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Let me tell you what it’s been like being asexual.


When you’re twelve or so, and in a classroom full of tittering preteens, you finally get an explanation of what this ‘sex’ stuff actually is.  At last, the elusive knowledge of where babies come from!  But that’s also when you start to think about your sexual future.  Will you do this sex stuff one day?  It sounded like you wouldn’t have a choice—it was presented as something that everyone does.

Since your classroom happens to be in a building attached to a Church, you only learn about heterosexual sex that day, and the only real teaching apart from what it is is that you aren’t supposed to do it until you’re married.

Okay, you think, because you are twelve, and you ardently do not care.


When you’re thirteen or so, and at a sleepover, a girl tells a joke.  “What do you call a girl who doesn’t masturbate?”

“I don’t know.”

“A liar.”

And the people around you laugh, but you don’t, because now you wonder what it is that you missed.  You didn’t get the joke.


When you’re fourteen or so, and among friends, a boy talks about what he did in the restroom with a girl.  You listen because you’re a little curious.  But others are awed.

You disapprove, because you’re in eighth grade for crying out loud, why would you do something so stupidly risky?  Was it really so fun to be worth it?

You tell yourself that they’re just stupid, but then you wonder why your friends seem so fascinated by this boy’s vaguely uncomfortable descriptions.


When you’re fifteen or so, you start high school, and the social signs are telling you the time has arrived to join the dating scene.  You’ve got better things to do, but when a boy surprises you with a clumsy but well-intended text asking you out, you give it consideration.  You don’t really know this kid, but you’re curious about dating and don’t want to be that forever alone person.  You accept.

You don’t hate dating, but it doesn’t really do much for you.  After a little while, you’ve more or less forgotten that there’s someone you call your boyfriend.  When someone makes a passing remark about your presumed sexual relations, you are shocked by the wave of revulsion that smacks into you at the very suggestion.  Never in a million years, you think vehemently, and then you marvel at how you managed to ‘date’ the same person for four months without the thought of sex with them ever crossing your mind.

He tries to kiss you.  You don’t want to.  You know this isn’t going to work out.  You break it off.

You feel relieved and liberated.


When you’re sixteen or so, you’re happily single.  You love your friends dearly, your best friend most of all.  You love her far more than you ever…well, you never really loved your ex.  You wonder if you might be gay for her, but you don’t want to kiss her or anything, just squish her in a big hug on a daily basis to let her know you love her and put a smile on her face.

You have a fleeting crush on a boy.  You get over it, thankful it never amounted to anything, because what were you thinking ew!  Then you have another one, similar but different, and thank goodness that never happened either because it would have been so awkward.  You start to wonder if you’re just not cut out for dating, or maybe you’re gay.  You don’t know how to feel about that.  It’d be so much simpler and easier if you were just normal.


When you’re seventeen or so, you make a new friend, a really pleasant guy.  You are just friends, and that is perfect.  It lasts about five months, and then one of your friends pulls him aside and hints heavily that he ought to ask you out.

He does.  You have no compunctions about saying yes, because you like him a lot, and he’s taking you to see the new Hobbit movie even though he’s not a fan and he had to watch twelve hours of movies in preparation for this date so that he’d be able to understand your interest.

You have a great time, and so does he.

About a month later, he kisses you.  It was your first kiss, exciting for the seventeen years of buildup and pleasant for having happened on acceptable terms with a more-than-acceptable person.

In the following months, neither of you brings up the topic of sex.  After all, you’re both to be found in the pews on Sunday mornings.  That’s fine by you.  More than fine, actually.  The idea of sex frightens you, which you attribute to your inexperience.  You would only ever consider attempting it with someone you really trusted, on level with a spouse.


When you’re eighteen or so, and at a sleepover, a girl cuddles casually with you as you talk in the hushed tones reserved for the hours after midnight.  She laments the lack of available girls at your school.

You mention that you would date a girl.  You instantly have everyone’s attention.

“Is there something you want to tell us?” your cuddle-buddy asks.

You say again that you’d date a girl.  Not now, of course, because you have a boyfriend, but yeah, you’d have no problem with it.  You probably wouldn’t sleep with a girl, but then you really don’t like the idea of sleeping with a boy either.  So you don’t really care about the configuration of genitals you don’t intend to see.  You just want the company of some lovely dork who will marathon Lord of the Rings with you and frequent the city’s best ice cream parlors.

Because your cuddle-buddy is a member of the queer community, she’s much more informed about sexualities and designations and spectrums than you are.  She suggests “panromantic asexual” and you understand both of those terms.  You’d seen them before, but never really thought you qualified.  Hearing her say it makes it somehow more concrete.

You accept that you are panromantic asexual.  You feel so light now that a couple of your closest friends know and accept you as you are.

You tell your mom a little while later on a whim.  You regret it because she doesn’t even bother listening to you and doesn’t respect your trust.  You hear her the next day telling your sister about how you said you might be a lesbian, and you’re so frustrated with her you want to hit something.

You decide not to tell anyone else.  Your dad is pretty homophobic—actually, that’d be most of the adults in your family—and you have no idea how your boyfriend would take it.  Your peers might not be welcoming or understanding—you just don’t know.  You realize that you are sort of in a closet.

You start a blog on Tumblr and blog about your problems #ace #asexual #lgbtqa

You spend way too much time on the internet, looking for the magical solution for coming out to the rest of your loved ones.  But since you don’t actually have any intention of coming out in the near future, you know you’re wasting your time.

Somehow your disinterest in sex has moved to occupy the forefront of your mind, not because it requires lots of attention in order to comprehend, but because it makes you different, and that is distracting.

One day, while you’re reading fanfiction, you come across an explicitly asexual character, and you realize that this is a first.  You cannot think of a single time in your entire life up to this point when you had seen an explicitly asexual character, and that surprises you.  Then it bothers you.  Maybe you could have avoided a couple years of uncertainty and anxiety if you had been able to identify in yourself the familiar characteristics of another asexual.

You realize you don’t know anyone else in your life who’s asexual.

That’s a sobering, isolating realization.


When you’re nineteen or so, you presumably go to college.  You start trying to navigate life with some semblance of independence.  You probably feel a little more secure in how you identify yourself.  You might even be all the way out of the closet.

Or at least that’s what eighteen-year-old you hopes.

New Addition

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Summary: The cats get a new addition

Pairings: Thorin x Elf!Reader

Words: 1038

Master List - Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4

Spin off of The Elf and the Dwarf

“Lass?” You hear as you step around the throne with Gandalf’s staff,”where’s Thorin? Or Balin? Or Fili for that matter?”

You give a small smile to Dwalin. 

You had told Frerin to stay in the room to watch the cats. Thorin had tried to follow you but you closed the door before he had a chance to get out. As you were walking away, you could hear his meows as if he was yelling for you to come back and all you could do was laugh.

“Lets just say they’re occupied at the moment,” you say and he follows you out.

“Why do you have Gandalf’s staff?”

“Reasons,” you say before tripping. Ever since you chose the mortal life, you had become less graceful. Frerin had gotten the gracefulness though so that was good.

You use Gandalf’s staff to catch yourself and your eyes widen as a purple smoke comes out of the tip. Oh no.

You hear a poof and a thump and you look down and sure enough. Dwalin is there. As a cat. A black Siberian cat. You squeal at the little poof ball. You pick him up and he hisses but he suddenly looks surprised. He looks down at himself and his eyes widen in surprise.

