balder the bright

Chasing the Serpent | Closed RP

The Vault during the Long Stretch was perhaps the most discomfiting of the shifting guard positions. The silence of the air around him was echoed in the stillness of the water along the pathway between the alcoves that held its treasures, and Balder was fairly certain his breathing was too loud because of it. Vordr stood at the far end of the corridor, closest to the main entryway to share the shift, while Balder kept his back straight and his head forward as he stood before the latticed grate that housed the empty Destroyer armour, set apart by the entire distance of the chamber–the Long Stretch.

It had taken him some time to understand that one, given that the time increments between the shifts in position were identical.

But whatever the isolation, the silences or the distance, or even the thought of the hollow, hulking wrought construction behind him, Balder maintained his brightness and posture. He had grown accustomed to keeping his form alert while his mind wandered, and as he stood, his thoughts rested more inward, beneath the burnished bronze of his armour where a small band of gold rested on a chain, hidden, yet constantly close.

He would likely see Nanna this evening, he considered, and a hazy smile made its way through the practiced face of neutrality he attempted to keep during the hours of his guard assignment.

The space in his chest beneath the ring grew warmer, it seemed, and his eyes grew more distant.