bald babies

Rebel Rebel

The prison doctor, not knowing anything about Megamind’s species, marks the blue infant down on the government paperwork as ‘female’ instead of ‘male’. This, as Megamind grows up, turns out to be unfortunate.

(trans demiguy Megamind)

M rating, eventual Megamind/Roxanne


Everybody at the prison calls the blue child ‘it’ but treats her like a boy until it’s time to enroll her in school, and then they wonder why she doesn’t know how to wear dresses.

She gets put in the corner repeatedly for ‘inappropriate behavior’ when she forgets to sit with her knees together, when she turns upside on the monkey bars and her skirt flips itself over.

She still sets things on fire on accident, still talks weird, still knows too much (know-it-all, show-off, you’d have more friends if you’d learn to be quiet and smile like a good girl).

The teacher still hates her.

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unstablecabdriver  asked:

ok but i remember thinking that victor was like using yuuri!! the theories were so convincing i was like the fucking conspiracy theory meme u know the one

RIGHT SAME!! when i read the theories i was so suspicious of viktor for such a long time tbh even after the kiss happened i was like “ok… but… what if he still did that for publicity…..”

but the airport scene convinced me that he is nothing but a pure balding baby