Balda Baldinette

The Balda Baldinette is another folding camera. The little brother of my Ansco Viking Readyset, this camera is much smaller than my Ansco. I bought this camera because I thought that the Ansco I bought last November was never arriving and I really wanted to have a folding camera. Good thing about this camera, it uses 35mm film which is much cheaper and easier to find labs that process it. Although a 60-year old camera, the shutter is still crisp and all buttons work fine. The lens is also free of mold and fungus. The Balda Baldinette was produced by Balda-Werk Bunde, West Germany in 1951.

Lens: Baldanar 50mm f/3.5-16
Shutter Speed: Bulb to 1/200
Macro: 3.5ft to 40ft/Infinity
Self-Timer: 10 seconds
Film Format: 135