bald ridge

when I’m having a good day I turn Keith purple.

or, more specifically: galra facial anatomy studies feat. trying to apply it to Keith. which just turned into other things.

The Blade of Marmora all cram their miscellaneous ears into rather cramped-looking helmets with little issue so Keith just stuffs his ears in his helmet and everything’s fine (much to his teammates’ bemusement) 

The way Keith’s hair floofs up in the middle has sold me on the idea that Keith has secretly had a sagittal crest this entire time and it just gets covered by his hair. Like a combover, but for an alien bone protrusion instead of a bald spot.

Alternatively, the ridge is under his hair because he has genetics for fluffy-crest like Ulaz but also for a full head of hair like Prorok or Thace, so the only way you’d know it’s there is if Keith got a buzz cut or if you patted him on the head. 

I’m fond of the idea of Keith having a tail but, like him, I am concerned by the practicality of it. Then again altean space suits seem to just sorta magically vorp closed when they need to and as Coran points out, sprouting an extra appendage is no match for armor engineered by a species of shapeshifters. No worries, Keith, your butt furnishing is safe… from the void. Like the rest of you, it’s not safe from imperial soldiers shooting at you. 


Scenes along the Blue Ridge Mountain Range

Photos taken in the North Carolina portion of the range; specifically at Caesars Head State Park, Bald Rock Heritage Preserve, Table Rock State Park, and random spots along the road which just begs you to stop. I did roughly a 1,200 mile round trip, first heading to Charleston, then to the Greenville portion of SC, and then on to Atlantla, then back to Orlando. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


Today we celebrate national “Take Your Pants for a Walk Day”  ……

Yes, really.  And it’s easy.  Just put on some pants and #getoutdoors - from #backyard2backcountry.  Here are a just a few of our favorite BLM-managed lands for walking, hiking, biking and more.

Check out last summer’s bucket list posts to learn more about these and other amazing BLM-managed lands:

The Story behind the Photo: 

I was hiking on my own on the Carver’s Gap trail on the NC/TN border. Miles of the Appalachian trail atop various balds, with views as far as the eyes can see all around. I ended my hike at Grassy Ridge Bald which is 6,189 ft in elevation. I was taking in the scenery and taking long exposures and doing my thing. At this point I had only encountered 1 man and his dog hiking the opposite direction. 

About 30 minutes in to my solitude on the bald, this pair with their dog arrived and we all exchanged pleasantries and did our own thing in our own corners of the bald. Later on, the guy was approaching me on his own while the girl with her dog was off in the distance so I greeted him. This was normal to me as people usually approach me whenever I have my gear setup just to chat or out of curiosity. He went on to say “This is gonna sound really stupid, but could you please take photos of us with my phone. I’m going to propose to her.” I smiled and told him that it would not be a problem at all! He called over his significant other and told her that I would take a photo of them together. They posed with their dog and I took photos of them with his phone, and then he went down on one knee and proposed to her. I just shot a burst of photos on his phone while he was doing this so they had a ton of records of this moment. 

It was such a beautiful moment and I was glad I was there to help them forever keep a record of it. They both thanked me and I handed him his phone back. I then told them that I would take a photo of them with my camera and e-mail it to them so they could print a blown up version of it if they so desired. So here is that photo that I just sent to them this evening, wishing them both a wonderful rest of their lives. Congratulations Kristin and Cameron!