ball chef

The signs as game shows

Aries: Takeshi’s Castle
Taurus: Master Chef
Gemini: Golden Balls
Cancer: X Factor
Leo: The Chase
Virgo: University Challenge
Libra: Pointless
Scorpio: Release The Hounds
Sagittarius: Baggage
Capricorn: Take Me Out
Aquarius: The Cube
Pisces: Catchphrase

I’m having a ball with the “Chef no Nobunaga” story pppfpfftt

I’m reading the details. It was related to some imperial envoy’s visit, but I’m not interested in that part so I’ll read it next time.

They went hunting, and caught some wild geese and cranes. 

Nobu told the two envoys “Hey, come join us and eat. Dress down, no need to be formal*. I’m cooking. And you can take the cranes and geese back home as souvenir.”

*  (it actually said something along the lines of “you don’t need to wear hakama or kataginu”)

He also invited 5 retainers. Mori Yoshinari (Ranmaru’s father), Shibata, Niwa, Takigawa, and Hideyoshi. Nobu told the host of the place they’re staying at to make sure nobody else finds out and tags along LOL. 

It was super simple, just crane sashimi and duck soup. I hope sashimi is actually carefully made, not just “it was meat randomly sliced and call it a day”, pffft. 

I remember once upon a time someone asked if Nobu can cook. Well, now we know! He can… kinda… 

Nobu went out to meet his guests, and asked them if the food was good, and told them to drink up as much as they want no worries. I don’t really trust his culinary skills tbh, I mean the guests when asked didn’t say the food was tasty, just that the ingredients were very fresh. LOL.

Aaah, on the one hand he can be pretty arrogant, but I read that Nobu personally served his guests quite a few times

I’m taking all of these with a grain of salt, but aaah, so many stories of Nobu being adorable <3 I’m curious why people still persist on making Nobu be all “tough on the outside, soft on the inside”. Is it because making him “nice” would “ruin” the image of “great warlord”? I mean, if it’s okay to overexaggerate the “carefree, wild, idiot lord” image, then is it really a problem to make him nice? He seems to be openly and publicly nice to a lot of people quite often, so it’s not like it’s a big secret or anything. 

You just need to be patient and read books LOL…

Wait, maybe that’s the problem, nobody likes to read books anymore LOL.