You have only one heart and you have filled it with anxieties, with questions about the past and future state of this world, so what space is left in it for the remembrance of Allah, for His worship, and for thinking about the Hereafter?
Shaqiq [Al-Balkhi] (May Allah bestow his Mercy upon him) spoke the truth when he said: "By regretting things past and trying to manage those yet to come, you have lost the blessing of your present moment.
—  Imam Al Ghazali

“Dance until you shatter yourself!” - Rumi

The Persian poet & Sufi mystic Rumi (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi) inspired his followers to establish the Mevlevi Sufi Order after his death in 1273 CE. 

The Mevlevi Order are sometimes called ‘Whirling Dervishes’ due to their famous practice of whirling as a form of spiritual devotion to god.

The act of of the whirling dance is inspired by the quran verse “wherever you turn is the face of god”. Members of the order see the dance as a form of worship.


Shaqiq al-Balkhi {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

علامة التوبة البكاء على ما سلف والخوف من الوقوع في الذنب وهجران إخوان السوء وملازمة الأخيار

“The signs of true repentance are: Crying over what has passed by, fear of falling into the sin, boycotting evil company, and accompanying the righteous.”

—  {As-Siyar A’lam an-Nubala’ |The Lives of the Noble Figures, Volume 9 }

So, that happened: This week, President Barack Obama delivered his sixth State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress now completely controlled by his opposition. The Huffington Post’s Sabrina Siddiqui was there, and she joins us to discuss the oration and the reaction.

In Tuesday’s speech, the most newsworthy moment came when the President emphasized the importance of what he called “middle-class economics.” The quick, hot take was that by doing so, Obama was opening a new round of combat with Republicans. We’ll discuss how a focus on the middle class will also present a challenge for Democrats – and for our political culture in general.

Finally, once the pageantry of the State of the Union had faded, Congress returned to its typical State of Disarray. We’ll go over the loudest of the week’s facepalms.

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This podcast was edited by Ibrahim Balkhy and engineered by Brad Shannon, with assistance from Christine Conetta, Chris Gentilviso and Adriana Usero.

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So, that happened. This week, the GOP released budget proposals and it’s good news if you like massive cuts in discretionary spending and a bloated defense budget. We’ll detail the broad strokes of a funding fantasia that probably won’t pass and will likely lead to some new apocalyptic showdown.

Meanwhile, Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock is resigning his seat, after the public disclosure of his “Downton Abbey”-themed office inspired reporters to investigate the numerous ways Schock was spending taxpayer money. But is this the best we can do when it comes to fighting government corruption? Sadly, yes.

Finally, Starbucks has decided to take on race relations in America by asking baristas to lead a national conversation about it. Are they getting paid more? Will the coffee taste better? What is a caramel flan latte, exactly? We have three white dudes on hand to talk about this, so sit back and listen to us make a sad, blundering hash of unformed thoughts and unintended micro-aggressions out of this topic.

“So, That Happened” is available on iTunes. This podcast was edited by Ibrahim Balkhy and engineered by Brad Shannon, with assistance from Christine Conetta and Adriana Usero.

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