39" Kamagong, Bone and Brass Balisword with an Eagle Blade.


This massive balisword is the largest one you’re going to find online, and the only one in kamagong (Philippines ebony). It is so large, I had to use two rulers to measure it! This is truly a top quality piece that you will only find here at Pinoy Steel. It is built just like a balisong, although with some obvious differences.

The kamagong has been cleaned up to really bring out the color and figuring. It features copper and aluminum pins. The copper pins hold the inserts in place and the aluminum is purely decorative. The bone in the middle is classic jigged horse bone. The bolsters, liners and latch are all solid brass. The blade features a Philippines eagle tang and another eagle on the rambo-style blade. This is a true monster of a balisword! 

There are no darker areas on the bone on this sword: this is truly an outstanding piece that would be great on the wall.

The blade is marked “Philippines” on the ricasso.

There are a few tiny spots on the blade and a few tiny forging marks, but this is one of the nicest kamagong baliswords i’ve ever offered. SOLD. 2 lbs 10 oz.