“Yeah. Uh you’re a cat right now,” You tell him and if anything his eyes get wider. “I’ll explain later,” you say, scratching behind his ear. You walk out of the throne room and the guards are looking at you weirdly.

“The King will be indisposed until further notice. You are dismissed,” you say before heading to your room.

“Everyone else is basically in the same state,” you say and he just meows. You roll your eyes.

When you get to your home, you put Dwalin down and he jumps onto the couch.

“Who’s this?” Frerin asks. “Dwalin. I tripped and caught myself with the staff and well that happened,” you say, looking around. Fili and Kili were currently perched above the fireplace. Thorin was still pacing and Balin and Gandalf were still sleeping.

“Gandalf,” you say, poking said cat with his staff.

He looks up and glares at you before going back to sleep. You huff. He was such a lazy cat. Thorin starts pawing at your leg and you bend down to pick him up.

“Amad how are we supposed to turn them back if Gandalf will not even wake up?” Frerin asks, catching fili and Kili as they come flying at him. “I don’t mind having them as cats,” you admit causing Thorin’s claws to dig into your hand. You flick him on his nose and he licks you hand, trying to ease the pain.

“Amad, we have six cats now. What are we supposed to do?” Frerin asks as you take a seat in front of the couch. You spread your legs and Thorin walks around before lying down. “We have to send word to Radagast. He will be the only one to fix this. For now, we will keep these six in here,” you say as Dwalin comes over to you.

You see him eye Thorin when suddenly he hits Thorin’s head with his paw. Thorin sits up, glaring and you giggle.

“Mr. Dwalin is itching for a fight,” Frerin says as Thorin and Dwalin start circling each other. “That’s because in this form its a fair fight. You know your father always wins in these,” you say and Dwalin stops his circling to glare at you. Thorin pounces and you laugh as Dwalin is tackled to the ground.

There is a knock on the door.

“Come in!” you say, eyes stuck on the two fighting best friends.

In walks Dis, looking confused.

“Y/n. Have you seen Fili or Kili? They were supposed to be home an hour ago,” Dis asks. Fili and Kili go bounding up to her, asking to be picked up.

“You see funny story. Uh Frerin accidently turned Gandalf, Balin, Fili, Kili and Thorin into cats and while grabbing Gandalf’s staff to figure this out, I accidently turned Dwalin into one,” you say as Dis bends over to pick Kili and Fili up.

They rub their faces against hers, purring contently. You turn back to watching the cats duke it out. Balin is up and takes a seat on Frerin’s lap.

“Why can’t those two be like Balin and Gandalf?” Frerin asks as Thorin and Dwalin knock over the side table.

“Oh please. They need to get rid of that sexual tension somehow,” you say and the two cats freeze and slowly turn towards you and it’s almost comical. Dis snorts as she takes a seat next to you.

Thorin and Dwalin go back to tumbling around.

“Is there anyway to fix this?” Dis asks as Fili climbs into your lap.

“We should probably send word to Radagast but it might just be a temporary thing so I’m just going to wait it out till tomorrow. If they’re not back to their normal self I’ll send word to Radagast,” you say as Dwalin goes toppling into the fireplace.

He pops his head up and shakes off before crawling out. Thorin makes his way over to you but is soon tackled by Dwalin. You laugh. Those two were so cute.

Fili crawls up your torso and you hold his bottom. He licks your cheek and you giggle. You hear a hiss and suddenly Fili is being tackled off of your shoulder. You turn to find Thorin holding Fili down and hissing.

You smile and grab him by the scruff of his neck before pulling him into your arms. He licks at the same spot Fili was just licking before climbing out of your arms. You look down and your favorite light blue tunic was now covered in soot.

You whip your head to Dwalin who was now on the kitchen table trying to get a cookie from your cookie jar.

Sensing your gaze, he pauses, paw halfway into the jar.

“You ruined my tunic,” you grumble and he recoils, eyes widening,”my favorite tunic!”

Before you can even move, dwalin shoots off of the table and to somewhere else in your home. You, Dis, and Frerin burst out laughing. They were such silly cats.

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Part 3????

Give No Quarter XIV

Captain Oakenshield straightened his hat as he approached the front of The Fury’s prow. He looked across the water at the broad-nosed barged which they closed in on. He could see a dark figure moving atop the vessel, calmly but hurriedly. Many would be little less than frantic to see a pirate ship closing in on them, even if they did fly a white flag.

Oakenshield inhaled as the spray of the sea dappled his cheeks and he sensed a warm presence beside him. Balin stood at his side, a hand briefly on his captain’s shoulder before he made an effort to tidy his appearance. The only gentleman of the crew, even Balin could look little better than a swashbuckler.

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Care For Him (Care For Series)

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Thorin Oakenshield x Healer!reader ft. The Company + Bilbo + Gandalf

Genre: angst (But it gets better in Pt.3)

Sequel to Care for the Company

A/N: Part 3 will be the final part and it may be long ass if you guys like that stuff?

PREVIOUS (Care for the Company)

After that night, I did not pursue Thorin. I knew that I would never be up to his standards and that what would had probably would not last that long. I kept my distance as much as possible, always volunteering to do duties to keep myself busy or doing patrols through the campsites whenever I could. 

Many of the company noticed myself distancing from the group, especially Kili and Fili. But I ignored this and continued on with my instincts since I had already made up a plan. Once Erebor was reclaimed I would return to the Shire with Bilbo who had asked me quite a while back at the beginning of our journey. And I wasn’t about to give up an offer as such.

We continued on our journey, going through the the dark forests that were filled with illusions after we were trapped by a herd of spiders. I was able to escape only just while the others were captured. I sat in the high trees above, watching silently as they were taken in by the elves of Mirkwood.

I followed on, slipping in without being seen due to being so quiet in my footsteps while the elves marched like Gods amongst the halls. I slipped through the majestic hallways before coming to the under grotto, coming to the wine cellars where the elves ran about. I hid behind one of the large craters, watching as they drunk the King’s wine before all dispersing to continue with their work.

I watched carefully as one of them had the keys, placing them lazily on the table and following the others away. I smiled and pulled a sleeping draft, slipping it into the bottles on the table before grabbing the keys.

I slipped back upstairs, gasping when I sighted the sly King Thranduil and his son Legolas coming my way, I hid behind a large pillar, hearing them banter to each other, something about trying to cut off any paths that the dwarfs could use. 

I gasped at this, freezing as I heard the two elves halt at this. In the reflection of the marble floor, I saw a large tall figure hasten closer, making me hold my breath before the King was distracted by his servants who summoned him to meeting.

I sighed at this and remembered the wine cellar, knowing that that was probably the best way out. After they had disappeared, I made my way to the dungeons quietly, the guards having been let off of duty early to have celebrations for a festival that was taking place.

I look around at all the cells, watching all the dwarves, dressed in only their tunics, looking in disdain and hopelessness as Ori whimpered softly, ‘Were never going reach the mountain now …’

At this I smiled, turning to Thorin’s cell and jingling the keys, ‘Not stuck in here are we?’ He looks up from the ground at this in shock, jumping to his feet and grabbing the bars of the cell in shock as Balin cried out my named but I instantly shushed him, and the others who also cheered, ‘Do you all want to be caught again?! Hush up!’

