bald cap

people are really more scandalized about mary jane’s hair color than tilda swinton playing a tibetan in a bald cap and mighty whitey iron fist i’m screamin like please tell me when redheads became some sort of ethnic minority to be protected

I am going to re-blog a few of my earlier posts from when I first started my blog, as I only had a handful of followers then, and I think you all may find some of these images interesting!

Attached is a “Before” and “After” image of our model Kate Errington !! As you can see, she was paler skinned, with dark long hair (under the bald cap) and I transformed her totally.

For a step by step on how to create this look, please check out my original post - Click “here

Next will be the images from this shoot.




Apply a Latex Bald Cap

Tutorial bymichaelstruts
Tutorial Link


hey hey hey, they’ve re-branded. it’s skin-neckcape.

(listen to the full podcast over here)