ball abandoned

                                         ❛ ━ BLEEDING HELL! ❜ 

     Her ass was sore, her legs were sore, and now to keep from falling on said ass, her hands were RED and THROBBING. They were actually beginning to go numb from the excruciating PAIN. Yet ━ the small princess would NOT be leaving the abandoned ball room until she’d PERFECTED her choreography. That was the problem with her; she never knew when enough was enough. Her legs could snap in two and she would STILL be trying a pirouette on one hand. Rosie pushed herself up from the hard ground, inspecting the damage to herself just like all the times before. She winced at the tear in her tights that revealed a nasty cut on her knee. ❛ PATHETIC, Your Royal Suckness. ❜ Limping towards her bag, she took out a gauze and wrap and treated herself. The more she moved, the worse the pain felt. 

       A few, tedious minutes later, music played throughout the room again, and the injured ballerina did what she did best, ignored the piercing sting and danced on. Tears welled up in her eyes from time to time, but she brushed those away determinedly. SUDDENLY, the music shut off and her attention immediately flashed towards the culprit. ❛ What do you think you’re doing? ❜ Rosie demanded, limping towards them, her arms folded angrily. 


I was playing Harvest moon and Julius just came in town and I just realized he is a lot like mettaton.
fashionista attitude, ‘‘‘girly’’’ and an asshole at one point in their young lifes.

and I love both of them ♥