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Balkans Reaction for Their Country in the Semi Finals
  • Albania: shedding tears and then writes a letter to Eurovision how upset she is
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: not even there, crying in the corner. Even last year's song is good
  • Bulgaria: started screaming, shouts "GO KRISTIAN KOSTOV" so everyone hears so people can get annoyed from him, eating Japanese candy and food like a Weeb
  • Croatia: surprised actually. A lot of his songs suck.
  • Greece: is sleeping, he doesn't really care about Eurovision
  • Macedonia: upset about not going to the final. At least she teared up about the artist's boyfriend proposed to the artist
  • Moldova: *blasting Hey Mamma! And Run Away at the same time* TOP 10 PLEASE
  • Montenegro: I will miss you, helicopter braid *shed a tear* *puts in weird stuff Montenegro's artists had in a chest*
  • Romania: *scream yodels* WHAT
  • Slovenia: disappointed as always, but disappointed even more because the artist
  • Turkey: holds the sign 'I boycotted Eurovision'

I’ve seen so many posts about real life Illyria being Greece and how many people make connections between Illyria and Night court/Illyrians.

My opinion is that you can imagine Cassian and Azriel and Rhys and all of them however you want to. So if you like to think that their culture is similar with ancient Greece culture that’s totally fine. But if you make your posts with a historical background saying that Night court is Greece because of Illyria IT IS NOT!!!! ILLYRIA WASN’T IN GREECE!!! IT WAS IN WESTERN BALKAN. It was in the territory of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania. NOT GREECE!

When you put something on the internet that you’re not hundred percent sure it’s true, google it. It literally takes 2 minutes. Because honestly, it is offensive. I don’t like people putting my little country in Greece. I can’t say for other people but my tumblr balkan friends think the same. I know that a lot of people are not familiar with Balkan countries and history and that’s ok but thanks god we have internet where you can find all the necessary informations.

Once again, this post refers to people who make connections between Illyrians in SJM books and real life Illyrians. If you like Rhysand as Greek that’s TOTALLY FINE. Just don’t say there is a historical background.

I personally don’t imagine SJM Illyrians as Balkan Illyrians nor do I imagine their culture as real life Illyria culture. This is just a post about Illyria not being in Greece.

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Do you think that the lack of poc in tog is more... situational than racist? Nehemia is from Eyllwe and that's why she is black/brown, Nesryn is from the Southern continent and that's why she's not white. I always look for diversity in books but this didn't strike me as racism because i'm a slav and in balkan countries there are close to no people of color. Not because we're racist, but because no poc decided to settle in our lands. 1/?

2/2 We know that Adarlan has a tyrant for a king and I think if there were immigrants, they would’ve left when he started doing shit. And why would they want to stay in a conquered kingdom(Terrasen) and die or starve if they have a chance to be someplace else(relatives in their native countries). Nesryn’s father stayed because he had a business. Mixed-race countries happened after enslaving & conquering. I hope you dont see this as an excuse for racism, I’m just trying to offer a different pov.

This is going to sound really blunt, but it’s not directed at you. If SJM wanted diversity in her books, she would have put diversity in her books. It’s pretty clear she doesn’t want too much diversity (token bisexual character and a token immigrant character? That’s fine. She killed off all the rest and canonically made people of color slaves, for god’s sake (TOG). And nothing in ACOTAR is canon except Tarquin, Cresseida, and Varian are very dark skinned. More token characters.) 

It’s her world, which means she controls it, which means she can do anything she wants. And she’s chosen to make whites/Fae superior and minorities/humans inferior. She didn’t have to, but she did. 

Good evening, folks! Welcome to today’s statistical map, where, for the first time, I’ll be using Google search analysis tools to try to measure the online buzz around this year’s contestants. The bookmakers seem to believe that the chances of a male soloist winner are quite high - so I took the five male soloists with the best odds and checked out the extent to which their names were being looked up by folk across the Eurovision lands (and in a few other nearby nations with enough search results.)

As one might expect, Francesco Gabbani is by far the Eurovision contestant with the most online hype.  According to Google, he’s been searched on average 165,000 times each month across the past 12 months - compared to just over 22k searches per month for Sweden’s Robin, the next in line search-wise. 

As a consequence, most of Europe is coloured green for Italy, showing the broad appeal of Occidentali’s Karma. The exceptions are Portugal, Sweden and Australia, where, logically, the most searched of the top 5 male soloists is their own representative; a few eastern and Balkan countries (Russia, Belarus and Bosnia) which pull behind Kristian; and the Nordic countries (plus Lithuania) who search for Robin more. If Italy’s pre-ESC high profile can convert into a number of votes from across the Eurovision nations, then perhaps its current odds of winning (53% as of writing) are not so exaggerated at all.

