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Imagination meets Reality

A project I started at the age of 12-13 (back then drawing characters on paper and gluing them to photos). These were done over the past few months. All photos are taken either at the parks or the respected Animation Studios by myself. I want to do more of these both with my characters and copyright ones. I will do them whenever I have spare time.

Let’s see if you can guess and see all the characters here (bonus if you guess the name of my OC).

characters are all © their respected owners

Five things no one knows about Buford, and one thing everyone knows about Baljeet (except Buford)

whaaaaat I wrote something ?

this is for the prompt “six” and it. its not what this prompt was calling for at all

sorry in advance for, whatever this is. it got away from me tbh and its pretty rushed

~right about here would be a good place for a read more but there isnt that option on the submit thing and yeah~

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