bali mist

Color: Bali Mist (Sinful Colors)
Retail Price: $1.99 (USD)

This shade is a pink that borders on fuchsia. It’s a duochrome that flashes blue-green in the bottle, but unfortunately, the flashes of color don’t really transfer onto the nail. I’ve provided flash/non-flash photos because the difference is so drastic. It was overcast outside when I was taking photos, which is why I didn’t also include a sunlit photo.

The formula for this shade is super sheer and liquidy, so you will need to apply the polish in thin coats unless you want the polish pooling up at the sides of your nails. Here, I used three coats of polish, but I think I probably should’ve gone for a fourth. You can see some visible nail line in the flash photo.

Application is incredibly smooth and easy, although no matter what I tried, the finish was streaky.

For the price, I think this polish is awesome. It sort of reminds me of a pink version of Chanel’s Peridot.

continuing on with my stream of nail polish posts, I’ve recently added a few Sinful Color polishes to my ridiculous drawer of polishes. I got this one about a month and a half ago and I still haven’t gotten the chance to wear it xP. Anyways, this polish is called “Bali Mist” and it’s a green-flashing pink duochrome polish.