I turned back to Thorin’s cell, unlocking it quickly, sending him a small smile before running off to see to unlocking the other cells.
The rest of it all was a blur. Barreling down Mirkwood’s great ravines as the Elves pursued us, tumbling and fighting all at once as the Orcs ambushed the Elves, taking them out as they fought to follow us in our tracks.

I hung onto Dori’s barrel tightly, screaming out as they attacked us shooting arrows and throwing weapons of sort which some of the dwarfs caught, attacking back. I looked upwards to see that their was a dip of water coming up as well as a rock, knowing that it wouldn’t be possible to avoid it. I pushed off the barrel, sending Nori safely into the other barrels as I was dragged under the current with a scream.

I flailed and lost my footing of the lake floor as I fell into the deeper waters, my eyes widened as I fought towards the surface, gasping as I broke through, struggling to keep afloat.

Kili looked around at the sound of my screaming, his eyes widened as he cried out to me, many also turning as I was dragged back deep into the murky depths. I was struggling now to fight and swim to the surface, my body becoming weak at a quickening pace before my eyes were beginning to become heavy.

Faintly I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist strongly and firmly, dragging me my like a rag doll through the waters before we broke through the surface yet again. I gasped in horror, my eyes widening in shock as I was hit with precious fresh air, cough and spluttering as I felt someone rubbing my back.

I looked up in shock to find Fili, his eyes widened in horror. ’Are you all right?’ He said under his breath as I gasped softly for breath, nodding to him as he let out a great sigh of relief.

He brought me into his chest, holding me close and tightly as he rubbed my back, gently and comfortingly. I couldn’t help my cling to him, hiding my face in the crook of his neck as I whimpered softly, allowing him to hum against my ear, ’Shh, its okay your safe now.’

I heard our names being called loudly, looking up to see the others on the riverbank, all drenched and watching us fearfully at the sight of me almost lifelessly in Fili’s arms. He held me in his arms steadily as he brought us to the shore, my legs feeling nothing but jelly.

He held me up as he helped me up, almost being knocked off of my feet as Thorin placed his hands on my shoulders, his eyes looking me up and down in worry, ‘Are you all right? Are you hurt?’

‘I’m fine Thorin,’ I say, pushing him off instantly, shoving his hands off of me. I was back to normal again, my walls back in protection mode. Fili sighed as I pulled away from him pushed past Thorin roughly, before sitting down on an abandoned boulder.

I sighed softly to myself, breathing steady again as the dwarfs looked between each other as I sat in utter silence. Thorin looked at me, making his way over slowly and opening his mouth to say something when suddenly we sighted a bowman, pointing at Ori who sat as still as a statue, ‘Move, and your dead.’

At this Balin stepped forward instantly at this, raising his hands in the notion of peace as he spoke to the young human, Bard. They negotiated, and we were able to get a ride to Lake Town.

I look out to the open waters, ignoring the soft bickering of the other dwarfs. I had never felt at peace like this moment, it was the best feeling to just feel nothing but pure serenity. But this moment ended when I felt a gentle touch at the arm, making me turn instantly to find Thorin beside me.

I instantly went to move away but he grabs my arm, pulling me back to his side.
‘What do you want Thorin?’ I  mumble softly, trying not to make eye contact with him, struggling to do so as he stared at me like i was the last thing on earth. He turned my head gently, ‘Look at me Y/N.’

I ignored this. ‘Y/N, please …’ At the sound of his cracking voice I readied myself and looked up at the dwarf, and almost broke. His eyes were cracked at the sight of me, tears nearly spilling as I looked into his eyes, ‘Why don’t you look at me? Why don’t you talk to me?’
‘There is nothing to talk about Thorin-’

‘And I guess that night was nothing right?’ He said pinching the bridge of his nose. At this I sighed, looking away but was stopped as he held my chin firmly, a chill running down my spine as he did, ‘Don’t pretend like you didn’t feel anything. When I touched you.’

He ran his fingertips across my cheek lovingly, causing me to gasp as he continued, ‘When I looked at you.’ I couldn’t help but look up as he said this, placing his forehead against mine. ‘Tell me you didn’t feel anything …’

I looked up at him, wanting nothing more than to take him into my arms and hug him, to kiss him, to love him. But I shut my eyes tightly, whispering painfully, ‘No, I did feel. It not just that.’

‘What do you mean-’
‘Its not you Thorin, its not you at all!’ I said as I pulled away, allowing him to only hold my hand gently and firmly, his eyes wide with heartache, ‘It’s not you, its me. I-I-’

I began to stutter as the tears fell down my face slowly, shocking Thorin as he took my hands into his own firmly and comfortingly, ‘Its-Its complicated, its hard to explain …’

‘Please …’ He said, now holding my face in his hands gently, wiping away my tears. I shook my head, ‘I’m sorry I can’t Thorin … I just can’t …’

And I pulled away, padding to the other side of the boat to sit next to Kili and Baldin quietly, wiping my tears slowly as I watched Thorin sigh in defeat, his own tears falling in the shadow of the moonlight.

Kili watched me silently, shaking his head as he whispered, ‘You shouldn’t plague yourself so much with negativity. You and Thorin … you deserve to be happy.’

I sat beside Kili, dabbing his head as his fever began to finally lower as Tauriel, an elf from Mirkwood who had followed us, had performed a healing spell upon him to heal him extraordinarily fast. And someone who was in love with him heavily, just from a simple look it could be told. I had decided to stay behind and look after Kili, much to Thorin’s dislike, but I dismissed him and wanted to help a friend out.

I smiled as he opened his eyes finally, smacking him lightly on the shoulder, ‘You should’ve told us that the wound was so great, we would’ve been able to treat you sooner instead of you wailing like a headless chicken.’

He just smiled lightly, ‘I didn’t want to act weak in front of Thorin Y/N, and yet he just seemed to pick up my weaknesses in a heartbeat.’

‘He didn’t. Thorin was just looking out for you. I know how much this means to both you and Fili, but you should also prioritise your life. That’s why Thorin is so careful with you numheads,’ I said as I wiped the sweat from his forehead gently. He smiled at this, ‘You do care a lot for him don’t you?’

I give a pointed look as he just smiles, shaking my head, ‘Don’t even go there Kili, you know we’ve already spoken about this.’
‘I’m just saying you-’

‘Uh!’ I say instantly, placing a hand over his mouth tightly, ‘Enough, now rest. And there is someone here to see you …’

At this I instantly moved away, giving a gentle smile to Tuariel who also returned it before going to Kili’s side. I walked to the small kitchen area of Bard’s home, watching quietly as Tauriel and Kili whispered words of love and wanting to each other.  

A twinge of jealousy hit me, making turn away as the tears began to fall slowly. A jealousy that was against their love. I thought instantly of Thorin, of how much he was willing to give up for his people, for his company, for his friends, for the ones he loved, and how much he wanted to love me. But if it weren’t for my past and stupidity, I wouldn’t wait another second to be with Thorin.

I wiped away my tears with a sigh, looking up at the mountain, watching as the sun inked the sky in blood and fire, hoping that things would turn out for the better. Maybe I could fix what was between Thorin and I, and make him happy.  
But that was not what we met on the lonely mountain, at Erebor. Thorin was now under the Dragon sickness of the treasure, and when I had first seen him, if it were for Kili I would’ve keeled right over right then and there.

