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Endless List of Favorite Movies 3/???

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

“There you are sweetheart, sorry I’m late. I was looking everywhere for you.”

i hope you guys all know that the only reason i even remotely like or care about christian bale is bc of newsies

Love story - Matt/Nash Part 3

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What was his problem anyway? Matt saw me and Nash kiss many times before , so what was his problem with me and Nash had a little fun ? He should be happy for me ! .. It has always ended up it was me who was the heart broken girl for every relationship I’ve been in.

I lay on the towel in a long time then I got smacked water right in my face and I got up “ What the hell? ”,“ Ohh sorry I ruined your daydream about Nash ? ” Said Matt “ what the fuck is your problem Matt? ” I said, and Matt tear me in. “ you can’t even see it ? ”,“ what can’t i see ? ” I asked with his hands flying around in the air “ he ’s using you the (Y/N) ”,“ now you childish ”,“ Okay just don’t come to me when he breaks your heart ”,“ Matt me and Nash are not together ”, “ your heart gets crushed (Y/N), I will gladly come back and say ” I told you so ,“ Matt said and walked away. What should I do? Matt had not right but somehow he had anyway.

I stood at my locker and a very familiar boy came up to me” sorry (Y/N)“ Matt said, and you could clearly see he felt bad about what he said yesterday” it’s okay Matt’’ ,“ No, it’s not okay, I doubt Nash I do but as long as you are happy then I am happy” I lifted my hand up to his cheek’’ thank you for being such a good best friend’’ i said “im gonna go to class see you later?” Matt said “ of cause” and he ran to class, why would he go to class now there were still 10 minutes to the bell rang, but it’s not my problem.

Sara came and we talked there were now 5 minutes left and we went separate ways, I felt someone  behind me so I turn around before I knew who it was the person slapped me directly in the ass, I took my ass and then Nash’s blue eyes looking into my eyes’’ Nash it was not nice,“
” sorry should I make amends?“,” yes’’ I said, crossing my arms, he took his hand behind me went under my jeans’’ Nash what are you doing?“,” make amends’’ Nash said and start massaging my one bale, I lean my head back with pleasure and just before Nash was going to kiss my neck the bell called, perfect’’ i expect that we will finished that later’’ he whispered in my ear “ you wish Grier”,“ always” he said, and once again hit me in the ass and we went to the class.

I thought of Nash whole hour and were he constantly says “ i expect that we will finished that later” but never do, I turn around and saw Nash looking at me, I smiled and turn around. The class went by quickly and we sat at a table for lunch, two brunettes sat at each of Nash’s side, leaning up at Nash, it hurt inside, and Matt saw it clearly and looked at me with’’ I told you so’’ eyes, I just looked down in pure disappointment but  Nash was not my boyfriends so he could make flirt with all the girls he wanted and I could do the same just with boys instead, I saw Cameron looking at me and smiled, Nash’s best friend no it would be a shame for him, no I just think I will be leaving it to Nash what he wants, I would just not play his doll anymore like he just can tinker on.

I got up and went out’’ hey (Y/N) I would like to ask you something’’ sounded from behind    “what” i said I’m pretty pissed, I was not really in the mood for conversation. I still did not turn around because I knew who talked it was Nash “ why are you so mad?”,“ I’m not mad” I said more sour than I was before, I opened my locker and threw my books in, Nash came closer and leaned up at the locker and a little closet and he was now in front of me’’ are you jealous?“

” Do it look like I’m jealous?“ I said,” offensive yes but you know what?“ Nash said, and went behind me and kissed my neck,” No.“ I said, he was now right behind me no air between us, I tried to keep my moaning inside because I was still mad at him,” I think it’s quite sexy to be jealous’’ and when he said that I could not keep my moaning inside more and it flew out of me, I closed my eyes and bit me in my lower lip’’ ohh (Y/N) you don’t know what you’re doing to me when you do that’’ how could I be mad at him?

It took a second and Nash was down on the ground with his arms around his head’ ’ what the fuck dude?“ Shouted Nash ” don't  touch (Y/N) ever again! Hearing me never again!“ I recognize that voice all too well .. Matt” WTF MATT, what the hell are you doing!?“ I yelled at him, Matt tore me away and we stood out on the parking area” (Y/N) when do you take yourself together? Can not you see he’s using you? All he wants with you is that you have to lie naked in his bed’’

“ You think I would do that?” I said with wounded eyes “ sometimes I do” Matt said and walked away. How dare he come in and say something like that to a girl! I never thought going to bed with Nash at any time in my life. Lie. And of course he had to say I was a whore in a Fancy way. But the worst thing is that he goes up to Nash and beat him what the fuck was his problem? It was the second time he had said that Nash was trying to use me, fuck him.

I saw Nash stand up my locker “ are you okay Nash ? ” His eye didn’t look good a little blue and swollen a bit “ I’ve never felt better ,” he said very pissed . The day passed slowly away, I tried to ignore Matt rest of the day it went well for my point of view , I actually had not seen Nash since he got a fist right in the eye of Matt. The bell rang and school was now over for today, Nash came racing up to me “ hey (Y/N) , you wanna go home with me ? ” He said “ oh why? ” I asked curiosity “ I have exams in math, so I just wanted to ask you if you would help me with that?” I had not resolved to say no but I had not resolved to say yes , for the first Matt had beaten him so that i owes him.

 And i need to apology or Matt do actually , on the other hand I had a feeling that it would not go completely under the contract maybe something more involved. “ Of course, ” a big smile came to his bright red lips “ cool ” was all he said and we went to his house “ sorry ” Nash said, “ for what? ” I asked confused “ I was a dick to you, I should not be mad at you but Matt ” he said pissed “ it’s okay Nash ” he just looked down at me and kissed me I couldn’t react his kiss but it was sweet his cold hands hit my hot cheeks to express the kissed

“ wow what was that?” I asked surprised, but he did not say anything until we reached his house’’ I’ll just take what Matt can’t have’’ he said and winked at me. Okay what do that mean? I’ll just take what Matt can’t have? What does that mean!? We went inside we threw our bags next to the table, I felt the silence so I looked up at Nash which was fully occupied with looking at me, he came close to me’’ Nash?“.

Part 4??