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alright, I'm going far back, but does anyone remember "the upsidedown show", it was this kids show, with a bald guy, and this lady who always came in through the window, and they taught me about the color gurple (gold and purple)

I have no idea what this show was about but when u said bald guy and i thought about that dude that draws or make art on top of a cartoon mountain, thats kinda like art attack but lasts for 3 mins or something kdhdjs i know those two are not related b u t

The Iron Bull Confesses: 

I had a dream I was a well built  human with some damn nice tattoos.
I was on a ship that literally flew around the stars.
And I was talking to this very attractive bald lady who was completely
blue and we were discussing some guy named Garrus who always liked to
calibrate stuff.


Pairing: dean x reader Word count: 1,347 Warnings: language? Fluff? Author: @senselesssamii

I’ve known Dean Winchester my whole life. I’ve watched him take down countless monsters single handedly. Watched him drink, anyone that would challenge him, under the table. Watched him hustle drunk after drunk out of their money,at pool and poker. I’ve seen him patch Sammy and I up like it was nothing. But the part of him that mesmerizes me the most, was his freckles. He didn’t have them his entire life though.

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two of my favorite souls archetypes, “asshole with two shotels killing for his lady” and “bald asshole, trying to get you killed in a more hands off way” and also a bunch of p8s and cr8s because they kinda but not totally fit in there

  • Great night. I love being surrounded by favorites: Mallory/Hecate, Ryan/Bald, Jenna/Lady MD, Ida/Lady MB, Other Other Kelly/Agnes, Oldak/Sexy, Taylor/Matron and Joe/Macbeth. And then there’s Maude.
  • I was in my usual spot at the first ball, and Sexy came charging at me for a dance. I always feel like a big lumbering elephant when that happens.
  • Sarah/Danvers is pure evil, and I’m not even talking about the time she put a piece of ice down my boot during the 1:1. I’m used to seeing Debra, and her reaction to Lady Macduff hitting the floor is one of feigned concern. Sarah just gives a look that clearly says, “This looks like a ‘You’ problem,” and begrudgingly peels her off the floor. Later on in the scene in the restaurant she gives Lady MD the most dismissive, contemptuous pat on the back, and it’s marvelous.
  • Jenna continues to fling herself off the counter with absolutely no fear. I gasp every time.
  • As always, I was bubbling with glee to see Mallory/Hecate. She was taunting me - looking at me and giggling, leading me to the lair door, then making eye contact with the guy next to me but snatching my hand anyway. When I came back back with the note she pointed at me with her knife, and when I came forward she pointed the knife to the empty chair next to her. I sat down, and then I realized that maybe it wasn’t an invitation, just her trying to get the light to reflect into my eyes. So I sat there with my shoulders up near my ears like an idiot while people gawked. It’s incredibly jarring when you suddenly go from Looker to Looked At.
  • Mallory/Hecate is in the “Fuck it, we’re doing this,” stage of her experience with the role. By which I mean she dropped to her knees and crawled on all fours after her lip sync.
  • Emily Oldak/Sexy standing on a table and screaming is how I feel about things in general.
  • Ryan/Bald licked her lips like a dog after she went down on Sexy at the rave so now that’s burned into my brain forever thanks. I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s never going to stop freaking me out. Which is comforting but also wildly disconcerting.
  • I’ve gotten the matron so many times that I noticed that the pillow that’s usually on the chair was missing, but you could probably take $300 out of my bank account and I wouldn’t notice that.
  • It was very startling to have the roaring soundtrack of the matron’s 1:1 and then suddenly hear Taylor’s very small voice. Eerie.
  • I had never seen Elena’s nurse before but she is a marvel. Flipping and bending like crazy.
  • 30 or so visits ago I gagged on all sorts licorice in Paisley Sweets. I decided to try it again to see if it was really as gross as I remembered it. I was right the first time.
  • Joe and Ida are a very interesting Macbeths pair. Usually their reunion is what Edward Albee would call mad driven passion, but between them there’s some sort of trepidation. It’s easy to forget they haven’t seen each other in months.
  • I decided to cut across the garden to see what the Macduffs are doing while the Macbeths beat the shit out of each other. I came into their living room to find them sitting quietly, her feet in his lap. It’s such a wonderful intimate moment.
  • I’ve been sort of adrift from the hotel lately - the social hub of my life has shifted, and I care about other things now. And so on Saturday night I felt a little silly that it ever mattered so much to me. But then yesterday I saw Tennessee on Hudson, and in the drunk and hazy swirl, surrounded by so many people that I’ve loved and admired for a long time, I remembered what it was like when this was new to me. I guess I’m just as enraptured as ever. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a fuller post on that.



