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Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset, babe <3

Hey taylorswift I played 1989 while getting the wedding photos and danced around on the beach at sunset with my best friends in Bali and I can remember thinking “this is what life is all about.” Thankyou for giving that moment to me. I’ll forever be on your side.

I love you

Love Taylor

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Could I request headcanons of how the honeymoons of the SnS ships you listed (as a fellow multisshipper I really like them all) would look like?

Hi there, anon! Thanks for the prompt! I decided to split this one up into two separate posts because sometimes people don’t like seeing content for rival ships in the tags 

Honeymoons (Part 1)


  • These two would have a shorter honeymoon (only about a week) because they’re both extremely busy 
  • They’d go to Cape Town and stay in the luxurious honeymoon suite of a resort by the sea 
  • These two are very active vacationers
  • Souma wants to swim with the sharks, but Erina says no. He convinces her to try skydiving though, and she highkey loves it
  • They come home exhausted and ready for another vacation
  • Welllllllll…guess they have to take another week off, after all 


  • Hayama and Hisako are OUT before the wedding reception is over
  • Month-long honeymoon. No phones. No emails. No interruptions. 
  • These two honeymoon in Bali (and on their wedding night, Hayama finally lets Hisako put his hair in a man bun)
  • They legit spend the first two weeks just lying on the beach with endless drinks (gin and tonic for Hisako, scotch on the rocks for Hayama) and a few good books to read
  • #IntrovertLove 
  • Later they do some serious sight-seeing (and a little spice/herb hunting)
  • Hisako’s favorite place is the butterfly park and Hayama really liked the waterfalls 
  • Then, ugh, back to the real world 
  • (Erina is confused about her schedule and Jun wants to make sure they’re still alive) 
  • Hisako gets pregnant on one of their last nights in Bali

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A Bali Wedding.

Everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I could feel a headache coming on as I tried to calm myself in the midst of my best friend who was trying her best to relax my mind but it wasn’t quite working. Nothing could help unless everything was corrected.

There was currently a downpour of rain outside of our wedding venue which easily ruined the once gorgeous view of Bali that could be seen out of the lofty windows.

Bad weather, check.

And now because of the weather, guests were running late as their transportation tried to navigate the dangerously slick streets.

Late guests, check.

The bright lights that were supposed to shine down from the ceiling and illuminate where myself, Erik, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were going to stand weren’t shining at all.

Faulty venue, check.

And now I felt bloated from the simple and small bagel I ate for breakfast this morning. The last thing I wanted was my belly protruding in my gown.

An upset bride, check.

I heaved a deep sigh of frustration as I plopped down into a chair, dropping my face into my hands. I was tired of sitting in this room and was just ready to get this wedding over with so I could stop stressing.

The wedding was intended to be a mix of both Erik and I’s culture. Bali was the perfect place to have the big day as it represented the start to our relationship when I met him on the beach one fateful night we were both on vacation. It always made my heart flutter thinking of it all from the light in his eyes when he saw me to him working up the courage to ask for my number that night…

I heard my best friend exit the room, leaving me there alone to try not to cry. The only thing stopping me was ruining my perfect face of makeup which would take a while to redo. I was sure the biggest day of my life wasn’t supposed to be like this. Sure, I knew it would be stressful but nothing like this.

The sound of someone knocking on the door jolted me out of my sad state. “Y/N?” I heard the familiar voice of the groom on the other side of the door. What was he doing here?! We weren’t supposed to see each other until I was walking down the aisle. It was bad luck! I quickly hopped out of my seat in fear he would come barging in. “Erik! You can’t see me in my dress!” I ran off to the door, hiking up the bottom of the neatly designed gown which trailed easily on the floor.

Erik chuckled, amused with my stickling. “I know but I heard you were in here freaking out. I just came to check on you. I don’t want to be waiting at the altar to find out my bride ran away.” His joke immediately caused the tension in my shoulders to relax as I giggled from the other side of the door. “I would never do that. The catering at the reception will be much too good to miss,” I joked back.

I could hear Erik’s soft laughter on the other side. “Babe, open the door. Just crack it open.” I cautiously pulled the door open at his request, making sure I could not be seen through the small opening. I watched as Erik’s hand emerged from the other side, facing up and waiting for me to place my hand into his. I reached out and threw my shaken hand atop of his, watching as he closed his hand and squeezed my hand reassuringly within his grasp.

