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Hail Mary (Saigenos!Victorian Priest AU) Ch 3

Chapter 3



ahhhhh this one is really short im sorry ;;o;; i promise there will be more in the next one!

“What!? What do you mean you’re out!?”

The young emerald-haired lady stood, locking her raven in a cage.

“I mean what I said, dolt. I’m out. Unless you wanna harvest herbs yourself, you’ll have to wait.” Crystals hung from the ceiling, an array of colors illuminating in their presence. Saitama’s fists clenched, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to keep himself under control.

“Not even any Amaranth!? That’s all I would really need for the day, please!”

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Cuddle Buddy Application

Name:  Arthur Auguste Angel (Pendragon)

Age:  28/9

Gender: Male

Big/little spoon: Big

Favorite movie:  Doesn’t have a favorite

Favorite tv show: Doesn’t watch TV enough to have a favorite.

Favorite music genre: Classical

Can we talk about mundane things: “I’m happy talking about anything with you.”

Is it okay if I fall asleep:  “But of course. Not to mention you look very cute when you are asleep.”

Are kisses allowed:  “Why wouldn’t they be?”

Are pants required: “Not at all.”

When are you available for cuddles:  “Any time I might get away from my duties as Paladin.”

My place or yours:  “Either or.”

Can we cuddle in bed or couch only: “Anyplace we can be comfortable, and together.”

Will you play with my hair: “I would like to, your hair is so beautiful.”