“Okay, so we’re writing in to tell all the ladies to stay slim and attractive for us. Agreed?”

“Yes! Hang on though, what if someone disagrees?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll put ‘fact’ at the end. No-one can argue with that.”

“You’re a genius.”

cassammydean asked: OKAY soulmate au where you see colour after eye contact: Cas is a famous best selling author and he’s promoting his book (or something idk), so he’s talking to a crowd of people and suddenly his world is in colour and a lot of his fans pretend to be his soulmate and a Cinderella type situation ensues or something. 

Author’s note: *forever a sucker for soulmate AUs*

“Ready to rock, little bro?”

Breathe in, breathe out… It won’t be that bad, no one is going to bite you… Castiel mentally encouraged himself before curtly nodding at Gabriel.

Gabriel was his older brother as well as his manager, always coming up with these peculiar stunts that pulled Castiel right out of his comfort zone.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He answered, hastily running a hand through his hair, even though he had no illusions that the simple motion would be enough to fix that untamed mess.

A handful of deep breaths later, and his anxiety was gradually making room for determination. Gabriel pointed him to the exit of the bookstore’s staff room, the very room that Castiel had been pacing back and forth for thirty minutes straight now. Surely it couldn’t be that hard, surely it had to be easy as-

While Castiel was still busy giving himself a silent pep talk, Gabriel already pushed the door open, and squeals and whistles filled the air. Cameras flashed, and people were cheering, Castiel’s name echoing through the room. Gabriel shot him a wicked grin, leading Castiel onto the small stage that was set up there just for him.

“There’s hundreds of them, it’s a good thing we picked a huge-ass store. Make me proud, Cassie!” Were Gabriel’s last words of encouragement before he patted Castiel’s shoulder and took a few steps back.

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indie white dude beyonce fan alignments

jack white - lawful good - sang back-up vocals and sampled the drums from “when the levee breaks” on “don’t hurt yourself” doing his part to aid beyonce in murdering jay-z live on national television AND helping her create the song of the century but still staying tf out of her way and letting her wreck shit

bon iver - lawful evil - accused her of “selling out” and “not being a good role model for girls” on account of she has an endorsement deal with pepsi

ezra koenig - chaotic neutral - tweeted “hold up they don’t love u like i love u” on a random friday in october in 2011, inadvertently writing the hook to beyonce’s iconic multi-platinum single “hold up” AND scoring mad royalty dollars for himself and karen o in the process

father john misty - true neutral - helped write “hold up” to atone for the aggressive misogyny of “the night josh tillman came to our apartment”

sufjan stevens - chaotic good - one day after lemonade came out posted a picture of a sliced-up lemon with a hand-written note next to it that said “SUGAR, WATER, LEMONS, BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS” and captioned the picture “women of the world take over because if you don’t the world will come to an end,” liveblogged the beyonce concert and posted a handmade gif of the part of the show where GOD IS GOD I AM NOT comes up on the jumbotron, probably spent the whole show screaming YES QUEEN and LET THE LORD USE YOU and I’M BALD, not incidentally appeared at his next summer festival show with a shaved head (i.e., bald), began singing “okay ladies, now let’s get in formation” during live performances of impossible soul in order to mark the beginning of choreographed dance breaks, reads fanfiction about himself and beyonce being friends

Bald is beautiful

Ladies, whether you’re bald on purpose or for medical reasons, you are beautiful! If you have alopecia or trich, hang in there. Bald girls are still pretty and cute. You can rock it! If you just like to shave your head, rock it too! Bald is fierce, and fierce is super-sexy. Don’t let boring or insensitive people put you down about your hairstyle. You all look good!


((@myself : don’t say whatever you think in your tags.txs )) Genderben marie whose name remain marie for obvious reason.

@wolfinthemaze : this is great science ! powerfull science…science departement science…this realy look like some KOMUI SCIENCE HMM.

and yeah BG marie was very mahoja like in my head, but there can’t be two similar buff bald ladies in DGM so i tried to change the face i gess?!…and well the uniform ofc.