“I know this day isn’t going as perfectly as you imagined but really, all I need is you and our vows. I don’t care that it’s raining, I don’t need any guests here or some fairytale castle to marry you in. All I need is you.” My body immediately relaxed and my heart warmed at his words. Erik always had a way of calming me no matter the circumstance. I was so caught up in the little details I had forgotten what this day was truly about and it was about finally exchanging vows with the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“We honestly could run outside in this storm and I’d marry you just like that.”

“Really? Let’s go.”

Erik quickly paused at my agreement, knowing his suggestion was simply a joke. “Okay, I went too far. You’re not ruining that expensive dress.” We both burst out into laughter and he continued, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Today will only be perfect if you let it be in your mind. Otherwise you’re going to be stressing over every little thing you can’t control and I don’t think I can wait any longer to see you in that dress.”

I knew he was right and I nodded from the other side of the door though he couldn’t see me. “I know. I’m sorry.” I heaved a deep sigh. “I’m ready.”

I could imagine the curl of Erik’s lips once he knew he had accomplished his mission of calming me down. “I always knew you were perfect but this goes far beyond my expectations,” I commented, causing Erik to chuckle.

“I’d do anything to make sure you have the perfect wedding. I’ll see you in a bit?”

“Yes. I’ll see you soon.” And with that, Erik released my hand and closed the door, leaving me to look at myself in the mirror one final time before I began the trek out of the room and down the aisle to become Mrs. Erik Durm.

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Officially prompting Bali Body Shots (bonus if you have Ollie show up)

(Congratulations, @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline on your wedding tomorrow!  Enjoy this little wedding gift.)

Bali truly was paradise on earth.  Every day was the same: wake up, make love, eat, shower, go to the beach, drink something fruity and alcoholic, nap under an umbrella, eat, flirt and skirt the line between appropriate and inappropriate PDA, drink some more, rush back to their cabana on the edge of the beach to make love, sleep.

Felicity had never been so tan.  She chopped her hair to her shoulders because it was just too hot and the humidity made her curls so thick and unruly that she couldn’t get her hair into a ponytail.  She ate more fruit than she had eaten in her whole life up to that point.

And she had Oliver.  Oliver, who was so completely, breath-takingly happy that Felicity kept having to pinch herself that this was real.  That the man with the bronzed skin and muscles, with the sparkling eyes behind his sunglasses and the wide smile was hers.  


“I know, I know, I’m staring,” Felicity said, her name said like that in his low, rumbly voice something she had gotten used to hearing because she just couldn’t help staring at him.  She picked up her cocktail and took a sip, pushing her sunglasses up on her head.  “But seriously, Oliver, you just are too gorgeous to look at anything else.”  

“We’re in Bali and you’d rather look at me?” he asked, grinning at her.  

Tilting her head to the side, she smirked a little. “Are you saying you don’t want me to look at you?”  

“Nope, not what I’m saying at all,” Oliver said easily.  “I’m just saying, you keep staring at me, we won’t finish these drinks.”   Proving his point, he drank from his own glass, watching her over the rim.  

That sounded like a challenge.  And Felicity Smoak never backed down from a challenge.  Plus, she had an idea that would let her look her fill at Oliver AND keep drinking.  Win-win.  

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When Will This End Anon?

Anon, I have to say, I was pretty optimistic that we were reaching the natural conclusion and that what we were seeing was what many had predicted, worse before it gets better.  But honestly, with the way Hedwig has been handled, with the constant reinforcement of Darren’s straightness, I am starting to lose hope that we are anywhere near the end.  And I do often wonder, why is Darren allowing the bearding to get out of control?  Why is Darren allowing publication after publication to remind us of how straight he is while playing a transgender role? Because even at its worst during Glee (Listen Up), he still had control. He still did not allow kissing photos.   And excessive “loving” couple photos like we get now.  Holiday photos.  Vacation photos.  And to that I question, what happened post-Glee that changed everything?  And why have the games gotten much, much worse? And I think to answer that you have to ask yourself why is Darren still engaging in these games?  And I think there are multiple factors.  And sorry, this got way longer than I intended.

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Lindsey Clark came to me and asked me if I would create a magical piece of artwork for her sister and brother-in-law to celebrate their marriage. What’s super cool, is that Jimmy and Kelli got married in Bali on a freaking elephant! so this one was beyond awesome to work on. They also love their beloved little “Ari the dog”. I’m not sure if he got his own mini elephant but it was sure fun to draw. It’s always and honor to get to work on one of these. Thanks guys!