This lovely looking lady? This is Clare Balding, sports correspondent and presenter for the BBC. Currently, Clare is reporting the Winter Olympics right now in Sochi, a hub of homophobia due to the Russian laws, and she so happens to be a lesbian.

She’s been receiving a lot of hate for being out there in Sochi, but the hate isn’t coming from the homophobes in Russia.

It’s been coming from the LGBT community. Clare has been called  a ‘sell-out’ for reporting from Russia due to their anti-gay laws, and it’s frankly unacceptable. She should not be stopped from doing something she loves, and the fact that she’s chosen to report from Sochi is commendable. Her decision to report shows her resilience towards the homophobia aimed at the LGBT group, and the fact that people who are in the same boat as her choose to harass her for her decision is honestly disturbing.


Giving some love to my other Trolls and attempting to figure out how exactly he looks under that tiki mask (or how even to draw that damn thing).

Masego, the grizzly, old, reclusive Warlock that thinks cannibalizing Imps will improve his Fel magicks. It’s best not to argue.


hi! so i (sorta) wrote a song about michael’s current hair situation and uploaded it to youtube :) it’d be super amazing if you could watch, like, and reblog so that more people see it! i really want 5sos-official to see it it’s rather amusing tbh okay thank youu :)

also, i’m sorry if it’s really bad! my only camera (and microphone) is the one built into my laptop and i also have never had any singing lessons sooo :) but it’s worth watching i swear

I’ve loved guys who were chubby(hell, I’ve loved guys who were fat)
I’ve loved guys with back hair
I’ve loved guys with funny noses
I’ve loved guys with dull eyes.
I’ve loved guys with small penises
I’ve loved guys with shitty families
I’ve loved guys who were socially awkward
I’ve loved guys with narrow shoulders
I’ve loved guys with wide hips
I’ve loved guys with stretch marks
I’ve loved guys with burns and scars.
I’ve loved guys who were balding.

I’ve never loved someone despite these things. I’ve loved them wholly-for everything that made them who they were. hairy back, and all…

Don’t ever tell yourself that these things mean you can’t find love. You can, and you will.

he’s sleeping through the night, talking constantly, laughing easily, grabbing and holding onto things, basically walking (jk), almost rolling over, and stealing my heart with every new thing he learns. my tiny baby is twelve weeks old and it’s going way too fast, but each new stage is so much fun. so very thankful for this sweet and curious little nugget. #adventurepants #balding #weloveforestway

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The Bald Hairy Sequence of Russian Heads of State

A interesting coincidence in Russian, every Russian head of state follows a bald (or balding)/hairy sequence ever since the reign of Czar Nicholas I.

Nicholas I (1825 - 1855)

Alexander II (1855 - 1881)

Alexander III (1881 - 1894)

Nicholas II (1894 - 1917)

Georgy Lvov (1917)

Alexander Kerensky (1917)

Vladimir Lenin (1917 - 1924)

Joseph Stalin (1924 - 1953)

Nikita Khrushchev (1953 - 1964)

Leonid Brezhnev (1964 - 1982)

Yuri Andropov (1982 - 1984)

Konstantin Chernneko (1984 - 1985)

Mikhail Gorbachev (1985 - 1991)

Boris Yeltsin (1991 - 1999)

Vladimir Putin (1999 - 2008)

Dmitri Mevedev (2008 - 2012)

Vladimir Putin (2012 - Present)

anonymous asked:

How does balding on T start? Does it happen below 3 months and is it likely to bald at sixteen when male on my mothers side started balding in their twenties? (My dad's side doesn't bald at all, js.) I'd really appreciate if you answered because it's the only thing keeping me from starting! Haha thanks dude. :)

I can’t tell you if you’re going to develop male pattern baldness, when it will happen, how fast it’ll happen if you develop it, etc. These are questions that no one can answer for you unless they’re a specially trained physician and even then there might be a lot of guessing. I can give you some information about MPB and I can tell you that trans men are no more likely to develop MPB than cis men, but that’s about it.

The single gene most strongly associated with baldness is on the X chromosome. Some have hypothesized that because the tendency toward MPB resides on the X chromosome, trans men with XX chromosomes must then have a higher rate of baldness, but this has not been proven and the second paragraph here explores that a little more. In fact, research has shown that not all of the baldness-related genes are on the X chromosome - there are 11 other genetic sequences of varying importance identified so far, located on chromosomes 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12, 17, 18, and 20. You inherited these chromosomes from both your mother and father, who inherited them from their mothers and fathers. All these genes interact in complex ways that we don’t completely understand to increase or decrease the chance of male pattern baldness. So simply having the baldness genes on your X chromosomes is no guarantee of going bald, and not having them isn’t a sign you’re safe either.

Everyone is always told to look at their mothers side of the family to assess whether or not they will go bald, but this does not apply to us. This applies only to cis men/people with XY chromosomes. They only have one X chromosome which is inherited from their mom, and a great deal of ‘balding genes’ rest on this chromosome, so if their maternal grandfather is bald then there is a good chance they will be bald. However we carry XX chromosomes - one from our mother and one from our father, so we have to look at both sides of our family. If the men on both sides of your family are bald, assume that there’s a good chance you will be too. If only one side is, consider yourself at a 50% chance, and if neither are, your chances are less. I say less because genetics only account for around 80% of balding.

This post is getting long, so for the short answer on how balding starts, it has to do with DHT - a metabolite of testosterone - and the hair follicles sensitivity to it. DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink, resulting in a shorter lifespan of a hair and abnormal production. If balding is a worry for you, you can discuss this with your doctor and have them assess your hair during visits to see if you are developing early onset MPB when you’re on testosterone. If this beings to happen, there are a number of treatments available to both block and reverse the effects. The main treatment are 5α-reductase inhibitors, which blocks the process of testosterone being converted to DHT. There are many options available.