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Best Movie Scenes ft. The Dark Knight - Joker Driving the Cop Car

“I don’t know what I want to do in life, but I know I want to feel the way the joker does in this scene.”

“I remember watching this movie in the cinemas when i was 16 the entire cinema was packed not a empty seat left and all the time you hear people opening soda’s or eating popcorn or even on there mobiles or talking to each other, but when this scene came up the entire cinema was dead still… nobody made a sound…”

 “Cinematography at it’s best.”

“An interesting way to represent Freedom.”

“When I saw this movie at the theaters, you could hear a pin drop during this scene.”


Dragon Prompts

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:Hey, so about that prompt you did a while back about the dragon who has disguised themselves as a human, could we get some prompts on their best friend realizing this? (Through them shifting to protect them or out of anger or whatevs) and maybe some on a rival dragon nearby that has issues with territory?

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:Can I pleasee have a dialogue between a human dragon lady and the only other person that knows shes a dragon (also female) whatever the human (who happens to be a spymaster) .

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:Got any dragon prompts for your #1 fan? <3

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:I adore this blog! Do you have anymore dragon related prompts?

1) “You’re a…dragon.”
“An actual motherfucking dragon.”
“I could ride you into battle.”
“I’m an actual motherfucking dragon, not a pony. I should burn you to a crisp for even suggesting that!” 

2) “I need you to look over these finances.”
The dragon gave the human a baleful look. 
“Oh, come on. You’re the best person with numbers and accounts that I know. And I need to figure out what’s going on with the cash flow, something’s missing and I can’t figure out what.” 
“You know I don’t do well looking at other people’s wealth.” 

3) They stared up the dragon. The cavernous, sharp-toothed, dragon that rose around them. Backed away very slowly and wondered if, like with a bear, playing dead already might just be the best bet. The dragon shifted its tail to block their escape, coiling it neatly around the human. 
The human squeezed their eyes shut and braced themselves for death.
Hot breath gusted against their face. 
“Yes,” the dragon said. “I think you’ll do nicely as my champion.” 
Considering they’d been about to beg ‘please don’t eat me’, champion seemed a long shot. It was about that moment when they fainted.

4) “Don’t be scared of me.”
“You’re a dragon.” It came out as a squeak.
“I don’t eat humans, they’re far too lacking in nutritional value.”
“Well, nice to know it’s my lack of nutritional value and not our friendship keeping me alive.”
My best grinned - all toothy, nothing like the carefully closed lipped smiles of before. 

5) “I thought you said you’d never let me fly on your back,” the human said. Their voice was a little slurred from blood loss.
“We will never speak about it again.”