All About Maris

(Above: Maris at 5 months.)

Full Name: Maris Jubilee Trooper Threlkel

Nicknames: Booger, Snot, Monkey, Puppy, Soft, Lovey, Sleepy, Marie, Mare.

Current Age: 11 months

Birthday: 2-19-15

Breed: Elf Sphynx

City Born In: New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

Currently living in: Chicago, IL, USA

Eats: “Royal Canin” Lean Adult and Persian Adult Dry Food; Any “By Nature” Wet Food with Fish!

Favorite Toy: Catnip Filled plush banana. Loves to jump up and hit it out of my hand, then carry it away into her lair.

Favorite Place to Sleep: In my lap when I’ve got a fleece blanket covering me. She is a kitty whose favorite kind of attention to receive is snuggling/petting. 

Fun Fact: Maris is basically fearless. On her first playdate with the neighbor kitties (hair cats), she ran right up to them and started swatting at them, wanting to initiate play. The hair cats were much more hesitant, and reacted with fear. Maris will be the first of her and Fu to investigate anything, anytime.  (as long as she’s not too sleepy)

My favorite memory: As a kitten (and from time to time now), Maris loved suckling on Tofu’s belly, or my neck. I would allow her to suckle until she fell asleep, then try moving her. On several occasions she left noticeable hickies on me. I felt like such a goof explaining that the hickies were in fact from my kitten, not a lover. I don’t think a single person believed me that day.  


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