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The TV was shouting Christian Bale while you and Dan watched from the couch. It was film night and you chose American Hustle, since neither of you had yet seen it. Of course, you forgot that this film was set in the 80’s which meant boobs busting out of tops. To top it off, Jennifer Lawrence was also in it. And you knew how much Dan loved J-Law. She came onto the screen with a silver glittery dress that missed about a third of her breasts. Dan’s eyes locked onto the screen, very subtly but you notice it. You regret choosing the movie and you couldn’t focus at all. You stood up, out of Dan’s arms.

“I’m just going out for some fresh air.” You grumble and went down the stairs.

You half slipped on a pair of converse (like with the heel folded down) and walked outside. You breathed in the London-y air and closed your eyes to clear your mind. After about half a minute, you felt focused and walked back up the stairs. You walked into the lounge to see that Dan had paused the movie.

“Are you okay?” Dan worriedly asked.

“I’m fine, I just needed some fresh air. Thanks for pausing it.” You sat back down next to Dan.

For the next two hours, you pretended to enjoy the film. Anytime Dan laughed, you laughed along. The plot was actually interesting, the wardrobe just didn’t fit your style. The film would have been more enjoyable if your jealousy had not gotten in the way of your film night. The fear of losing Dan to a beauty queen suddenly became your primary concern.


Dan suggested going out for lunch the next day. You both walked to a small cafe which you and Dan made your official cafe date place. You sat down at a table and a waitress came to take your order. She was most definitely checking Dan out while he looked at the menu. You glared at her, and you weren’t worried she’d catch you. She was only paying attention to Dan anyways. You quickly dismiss her by telling her you need more time. Dan looked a bit surprised at your reply.

You ordered your food and ate it, feeling uncomfortable at the same time. Dan noticed your behavior and suggested going to the shopping center. He must’ve known it would be a way to distract you.

MAC Cosmetics was the first store you walked into. You heard Dan groan when he realized where you were going. You tend to stay there for a few hours, which was the reason why you never bring Dan with you on makeup expeditions. The different colors of makeup available made you want to buy every piece of the store. You picked up an eyeshadow palette to see the colors.

“Do you really need this stuff?” Dan asked while holding up several products. “I mean, you’re basically paying £10 for a fake face.”

“It’s art where your face is the blank canvas.” You reply. It was quite sweet of Dan to say what he just said.

You turned around to see two girls about your age looking at Dan. As soon as Dan turned around, the girls were arching their backs to maximize their curves. Disgusted, you set the palette back on the shelf and stormed out of the store, leaving Dan behind. You exit the entire building and walked to the park across the street. To calm yourself down, you sat down on a bench and took deep breaths. Touching your temples, you made an attempt to focus. Dan found you a few minutes later and rushed to your side.

“What’s going on with you lately, you’re acting quite strange.” Dan wrapped his arm around you in a comforting way.

“I can’t compete with all of the beauty around me.” You say, tearing up.

“What are you talking about?” Dan asked, not knowing how to solve it.

“While I stand around looking like a potato, you’ll one day leave me once someone prettier walks your path.” You couldn’t believe that you were finally confessing your frustrations.

“That’s impossible.” Dan replied, baffled at your response.

“Well, there were at least three girls who were 10x prettier than me who happened to be looking at you.” Your emotions were now out of control.

“No I mean there’s no one in the universe that can possibly be prettier than you. You’re the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on. I can’t describe my feelings for you in words.” Dan said, grabbing both of your hands.

“Do you really mean that?” You ask, a smile cracking through the frown.

Dan nodded. “No pair of scissors can cut our relationship apart.” You assumed he meant scissors as in other women.

You shyly looked down, and Dan lifts your head up by your chin. You felt his lips touch yours and you welcomed the feel.

An elderly lady behind you clapped and sighed. “Ah, young love.”

You couldn’t help but smile.

‘I am truly in love’

Kagabi wala akong internet tapos ang aga pa matulog mga 10pm tuluguan na. Dahil sa hindi ako maka tulog at hindi pa ako inaantok, nag soundtrip nalang ako sa phone hanggang sa ma lowbat at 2AM na non. 

Sa bawat pikit ng mata ko ang daming pumapasok sa isip ko na kung ano anong thoughts, minsan nag da-daydreaming pa ako at dahil don naka gawa ako ng 5 na long post at sinave ko nalang sa drafts ko hanggang maubos yung nasa utak ko. 

5AM+ na ata ako naka tulog at nagising ako ngayon ng 7:30AM so bale 1hr and 20mins+ lang tulog ko at bangag na bangag ako ngayon di ko rin alam kung bakit ganto ako kaaga gumising. 

