bald woman

Yes, I’m bald.
And no, it’s not a “big deal”.
We, women, are very attached to our hair. Most of us can’t imagine themselves without hair, and some of us, would even prefer to jump from London Bridge to the Thames rather than to lose their hair. Actually, I can sympathize these women, as I was one of them. I won’t really talk about why we, women, are so related to the hair on our head (while ironically, we do everything we can in order to get rid out of the other hair on our body), as it’s a really difficult and wide topic. Instead, I will share with you, the reasons why I shaved off the hair on my head, and why I think that every woman should do it at least once in her life.
The first reason, is confidence – For a woman, to shave off her head, is to go against the society, and to face one of the biggest taboos of our time; she will have to deal with social norms, paradigms and so on… Because of this, it may be a great way to test our “confidence”. You can agree with me that it requires a lot of boldness and courage to shave off your head, especially if you are a woman. Baldness will strengthen every woman.
Also, baldness can help every woman to learn to love and accept herself as she really is – in the moment she loses her hair, she becomes “exposed” and “overt” to the world; she can’t “hide” behind her hair anymore. She is like a baby that just has been born. Baldness can be a great way to learn to love and accept yourself 100%, without any masks. Of course, it’s not the only way, but it’s defiantly one of the ways.
For some women, baldness may be a start of a great and deep journey, while for other women; baldness can be a result of such a journey. Either way, there is no doubt that baldness will contribute to strengthening and enriching your character.
You can agree with me, that there is nothing more beautiful and attractive than a girl who has self confidence, and accepts and loves herself as she really is. If you don’t believe me, you should give a glance on Sinead O’Connor, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and many other amazing women who have shaved their head off.
Another reason, which is not less important, why I decided to shave off my head; I did it for all of these amazing and strong women who have lost their hair not out of their choice, but as a result of some disease. These women can feel at least uncomfortable in our society. If we, as a society, will start to treat more openly and acceptably bald women, and stop seeing them as something “strange” and “not normal”, we will definitely help all of these women who fight some disease to feel better. And if you wonder, yes, I donated my hair :)
One more reason why some women should consider shaving off their head is because of the fact, that for many women, their hair has become a “fashion victim”; yes, I’m talking about dyeing, oxygenating ( and so on… ) our hair. Of course, all of these things are just destroying our hair, and I see no reason for us to walk around with an extremely damaged hair. By shaving off your head, you can restart everything and to start growing a new and healthy hair. It’s a new beginning; it’s like to go back to your roots.
And just in case you have missed the spicy aroma of feminism that is wafting out of this post, I will clarify something; Every woman is in charge of her own body, and she can do with it whatever she wishes, which means that if she decides to lengthen her public hair, or shave her head off, she can do it, and nobody can’t tell her not to.
By the way, the aim of this post is not to convince all of the women in the world to go and to shave off their heads, no. The aim is to raise the awareness and to change, even if just a little bit, our conservative and close opinion, as a society, on women and on how they should look.
For all of these women who wish to shave off their heads, but don’t do it because of the thought of “what they will say” – just go and do it! You won’t regret it, I promise. And for all of these women who are already have a bald head, I send to you my deepest respect and love and I’m happy to declare that now I’m one of your family.
So, folks, next time you see a bald women in the street, you should see it as an expression of strength and courage, after all, you can’t never know what story hides behinds her shiny or spiky head :)