balenciaga heels

THE CAT’S MEOW - model: model: Mariah Morrison, Jana Knauerova  - photographer: Emma Tempest - stylist: Michelle Cameron - hair: Braydon Nelson - makeup: Asami Taguchi - set designer: Lauren Bahr - nails: Holly Falcone - W Magazine October 2015

  • Balenciaga shoes - Fendi dress

Quinton, 21

“I am wearing Balenciaga platform heels, vintage flairs from my favorite vintage store Rue Saint Denis, a vintage leather blazer from The Break, and a bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim. I tend to mix a minimalist palette with 70’s silhouettes. I’m mostly inspired by understated pieces with history. I generally gravitate toward vintage for its sustainability and personality. I tend to wear current designer accessories for their structure.”

Feb 9, 2018 ∙ A/D/O