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Fassbender and McAvoy

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*Hugh Jackman you third-wheeler*

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Tanaka in Haikyuu Cp262

The thing about Haikyuu’s Chapter 262 is that, we know that Tanaka isn’t doing anything …wrong? He hasn’t been making mistakes, but what makes it frustrating for him is that he hasn’t had a break. Opponents are targeting him during their serves, he doesn’t have a special technique with Kageyama like our main character Hinata does, and his one skill of spiking is consistently being blocked by the other side. 

It’s like, he has very little opportunities to shine, but so many ways to slip and make a mistake. That’s a very pressurizing position to be in. 

In a meta sort of way it addresses the issues Tanaka has as a character in this manga. He’s not the main protagonist, so he has a somewhat fixed role to play (the hyped cool senpai), which isn’t very groundbreaking and, if written wrongly, can be annoying.

It’s cool to see Furudate-sensei address it in a roundabout fashion.