Decided to hop on a bus alone and head straight to Baler for the weekend. As sudden as it was, it turned out to be one of the best adventures I have had so far.

Not bad for a solo trip. There’s a first for everything.

Came alone and managed to meet a ton of new friends along the way.

Baler is a wonderful place.

- Shoot, Eat, Surf, Sleep, Repeat -

was the theme for the weekend.

I feel refreshed.



Seeing a lot of free animals in a place just proves that the environment around them are harmless. Totally enjoyed seeing them around the places in Baler that I’ve been to.

This just proves that you don’t need to go to a zoo to see beautiful creatures. You just have to explore your surroundings to see one. Plus seeing them without being tied or trapped in a cage is much visually pleasing


Baler has always been on my travel bucket list for a long time. I dreamed of going to all the places that I’ve heard and researched about. Thankfully, I was able to do that this March, 2015.


Day 1:

First up on our itinerary was to visit Ermita Hill, which was a 5 minute walk away from where we were staying. The story of the hill was that in 1735, a tsunami hit the town, leaving a few survivors, including the 7 families having a picnic on the hill.

Today, the top of the hill is now built to a religious shrine as a gratitude for the families who escaped. It is also the perfect place for sightseeing, overlooking the town of Baler.




It was an amazing feeling to be in a museum again. I always loved museums. The portraits I’m looking at below are of artists in the production field that inspire us through their movies.


I love bridges. I love the feeling of hanging up there and hanging on for my dear life. It’s thrilling.


Day 2:


After visiting Diguisit beach, we had our lunch at the Bay’s Inn. I gotta say, their Battered Buttered Chicken is to die for. I highly recommend it.


The Balete tree in Maria Aurora is also known as the “Millenium Tree”. Standing for about 600 years old, it is said to be the largest Balete tree in Asia. What’s cool about it is that you get to go inside and climb around. But if you’re claustrophobic, don’t go in.

I felt a sense of wonder as I looked around the tree. I couldn’t help it. Being inside a 600 year old tree just got me really fascinated on it’s history. The tangled branches were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but take photos of them.


Also known as the Mother Falls. The trek there takes about 30 minutes. We went through bridges and also rapid streams before reaching our destination.

What I loved about the falls was that we were able to swim there. But what I didn’t like was how freezing the water was. Although we got used to it in the end.

Everything the beautiful. The view, the clear water, the company. I couldn’t have asked for another way to end our Day 2 Baler tour.


Smores, chips, drinks and bonfire under the stars. It was a peaceful night.


Day 3:

So, we dedicated day 3 to surfing and chilling by the beach. Mainly because our bodies ached from the trek to the falls.

Surfing was what I was most looking forward to. After all, Baler is the surfing capital of the Philippines! It was my first time surfing, so we had a trainer to teach us (for an hour) on how to get up our boards. Surprisingly, I was able to ride the waves a few times. I was convinced by a friend that surfing was hard and that I would be tired after 30 minutes. Yes, it was hard. But honestly, I thought an hour wasn’t enough. It wasn’t getting easier per round and I wanted to surf the whole afternoon!

I felt that three days weren’t enough to enjoy the whole of Baler. There were many places that I wanted to visit but because of the distance from where we were staying, it couldn’t be done with time constraint.

It’s also been a while since I made a video diary (mainly of my travels and randoms trips). The last I made was a year ago. I have to say that I’m proud of myself for pushing to take videos during our Baler trip. Although, while editing the video, I felt the clips weren’t enough. Or maybe that’s just me, as a video editor. But it is enough to show that we enjoyed ourselves. On to the next 2015 adventure!


Diguisit Beach

When I visited Baler, Aurora a few weeks back, I just focused the tour on the coastlines/beaches of Baler. So expect posts from my trip here focusing mainly the beaches, but also expect some greens, and subjects on land.

First stop is the Diguisit Beach which is near the Dicasalarin Point. In this part of the beach, you can expect lots of rock formations that you can enjoy with backdrops of waves and islands. You can also see the lighthouse up in the mountains from below. Definitely a part of Baler that you shouldn’t miss.

You can go here by taking a tricycle from the Bayan in Baler and ask them to drop you here. Watch for my next post in the coming days! Enjoy Baler!

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Mysteries of Aurora

There will be a time in our lives that we’ll meet someone who will give us the best feeling in the world. But just like all stories, they will end up leaving us. So if you think you’re experiencing the worst right now, you aren’t. Just think that there will be new people who will come into our lives, and do your best for them to stay there… forever.


Baler, Dreaming.

I listened to the lullaby
pulling back and forth,
questions crash against 
my heartbeat and the sand.

Something still holds me 
in place - as I am tasked
to leave the hour, golden
in its wake. 

This morning, my thoughts
are the sea, as the feel of salt
stings when I let it wash over me
whole - without a fight.

I did drown there for a while
in the sound 

and each breath named a rock
like  a wayward memory
finding its way back to me.

If only I could shout 
until my lungs are emptied 
of bottles;

 though my messages stay
 and everything else left
 in resolve of daybreak.