Slow-mo vid at Balete Tree in Baler. Kakamiss! 😂😁🙌📹 #WhenInBaler #LatePost #Slowmo #BaleteTree #Baler #FriendsTripGoal #Travel (at Balete Tree, Baler Aurora)

LOVE when our rollable, reusable canvas VMVerdant bag shares such beautiful moments :) “"I believe in getting #lost and being found, I believe in going #barefoot, and in #laughter! My religion is to laugh at myself, whenever I can! I believe in the #sunlight and in grey skies with big, #beautiful #clouds!"🐚 🐙” via @kirasworld
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083115 | Happy

Candid shots are best when they capture true happiness. Maarte lang caption pero natawa lang ako kasi nag-iinarte ako magpapicture. 😂😂 Leaving Baler in a few hours. I’ll definitely miss you. 🏄🏼💋👌🏻 Sun, sand, sea and surf. 💖 #antistress #positivity #philippines #photography #philippinesmorefun #travel #travelph #igph #igmnl #igersph #igersmnl #baler #selfie #destress #filipinography #goodvibes #love #mnlph #beach #vsco #vscoph #vscoart #vscocam #vscomnl #vscoreal #vsco_hub #vscophile #vscogood #vscogrid #vscotravel (at Costa Pacifica, Baler, Aurora)

My Baler adventure!

a few weeks ago we decided to head up to Baler to soak up some sunshine and enjoy a mini vacation with my mother and her friends. I’m kinda feeling lazy today so just let these photos speak for me :)

We stayed at SMART Beach House which was so nice and affordable. The place was just a few steps away from the beach and had the nicest room view.

First stop was the Baler Nation Musuem

since my tour group was a bunch of lazy ass we just decided to stay in for the day and enjoy the calming waves of the sea

The next day we decided to visit the famous Ditumabo Mother Falls

going to the place was not a walk in the park. We had to trek for more than an hour

the serene environment and fresh air made the trek more bearable

Top from Forever 21, Short from Chicabooti, sunglasses from Guess

and after more than an hour of trekking, we finally reached the Mother Falls! and all I can say was that the trek was definitely worth it

for dinner we decided to try Baler Surfer Grill

the place was know for its delicious food and artsy ambiance

Since Baler was known for being one of the best surfing place, I grabbed the opportunity to learn how to surf

at first I was a bit hesitant since I’m not really a good swimmer ( I was so afraid of drowning lol)

but then after .56789694 failed attempts, I was finally able to successfully ride the waves YAY

Then next day, we headed out to the Zabali hanging bridge. I wasn’t able to take that much picture since I was so scared lol

After that we went to the Baler Rock Formations.

i felt like mermaid here lol

and of course a trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the pasalubong center!!

Overall, Baler is a place worth coming back for. Everything is just perfect and peaceful in here. There are so many nice and affordable accommodations to choose from, cheap and sumptuous meals anywhere! (you will never run out of cheap and fresh seafood in here) and of course the people in here are very friendly and accommodating! Baler will always have a special place in my heart <3

P.S. I’m planning on returning again next summer with my friends!


It is both mystical and haunting, when you go out of town with someone dear. The way that it gives you an indescribable lovely feeling can make you long for one more.

“Maybe next month. Or next year, honey, let’s pack our things and go where we can see more stars. To the countryside, away from this city, someplace where the only familiar faces are yours and mine. Where the only familiar sounds are the wailing of the sea, the hymn of the wind, the whisper of the mountains. Next month. Next year.”

Baler Philippines, March 20, 2015.