Because of Italy’s “greenwash”, perhaps more interesting is the map showing the second most googled of the five hotly-tipped gents. Almost all of the countries that didn’t give Francesco the most searches place him second - the only exceptions being Norway (who searched Robin most and Isaiah secondmost) and Belarus (who searched Kristian most and Robin secondmost.) 

There are some curious geographic divisions laid bare: most of South-Eastern Europe’s second most searched of the 5 is Bulgaria’s Kristian, whilst Robin comes second in an assortment of Northern European nations. Western Europe, on the other hand, is dominated by searches for Portugal’s Salvador Sobral. These searches are certainly indicative of levels of interest and curiosity amongst ‘net users - but will they also be reflected in the scoring, I wonder? Not long now until we find out!

The signs as Balkan things

Aries: the people in the balkan youtube comment section

Taurus: Burek ,Sarma, baklava…………aLL THE GOOD FOOD YOUR GRANDMA MAKES

Gemini: tHE HATE

Cancer: Suffering

Leo: the teenagers that think that western capitalism is cool

Virgo: The people who stay and study in their homecountry in hopes that the corruption will end

Libra: Lives in a rich country but goes to their homeland every vacation, always brags about their money and expensive things they buy

Scorpio: That person who talks about politics and history but doesnt know anything about it

Sagittarius : The people who actually like their homeland

Capricorn : Those who are communists even 35 years after Titos death

Aquarius: the smart people who want to migrate to another country

Pisces: lives in the country side , no internet, no electronics. 

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I've just seen somebody send an ask to a balkan blog saying how balkan countries are, and i quote, "too alien-like to be paired up with the rest of the european countries" and i wanna die

if alien-like means not eating bland food and throwing good parties yeah i agree

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I never argued against the fact that they aren't biologically or anything "men" but I meant the idea of what a "man" actually should be. These people who are "men" today doing this are terrible infantile children. Other than that, yes, Canada's legal age of consent was 14, guess what? Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, various other Balkan countries and I believe Estonia today have legal age of consent set at 14, which is atrocious. But european men a long time ago respected women.

… Thinking women are property, no matter how valuable, is not respect

Photography and interview by Samra Habib

Who: Biser, Brussels

When I was 20, there was a 17-year-old guy in my village who was also gay. We never spoke about our sexuality because in my small community in Bulgaria, being gay is taboo. But we always knew about each other. Men in the village knew that if they wanted to have sex and couldn’t find a woman who would sleep with them, they could just go to him. They took advantage of him. When he turned 17, his mother decided to marry him off to a girl. I knew that he never wanted to be with a girl. But he could not say a word. A week after the wedding, he committed suicide. Everyone knew that it was because he was gay and didn’t want to live a straight life, but no one said anything, neither did I. Years after I realized that I made a big mistake. I did not support him. I’m talking about this today because I feel strong enough to stand for something that happens in my country. I hope gay men will feel empowered to stand up for themselves in my community.

I grew up in a small village in North-Eastern Bulgaria in a Roma Muslim community where my grandfather was the imam and had an  important social position. I am the only son in a family of six children, I have five sisters. Until I turned 34, I never talked about my sexuality with anyone from my community or family but then I decided to unload the burden and share with my parents. They asked me to keep it secret from our community.

I now live in Brussels where I’ve met many gay Roma boys from Bulgaria. Some of them enjoy the freedom here while others have been pushed into prostitution because of poverty and for not having any support from their families. Brussels is a place where I can be Roma, Muslim and gay. Together with a few friends, we have established a small NGO to help provide support to queer people who move here from Balkan countries.


So I saw this polandball comic with the Balkan countries and then I thought “Hmm,what if I turn this into a Hetalia selfie?”.Aaaaand here it is!
Serbia,Croatia,Montenegro,Macedonia,Kosovo,Bosnia and Slovenia’s designs are from @yugotix
Albania is from @ask-aph-albania
Sorry for the shitty quality and for my more or less bad drawing skills :))

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i didn't even think about other minorities who live in russia, i was talking about russian ethnicity, some minorities are white some are not and that's that. but if you went to any balkan country and asked people there "are you white?" they would tell you yes cause that's their race. being white is not meaningless if ppl from there went outside of europe, they would benefit from the white privilege cause their race is caucasian

“caucasian race” lmao im not going to talk to you bye! come back after youve read up about migrant workers from E.Europe and the Balkans and how theyre treated in UK, France and the like

  • Russia: Nordics, these are the Balkans. Balkan countries, these are the Nordics. Have fun. [leaves the room]
  • Nordics: [staring]
  • Balkans: [also staring]
  • Serbia: You guys wanna grab a drink and maybe wreck some furniture later?
  • Denmark: Can it be from Ikea?
  • Sweden: WHAT-
  • Serbia: Sure.
  • Denmark: Sounds good.