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When i think of the signs, i think of ...

Aries: painting with water colors

Taurus: laughing so hard you can’t breathe

Gemini: reading a whole book without stopping

Cancer: rolling down a hill

Leo: speeding on a back road

Virgo: whispering in a movie theater

Libra: sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag

Scorpio: planning an adventure with maps and markers

Sagittarius: getting up to watch the sunrise

Capricorn: having a snow ball fight

Aquarius: roasting marshmallows over a campfire

Pisces: driving at night with the windows down

Badass Anime Characters

Aries : Roronoa Zoro / Ryuko Matoi

Taurus : Levi Ackerman / Revy

Gemini : Erza Scarlet / Kurosaki Ichigo

Cancer : Saitama / Android 18

Leo : Shizuo Heiwajima / Touka Kirishima

Virgo: Guts / Yuno Gasai

Libra: Spike Spiegel /Yourichi Shihouin

Scorpio : Mikasa Ackerman / Gajeel Redfox

Sagittarius : Lucy ( Nyu ) / Tatsumi Oga

Capricorn : Motoko Kusanagi / Hei

Aquarius : Minene Uryuu / Alucard

Pisces : Saeko Busujima / Vegeta

signs as smells

aries - coconut anything
taurus - forests
gemini - new can of tennis balls
cancer - after it rains
leo - freshly baked cookies
virgo - sharpies
libra - a loved one
scorpio - old spice deodorant
sagittarius - lavender 
capricorn - brewing coffee
aquarius - just popped popcorn
pisces - sea breeze

  • Aries: *fakes a heart attack even though their only 17*
  • Taurus: *opens glovebox to get license and all their weed falls out*
  • Gemini: *keeps being suspicious and stutters for no reason*
  • Cancer: *begins balling their eyes out over a speeding ticket*
  • Leo: *tries to remain calm but is internally freaking the fuck out*
  • Virgo: *thinks about every other bad thing they've ever done in life and gets terrified that the cop might somehow know*
  • Libra: *finesses the system and gets away with what they did*
  • Scorpio: *rolls eyes because this is their third run in with the law... this week*
  • Sagittarius: *runs and gets tackled HARD*
  • Capricorn: *everything goes well until the officer hears their hostage scream in the trunk*
  • Aquarius: *pushes up their breasts, pops a mint,and redoes their makeup while the cop approaches their car*
  • Pisces: *doesn't know what to do and has a bunch of mini spasms*
Dragon Ball z como los signos

Milk :Tauro

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Vegeta: Aries

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Krilin :Geminis

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Maestro Roshi :Piscis

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The Signs Stereotyped
  • Aries - hulk angry! huLK SMASH !!!!
  • Taurus - give me food and i'm urs forever bb
  • Gemini - a hypocritical bouncy ball
  • Cancer - i cry for my loved ones, i cry for the fallen and the used, i cry because gossip girl ended three years ago,
  • but mostly i cry cuz he didn't text me back : '(
  • Leo - give me a mirror before i pounce on ur boyfriends ass SLAAAAAAYYYY
  • Virgo - wh-wh-what is thIIISSSS!?!?!? *aggressively takes blue coat out of yellow coat section and puts it with the other blue coats*
  • Libra - a perfect lil fairy that can't decide if they're going to eat ur heart for dinner or boil ur soul for breakfast
  • Scorpio - iM sO mYsTeRiOuS ooOOhhhHH watch me kill ur first born hahaha *trips and falls onto ur husbands dick*
  • Sagittarius - ur outfit is fucking ugly I'M JUST KIDDING IT WAS A JOKE lets go on an adventure
  • Capricorn - *casually scheming in the corner* YAASSS I SHALL HAVE MY FIRST MILLION BY AGE 23
  • Aquarius - lmfao emotionless weirdo whO EVERYONE THIRSTS FOR
  • Pisces - not even real, just a figment of ur imagination or their imagination who even knows anymore u lovable unicorn
what the signs are made of
  • aries: sweet marzipan frosting, the tears of their enemies, different hues of vibrant reds and pinks, the sound of wood crackling in the fire, sparklers on forth of july
  • taurus: butterscotch toffee, willow trees with branches swooping low enough to kiss the garden, the smell of bundt cake in the oven, fine china cutlery, and herbal tea
  • gemini: the electric cracking of thunder igniting a dark sky, the sound of leaves crunching, tapioca pearls in brightly colored boba cups, pop synth music, disco balls
  • cancer: water infused with dandelions and lemon slices, salted hot chocolate + roasted marshmallows, lana del rey on vinyl, salt water, when cold air makes your nose pink
  • leo: macaroons, freshly sliced tangerines, dresses spun out of gold silk, the sound of lovers whispering in french, the scent of coconut and sea salt, french pressed coffee
  • virgo: MacBook keyboards, fresh linen and lavender, color coordinated organizers, home cooked meals, motivational posters, NPR radio, a black and white film with subtitles
  • libra: fluorescent colored journals, bath & body works candles, softly swaying branches in the wind, chilly mornings with piping hot mugs of coffee, the sense of inner peace and clarity
  • scorpio: metallic nail polish, sugared plums, dark chocolate, the smell of cinnamon and roasted nuts, norse mythology, potpourri, leather, dark lipstick, beethoven
  • sagittarius: the sound of the tidal waves crashing the shore in the distance, different variations of green, the smell of peppermint, self help books, and a tapestry taking up an entire wall of their home in the form of a map
  • capricorn: the scent of lemon and vanilla, homemade apple pie, and the calming sense of purpose and direction, sticky post-it notes, a book or movie collection with a central focus on good vs. evil (where good always prevails)
  • aquarius: tattoo parlors with unique shop names & vintage 70's chairs, cassette tapes, the color blue, conspiracy theories, protest rallies, the need to seek a great perhaps
  • pisces: the color of seafoam green, tiaras woven from hydrangeas, the combination of scents salty & sweet, soft melodic crooning from a time long before your existence
Zodiac Signs in Elegant dresses

