Wood Carving

Wood carving seems to be everywhere here in Ubud, so it hard not to want to try something out. I found this lady selling tools from her little van and I bought a hammer and a saw handle. Then a few minutes later I passed a guy carving doors and window frames and asked if he could carve the saw handle for me. So he drew on the handle with a pencil and he will carve it. I will pick it up later, so let’s see……Pimp your tools, Bali style.

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Made the Maker

This is Made, the maker. I met him in his shop while on a day trip to Ubud with my friend Erica. I asked him to carve something for me, and so he did, I went back to Italy and we kept in touch, exchange short messages and photos. He is one of the reasons i came back to Bali, so we could continue to work together. In my mind I thought that I could offer him something but in reality I have learned so much more from him. I wanted to make some things that I had in the back of my mind for a while, things of zero commercial potential. He said to me, ‘why don’t you make something more simple, cheaper and quicker to make, something people want to buy and can afford’……ok, so I was a little surprised, because this is art, but you know what, he’s right…..

pearls of wisdom, 

Bali style, 

I love this place.

9 Angels

There is a restaurant near my house, it’s called 9 Angels Warung. It’s a serve yourself, pay yourself, and wash-up yourself vegetarian restaurant. With no floor staff, you take what you need, you add up own bill and you leave the money in a jar. If you want to leave more cash you can, and you can even buy a meal for someone who is broke and needs to eat. Then you wash your own plate and cutlery for the next person, and leave. 

I love this place.

Work, Life and Spirituality

How to combine it all Bali style.

So I went to check on the work with Made and he was dressed up for a ceremony. He asked if I wanted to come and watch. What i was about to witness was the blessing of a building site, a pig sty that he was converting into a new house for his family. With offerings of food, flowers and a chanting guru sitting in the middle of all the rubble. He told me that the ceremony was to prevent accidents on the site………heath and safety Bali style.