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Emma's family and friends give her a birthday that's filled with everything she doesn't want in it. Later, as she slips away from the extravaganza, she runs into the one person who understands and cares about her wishes

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma peers furtively around her as she nears the exit of the town hall. Every time she’s got this far so far this evening, someone has spotted her and dragged her back into the party. 

She sighs. Its not that she’s not grateful for the party, she is, it’s just a little much and not really her thing. She’s never had a birthday party and upon hearing that revelation, Snow threw a massive ball. There have been dances, lavish gifts, fancy ball gowns and a cake she can’t get anywhere near. 

It’s extravagant and more than she could ever have imagined whilst she was growing up…but it’s also suffocating and a reminder of a world that she is not and will never truly feel a part of. 

Emma sighs once more, taking her moment and hurrying out the door. She just wants a moment to breathe. She’d have been happy with dinner at Granny’s with her family, blowing out candles and simple yet heartfelt gifts. 

That’s all she wanted. 

Emma wanders out into the gardens before smiling as she spots the apple tree and taking a seat on the bench out there. 

“Shouldn’t you be inside?” 

Emma jumps, “Shit!” She turns her head and sees Regina sitting on the other side of the bench, her long blue gown twinkling in the moonlight. 

“Eloquent as always Emma.” 

“You scared the crap out of me, I think you can let me off for that one.”

Regina chuckles, “I suppose it is your birthday…which again, why are you out here?” 

Emma sighs, “I just needed some air. The party’s great and all but…it’s not really me…it feels…”


“How did you know?” 

Regina sighs, “I’ve been to many balls and felt the same way at everyone of them…that I didn’t belong and that all I wanted was a piece of cake.” 

Emma chuckles, “That cake looks amazing…my Mom shoots daggers at me everytime I go near it.” 

Regina raises a brow before waving her hand, two slices of cakes appearing in her hands and handing one to Emma. 

“Did you just…”

They hear a shriek of “The CAKE!” from inside the hall and Emma chuckles before smiling shyly at the brunette, “I shouldn’t laugh…but thank you.” 

Regina smiles back moving to sit beside her, nudging Emma with her shoulder as she replies, “Happy Birthday Emma.”