muddle through the rap bits, and sleeping next to him in the four-to-a-room motel Saturday night, and waking up with Stiles’ face smashed into his shoulder.

Derek had been too overwhelmed by it all, too overwhelmed by Stiles. Getting the chance to spend time with his friend this weekend had just intensified his feelings, and he knows there’s no chance that Stiles will ever feel the same, so he’s just drinking it all in, savoring these moments when he can.

It had been a terrible parking job, the Camaro was at a weird angle, that’s why the person rounding the turn had hit him. Derek sighs. He guesses it’s for the best. He’ll just have to pay Laura back. For forever.

Stiles is studying the door, eyes narrowed in concentration. “Actually, it’s not that bad. They didn’t even scratch it. It’s just a dent. With the right amount of leverage…”

“I’m sorry, do you happen to have a magical car-door fixer in your overnight bag?”

Somehow, this causes Stiles to turn bright red. “Okay. I have an idea. But you have to promise not to laugh.”


Derek watches, perplexed, as Stiles pulls his duffle bag out of the back seat, and then rummages around in it.

“Promise not to laugh,” Stiles repeats.

“I promise.” Derek is confused, but sincere.

Stiles pulls a bright blue dildo out of the bag. It’s springy, and jiggles a little with the movement. There’s a thick vein running along the side, and the base even has… balls.

Derek’s brain short circuits, an image of Stiles, naked, working himself on the girth of the toy, his mouth open, panting, as he tries to get the right angle, skin flushed pink from pleasure…

“Fuck,” Derek says.

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Full body medicine ball circuit 8 min straight pretty much non stop, 20 second rest! Try this out

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Enid Rowle was not known for her beauty nor her wit. No, Mrs. Rowle was known for her annual costume ball. The jewel of the Pureblood and Ministry social circuit, the ball yearly sent the affluent and powerful clamoring for the best, most creative designers, costume craftswix, and magimilliners. Some of the most memorable robes of the past three decades came from Mrs. Rowle’s annual, as it is popularly known. Above, Mrs Rowle’s own phoenix costume from 2011. White fire would erupt from the shoulders of her robes every time the clock struck the hour.


anonymous asked:

I hope he's a guest artist in some of the festivals that will happen in late November / early December. It would be great promo for him and it would open him up to other audiences, like fans of other artists who are at the festivals. Niall and Liam both did festivals with just 1/2 songs so he could totally do it. If he doesnt want to play BTY without Bebe at these festivals, he could play the new single (that is rumoured to be only him) and JHO (acoustic version pleaseee).

I would love to see him on the Jingle Ball circuit! Stuff like that seemed to work really well for Niall and Liam over the summer and they’re doing those shows too. That would be awesome!

Everlark Drabble Challenge: Everlark in disguise

I was tagged by jennagill for the Everlark Drabble Challenge with “Everlark in disguise” - I’m pretty sure this isn’t what she had in mind, but this is what I came up with, enjoy!

I challenge baronesskika, streetlightlove1 & fuckingplebe to write Pirate!Everlark. 

As the pair of sleek grays pulled the carriage through the darkened streets of London, Katniss wondered again at the point of it all. Over the last few months one thing had become abundantly clear: the marriage mart was not meant for the likes of her. Not only was she bored to death on the nightly circuit of balls and various entertainments, the fashionable at-homes held during the early afternoons were even worse. At least there was some exercise to be had in the evenings whereas during the day she was forced to attend to conversation centered around ladylike accomplishments that were more to her sister Prim’s taste than her own. Unable to contribute anything useful to the drawing room conversation, she usually busied herself with her tea and kept her mouth shut. Evenings were only marginally better given that while dancing much of the conversation was prescribed and required little to no concentration for her to pass muster. Wherein every other aspect of life amongst high society left her under the intense scrutiny of she had never been criticized for holding her tongue.

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