Bale nabasa ko yung mga anon kay kirsten yung tanong lang pero yung sagot ni kirsten di ko binasa kasi tinamad ako magbasa pero natuwa ako sa tanungan wala lang bakit masama ba maging masaya hahahahahaha 

Memperlakukan Orang Lain

Nemu catetan kecil di notes tentang bagaimana kita memperlakukan orang lain.

Tiga hal ini sederhana, tapi sering kali kita lupa dan melewatkannya begitu saja.

Pertama, kalau kita merasa ngga nyaman karena diperlakukan ngga baik sama orang lain, jangan buru2 kasih penilaian buruk ke orangnya. Karena setiap orang pasti ada kurangnya. Pasti ada sisi baiknya, mungkin kita yg belum liat atau ngerasa.

Kedua, kalau kita diperlakukan ngga baik sama orang lain; sabar! Sabar artinya bukan cuma ngelus dada, nahan emosi, nahan sakit. Tapi juga diikhlasin. Supaya ngga ada lagi rasa sakit.

Ketiga, kalau kita diperlakukan ngga baik sama orang lain, jangan kasih feedback yang serupa. Justru kita harus kasih feedback yg lebih baik, bikin mereka nyaman dengan feedback kita. Contoh, kalau kita dijutekin orang lain, jangan dibales jutek. Hidup kita dan hubungan kita dg orang lain bukan semata bales-balesan. Tapi saling memberi, ngasih manfaat. Jd orang baik, yang paling baik.

Indahnya diri kita bukan hanya terpancar dari baiknya tampilan fisik, tapi juga terpancar dari indahnya akhlak. Akhlak itu perhiasan yang hari ini jarang dimiliki manusia secara sempurna.

Orang suka atau tidak dengan kita, pertama kali akan melihat penampilan kita. Tapi berikutnya yang menentukan orang suka atau tidak adalah sikap kita. 

Tiga hal tadi kalau bisa kita jaga, akan memunculkan sikap-sikap yang baik dan mencegah kita dari sikap yang tercela. Perlakukanlah orang lain dengan baik sebab fitrahnya manusia selalu ingin diperlakukan dengan baik oleh orang lain.

Semoga bermanfaat!

Mega Post (5th July) # 3


(3/1)  They may be not called the exact date of birth. For example Christian Bale, known that the child was born in August 2014, and nothing more.

Ballsy:   They do seem to have given a date tho - at least the media are throwing out the 13th as the actual birthdate.

(3/2)  “Is it just me or Sophie had plastic surgery of eyelids and crow’s feet removal?” >> Can we stop talking about this? Same thing about talking about how she’s skinny and her breasts are on the small side separate from analysis of whether or not she is/was pregnant. Same thing with calling her ugly. Whether or not she’s had plastic surgery, what size she is and what size her breasts are, and whether or not you think she’s attractive AREN’T IMPORTANT. Her worth or lack thereof is unrelated to her physical traits. If you’re going to be skeptical of her actions and behavior, be skeptical of her actions and behavior. Don’t bring her appearance into it. By doing so you imply that what she looks like is THE most important thing about her, and by extension, of all women. – Art History Anon

Ballsy:   Actually I think the reason for asking is more along the lines of - is she preparing herself for a more public “fashion” role?  Having work done would speak to that.   Same for BC.  We’re commenting that he’s looking old, has more wrinkles etc since the Shamwow.  If he’s had Botox or had work done, that’s relevant.  I compared, and it doesn’t look like it for either of them.  But her teeth seem to have been done.  Her weight as related to the “preg”, his as related to stress is also pertinent.  Her acting/dressing frumpy outside of RCs is relevant too - it speaks to character.   Finding him unattractive now due to the shamwow, also relevant.    Appearance is key, it’s what we have to go on.  Just have to try to keep it relevant.

(3/3)  I love the way Sophie is cut out of that fan photo. It looked like she may have been looking at the camera, from the position of her arm and the fan’s just thought ‘nah, I don’t want her in it", and just took BC and the fan! lol.

Ballsy:   Lol!  Actually Choppy added her back in for her Avatar.

Correction from Choppy:

No no, Messy made that brilliant improvement of the photo formally known as  “Sophie- The Big Frame Out”:


(¾)  For some of those nannies I don’t think it’s the pat on the head they want so much as a permanent invite into BC’s inner circle of friends. Then they can gloat about it all over the Internet. Or do like CB and just make your own shit up. That one’s so pathetic it’s laughable.

Ballsy:   Status amongst the fandom?  Gloating that they are better than others because Ben looked at them 3 seconds longer than another fan?  Yeah, that too.   Tho realistically it’s more along the lines of Ben rolling his eyes at them more than any other fan.  Does Raks think she’s better than anyone because Ben answered a question and mentioned her?