Thorin looked older than any other time that I had seen him. Wrinkles creased beneath his eyes, cheeks and upon his forehead, his lips creased and dry. His calmness and kindness, turned to nothing but hatred and anger. And his eyes, oh his eyes. They were nothing but grey, the oceanic blue that I had fallen for were now gone. All for the Arkenstone, the heart of the mountain.

‘He’s changed, my Uncle. And if he doesn’t change up soon, things will turn ugly,’ I turn at this to Kili who stares up at the stars as we stand on the canopy. I nod at this silently before he goes back inside the mountain.
I leant against a broken pillar, looking out over the land that was drenched in moonlight, open and beautiful, watching as the fires burned and the people of Lake town took refuge in Dale, along with the elves who all  prepared for the coming fight that may occur in the next few days.

I thought of the company, all who had shed their tears in private, Balin having taken a blow pretty heavily at the fact that his King was now just like his Grandfather. I was trying to keep it together, all for the sake of the company and tried to keep spirits high as much as possible, telling them to never give in.

I heard the tumble of rumble and was instantly on my feet, pulling my weapon out only to see Bilbo who had his hands up in the air at this, ‘Its just me.’ I sigh at this, rubbing my face, ‘I apologise, I’m so on edge at the moment.’
‘I know, I guess we all are to an extent …’ I smile at him at this, but notice his usual nervousness has taken over his manner, twiddling his thumbs and bouncing on the balls of his feet as he muttered, ‘The-There is something I-I must tell you Y/N.’
‘Yes what is it?’ I said, looking around cautiously before looked back to see the Arkenstone, that beautiful wretched stone, now in his hands, ‘Where did you-’

‘I’ve had it this whole time, ever since I left the mountain after entering it alone. I took it because I thought that Smaug was wrong about the whole Dragon Sickness. But he was right, and I reckon that this will be the only way to get our freedom,’ I sigh at his words, wanting to reply until I heard heavy footsteps close by. 

I look to Bilbo, who’s stoned, pushing him behind a lone pillar as he stuffed the great stone down his tunic. I turned to find Thorin, wrapped up in his thick furs and his large golden crown placed on his head firmly making me want to cringe in disgust.

‘What are you doing out here on your own?’ He said, his voice cold and low. I gulp at this and give him a small smile, ‘I-I was just out here to get some air Thorin.’

Thorin looked at me curiously, his eyebrows furrowing, ‘Are you hiding something from me? Have you also turned your back on me like the rest of the company?’ My eyes widened at this, anger boiling in me, ‘Your not serious? Are you that selfish that your blinded by your hunger for the Arkenstone?’

‘Don’t push me,’ He growled, his body spiked in instant rage as he grabbed me violently, making me gasp out as he pulled me close to him almost nose to nose, fear trickling down my spine. 

‘Don’t you dare try and tell me how to act! I am your King! Know your rightful place you low life or I’ll throw you off the wall if you don’t learn to follow orders … Do you not like taking orders from your King, scum?’

‘No I don’t like it! I don’t like it one bit!’ I screamed in his face, pushing roughly away from me, feeling almost sick at his very touch. My body was hot with anger now, crying out. ‘But that doesn’t matter to you either does it? As long as the company here to follow orders, you don’t care what we care or how we feel? Or how I FEEL! Where is the Thorin that always checked on us, always wanted what was best for us?’

At this he blinked, widening his eyes and shaking his head, making me confused as he whispered, stepping away from me as he did, ‘I-I am sorry. I apologise for my temper I-I did not mean to frighten you. Forgive me.’ At this he let out a great sob softly, and my heart softened at the sight but I knew I mustn’t fall for it.

But as a distraction, I placed my arms around the King, turning him away from the wall, ‘Its okay Thorin, I understand that you may be under some stress about-your prized possession. Lets go back inside, shall we?’ He nodded at this, gasping as if almost out of breath, ‘Yes-Yes I must check on the progress of the search for the stone-’

I looked over my shoulder discreetly to see Bilbo giving me a sad smile before disappearing behind the wall. This better work Bilbo.

‘No-No its real. I took it as my 14th share of the treasure.’ I cringed at this. The sun had now risen over the land, shining upon the dwarves and elven armour, silence reigning as the words fell from Bilbo’s lips.

The other company members, now all stacked up and lathered in armour at their King’s orders, stood in a shocked silence, all staring between Bilbo and Thorin, who now turned in a deadly manner before whispering, ‘You? You would dare to steal from me?’

‘Steal? No I know I’m a burglar but I like to think I am an honest one,’ Bilbo said with a sad smile on his lips, ‘I was going to give it to you, many times I was going to give it to you-’

‘But what thief? Why didn’t you give it to me?’ Thorin spat out angrily, obviously trying to keep his rage at bay before Bilbo looked up with him with a certain determination, ‘You have changed Thorin.’

Suddenly the King laughed aloud, shocking us with his maniacal laughter that rang out through the steady silence. He smiled around at us before looking down at the hobbit, ‘I’ve changed? I have not changed you liar-’

‘Yes … you have.’ At this I stepped forward, standing beside Bilbo who looked at me in shock, mirroring the dwarves’ expressions, including Thorin, ‘What-’

‘You have changed Thorin Oakenshield,’ I said, staring at him, leaning my body forward as I spat the words out, tired of pretending everything was all right when really it wasn’t, ‘The Dwarf I fell in love with never would’ve backed down on his word! Or even questioned the loyalty of his Kin!’

His eyes lingered with tears as I said this, but that was gone in an instant. He sneered at me at this, shaking his head, ‘You, you have deceived me! You have gone against your King you traitors! But … I will spare you, lass. Throw the Hobbit over the wall’

Bilbo looked up at this in shock as I looked to the rest of the company, watching as they didn’t move at inch at his orders, not even Fili who he dragged along who pulled himself from his Unce’s grasp until he looked to us in absolute rage, his eyes had turn to a dark grey, almost black even, a shiver running down my spine, growling, ’I’ll do it myself.’

In a rush of adrenaline, I drew my sword, raising it in defence, standing before Bilbo, shocking the company as they gasped in horror, but Thorin took no notice. He raised his fist at me but I dodged him, kneeing him in the groin succefully as he groaned, I pushed him to the floor, pointing my sword at him.

I stared dow at him tearfully as I muttered softly, ‘He goes free, or you kill us both.’ At this Bilbo grasped my arm tightly, trying to waver me of my desicion as his voice shook, ‘Don’t do this, its not worth it. Your life is more valuable than mine. We both know who he’ll miss more when he snaps out of the sickness.’

I shake my head at this firmly, only peeking a look at the hobbit who had tears in his eyes, ‘Its both of us or nothing Bilbo. I will not have someone die just because of someone else’ greed, even if its the one I love with all my heart!’

But that split second of distraction changed it all, Thorin had his hand grasped around my throat, instantly winding me, slamming me against the wall that shut the outside world off from Erebor, half of my body hanging from it and in thin air. 

I could hear the faint screaming of Bard and Gandalf, but all I could do is look into Thorin’s eyes, only seeing darkness, darkness that I recognised. 

I slam the heel of my palm into his face, sending it back and hearing him shout out in pain before escaping his firm grasp, grabbing Bilbo firmly as Bofur helped us run towards the chain that Bilbo had left hanging the night before as I heard the King roar, ‘YOU CHEATS! THIEVES!’

