Every time a Black person comments some miseducated/ self-hating bullshit under a post, verbally attacking blacks on T.V, or bashing Black Women or Black Men. I always investigate to see where their thinking is coming from. 95% of the time they are married to/in relations a White person. You cannot take people like that seriously. I’m making it plain , simple , and blatant. NEVER TRUST the opinions of Black Man (or woman) with White significant other. They will change their stance on issues for their desire to justify being with a White person. Don’t take these maffuggas seriously. Idgaf if they’re talking that hotep shit either. How you gonna build a strong Black family with White people? FOH. Black family is the foundation of Black empowerment. If you want to partake in interracial dating that is your choice but please shut the fuck up and stop volunteering your opinion on the Black community. We have snatched your Black card. How bout you worry about your lovers parents calling you “nigger” when you’re not around.

SanCopha League

Post made/written by @solar_innerg