bald girl

Todaiiii I went to the doctors and didn’t do very much else other than mildy attempt to feebly dance to some music. Today I reflected on life a bit. If this is the only life that I get I want it to be extraordinary. I could die tomorrow, just like anyone, and we should live every day like it may be our last. Letting the people who I know know that I love them, eating pizza, petting cats, smiling and being grateful. This life is hard, scary, devastating and beautiful. Here’s to a world without illness. One day there will be no more pain and no more suffering and until that day I will rejoice for all that I have.

My one wish, before I die (be it tomorrow or in 99 years) is to know that taylorswift knows my name,
please please please humans-
Thank you, love, ella

Went for a less scary look today. Softer brows and bit lighter eye makeup!

Eyeshadows from Kat Von D Shade+Light eye palette, liner is Ink liner by Kat Von D, foundation from Natural Code By Lumene and the lippie is “Brick” by Dose of Colors.
Lenses are Super Nudy Blue by Geo Coloured Lenses, necklace is from Pill Jewelry and jacket is from Sheinside.

I know I look extremely derpy but I’m seeing you in the O TOWNNN taylorswift aka ottawa. On July 6th.
Im so so excited.
I hope by some force of magic this gets to you because you have made my life such an awesome thing.
You have been a constant source of love, light and hope and I love you so so much taylor.
I’m dressing as a fox that day, and I’ll be dancing like a maniac. In section 119.
Thank you for being hilarious and for existing, I cannot even begin to express all that you have done for me over the past years.
Love uuuu

Bald is beautiful

Ladies, whether you’re bald on purpose or for medical reasons, you are beautiful! If you have alopecia or trich, hang in there. Bald girls are still pretty and cute. You can rock it! If you just like to shave your head, rock it too! Bald is fierce, and fierce is super-sexy. Don’t let boring or insensitive people put you down about your hairstyle. You all look good!