‘Come my dear, there is nothing we can do for Thorin now,’ Gandalf said, wrapping a protective arm around my shoulders, Bilbo walking directly beside me as we pushed through the army of the elves and away from Erebor. Tears that I had no recognition of fell down my face as I heard Thorin cry out, ‘I will have war!’

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Greed and Hope

Prompt: “I can’t believe you did that!” with Thorin Oakenshield.

Part 1 - Part 2


It had been long since you looked upon the great halls of Erebor. Having only been a young dwarrow when you left, you could hardly remember it being this magnificent. If only the King was as magnificent as his surroundings.

You had gotten to know Thorin weeks before he set out on his quest to reclaim Erebor, and had immediately decided that he would not leave you to worry over him. Instead, you would go with him. That, of course, had led to a great deal of protest within the company itself. They were right to doubt you, for you had had little experience with war before this quest, but you turned out to be a surprisingly quick learner - picking up skills to help you left and, or right. Now, a little under a year later, you stood filled with pride as you gazed upon the halls of home. In your right hand, you held one of the elvish daggers you had picked up in the troll caves during the begin of your journey. In your left, you held the Arkenstone.

“Bilbo,” you murmured softly as you gazed with fond eyes at the Hobbit in front of you. Throughout the journey, you two had gotten closer than any would have expected, and you saw him as your unofficial brother. “You must understand why (y/n),” Bilbo started, face paling when he noted your disbelief at the situation. “I do,” you answered gently, handing him back the King’s gem. “But you cannot leave yet,” you pointed out, nodding to an anxious Thorin that stormed into the room. Your heart filled with dread at the unrecognizable look on his face. Quickly, Bilbo slipped the Arkenstone back into the pocket it had come from. “Use the cover of nightfall,” you whispered as you sidestepped around the Hobbit, cautiously making your way to the King. You were the only one who still approached the stubborn dwarf out of free will, the others would not dare go near him unless they were left with no other choice. You could hardly blame them, after all, they were watching him succumb to an illness without a cure.

“My King,” you spoke softly as you approached him, dipping your head to show your respect, even though it was slowly dwindling. “What? What is it you need more than I need the Arkenstone? For every second we speak, we are not looking,” Thorin said harshly. Your hand clenched around the dagger, and you quickly slid it back in its sheath before you responded to Thorin. “I merely came to ask how you were faring, my King,” you spoke softly. Mentally, you also added that you were giving the Hobbit time to move it so he would not be confronted by Thorin. Thorin’s gaze did not soften, as it had done so on your journey to Erebor whenever you inquired about his health, instead it hardened. “How do you think I fare, daft girl, with Elves at my door and my gem not in my hands?!” and with those words said, Thorin dissapeared deeper into the mountain, his royal cloak bellowing behind him.

Evening fell quickly, and you joined the quiet company at the dinner table. No one spoke a word throughout dinner, but every once in a while someone would cast an anxious glance in Thorin’s direction, as if they hoped they were somehow stuck in a dream. As if they hoped, that if they blinked really fast, their Thorin would return. Lost in your thoughts, your head jerked up at the sound of wood scratching over stone. Bilbo had impatiently pushed his chair back and now stood abruptly, the eyes of the members of the company focused on him alone. “I do not feel well,” he said softly, and then added “I hope I may retire for the night, Thorin?” All eyes flitted between King and Burglar, and then, the King nodded once and the Burglar took his leave. With Bilbo gone, the company returned their attention to the dinner, and the tense atmosphere returned even thicker than before.

After dinner, you made your way up the walkway above the newly-sealed gates of Erebor. There, you found Balin gazing out over the vast land below. “Evening, master Balin,” you spoke as you stepped in place next to him. “Evening lass,” he answered, eyes quickly flitting to the rope the halfling had left. “No need to worry,” you assured him, “I know where he went, and with what he left.” Balin turned to you with a surprised look. “But, you are so loyal to Tho-” you interrupted him with a laugh “to a fault even, and it is for that reason that I let Bilbo leave.” Balin nodded, seemingly having understood what you meant. “Will he return?” you frowned, and then nodded “he will, and it will not be safe for him.” Balin turned and walked back to the set of stairs, “we best be ready then, for anything.” As he made to walk down the stairs you turned your head to look at him, “Balin, did Thorin ever find his One?” Balin nearly fell down the first step when he heard your question, “lass…” A soft look overtook your face, “no need to be careful with your words, I just need to know…I need to know if I should hold hope or not.” Balin smiled gently, “not that I know of lass, not that I know of” and then he walked down the stairs, muttering something in Kuhzdul about young love. Your eyes took in the plain before you, and in the distance you swore you saw Bilbo slipping into the city ahead. “Make haste, Bilbo, make haste,” you muttered softly as you turned around and went back down the steps.

Morning was an unwelcome visitor most of the days you had spent in the mountain, leading only to tiring hours on a search for something already lost. Today was different. But not in a good way. It was Fili that came for you in the early hours, nearly dragging you out of your bed and straight up to the walkway. Only for you to kick him out and quickly change before following him, weapons strapped carefully at your side. It was only when you reached the top of the walkway that you realized the gravity of the situation. Outside of the gates of Erebor, a large number of Elves had gathered, all dressed for war. And from the ranks of the soldiers, a man and an elf rode forward. Your eyes quickly went to Bilbo, between the two twins, and took your stand next to him. Leaning down you gently tapped his shoulder, “(y/n)?” you hushed him, “get yourself ready to run, Bilbo, for he will not be happy.” Bilbo swallowed nervously and then nodded, hands balling into fists at his sides. And then, the elven king and the leader of man were upon the gates. At first, all seemed to be well, until Thorin drew an arrow and fired it before the hooves of their steeds. In return, all the Elves in the vicinity drew their own arrows, and you anxiously ducked behind the banister. “Thorin, lower your bow” you hissed at the dwarven king. He narrowed his eyes at you, and you quickly decided to not speak. And then, the shock of what the bowman was holding hit him. He roared, utterly furious. And then as if the storm had met strong winds, and was blown away. He laughed, “it is a trick! The real stone is within this mountain!” And before you could stop Bilbo, all hell broke loose.

Your hands dug into Thorin’s shoulders as he made a grab for the Hobbit, who had just admitted to giving the Arkenstone away. As if you had started an avalanche, the dwarven king whirled around in disgust and struck you across the face. Tears gathered in your eyes at the painful sting, and Dwalin yanked you back to stand between him and his brother, eyes wide and disbelief on his lips. And he was not the only one who voiced his disbelief, all of them did. But Thorin heard none of it as he grabbed Bilbo and pushed him so that he was hanging on the side of the balustrade, feet dangling off the floor. And then Kili and Fili spoke in unison, I can’t believe you did that! Striking your One as if it was a lowly Goblin!” Silence fell among the company, and Gandalf shouted at Thorin to let Bilbo go. And before you knew it, you were being ushered to the rope Bilbo had left on the floor last night. And then, over the wall.

Parenting Headcannons

Thorin : he helped his sister raise fili and kili so he’s got some parenting experience. He’s the typical middle aged exasperated father who leaves rule enforcement to you usually (unless you ask him to step in). He spoils his kids within reason, he’s king his heirs need to know humility and gratitude.

