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The greenhouse offers a bonanza of unripe fruit at the moment. My watermelons are doing pretty good i think. I don’t know how big they’ll get, just that they have at least another week or two to go before they’re done. 

I made a note with expected ripening dates, but lost it so yeah. From the 12th of august onwards i think.

@fictionalred: hoe gaan de jouwe?


Summer on the balcony by Victoria

Another pot of carrots. These ‘Lobbericher yellow’ ones have gotten very fat, but some have stayed very very small. There are nine carrots on this photo, but i think i sowed at least 12. I pulled up the other ones because they went to flower. The top one on the photo also has a flower stalk growing. Carrots that go to flower become extremely tough, and i don’t think they’re good to eat any more, but for the sake of my knowledge i will eat this one.

My final judgement after growing three different kinds of carrot in pots: All do kind of ok, but ‘Early market Horn’ has performed the best in my opinion. ‘Amsterdamse bak 2’ would probably also do ok, as long as it gets enough water and is left in the pot a little longer (mine were kind of small). A final not: Horn and Lobbericher are a good choice for heavy soils as they grow short roots. The Amsterdam one is fast growing and can even be sown in august.

Had a completely home grown dinner yesterday. Broccoli from my mum’s garden, fennel, courgette, purple podded peas and broad beans from my own, and some of the yellow carrots from the balcony.

Thing like this don’t need any seasoning. Salt will ruin the taste, so there’s no point in growing your own if you put salt on everything. It should only be used on tasteless food.

10 Tips for a Tiny Balcony

By Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Really Go Vertical. Build a curved canopy for a vine to grow on and create privacy and some green space. Photo by Living In Penny/courtesy of Apartment Therapy 


Apple seedlings coming into leaf. These are the ones that spend last year both in extreme wet conditions because there weren’t drainage holes in the container and in extreme drought due to my irregular watering regime. Still some survived. I think i will pot them on later this spring. One has part pink leaves now, but it has to be seen if the pink remains or turns to green later on.