Q: What is the weirdest thing a female fan has ever done?

BC:  Throwing a surprise party in my honour at my place of work.

(3/5)  How’s Mrs. Bennet doing? I wondered what she meant by “watch this space”, did she know all along that this was a showmance? Is that why Benny went to Scotland in October, to gently explain that to her? Does she know what Soapy is doing, is she in on the pregnancy—if it’s fake? What about her Mr. Bennet? I may have a very difficult relationship with my parents, but one of my biggest fears when it comes to dating famous people is the tabloids hounding them (esp. my mother who has Aspie traits).

Ballsy:   Good question.  What has So-So told Mumsie Hunter?  Is she in on it?  What does Mumsie Hunter think of the Escort rumours?  The fake preg?  She’s been awfully quiet in the tabs since the GAG.  Unless that really was her with them on speed-dial leaking wedding deets …    

(3/6)  Kudos to Erdem if they still have the guts to have her as a brand ambassador after lying to vogue (or rather Hamish threw shade). Plus remember when Valentino took her pic down to distance their brand from her? That would be bad for their image IMO.

Ballsy:   Question.  Had any of us even heard of Erdem before all this?  I definitely knew about Valentino.  And I do recall a certain someone pushing how nice So-So’s first Erdem dress was, over and over on Eggsy …

(3/7)   "I don’t think anyone side eyes Javier Bardem or his relationship with Penelope Cruz.“ That’s a sham too? I thought that one is a genuine relationship.

Ballsy:   They’re married, have two kids and don’t talk about their relationship.  That’s all I know.  Pupok?  What did you mean by that exactly? 

(3/8)  #man i love the fact that they love to put arm around each other’s neck #such a cool pose for husband and wife > A nanny’s tags on this bundleofjoy-batch(.)tumblr(.)com/post/123186384202/benedict-cumberbatch-and-sophie-hunter-looking

Ballsy:   Cool pose?  Oh, every loved up couple should now adopt the buddy pose/wrangling-about-to-throttle-neck-grab.  So tender, much tug-o-war.

So, who exactly is behind “The Cumberfamily Appreciation Blog”?

(3/9)  Re: Conrad. It’s interesting how even in her earliest interviews, she’s grilled about her relationship with a man. Her first major publication feature revolved around her wedding/marriage to another man. Would HB ever be this interested in interviewing her had she not married Benedict? Because AFAIK, she’s 'directing’ a minor piece. I have yet to see her in anything where she’s done something notable that wasn’t a result of latching onto a man. They shouldn’t have oversold her/lied about her CV.

Ballsy:   Oh, they most definitely would not be interested in a nobody Avant Garde Theatre Director who hasn’t really done anything of note, if she wasn’t attached to Mr Click Bait.   Again, google her and whack in a “-Cumberbatch”.   Even when I got that first ask and googled just her name plus harper’s bazaar - all I got was skeptic blogs.  Waves to SOGO! 

(3/10)  I wonder what she’s like at these embassy events. Don’t you? Does she try to at least be charming when she’s introduced to the ambassador/spouse by saying something quirky when there’s something to say like, "congratulations on gay marriage! Yay!” Was she a sourpuss around his investors? Personally, I would have death-glared him to death to be kind to servicemen. I mean I’m so clueless about these things I had to be sent to charm school for it, but at least I’d make an effort. Any eye-witnesses?

Ballsy:   Small talk, how good is she at that? 
If she flounces on like she did in the Vague Article … 
We do have the odd eye-witness account here and there.  Most pre-GAG were along the lines of them looking miserable together and her acting snobby.  Post GAG.  Hard to know if we can rely on any accounts being honest considering the Nannie worship going on.  But we do have stomp-offs, arm removal, snippy remarks, nasty looks, and odd behaviour from her.  How well DOES she do under these circumstances?  Oh to be a fly on the wall. 

daddragon asked:

the moxie finally finishes its larval stage and grows a tough shell and many blond antenna. It is now an adult Fieri.

the year is 4215, archaeologists have descended into a catacomb engraved with mysterious runes

a skull is found, apart from everything else, sat atop a pedestal

one of the archaeologists finds a pull string on the back of the skull

for the first time in two millenia, my voice explodes out of the skull at an earth-shattering 600 decibels


a passenger train made entirely out of rare steak, seasoned to perfection, explodes through the granite catacomb wall, flattening the skull and archaeologists entirely

my ghost, wearing a transparent conductor’s hat, pulls a cord that blows a baleful siren of a whistle

on the surface, air raid sirens sound

world governments had prepared for this event, but still they are not ready

earth is not ready

the Age of Flavor is about to begin