Dear lovely clients and readers,

During my trip to Las Vegas for the trade shows, it was wonderful to squeeze in bit of time to established and reconnected with my contacts, of course, best part of it all was to meet with my SAs and boutiques’ manager and view their in-store collections!

Now given the limited time I have on hands, it only make sense to be selective of the boutiques I want to pop by. Instead of the usual Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, etc, I have decided to stop by Saint Laurent, Fendi, Miu Miu, Balenciaga (including watches and jewelry boutiques such as Van Cleef; where my friend works, Mikimoto, Cartier and Omega, but let’s focus on the bags for now shall we?)
While all of them left me the desire to take out my credit cards and just go nuts (good that I am improving on having some self control, hehe), unfortunately Fendi just don’t have the same effect on me, even with the Peekaboo, Du Jour bags & etc that I have spotted…still quite disappointed with their current bag collections. But hey, I am remaining hopeful still for Fendi!

Before I proceed to show you guys the photos I’ve gathered, if any of these goodies catches your eyes, do let me know I will contact my SAs and managers asap for you as the quantity of each bag is very limited in each boutique.

p.s: I should also mention that the manager at Saint Laurent has informed me that they are slowly discontinuing the Large size Sac De Jour as majority of their clients are complaining the size is too big and weight tons. The design team are working on editing the sizing and weight issues for the large size as we speak. Currently, there are no large size anywhere left in the US, there miiiight be few left in other countries but people are snatching it up extremely fast!

All the prices are not including taxes.

Have one more amazing post to show you guys this week for the Miu Miu, stay tune…

Enjoy and check back for more goodies! ;)

XOXO - A Look Back at Balenciaga’s Greatest Handbag Hits -

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A Look Back at Balenciaga’s Greatest Handbag Hits

With the surprising news yesterday morning that Balenciaga would be parting ways with Nicholas Ghesquiere, its creative director for 15 years and a man widely considered to be among the most talented (if not the most talented) designers in the entire industry, it seemed only fair that we look back on Ghesquiere’s inimitable legacy at the French house. Ghesquiere’s influence on the entirety of fashion is undeniable (the Balenciaga Did It First Tumblr is a pretty damning roundup of how other major designers have borrowed, both subtly and not-so-subtly, from Ghesquiere’s body of work), but naturally, our loyalties lie with his brilliant handbags.

The Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags, then known as the Balenciaga Le Dix, made their runway debut in 2001 at the urging of models in the brand’s show, who loved Nicolas’ first bag design for the brand. Balenciaga’s corporate leaders weren’t so convinced, but the bags debuted anyway and a star was born. Since then, those first bags (known as the Flat Brass bags because of – you guessed it – their flat studded hardware) have been turned into dozens on top of dozens of shapes, colors, materials and prints and created a huge windfall for a designer whose challenging, forward-thinking ready-to-wear creations tend to be a bit of a hard sell to the average fashion customer. Below, revisit some of Ghesquire’s greatest handbag triumphs from his incredible stint at Balenciaga. If we left out your favorite bag, let us know in the comments.

Balenciaga Le Dix Collection!

Dear lovely clients and readers,

Happy weekend my lovelies! After viewing the latest Le Dix collection from Balenciaga for Fall/Winter 2013, I am feeling a bit on the fence here. Why you may ask? I do like how Alexander Wang manage to stripe away most of the Balenciaga’s signature hardwares and studs, and breathe new life to the designs by keeping the aesthetic 
clean and minimalistic.
But with all that being said, it lacks a certain oomph factor in my opinion, let’s be frank, I am all for clean, modern, witty designs that can withstand the test of time however with the overwhelming number of minimalistic bags coming out recently, everything starting to look the same. While ‘less is more’ is the motto these days, sometimes adding a touch of excess may not be a bad thing after all. It would be lovely to see a bag that make your heart skip a beat, no? ;)

Le Dix Cartable $1595

Le Dix Cartable $1945

Le Dix Cartable Zip $2250

Le Dix Pouchette $995
Please do check out the newly added goodies this week, click HERE!
*p.s: I have a fabulous brand new goodies to post next week and exciting news to share, stay tune~
The secrets behind Amal Clooney’s NYC look

By Dana Schuster April 10, 2015 | 9:44pm

Far right: Amal was snapped leaving Morandi last week rocking a Gucci skirt and top and Balenciaga “Le Dix” bag.Photo: Jackson Lee; GC Images (2); Startraks

It’s 8:30 at night but bright as daylight outside, as paparazzi flashes go off like fireworks.

Sal Scognamillo, executive chef at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in Midtown, quickly ushers in New York’s newest royal couple: George Clooney and his stunning wife, Amal, who looks like a glamorous Gumby in an animal print Giambattista Valli coat and Stella McCartney bell-bottom jeans.

“Listen, if you like, I can take you upstairs and put you in the private room,” Scognamillo tells the pair. (George’s mother, Nina, also dining with them, called earlier that day to make the reservation.)

George sticks with his usual back-corner table in the main room. And while the chef leaves “a table next to them empty” out of courtesy, George, 53, and Amal, 37, still can’t keep their affection for one another private as they dine on chicken breast tre colore and penne with spicy marinara. (Scognamillo says Amal only ordered a half-portion of the latter because, as she said that night, “American portions are probably very big.”)

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Amal Clooney’s Gucci Python-Collar Silk Top And Balenciaga ‘Le Dix Cartable M’ Leather Tote: Who: Amal Clooney wearing a Gucci python-collar silk top and Balenciaga ‘Le Dix Cartable M’ leather tote Shop: Gucci Top Balenciaga Tote Where: Out & About, New York Credit: FameFlynet #RedCarpet #Fashion

Amal Clooney’s Gucci Python-Collar Silk Top And Balenciaga ‘Le Dix Cartable M’ Leather Tote

Amal Clooney’s Gucci Python-Collar Silk Top And Balenciaga ‘Le Dix Cartable M’ Leather Tote

Amal Clooney wearing a Gucci python-collar silk top and Balenciaga ‘Le Dix Cartable M’ leather tote


Gucci Top
Balenciaga Tote

Out & About, New York

Credit: FameFlynet

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