anonymous asked:

Hello, i'm a Vlach from Greece and I am curious to know. Do Romanians consider us Aromanians their people?

Hello Vlach from Greece (or: buna dzua!). That’s a difficult question. Some do, but the consensus nowadays is that the Aromanians are another people with their own language. They are still seen as brothers though, or nephews, because of the many similarities. 

You know, Romania tried to help the Aromanians in the past, but instead of helping, we’ve almost destroyed the communities. The Greeks considered the lands of the Vlachs theirs (and to be fair: a lot of Aromanians did/do like Greece; and I see why: Greece is great and the Greeks are lovely people), so they were fierce and burned villages and denied freedom for the Vlachs. All partly ‘thanks’ to our politics.
So I think the Greek-Romanian pressure to be Greek or Romanian instead of Aromanian was a big mistake. Now a lot of Aromanians consider themselves to be Greek, some to be Romanian, Macedonian or Albanian, and some to be Aromanian. They are divided. And maybe they are lost now… That’s a real shame…

I just hope you guys can save your beautiful language and culture. Forget politics, embrace life. And your cheese <3.

And I’m curious: what do you think of us Romanians? Do you consider yourself to be a family member? 

Upoznah postenu devojku koja je obukla kratku haljinu, upoznah losu devojku obucenu do grla.Upoznah kulturnog coveka istetoviranog, upoznah primitivnog coveka u odelu.Naidjoh na religiozne a pokvarene, naidjoh na ateiste a dobre i neiskvarene.Vidoh mnogo snage u malim ljudima, a mnogo slabosti u velikim.Vidoh siromaha kako daje, a bogatasa kako uzima…I svatih, zivot ne treba gledati povrsno iako nas tako uce.