Dwalin: he enforces rules to a T, but he’s also wrapped around his children’s little fingers. He’s also the parent that has a strict schedule for his kids, with bed time, nap time, snack time, and even potty breaks planned out.

Balin : he’s the dad that if you are having trouble, like a problem with the phone company, he’ll step in and spout legal jargon until the problem goes away. He is also the dad that sneaks sweets into the house when mum isn’t looking.
Oin: he’s the dad you can’t get away with faking illness to avoid something. But he’s also the dad that makes shit jokes at least once a day.
Gloin: this dwarf is the definition of a helicopter parent. He need to know what his child is doing 24/7/12/65/365, who are they with, where are they and so on.
Fili : he’s the dad that is so laid back, as long as no one gets hurt and nothing is on fire he’s okay with it. And it drives his wife crazy.
Kili : the dude is the dwarvish equivalent of Phill Dunfy from ‘Modern family" ‘nough said.
Ori: he let’s his baby’s have whatever they want, and all of the freedom they need. As long as they properly communicate with him as to the goings-ons in their life and they don’t get hurt they’re fine.
Dori: he’s a mother hen and we all know it, sorry. You will get to be the fun parent with this one
Nori : he steals your kids cool shit, and is the dad that let’s his kids do illegal shit. Bofur : makes ALL OF THE TOYS for his children
Bombur :oh gods he makes his children all of the sweets.
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You had been bedridden for much too long. Even if it tore the stitches and compounded your agony to the point of tears, you could not stay another day beneath the coverlet. Balin sat upon a stool to the side of the bed on his daily visit and you grunted as you pulled yourself up to a sitting position. Sweat formed across your brow from the excess but you merely brushed aside the ache of bone and flesh.

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Hope and Fury

Hello there, here is greed and hope part 2! With: Thorin Oakenshield coming to his senses, but will he be in time to save his One?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (final part)


You were in a daze. Around you, you could vaguely hear the shouts of the people of Laketown. Though you did not know why exactly they were shouting. Not until you heard shouts from the banister behind you. The Dwarves were yelling for blood, and battle, and glory. Grabbing Bilbo’s arm you rushed to get to the front of the lines of Elves and men. There, you met Gandalf’s eyes.

Despair was an emotion not many beings displayed so early on that day. The Wizard, mayhaps, have been the only one that did. But you knew better than to ignore his warnings. Carefully, you cleared your throat to gain his attention. Your own matters of the heart would have to wait for a later date, this was - after all, not about you. “Gandalf, what’s wrong?” you asked him as his eyes focused on Bilbo and you. He nodded his head to the top of the hillside next to Erebor. A soft gasp left your lips as you realized your kin had come. “What are they doing here?!” you yelled in disbelief, “and for Mahal’s sake is that Dáin?!” Gandalf nodded grimly, and beside you the Hobbit showed nothing but confusion. “Who is Dáin, (y/n)?” A grim look took over your face. “Thorin’s cousin,” you informed the Hobbit, and then Gandalf added “I always thought Thorin to be the more agreeable one.” The Hobbit’s eyes widened as Gandalf said that, looking at the Dwarf sat atop his boar. “He will not be reasoned with,” you noted to Gandalf as Dáin came to a stop before the Elven lines. “He will fight his way to Thorin if he must Gandalf,” you added as Gandalf remained in his place.

It was then, that Dáin rode a little ways forward. “Good morning. How are we all? I have a wee proposition, if you don’t mind giving me a few moments of your time. Would you consider… JUST SODDING OFF! All ye, right now!” If it had not been such a dire situation, you would have laughed at his words. Instead, you found yourself walking forward to meet Dáin before he could do a considerable amount of damage. And suddenly, you found yourself behind Gandalf again. “Gandalf, where did you - how did you?” He chose to ignore you. “Come now, lord Dáin,” the wizard started. “Gandalf the Grey. Tell this rabble to leave or I’ll water the ground with their blood.” Yes, you thought grimly, Thorin was indeed the more reasonable one. “There is no need for war between Dwarves, Men, and Elves. Lord Dáin, I beg of you, stand your army down!” you called out as you took your place next to Gandalf. Dáin frowned upon seeing you in the enemy lines. “A dwarrow dame? What are ye doin’ there then?” “I traveled with Thorin Oakenshield, our king, to reclaim the mountain. These men want nothing but the share of gold they need to rebuild Laketown. There is no need for war,” you called to him. “A legion of Orcs march on the mountain. Stand your army down,” Gandalf added. “Orcs? Gandalf, since when have there been Orcs we need be concerned about?” 

Your confusion and Gandalf’s answer, were drowned out under the fiery response coming from Dáin. “I will not stand down before any elf! Not least this faithless Woodland sprite! He wishes nothing but ill upon my people! If he chooses to stand between me and my kin, I’ll split his pretty head open! See if he’s still smirking then!” And then the lord turned to you, “and you, lass, choose carefully where you stand today!” You nodded in response, and then Thranduil rode a few steps forward. “He’s clearly mad like his cousin,” the elven king spoke mockingly. And you supposed that those words were all the encouragement Dáin needed. “Ya hear that, lads? We’re on! Let’s give these bastards a good hammering!”

But before it came to war between Elves and Dwarves, a low rumble spread through the earth below your feet. It was as if the ground was trying to turn over and toss the people off balance. “Gandalf?!” you called to the wizard, hoping he could offer some guidance as to what to do. Perhaps, you shouldn’t have called to him at all, for the words that fell from his lips caused your blood to run cold. “Were worms,” the wizard said softly. And then, a loud war horn called for attention. And you understood, the Orcs that Gandalf had tried to warn for, had finally come.

It was as if they came from the gates of Hell themselves, crawling and running out of the holes that had been made in the earth. They were uglier than you remembered. There were also more of them than you remembered. And you were also more frightened than you remembered being. It was not as much for yourself, though a large part was, but it was also for those around you.

It was Dáin who acted first, calling upon his people to follow him to the front of the battlefield. To meet the enemy head on. And at once, you pushed forward to follow your kin. Hands resting heavily upon your swords, you joined the soldiers. It was as if everything slowed down the moment you did. All you could hear was your heart thumping so loudly, you were sure it’d burst. All you could see was the front, where the enemies were running. 

And then, they were there.

You had little time to marvel on the smooth, fluid fighting style of the Elves that led the charge, for soon the Orcs fought their way through the mayhem. Left and right you sliced your blades, meeting Orc skin or gut before yanking them free again. It was as if your mind turned into a song, and your body was dancing to its lethal tune. Stab, slice, turn, dodge. Stab, slice, turn dodge. Stab, sli- a burning pain interrupted your dance and you fell to your knees, gasping for air as the pain spread.


In Erebor, Thorin had finally come to his senses. “I didn’t…how did I,” he murmured as he leaned against the wall, resting on his arms. “She’ll understand, she loves you,” Balin said as he came into view. “She shouldn’t have to understand! I did her wrong Balin!” Thorin cried out, “I did my One wrong!” Balin did not shrink back, standing tall in the fury of his King. “Then show her you are sorry, rally to her, to our queen.” Thorin nodded, “we will, she will not fight this battle without me.”


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Discovering love. Prologue

Originally posted by safelystowed

Fandom: The Hobbit.
Pairing: Fili x Reader ( ft the Company of Thorin Oakenshield)
Word Count: 1.881

Requested by Anon: Can I request a Fili x Reader one shot? Human reader who is traveling with the company and she is very very shy. Fili is falling in love with her and he flirts with her and touches her a lot which makes her blush and get nervous but eh thinks it’s cute. Ends with them confessing their feelings a kiss?

