MARCAs Cover | August 24, 2016 :


  • Gareth Bale will renew his contract until 2021 & he will become the second highest paid player in the team after Cristiano. 
  • Cristiano will renew his contract until 2020, Ødegaard until 2021.
  • Modric is next in the list of contract renewal.
  • Real Madrid rejected two offers of millions for Casemiro this summer.
The Promise at the Toronto International Film Festival
An Armenian medical student (Oscar Isaac), an artist (Charlotte Le Bon), and a worldly American journalist (Christian Bale) form a love triangle amid the chaos of the First World War, in this epic romance from director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda).

There will be five screenings of The Promise (Sept 11, 12 and 16) at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Sept 11 screening is a Gala screening! Tickets are available now.

In 2 days this will happen …

UEFA Best Player in Europe - Final three:

As in previous years, journalists from each of UEFA’s 55 member associations provided an initial list of their five best-ranked players, with the first receiving five points, the second four, and so on. The ten players with the most points advanced to a second round of voting, which has determined the three finalists.

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I’m tired of hearing rumors about James. I can not wait to be on August 31 and that the market is closed. I just hope this smile indicates that remain in Real Madrid.

I trust Zidane and I really like Asensio, but I think he is still young and make some mistakes because the experience is missing. He made two fantastic goals and he will become an extraordinary player in the future, but he needs time to grow as a player.

James by the coming of Benitez has spent a very bad time but now is slowly recovering. I WANT TO SEE HIM PLAY, I WANT HIM TO STAY IN MADRID. He is a fantastic player and has a lot of talent. The assist for Bale is amazing but of course everyone speaks only of the Bale goal and the fact that James always starts on the bench.

I LIKE JAMES, I LIKE HIS WAY OF PLAYING AND OF COURSE I LIKE CRISMES, and obviously can not be “Crismes” if it lacks “mes” 😍


August 2, 2016 | Castelo de São Jorge, Portugal

Biglaang lakad lang talaga naming tatlo to kasi dapat pupunta at matutulog kami sa bahay namin sa side ko. Kaya lang, nagkaproblema so hindi natuloy, pero nakakatuwa lang at nag enjoy naman ako, kami. Kahit pagod, ayos lang kasi parang another memories to cherish. Isa din tong place na to sa mga tourist destination dito sa Portugal. Bale, itong castle na ‘to, ito daw yung ginamit na pang gera ng Portugal, ito daw yung pinakamalaking castle, kaso dahil daw sa gera, nawasak sya. Ito lang yung alam ko, kaya pala yung museum nito sa luob, puro basag basag na gamit pati mga tiles. Grabe pala talaga, minsan naisip ko, kailan kaya sisikat or makikilala ang portugal sa buong bansa. Yun bang, maappreciate naman nila yung lugar na ‘to. PS. Hindi sakin yung last pic.

The @cadillac fit right in one the farm. My dad and grandfather built this in the 80s to house the tractors and tobacco. @rseabve climbed up into the rafters where they hunt the tobacco to dry to get this shot. When I was a kid there would always be a wagon covered in bales of straw in the barn…the barn cats would make tunnels in the straw and climb up in the rafters. My cat, named in honor of Lizzie McGuire was born in this barn. (at Centertown, Kentucky)

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Bale Batman: Plays the playboy persona and the Batman persona so radically differently that Nolan needed to squeeze in a line of dialogue stating that the playboy persona wasn’t real so people wouldn’t be confused by his apparent mood swings. 

Affleck Batman: Plays both personas in such a nuanced manner that it’s clear, but not painfully obvious where one persona stops and where the other begins.