Aries : Deep very red, or scarlett color on the dress either plain or wrap around with gold pattern’s which reflects the independent, and bold fiery personality, but yet so lovely

Taurus : Dark green velvet or silk gown that touch the floors, and looks like the fresh dark grass at night

Gemini : Yellow silk gown that looks like the sun rays, when it come up in the sky, it’s a two face dress 

Cancer : Violet ball gown as violet as the night sky’s on a winter day

Leo : Cream color silk gown that touch the floor, it’s a light cream color dress, it’s extremely stunning, and eye catching, and very winsome

Virgo : White stunning gown, that resemble the pureness, and virginity of the virgin the virgo, which brings a very youthful, and modest appearance 

Libra : Sapphire blue, just like the day sky where the air rome to breath life in people

Scorpio : Red velvet gown, that red is like the passion, and mysterious thing of the scorpio, it’s something about it that is so possessive in beauty

Sagittarius : Light blue cream dress, it’s a very light blue gown, that reflect’s enthusiastic of the sag

Capricorn : Black velvet gown, that is dark as midnight, of it’s conservative, and prominent color 

Aquarius : Stunning ultramarine blue that reflect’s the ocean of the aqua side of the earth, which is very beautiful for the gown 

Pisces : Sea Green, like the seaweed of the ocean, not just any sea green, the sea green the pisces look alluring in 

signs as ashton irwin quotes
  • Aries: "people that fart in elevators are the worst people"
  • Taurus: "apparently i had a boner in the acceptance video..."
  • Gemini: "tadpoles are baby turtles"
  • Cancer: "my balls are so sore"
  • Leo: "Calum literally proposed to me when he asked me to be in the band. He got down on one knee. It was really romantic"
  • Virgo: "Wearing green underwear today, I feel like a frog"
  • Scorpio: some people are sass monsters on twitter, like honey you need to chill"
  • Sagittarius: "Do I look like I know how to twerk? I'm a small blonde boy"
  • Capricorn: "pelicans are scary mother f-erz
  • Aquarius: "P O O P I N G"
  • Pisces: "If things are going bad and life is tough, hang in there. Ride it out. Come out on top"
The signs and classic actress/singers they share there sun signs with

Aries - Billie Holiday

Taurus - Audrey Hepburn

Gemini - Marilyn Monroe

Cancer - Natalie Wood

Leo - Lucille Ball

Virgo - Ingrid Bergman

Libra - Lillian Gish

Scorpio - Vivien Leigh

Sagittarius - Etta McDaniel

Capricorn - Eartha Kitt

Aquarius - Etta James

Pisces - Elizabeth Taylor

Zodiac Archetypes // first thought, unedited

Aries - The beginning, the newborn, the fiery seedling

Taurus - The grounding, the connection while still remaining I

Gemini - The playful mind, the connector, the ball of mercurial energy

Cancer - The safe place, the nester, the mother, the protector

Leo - The release, the laughter, our true heart’s center

Virgo - The gentle pusher, the listener, the steadfast inspirer

Libra - The reflection, the beginning of two becoming one, the quiet seeker

Scorpio - The one who goes deeper, The one who penetrates

Sagittarius - The traveler, the outreached hand, the liberator

Capricorn - The spiritual pilgrim, the undercurrent, the modest lover

Aquarius - The life, the new perspective, the kaleidoscope

Pisces - The astral brother and sister, the remover of a veil, transcendence