A/N: Hey Anon! At first I had trouble with writing this. Falling in love isn’t just a process written in a thousand words. Therefore, I am making this a continuation. There will be coming multiple character as I write it. That way the feeling can be better related and everything just falls better in to place. I hope that is okay with you ^~^. I just can’t write this in one piece or it would be way too long for my liking. I hope you look forward to more! 

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A knight in a shining armor

Originally posted by middleearth2asgard

Summary: you´re in Laketown and counter some unwanted attention. Fortunately one particular dwarf happens to come to the rescue.

Warnings: mild harassment, angs ( maybe )

requested by @xxbyimm

This is my very first fic, so be gentle with me. English isn´t my mother language so any errors that might occur,  don´t be offended. You have been warned.

It was already way past midnight, when you finally had a chance to close up the tavern where you were working. When the Master of the Laketown had welcomed those dwarves in here, people were so exited, not only because Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the dwarves promised to the people of this town their fair share of the treasure, but also because….well, let´s face it, there wasn´t that many reasons to celebrate in these days.

You stretched your arms with a groan, your body was aching and you couldn´t wait to get home, make yourself a warm bath, maybe a glass of wine and try to relax. You finished up cleaning the tables, made sure there was no one in the kitchen area before you started put out the candles.
You stepped out the tavern, lock the door behind you and turned around looking up to the sky where thousands of stars twinkled at you with a heavy sigh.The air was cold and your breath turned into a small cloud of mist front of your face as you pulled your dark blue-cloak tightly around you and started walking towards your home. Chilly wind came across the lake and got caught up in your raven black hair twirling them into your face. As you swiped your wild locks off your face so you could see where you were going, you heard from behind something you vaguely recognise as a male voice…..very drunk male voice. Great, late night party boys wasn´t exactly what you needed right now. 

You start walking little faster, you didn´t have any desire whatsoever to deal with drunken men anymore. Dealing with them while you were working was quite enough.
Ever since you lost your parents one night to drunken robber six years ago, you avoided drunken men like plague whenever you could. Which was funny, considering that you were working at the tavern, but there was no choise really. When your parents died, Alfrid approached you and gave you two choices: either start working at the master´s tavern or leave this town. Leaving wasn´t an option for you, you had lived your whole life, 20 years of it, in Laketown. So there you were, busting your ass off in the last place you wanted to be, tolerating drunken people and their harrassments all day long, week after week, year after year. Oh, how you were longing to be somewhere, anywhere else!

A male voice snapped you out of your thoughts, it came lot closer than you expected. You turned around and saw a group of three men walking or rather wobbling towards you.
“ ´mere! ” one of the them waved his hand suggesting that you should walk up to them.
You could feel your hair in the back of your neck rising. You turned on your heels as fast as you could and started running towards your house. But you couldn´t get far enough when you hit a solid figure at full speed causing you to fly backwards to the ground. Groaning you held your hand at the small of your back and slowly looked up. It´s was one of Alfrid´s little buddies, Bruno. He was clearly drunk as a skunk, that stupid, eerie, wide grin on his face staring at you. That stare was somewhat unnerving. You didn´t take your eyes off of him while quite slowly you tried to get up and make some distance between you two. You were glad that the other three guys were focusing at the moment just to standing on their feet rather than chasing you.

“ Where a lovely lass like yourself have such a hurry? ” man in front of you slurred. He was trying to steady himself by grabbing nearby wooden pole and took one more step towards you.
You could smell the strong scent of ale and vomit from him as he approached you making you want to gack.
“ I´m on my way home Bruno. I´d a long day and wish to be able to relax before going to sleep. ” your voice was a little unsteady when you answered. You were getting anxious by the minute.
“ That´s a fine plan lass. ” Bruno grinned revealing his yellowed and half-broken incisors. Now you definitely wanted to gack. “ How about I help you to relax? I have just the thing for you. ”
Your brown eyes went wide.Was he insinuating what you thought he was insinuating? You needed to get out of here!

“ Come on pretty lady, it´s going to fun. Just the two of us. ”
You took another step back holding your cloak tightly in your hands trying to prevent showing him something he might take as a encouragement. “ Umm…no thank you. I think I´ll pass. ”
Your answer clearly wasn´t  the one he wanted to hear, because the next thing you know, you´re slammed against a building wall on your left and his ale-smelling breath hovering over your face. “ I know you want it, I´ve seen how you looked at me all night long at the tavern. ”
“ Please…don´t. Let me go. ” you tried to reason with him one last time, as you felt panic starting to rise inside you. You needed help and you needed it fast.

Thorin was sitting in a corner of the room by the window, goblet on his left hand while his pipe was in his right hand. He was getting tired all the commotion his company was creating at the moment. Sure, they were very merry people but when they got drunk it just went overboard and it´s was little too much what Thorin could handle right now. He watched absent-mindedly how his younger nephew climbed on to the table and started singing quite loudly and dancing at the same time. Thorin was sure that the poor table wasn´t able to handle Kili´s dancing much longer, the way it was creaking and swaying. Bofur, Bombur and Ori was sitting around that same table clabbing their hands encouraging him and singing along with him.

Thorin puffed a small amount of smoke from between his lips and turned his gaze back to the window, when Balin came to sit next to him.
“ They certainly are having fun. ” old white-haired dwarf mused holding his own pipe lighting it up.
“ Yes, they certainly are. Hope it won´t come back to haunt them with a vengeance in the morning. ” Thorin chuckled looking at his oldest adviser and friend. Balin smiled but didn´t reply to that. He could tell their leader was tired and silent company was something Thorin appreciated more in times like these.
“ Why don´t you go get some rest? Me and my brother can watch over this lot. ” Balin said after a moment of silence. Thorin glanced him from the corner of his eye before sighing. “Are you sure? ”
“ Yes Thorin, I am. You look like you could use some sleep. We wouldn´t want you to collapse before we get to the mountain, now would we? ” Balin argued looking at Thorin firmly. He knew Thorin could be a stubborn as a mule in heat but this wasn´t something Balin was going to negotiate with his king.

Thorin was about to say that he really wasn´t that tired but when he saw Balin´s look on his face, he knew he had lost the argument before it had even started. “ Fine. ” He huffed putting out his pipe and drank las of his ale. “ Just make sure those two troublemakers doesn´t start anything. ” pointing at his nephews who were now both on the table dancing and singing their hearts out. Balin nodded and bit his king good night. 

Thorin stepped out from the room just in time, when there was a loud noise that indicated that the poor table had finally given in under Fili and Kili and everyone was laughing out loud to the two rascals. Thorin walked outside and inhaled the cool fresh air into his lunges. He cherished the quietness around him. Not that he didn´t enjoy his men´s company but time to time it was too loud and rare moments like these….he really valued them.  Thorin folded his arms behind his back and was about to start walking towards the inn where their rooms located when he heard something.  He stood still, holding his breath and listened. For a second he thought he heard wrong and was about to move when there were the noise again. Thorin turned his head slightly trying to pinpoint which direction it came from. When the shout came louder, he took off running towards it.
Laketown was quite a labyrinth with all those piers zigzagging every direction possible.

