i just got back from this college and careers overnight stay at rochester institute of technology, it was FANTASTIC i met homestuckers and i flipped out because i have like only three readers at my school and i was elated because i could talk about it and i actually learned a lot about it, and other people’s observations and critiques. Also I got to talk to people who’ve actually been to cons and it sounds so exciting. ahhHHH I just had sUCH A GREAT TIME.

oh and the college/career part was gr8 2

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I made new friends you should go follow them they’re amazing, interesting individuals that i was very lucky to meet

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So as I proceed with my fascination with the UK I’ve noticed that the UK people usually sport stuff that have the Union Jack on it. Which is cool, I guess, because I guess it’s normal for the Union Jack to be a common… thing on clothing there.

What I’m trying to figure out is why in America we don’t see people sporting the Star Spangled Banner on our clothes. I mean I’m sure people do, but if I were to ever see someone wear something with a big ol’ American flag on it like

I’d probably be all like


(kekeke hi baby boy I love you ;-* ugh you’re so perf ♥ ♥ ♥ forever miiine)

So yeah that’s just something that I’ve noticed. LOL.

PS I want an English accent, I feel so boring feeling like the American accent is the “standard” for when people think of the English language. Like, American’s don’t really have an “American” accent for when they’re speaking English (regional differences notwithstanding, I guess) 

Wasn’t the English accent there first? I mean, besides when the Germanic people invaded Britain, or did they also have the English accent as well? I dunno. But shouldn’t the British accent of English be the standard? Do people in other English-speaking countries fangirl over American accents as much as we fangirl over their accents? Like shit. *in my opinion* Australian accents sound all cool and adventurous and English accents sound all proper and sophisticated but like ok what do we sound like? Are we even anything?

Maybe it’s because I’m an American lol. But with all that banter finished, can someone take me to the UK already? Thanks.

  • hoping that today is an infinite amount of times better than last night.
  • prepping myself to do the coloring for my english homework
  • considering doing some water color painting with the leftover supplies from my english homework last week.
  • yeah, my english teacher is really into us getting in touch with our creative side.
  • trying to find a pac sun close by, but that apparently doesn’t happen when you’re in Iowa.
  • sitting next to a cute boy who I’ve totally failed at socializing with the past couple of days.

okay, I’m gonna go draw now and stop posting personal posts. have a good day!