Here it is. The arduous, awful process of running for a Dungeon Ancient. Balge only works in Anrya’s with the point system and since I’ve never got my Blage that way, I thought I’d try it.

It’s been a year and two months since I first spawned and captured this dragon and many things have changed between now and then.

Then; I was level 60. I had Cobalt Lucky, Pale Radiance, Crimson Blackblood, Nina, Silent Emnity. Now I’m level 98 with Ezmeralda, Red Eyes, Scarlet Bloom, Sentinel Umbris and Calculus. With me; I bring Dragon Hunter Hero. Lest to say I made sure I was as ready as possible.

It’s great to rekindle the feeling of running into such elusive dragons once again. While not the same spark of fire; at least I got to witness his appearance with my own eyes again. At least this time he didn’t have his back to me.

Of course; along with him, the countless players who have passed me kind words in the game, or have assisted me on capturing the dragons I have so far; thank you. Without that drive; I would have never clung on to playing to this point. And hopefully; the future.


I was among one of the first people in Dragon’s Prophet to find the legendary dragon Balge. IT WAS A RUMOR DRAGON. After 1,200+ times of slaving the same dungeon IT FUCKING APPEARED. I screamed IRL quite literally and I DIED REPEATEDLY I was shaking so hard.

Watching this again is so awesome.