Thorin slowed down when he came around a corner and watched as anger started to rise in his chest upon what he was seeing.

You struggled against Bruno, who had you pinned  between himself and a wall while trying to to haul your skirt up. “ Don´t be like that lass….We´re just gonna have some grown-up fun. You wanted to relax, right? ”
“ Stop it! Let me go! ” you yelled in anger hitting your fists against his chest, but it had a little effect. His hand went up inside your garment stroking your side roughly and his lips attacked on your neck. Tears started to form in your eyes as you prepaped yourself mentally what was going to happen when all of sudden Bruno howled in pain and was yanked off you violently. Your knees gave up under you and you fell to the ground shaking and holding your left hand over your mouth and closed your eyes. When you opened your eyes again, you couldn´t believe what you were seeing. 

Bruno was on his knees in front of a person….very angry person. He had his large hand around Bruno´s throat and almost an animalistic growl made it´s way from the depths of the person´s chest as he stared at Bruno right into his wide opened eyes. “ Is that your way treating a young woman??! ” Bruno whimpered and tried to say something but the hand on his throat prevented him to say a word. 

That voice….you had heard it somewhere before. You lifted your gaze from your assaulter to the person towering him. From the strong legs, to the sturdy middle and broad back, all the way to his muscled arms and to his dark locks. His back was turned towards you so you couldn´t see his face clearly. In your dazed condition you didn´t focus on what that  person was  talking about to Bruno, only sound of it. Oh, that deep voice, you could listen that voice all night long for the rest of your life.

Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder and that made you jump. “ I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to scare you. Are you alright? ” you heard that honey like voice purring into your ear and when you finally managed to focus your gaze to your savior´s face, you let out a small gasp. The most beautiful, sapphire  blue eyes were staring at you with a concerned look in them.  "Lass….? “
You blinked couple of times before you found your voice. ” Yes…yes, I´m alright. “ you answered offering a little nervous smile for your rescuer.
He smiled back at you and hold out his hand. You took it and he helped you to stand up. Straightening your skirt and fixing your messed up hair quickly, you looked at the person front of you. He was quite handsome. ” May I ask my valiant saviors name? “

” Thorin Oakenshield, at your service. “ Thorin answered small smile in his lips and bowed his head slightly. ” And may I ask who did I just so valiantly saved? “ smile in his face turned into a smirk as he straightened his back. You chuckled before gave him your name. ” Y N, at yours. “ bowing your head and then looking up to him, Thorin´s eyes were sparkling in a way you did not know was even possible. ” Y/N…..lovely name, for lovely lass. “ The way he said your name almost made you moan. Oh, that voice was going to be the death of you. 

” I must thank you properly what you did…..“ you started but were cut off by Thorin raising his hand to silence you. ” There´s no need for you to do that. I did what any lucid man would have done. “  Thorin looked into your brown eyes like he was trying to summon your very soul to the surface. ” Besides, it´s not like I will leave damsel in stress into her own fate. It´s goes against my nature and what I was taught to do. “
” Oh, so you do this quite often….rescuing damsels in stress? “ you couldn´t help your own little smirk forming into your lips when you said that. 

” I don´t know about that. Only when I see a cute damsel in stress. “ Thorin replied back to you winking. Winking!! Oh goodness, you were a goner for sure. You hadn´noticed that at some point, Thorin was coaxing you to walk beside him.
” Can I confess something? “ you were suddenly feeling rather bold, althought your voice told Thorin you were little unsure, if you were crossing a line with him.
” Sure, confess anything you want, I don´t mind. “ Thorin smiled whispering to your ear.

” Hmm, you might regret that later. Don´t you know that you shouldn´t say that to a woman who wants to talk? “ you took side-glance to him and noticed that one-sided smirk creeping on his face again.
” Well, I guess I´ll have to take my changes then. With your little confession what´s the worst thing that could happen? “
” Who said it was little? “ you stopped on your tracks putting a fake pout on your face.
"I´m sure it isn´t as little as you are, lass. ” Thorin mused placing his hands again behind his back and continued walking forward.
“Now you´re saying I´m little? ”
Thorin stopped looking back at you, letting his gaze wander over you. “ Mmmm, little and cute, quite a interesting combo, I might add. ”

You laughed shaking your head amused, starting to walk again. You were enjoying your little chat with the dwarf king while gazing the stars above you.
“ And you are handsome and gallant. Every woman will throw themselves at your feet. ”
“ You think so? I sure hope not, I´m not planning on taking a catch on every woman who throw themselves at my feet as you put it. ”  Thorin said to you with that low, husky voice of his while staring at the distance.
“ Oh, but you don´t have to catch every woman, just the one woman. ” you said smiling and winked.
Thorin hummed slowing down his pace looked around. You had come to the Laketown´s main gate which was also the very border of the town, and a long pier that led from the town to the shore was now disappearing to the darkness.

“ And do you have someone particular in mind? ” Thorin asked shifting his gaze back to you which made you slightly nervous. “ Maybe…”
“ Do tell. ” he looked at you and his baritone voice vibrated throught the air hitting to your very core.
“ She´s little, cute, sort of damsel in stress. ”
Thorin tilted his head before reaching out cupping your face and rubbing his nose against yours.
“ I like the way you think. ”

Imagine reuniting with your husband, Bard, when he thinks that you are dead

Request for: anon

Original request: “Can I have a drabble for imagine being Bard’s wife and him thinking you dead, so when he sees you with the dwarves in DOS he gets all emotional and maybe a bit angry? Thank you <3”

Pairing: Bard x Reader

Word count: 907

A/N: Terribly sorry for not posting in a while and messing up my ‘schedule’ (if you could call it that). Hope you enjoy this nonetheless.

Ori sat emptying out his sodden boot near the water’s edge when an ominous figure loomed over him. The figure raised its bow slightly and Ori slowly turned around in fear. Noticing the newcomer, the company all snapped their heads round and looked with fear towards the bowman.

Coming to the young dwarf’s aid, Dwalin rushed in front of him, wielding an oaken branch. As fast a lightning, the bowman fired an arrow through the branch. Kili jumped up in retaliation, preparing to launch a rock at the bowman’s head.

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You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. Do you realize this is the very path that goes through Mirkwood, and that if you let it, it might take you to the Lonely Mountain or even further and to worse places?

Bilbo Baggins, who used to tell this to Frodo on the path outside Bag End’s door, especially after a long walk. Fellowship of the Ring, Ch III: Three’s Company. 

Bilbo spent his life wishing he could return. He left his heart at the Lonely Mountain one November day among the falling snow, but went back to the Shire because that was where he was supposed to be. Where he ‘belonged.’ And he could not suffer himself to stay after the grief of the Battle of the Five Armies.

But every time Bilbo got on the path outside Bag End, he remembered his 50-year-old self also getting on that road to go on an adventure. And an older Bilbo was always tempted to follow it, back along the paths through Mirkwood and on to the Lonely Mountain. 

But then Bilbo would recall all that had happened and who would not be there.

Maybe he imagined walking further into the Lonely Mountain, along pillared paths and great halls of stone until he was led to the catacombs of Erebor, deep within the mountain. 

And for all his adventures, all the dangers he had faced, Bilbo Baggins could not stomach going to worse places – those inside himself. 


There’s to be a great feast tonight. Songs will be sung, tales will be told; and Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend.