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anyway i truly love how even decided to make a large pitcher of iced tea this morning since it was going to be a really warm day, and i love how isak and even have just enough room on their balcony for two chairs and right now they’re sitting on those two chairs, enjoying the sun, sipping on iced tea, after it took a total of one minute and seven kisses on isak’s face to convince him that iced tea was truly a must on warm sunny days, especially his homemade iced tea (“i swear, isak, it’s not like the warm stuff! baby, i can’t believe you’ve never had homemade iced tea before”). and they left their phones inside and they’re talking about everything and anything, about what they should have for dinner tonight, about even’s funny coworker, about places they’d like to travel to together, about friday’s party at eva’s and how even felt about talking to his former friends again, and isak just listens to him attentively because it’s one of his favorite things in the world, when even opens up to him like this, and isak thinks that anyone would be lucky to get to listen to this gorgeous boy talk about his feelings and tell his stories 

A Touch Of Love, 7.

Genre | Romance / Valentine’s Day drabbles.

Pairing | Park Jimin / Reader.

Prompt“I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”

Words | 957 words.

She was a face that Jimin almost missed, for if his car were not due for a service that early morning, or perhaps he decided to board the train instead, he would have never discovered the iridescent star tucked within the bus stop shelter. Even more so, an opportunity that nearly slipped through his fingers like silk, almost deterred by the recreancy that ran thick within his veins and tried to convince him that such a concept of inking the back of her hand in the ten digits that consist his phone number would be a fruitless reach of hope as a means of keeping in touch.

She had been wearing a yellow wool coat, like sunshine draping her figure, pooling just above her knees in a hem that her fingertips distractedly toyed with. Jimin had arrived in a hasty flush of dewy rose biting at his cheeks and nose, honey blonde hair a dampened disarray by attempts of evading the rain that had managed to slip through the leaves of the trees lining the pathway, landing upon his skin in chilling little specks of ice cold while he jogged. Once he was underneath the shelter, he had barely registered the placid sign of life that was nestled upon the bench for he was doubled over, seeking air to draw into his ragged lungs, the profound, heavy inhalations faltering at the meek sound of a voice. A harmony of birds trapped within vocal chords.

“You’re not going to die on me, are you?”

At that, Jimin had glanced up from his keeled position to be faced with, quite possibly, the most breathtaking human being he has ever had the honour of laying eyes on. A smile that had matched her attire, sunlight tucked between the fissures of her teeth, bleeding into her voice like she was the goddamn embodiment of the colossal star itself. Jimin would have believed it in a heartbeat.

And he still does, is utterly convinced that the girl who had struck a conversation with him in that cold yet cosy space, right before her bus had pulled up to the curb and Jimin had held his breath and took a leap into the oblivion, was plucked from the dark matter above, purposefully hidden away in that tiny bus stop enclosure for him to discover and adore with his whole heart. To take a chance for, having lightly pulled at her wrist just as she was about to enter the vehicle, scrawling numbers and his name in thick strokes of ink, embedded within her pores in a choice that had been left with her to enact upon, to decide.

The clock had neared ten in the evening on that same day when Jimin’s phone display had lit up with the message that began a legion chain of texts, which would buzz in their pockets throughout every available minute of the days and weeks, accumulating into months ahead.

[ 9:54PM ] Jimin, I’m Y/N and I think you look unbearably adorable with your red nose after running through the rain and I’m even gladder that your car broke down so that we could meet. Coffee, sometime?

[ 9:54PM ] Or dinner, maybe?

[ 9:55PM ] Or we could go sightseeing, or just sit in a park and talk, I don’t care! I would just really love to see you again. I mean, you didn’t write your name and number on my hand for no reason, right?

[ 9:55PM ] … Right??

“If you keep staring like that, you’re going to burn holes through my face.”

Jimin grins, though refuses to glance away, gazing all the more at the entity that just voiced her thoughts. She, bundled in nothing but a pair of cotton white panties and an ocean of midnight black in the form of his very own sweater leisurely sits upon the balcony chair, toes only just making an appearance over the edge of the wooden tabletop where she has propped up her feet, a bowl of cereal protectively cradled underneath her chin by one hand while the other spoons excessively into her awaiting, parted mouth. The soft, rosy flesh that he has kissed more times deemed possible to tally, even now, wishing to add another strike to that score although the cereal milk that is gathered in the corners of her lips. Just knowing that he can kiss her without question, with no reason for an excuse has him lightheaded, heart swelling.

“I just can’t get over how a few months ago, I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater,” Jimin chuckles, nursing soggy cornflakes at the bottom of his own bowl with the edge of his spoon. “Isn’t it funny how things work out like that? Imagine my car had never broken down, or if I took the train instead.”

Setting her bowl down on the table, she stands, stretching her arms long above her head, reaching for the morning sun as it ascends the sky before she lets them float back down to her sides. With a graceful step, his sunshine girl saunters over and Jimin wordlessly opens his arms, eyes trained on the way she picks herself up into his lap, nestles close against his chest and gently caresses his face with both palms.

“I think,” she whispers, and her lips are so close that he can feel the words skitter across his own, urging him to occlude the mere distance that separates them, “that we would’ve met somehow, somewhere, nonetheless. Don’t you think so, too?”

When Jimin slants his mouth against her own in a kiss that tastes like golden light, syrup and honey, it is all the agreement in the world that she requires.

Drabbles | One: KTHTwo: MYGThree: JHSFour: KNJFive: KSJSix: JJK • Seven: PJM (Finale)

MariChat May
Day 10: What if…
Words: 903

He walked along the fence of her balcony, he would be pacing if he didn’t have to be careful about the balance. The wind flicks his hair away from his eyes and finally he looks over at Marinette who is slumped in her balcony chair, a blanket over her shoulder and a dull look in her eyes. His frustration is nearly high enough to call her out on it, but he can’t.

It’s not what she needs.

Finally, he stops pacing, balances his staff on the balcony and turns to look at her. She flinches.

‘I’m sorry’ he could say, but that would imply that he was wrong and while he didn’t believe he was wrong about what he did, he knows he shouldn’t have done it the way he did.

She was walking alone, on the edge of the eiffel tower, the drop to the earth 3 inches away from her foot. As soon as he saw someone who wasn’t dressed in red and black walking so close to the edge he assumed the worst and raced up with his muscles burning and mind racing telling him to go faster.

As soon as he’d seen it was Mari his eyesight went blurry and he couldn’t think to do anything except for yank her from the edge and hold her so tightly that she whimpered in pain. The fear coursing through his veins had made it hard for him to let go, but he did loosen his grip, and they sat on the eiffel tower, her in his lap. His lungs ached with how hard he was breathing, how close he was to a panic attack.

He’s still shaking now, body tired from the strain he had already put it through trying to get them both down to the ground.

He had meant to say ‘How did you get up there?’ but the fear in his lungs had said ‘Are you out of your mind?’

He had meant to say, ‘I was so worried, are you okay?’

Instead he asked ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’

She answered, ‘I’m fine. I can keep my balance.’

Walking her home he had wanted to say ‘You can’t do that, you don’t have powers like me.’

‘You can’t do anything!’

She didn’t answer him after that, retreating into herself and gaining the far away look that is on her face even now.

While he was encased in his thoughts even more tears had started falling down her face,

“I can’t do anything!” she growls to herself, self loathing loaded in every word, Chat can feel his heart break.

“Princess, I hadn’t meant-”

“But you’re right! I-I can’t do… anything!”

The black cat jumps off of his place on the balcony and stands in front of her chair before squatting to be eye level.

She’s still looking down at her hands, that are clasped and wringing in each other making the skin a mottled pink.

“Princess, please look at me.”

She won’t.

“Princess. Please.”

He needs her to look at him, he needs to know what’s going on in her brain, he needs to know how to fix it.

“Princess I need you to look at me.” he whispers.

She looks up at him slowly and stops right below his eyes, he uses a finger on her chin to raise her the rest of the way.

“What if you had fallen? I can’t lose you.”

He wasn’t supposed to make confessions like this, he knows. His princess has another prince she’s after, and he is not it.

But what if he never gets to tell her?

She’s still looking numb and far away. His brash statement still running rampant in her head.

He does the only thing he can think of doing in that moment, when her lips are so close to his thumb and she’s looking at him as though the world is going to shatter and they’ll be hanging on, cutting their hands on the sharp edge.

He leans forward, a hairs breath away, head tilted and looks down at her lips with half lidded eyes.

He could say something.

‘Princess, I’m going to kiss you.’ pounds against his skill like the bass of his song for her.

Nothing sounds right, so, heart resting in her shaky hands he pushes the last bit forward.

She’s not quite kissing him back, but he nudges his nose against her cheek and strokes her chin with his fingers. Her lips are soft, and dry. More chapped than his where she’s bitten she skin off but not unpleasant. He presses harder, slides his lips against hers and breaks in her arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t-” he says. The tears in his eyes finally spilling over to mix with hers. “I can’t lose you.”

‘I LOVE YOU.’ he wants to scream.

Her hand touches his cheek lightly and he pulls back, biting more apologies down.

“Goodnight, princess.” and he rocks back onto his heels before standing up. He’s so afraid he’s going to have to leave like that, standing in a deafening silence and end up at home without the nerve to come back, end up at school unable to look her in the eye.

“Chat?” she calls. He whirls around like a pet at her beck and call.

‘Tell me you love me.’ his brain begs.

“Don’t forget movie night tomorrow.”

It feels the same.

Marichat May Day 22 - Rooftop Kisses

Marinette is the last one of her friends stargazing on the roof of the cabin the four friends had rented for the weekend. Her wish on a shooting star comes true when a certain kitty lands on the roof.

Rated G || 818 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

She Wished

Marinette was the last one left on the roof of the rented cabin. Alya and Nino had adjourned to their shared room several minutes previously and Adrien had gone to bed not long after the four of them had gone up to watch the stars. Marinette couldn’t pull herself away though. They were far enough away from the city that there was no light pollution effecting the view of the stars. Marinette couldn’t even find the soul four she could see from her balcony within the sea of glittering light she was looking at.

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Only One: Chapter One

None of these  gifs are mine! Credits to the owners!  | DO NOT REMOVE THE CAPTIONS | Reblog/like if you use | master post to come |

Tags: +18 / body insecurities / fatphobia and prejudice against fat people / cheating / smut / angst / original character / MC POV (plus sized woman)

Featuring: Park Jaebeom (Jay Park, AOMG)

Writer: rolliepollieyeolie // chanyeolspeach on wattpad

Word count: 1783

Comments: This is the first chapter to what I’m hoping to be a continuing series/story. It starts out kind of corny, but soon it will take some twists that I hope everyone will like (or dislike).I hope you all enjoy this. Please reblog and like if you would like me to continue this. 10 REBLOGS FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!

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#2 for tsukishima please???

《With a hoarse voice, under the blankets.》

He just couldn’t sleep lately. Every time he’d shut his eyes and try to focus on anything besides the malice, his mind would run right back to it again. She was quiet next to him, huddled up in an old, Hello Kitty quilt. She looked so peaceful, so at ease with her face buried in the pillows, eyebrows furrowed together intently as if they were meant to be that way. Even in her sleep she was thinking about something, and Kei couldn’t help but wonder what.
“What’s on that beautiful mind of yours, hm?” He caught himself whispering, his shaky hand reached for her forehead but stopped halfway there. “Whatever it is, it’s surely not this horror story I’m dealing with.” He finally let his fingertips brush against her, taking in her everything for a moment before backing away, slipping out of bed to do something about the nasty migraine he’s been hosting all night. The hardwood floor was freezing underneath him, the moon and only the brightest of pollutant beating stars still prominent way up in the sky. Sometimes he just disregarded medicine all together and sat on the balcony, taking in the comfort from the sky above and the empty streets below. He’d sit down on a cast iron patio chair, and lay his arms across the cast iron railing and lay his head down, closing his eyes against the force of the gentle harbor breeze. Sometimes he wondered how he even got here, with his head full of nightmares and his heart full of sorrow. Thousands and thousands of miles away from home, Five thousand, two hundred, sixty seven miles to be exact, and for what? Five thousand, two hundred, sixty seven miles away from home to run away from some distant memory, hoping in that distance, the pain would get lost along the way. He was happy now, truly, and he thought back to her in the bed, just twenty feet away, soon to be fifteen, then five, then zero, because he knew she couldn’t sleep without his presence, and even in the worst days she’d follow him out to the balcony, pull out a chair next to him, and sit there, holding his hand until he wanted to go inside. It was always like that, and part of him loved it. Was it romantic? Quite possibly, if insomnia was put in the retrospect of being romanticized. Fisherman started undocking their boats on the canal down below, shouting at each other in a language Kei couldn’t quite comprehend. They didn’t notice him, but he watched them, his fingers tracing lazy circles around the bar on the railing as their foreign conversation dragged on, dragging his interest with him. Behind him, the balcony door squeaked, and even though he knew exactly who the perpetrator was, he still jumped, the iron chair rattling underneath him. She giggled, wrapping her warm, tired arms around his neck from behind, her lips toying at the nape of his neck.
“Hey, it’s just me…” She cooed, and Kei took the opportunity to sigh.
“I know…” He grabbed her hand and held them closer to his chest. He always wondered why her hands were always so cold, yet the rest of her was always so warm. He said nothing as he placed them over his heart, goosebumps prickling along his bare arms. It was only fifty degrees, yet fifty degrees was warm for a place like this, especially at the break of dawn. She didn’t even bother to sit next to him today, just holding him as time ever so slowly passed by.
“Do you want to go back to bed?” She muttered after some time, lethargy still hinted in the very crevices of her voice. He wanted to tell her that it was stupid of her to even follow him out here in the first place, that she didn’t need to, that she could just stay by herself inside until his pity party subsided. She wouldn’t listen, though, she never did. He liked to say she was as stubborn as she was beautiful, sometimes. He tilted his head back and looked into her eyes for the first time that morning, the soft gaze and knowing eyes enough to melt his heart all over again. He nodded, letting go of her hands over her chest and sulking back inside, sparing one last glance to the lost fishermen on the canal.

She burrowed herself under the same Hello Kitty quilt as before, pulling him closer and draping it around his shoulders. He sighed, part of him feeling ridiculous, usually he wanted that thing kept as far away from him as possible, but now that it practically engulfed him, he couldn’t help but lean into the solace of its warmth. She spared him a chuckle, cupping his head in her hands and kissing the corner of his lips in the singular way that made his head spin. Her fingertips were still cold, but her lips were ever so warm, and goosebumps broke out on his skin once more.
“You’re being oddly affectionate today…” He croaked, leaning in to notion that he only wanted more.
“Is it a crime to kiss my boyfriend now, Tsukishima Kei?”
“If it was a crime, I wouldn’t mind going to prison.”
“Oh.” She peeped, quietly before breaking out into giggles. “That was horrible. You really do need to sleep, baby, replenish your wit before you say that to me ever again.”
Kei found himself laughing, burying himself deeper into the quilt on top of him. He still looked up at her, the sudden sunlight filtering through the blinds making him squint even more than he was before. The softness of the light that casted through made her look like an angel, he thought, an absolute divine deity. Although she had bags that made her look like she had received two black eyes and frizzy bed head that was only more prominent against the light source, she looked perfect to him.
“I love you.” He said with a hoarse voice, under the blankets. She looked straight at him with amused eyes, blinking ever so slowly until they shut, and she leaned over to kiss him. He melted into it, his hand heavy against the side of her torso.
“I love you too.” She muttered, between a broken kiss. “More than you could ever imagine.”

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omg please write Kylo and Hux having an argument and fox!Hux hiding on the roof but Kylo freaks out because he can't find him

Kylo has been on the phone with his boss for at least 30 minutes, Hux notes. His mate is angry, shouting down the phone about unfair deadlines and coworkers who aren’t pulling their weight.

There’s a final, snarky ‘whatever!’ from Kylo before Hux hears him slam the phone back into its holder, and he’s storming out of the kitchen and to the front door.

“We’re out of milk,” Kylo says, huffing.

Hux looks up as best as he can manage from where he lies upside-down on the couch, legs over the back and the tips of his ears almost brushing the floor. Kylo is already putting his coat on, a solemn look on his face.

“I’ll come with you,” Hux says matter-of-factly, flipping himself around until he’s the right way up, climbing up to his feet.

“I’ll go on my own. It’s only down the street,” Kylo says, grabbing his scarf. “Just stay here.”

Hux shakes his head.

“It’ll only take me a second to get my clothes,” he says, looking down at himself, having learned that going outside in just a sweater and his underwear–with his tail and ears out– isn’t acceptable.

“You don’t have to follow me everywhere, Hux,” Kylo mutters, sighing. “I’m capable of going to the store on my own.”

“I’m aware,” Hux says, shrugging. “But you’re my mate. I want to be with you, act like real partners do, like I’m not just your pet–”

“Then quit acting like one and stay here!”

Hux freezes, his ears immediately dropping. He feels a strange welling sensation in the pit of his stomach, rising up to consume his chest, and only when the tears are in his eyes does he realise that it’s sadness; a feeling that’s alien to him, experiencing nothing but joy and contentment since his relationship with Kylo began.

Kylo says nothing, just averts his gaze from his distraught fox and leaves their top-floor apartment, leaves Hux standing alone and staring at the place where Kylo had been only seconds ago.

His mind reels in turmoil: does Kylo truly just see him as a nuisance? A pet that follows him around to the point where he’d rather be rid of him? Not a lover, not a partner, not a mate. A bothersome pest.

Hux blinks hard, causing the tears to start to fall as he turns and walks into their bedroom, shedding his clothes on the way, summoning the natural magic that’s weaved into his soul to shift into his animal body. Usually, he doesn’t think twice about changing his form; a fox is a fox, regardless of its skin or its fur, it’s woven into his soul, but as he catches his reflection in the mirror, Hux growls at himself.

What he’d give to have been born a human.

Having explored the area around his new den when he first met Kylo, Hux knows the quietest spots without venturing too far into the unknown. Putting his two front paws on the big window in their bedroom, Hux pushes it open and hops out onto the balcony, and he’s hit by the cold September breeze, but he doesn’t dwell on it. An animal belongs outside, doesn’t it?

He leaps up onto the railing, knowing that he can make the jump from here to the ledge of the roof, though he does frighten himself when his back paws land in the plastic gutter and part of it snaps off, making him yelp in surprise.

Quickly scarpering up to the flat part of the building’s roof, Hux settles himself down in the closest corner, hoping the raised edge would shelter him from the wind at least a little. He wraps his tail around himself for extra warmth, wanting nothing more than to be curled up in bed with Kylo, blankets wrapped around them, his mate’s heavy breath on his skin.

Hux whimpers. He should’ve known the life of a human could never work for a wild animal like him.

Kylo returns home feeling absolutely rotten.

With his job potentially lost because of a failing on his part, he knows that the rent this month is going to be tight, as is his usual grocery shopping, and there’s no way he’s allowing himself to neglect his fox’s appetite. Hux deserves all the nuts and berries and meats that he wants; Kylo is certain he’d be in a bad place if it weren’t for his relationship with Hux.

And now, he’s pushed him away out of fear.

“Hux?” Kylo calls out, opening the door to their apartment, feeling a chill in the air. “We need to talk. I’m sorry.”

But his words are only met with complete silence, a word that doesn’t really apply to Hux; always chattering to himself, always making comments about the complexities of the human world to Kylo, always making a noise somewhere in their home.

“Hux? Come out, okay? I’m sorry, I swear,” Kylo says, walking around the apartment, looking in the spots that Hux usually likes to sit in when he’s in his fox form. Under the coffee table, in the closet, on top of the pile of fresh towels in the bathroom, on Kylo’s desk chair, but he finds nothing. Until, that is, Kylo finds the grey sweater and grey underwear that his fox had been wearing before he left him. That, and the window being open.

“Fuck,” Kylo whispers, turning on the spot. “Hux? Hux!”

His mind can only focus on the possibility that Hux has left him for good, run away because of Kylo’s words. He goes out onto the balcony but doesn’t find Hux there either. Kylo closes his eyes in defeat; he’d compared Hux to a pet. The man–fox, whatever–that’s brought unbelievable happiness to his life, and Kylo calls him a pet, implies he’s a pest.

He turns to go back into the apartment but frowns when something snaps underneath his boot. Lifting his foot, Kylo sees bits of black plastic on the floor and he immediately looks up, seeing pieces missing from the gutter above their balcony.

“Hux?” Kylo calls out one final time and he hears the softest of growls in response.

Carelessly ignoring the risk, Kylo stands on the balcony chair and climbs up onto the roof, his gaze immediately latching onto a ball of freezing fur snuggled into the corner. He can’t see the fox’s face; he’s buried his nose in his tail, either hiding his grief or protecting himself from the wind. Either way, Kylo feels his chest ache.

“Oh, Hux,” Kylo says, approaching him slowly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it–”

As he reaches his hand out, Hux snaps at it, bearing his teeth, reminding Kylo of the first time he’d brought the injured little fox into his home, afraid and angry.

“I deserve that,” Kylo says. He begins taking off his coat, shrugging it off, never breaking eye contact with Hux. “Change for me? I need to talk to you.”

Hux blinks at him, twitching his ears.

“Yes, you can listen to me whilst you’re in this body but I’d rather you be able to talk back. Please?”

Kylo shuffles closer and stretches his hand out again, and Hux allows him stroke his head, scratching the sensitive patch behind his right ear. Hux hums seemingly happily, and Kylo feels the familiar change in the air as Hux changes into his human body right in front of him; fur changing to skin, paws becoming hands, eyes remaining the same.

As soon as he’s shifted, Kylo hands Hux his coat and the fox puts it on, fastening it tightly around his lithe and pale body.

“Well. Go on then,” Hux says, kneeling opposite Kylo. “Tell me what I already know.”

“And what’s that?”

“That I’m a pet, not a partner. Just a pest and not a lover.”

“I was upset, it was wrong of me to take my anger out on you,” Kylo mutters, shaking his head, hand grabbing Hux’s and holding on tightly. “I’m sorry. It’s not true. You’re my mate, aren’t you? Just as I’m yours.”

Hux looks down at their hands, tail subconsciously curling around his bare legs.

“I’ll stop following you everywhere,” he says.

“No, don’t,” Kylo replies quickly. “I don’t want you to. I want to be the one to show you new things, I want to spend every second of my time with you…I’m sorry, Hux. I am. My job–we need money. Or we’ll lose the den.”

Hux looks saddened for a moment before looking up, green eyes shining. He shuffles forward, climbing into Kylo’s lap, wrapping his arms around his mate’s neck, kissing his cheek.

“Kylo,” Hux begins, stroking his fingers through his mate’s dark hair. He presses his forehead against Kylo’s temple and sighs. “We could live in a box in an alleyway and I wouldn’t care. I…love you. My ridiculous human.”

Kylo smiles, and nuzzles himself against Hux, having learned that such a natural show of affection is what soothes Hux the most.

“I love you too, my mischievous fox.”

based on this picture!

calfreezy x reader imagine: it’s just a prank bro!  (i had to lolol im sorry)

REQUESTED:  “Could you do a Calfreezy imagine where he’s planning to pull a prank on (Y/N) by telling her he cheated but she instantly sees the camera and to get back at him she tells him it’s okay because she cheated on him or something like that? And after its just sweet and fluffy. Thank you!”

“Y/N, can I talk to you for a hot sec?” 

Callum leaned his head round the door frame of his bedroom where I was sitting in his bed, scrolling through twitter on my laptop whilst he filmed a Q&A in the other room. He had originally asked me to join him however I declined, not wanting to make an appearance whilst feeling as rough as I did on this day. Last night was New Years; and I remembered absolutely nothing. Not even midnight. For all I know, Callum could have kissed any other girl in the room at midnight and I literally would have not an inkling. This, of course, didn’t leave me feeling in best condition for the first day of the year.

“Sure,” I responded to Callum. “Are you done filming?”

“Yeah.” He answered. I made space in his bed for him to come over however he declined.

“No, in the lounge.”

“Oh Callum why?” I groaned, uncomfortable with the idea of leaving his bed being it was cold and bright outside of this room. 

“I know baby I know, but it’s serious and I don’t want Harry to hear, which he will if I talk to you about it in here.”

“Okay..” I rubbed my head, slightly concerned. “Just give me a minute to adjust.”

“Whatever you wish,” he smiled before leaving the room. I went to log out of twitter when I noticed he had tweeted only a couple of minutes before. The tweet read something about pulling one final prank before the Q&a ended. I logged out, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion as I realised he had told me it was already over, and as I was dry, clean and not physically jumping him, no pranks had been pulled on me as far as I was aware. I stood anyway, stretching. I was wearing only one of Cal’s weezy shirts and my underwear. I contemplated putting on extra clothes but decided against it.

“This better be good, my everything kills.” I warned Callum as I made my way into the lounge. He was sat on a chair in front of the balcony window, another chair next to him reserved for me. He looked nervous. I took my seat, looking up at him.

Behind him, taped to the TV i instantly noticed a go pro. I squinted my eyes to focus on it. Was I being recorded?

“So Y/n,” Cal began to speak, interrupting my thoughts as I looked at him. “Obviously last night was New Years, and we had a party, in this very flat.”

“Yes?” I questioned. “Why are you telling me this, I know, I was there..”

“But you were extremely intoxicated were you not?”

“Well yeah..”

He looked down, his hands clasped together. 

“Last night..I kissed someone else. I cheated. I’m sorry.”

I turned away from him, feeling my heart drop. I looked over at the door contemplating whether or not to just get up and leave when I saw another camera, taped to the top of the door. Then everything made sense: the tweet, the go pro. I was being pranked. 

I looked down, smirking. This should be fun.

“Cal..” I looked back up at him. “I’m so glad were on the same page.”

“I’m so sorry- wait, what?”

“I’m glad you did, because I did too.”

“Y/N? You did what? Are you still drunk why aren’t you mad?”

“Cal,” I grabbed his hand in mine. “At midnight, I kissed Simon. I’m so sorry.”

“Y/n? Are you fucking serious?”

His face paled, jaw wide open. His reaction was priceless. 

“Cal you kissed someone too! it’s alright, we’re even!”

“No we’re not fucking even! You cheated!” He stood up.

“Cal I’m sorry, I was just so drunk and you look so alike..I thought it was you!”

He stood still, his fists clenched. Suddenly his face screwed up.

“You thought he was..Y/N are you pranking me?”

I couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped my mouth as I jumped up onto Cal, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He stood completely still faking anger, although he couldn’t stop the smile that made it’s way onto his face. I planted small kisses all over his neck.

“I GOT YOU YOU FUCK!” I exclaimed through a laugh. “WHO GOT PRANKED NOW BITCH?”


He placed his large hands on my waist, squeezing me before he began tickling me. I giggled into his neck as he carried me over to the sofa and threw me down upon it, still tickling me. When I begged him to stop he didn’t and so I pulled his shirt. He lowered himself onto me and our lips met, smiling against eachother. 

“I love you you fuck,” I whispered into him.

“I love you too.” He replied before kissing me once more. I ran my hands through his hair as he climbed on top of me, his hands still on my waist, briefly coming in contact with the lace of my underwear.

“Oh Jesus get a room you two.” Harry groaned, entering the room suddenly.


Awkward Timing

A one-shot written by me that I am probably going to hell for.

Summary: Sometimes Tikki and Plagg have to inform Marinette and Adrien of an akuma at well, awkward moments. Aged up, post reveal, post relationship, Tikki is mortified, Plagg is a little shit.

Rating: M

Words:  1,247

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Q imagine! (Joker x reader!)


You let your brother Sal crash at your place last night due to the fact he was drunk off his ass and kept mumbling about some peanut butter scandal and some weird pair of pants. You couldn’t really talk that bad about it because Sal had saved your ass when your were younger from getting in trouble all the time. But this was the 4th time this month he had to be dropped off at your house because no one else was willing to put up with his snoring.
Sal was already passed out on the couch so you decided to grab a blanket and cover him up, as you were laying the blanket down there was a knock at your door which is odd considering it’s 2:45 am. You walked over to your door and looked out the peep hole in the door to see Sal’s friend Brian.
Swinging the door open he smiled and opened his arms for a hug which you happily gave him.
“Hey y/n how’s it going?”
Rolling your eyes you sighed and pointed back to a snoring Sal making Q laugh a little
“Well actually I’m here because he left his keys and wallet in my jeep I thought he would like to have those things ha”
You laughed a bit and took the keys and wallet from him
“Gah Sal’s lucky I love him so much I wouldn’t let most drunk men crash at my house.”
Q smiled a bit and leaned against the door frame.
“Oh so you wouldn’t let me or the rest of the guys come over and crash if we were drunk?”
Your eyes got a little big as you began to apologize to him because of course you would let them they are brothers to you!
“Woah woah woah no! Of course I would let you guys but in all honesty there wouldn’t be much reasoning for you to!”
His eyebrows furrowed together and a questioning look washed over his face
“What do tho mean we wouldn’t have reasoning to?”
I sighed and invited him to come in which he didn’t even hesitate to answer.
“There are beers in the fridge we can go talk on the balcony if you’d like.”
He nodded his head and made his way to the fridge
“Yeah I don’t want to listen to Sal sounding like a lawn mower.”
He grabbed some beers and followed you back to your room where the balcony was. You slid the door open for him since he already had drinks in his hands.
Turning around to let him go first you saw Q looking around admiring your room.
“Woah I like your ghostbuster poster you know it’s my fav-”
You cut him off and finished his sentence for him.
“Favorite movie yeah man for as many times I’ve hung out with there is probably 2 times I can think of that you didn’t mention it.”
He laughed and made his way to the balcony where there were chairs and a table and some white Christmas lights hanging everywhere.
“How is it I’ve known you for longer than 15 years and I’ve never seen how cool your apartment is?”
You giggled at him as he took his seat and you slid the door shut behind you.
“Probably because I have Sal as a brother and he doesn’t like me hanging out with you guys if he isn’t there.”
Brian shrugged at your statement and gave it some thought
“That is true he’s weird about that but in all honesty I miss hanging out with you like we all used to! You always crack me up Y/N!”
His comment made you blush it’s a good thing the one lighting was the lights and the glow from the city lights.
“Actually Y/N I just thought of something”
Q leaned a bit closer to the table and putting his beer down on the table
“And that thought is??”
You asked because he hadn’t said anything which made him chuckle to himself.
“Sal is always such a cry baby on the show I think we should have you come on unexpectedly!”
Leaning back in your chair you took a swig of your beer and laughed
“What would I even do! I mean I’m all in because it’ll make Sal blow a casket! But I’m not even funny like you guys!”
He grinned at you and grabbed his beer leaning back like you had done seconds before.
“Actually we are shooting tomorrow and it’s me Murr and Sal because we all have a thumbs down and Joe doesn’t!! So basically we are supposed to be in the park and each of us are supposed to pick someone to be our significant other and make the other guys uncomfortable so they say stop.”
Your eyebrows stitched together as you tied to comprehend what he was saying
“Okay okay here I’ll give an example… so let’s say Murr is the one in public and he has to try to make Joe uncomfortable and say stop. So Murr would pick someone like Joe’s sister to be his significant other and try to make joe tell them to stop! And if Joe says stop within the given time he would get a thumbs down and if he doesn’t say stop Murr would”
After hearing the example it made much more sense to you and you nodded.
“Wait so does that mean you are asking me to play your significant other?”
Brian smiled at you and then took a sip of his beer
“I suppose I am! Please you’re the only person I know that Sal would say stop to!”
You let his words ponder a bit in your mind before you gave him an answer
“And plus you’re not bad to look at”
He mumbled under his breath but not loud enough for you to hear.
“Yeah I’m in! Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there!”
Brian cheered and did a small happy dance and continued to thank you
“Yesss I’m so excited for this Sal is going to shit a brick!! Oh but before you 100% agree you have to know that this is to make him uncomfortable so…um you might have to make out with me in public.”
My eyes got a little wide and I knew even in this lighting he would be able to tell I was blushing
“I don’t see a problem with that”
You replied taking Brian back a bit. You had always found him cute but Sal had forbid you since high school to ever even look at his friends in that way. But you’re a grown ass woman now so fuck it!
“This is going to be awesome!”
Brian half yelled making you chuckle at him. The night drug on and the two of you sat outside and lost the track of time it was such a nice feeling until you looked at your phone and saw it was about 4 in the morning. Brian got up and began to head out but he was obviously too tired to drive.
“Stay here Brian I won’t mind its already so early.”
He shook his head no and protested but you would have none of that there was no way in hell you would let him drive home this early and with a few beers in him.
“You can take my bed I’ll go sleep in the recliner”
You turned to go ahead and leave but he grabbed your arm and turned you around in one swift movement
“No no no! We are grown adults and I’m not letting you not sleep in your own bed!”
You sighed why did he have to be so nice to you
“I supposed we could share my bed if you wouldn’t mind…”
You felt like a little girl talking to him, he made your heart skip a beat when he looked at you.
“I wouldn’t mind at all actually I usually sleep with my cats so I’m used to only having one side of the bed.”
You tried to laugh some but you both were just too sleepy to function. The both of you plopped down on your bed and the second your heads hit the pillows you both were out like a light.

When you woke up it was about noonish you looked to your side and saw Brian who was still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful in his sleep it was quite adorable actually it made you smile to yourself. You decided it was about time for you to get up so you tried to but Brian’s arm was laced around your abdomen. He felt you try to move and so he squeezed you tighter and made an annoyed grunt.
“So you’re up?”
You asked all could do was mumble a mhm
“Come on don’t you have to shoot today for the show?”
His eyes somewhat opened to be met with yours. A grin spread across his face until you both heard a very hung over Sal puke.
You laughed a bit and got up finally
“Hey Y/N I’m going to go ahead and leave so Sal doesn’t freak out maybe he won’t see me but hey the filming is today around 3:30 ish state park!”
You nodded and showed Brian the way and without being noticed by Sal as well. You waved goodbye to him and slowly closed the door.
“What are you doing Y/N?”
You jumped at the sound of Sal’s voice and turned around to see a very sleepy and drained Sal
“Oh hell you look pretty bad Sal let me make you some tea”
He nodded and went and sat on the couch and curled up in a ball with a blanket tied up around him.
“But what were you doing?”
You kind of panicked trying to think of some reason as to why you were just looking outside.
“I uh I wanted to see how it felt outside today”
Sal just nodded feeling too bad to even care at this point.
“I have to film today too ughhh I wanna just stay here with you”
You laughed to yourself and grabbed the tea you just made for your brother. Despite what most might think you and Sal get along pretty well except for the small arguments here and there but that’s expected. You two were like a dynamic duo who never parted way when you got older.
“Here you go it’s the tea you like”
He smiled and looked at it but didn’t move he then looked back at you with questioning eyes that made you sigh
“Yeah Sal it has honey in it”
His smile grew bigger and he grabbed the tea off the table and began to take sips.
“Do you want me to take you to work today?”
You asked already knowing the answer since his car was still at Murr’s house.
“Actually will you come on set with me today if you’re not busy? You’re the only person I trust to take care of me when I’m sick.”
You giggled at him and laid back into the couch and so did he
“You’re not sick you’re hungover”
Sal pouted at you hoping that it would get you to say yes even though you probably would end up going no matter how you felt because you loved him.
“Yeah yeah I’ll go… I’ll bring some blankets in the car too and I have some BC powder if you start to get a head ache.”
Sal began to get up putting the blanket back down on the couch
“Im going to take a shower we start shooting at 3:30 and at the park”
You gave him a thumbs up and began to get up as well.
You both started getting ready and all that jazz until 3:15 came around and both of you were ready to leave… Sal always made you late though no matter how early you left. Soon both of you were in the car and on your way to the park, which you arrived at 3:45 because Sal made you take a wrong turn.
The both of you got out of the car and you grabbed a blanket in case Sal would need it but also slightly for you because it was cold today. You followed Sal to where the location was until you found where the guys were.
You were greeted with hugs and cheek kisses from all of the guys.
“So Y/N what are you doing on set today?”
Murr asked politely as you set your stuff down next to you
“Well Sal wasn’t feeling 100% this morning and said he didn’t trust you guys to take care of him so I guess I’m here to be moral support? Haha”
The guys laughed and Sal put an arm around you and squeezed you tight.
“Also no one here will clean me up if I vomit on myself”
You stepped away from him making everyone laugh again.
Soon all the guys were called to go ahead and shoot the intro explaining what’s happening and to go ahead and start. You watched from the tent of all the tech things that their crew had set up where you saw the girls that the guys had brought to make the other guys uncomfortable.
The first guy out was Murr and his goal was to make Q uncomfortable which is a pretty hard task. He stepped out and made his way to a woman that even you recognized. It was Q’s ex who is somehow out of jail.
“Is that the woman you lost your virginity to Q?”
Joe asked with enthusiasm in his voice.
“Why yes Joe is it”
Murr replied as he walked over and attempted to make Brian uncomfortable in 5 minutes but it didn’t work and so Murr got the thumbs down.
“Dammit man I really thought that would work!”
Murr yelled as he walked back to the guys making you laugh.
Next it was Sal’s turn to
Make Murr uncomfortable and she called the perfect person to do so.
Murr screeched into the microphone
“Why the one you cheated on?? Yes it is.”
Sal replied as he made his way over to her. Everyone thought that Murr would win but as soon as Sal went In for the kiss Murr screamed no which shocked everyone.
Sal came back to the guys while Murr pouted making everyone laugh.
Next it was Brian’s turn to make Sal uncomfortable which meant it was show time for you. The tech guys put a mic on you and showed you where to sit even the tech guys were giddy to see what Sal would do. You even got an ear piece so you could hear what the guys said which made everything funnier. You could hear them talking as you sat down on the bench.
“Hm Brian it’s your turn”
Joe laughed a bit as Brian agreed and started walking you way.
“I swear to god if it’s my mother I lose my mind”
Sal laughed a bit but you could hear in his voice that he was nervous.
“Ay Sal what would be worse than your mother?”
Murr asked and you could hear Sal sigh.
“Well my sister but that’s impossible she’s here for me bec-”
Sal stopped talking as soon as he saw you on the screen as Brian walked up to you.
Sal screamed making you chuckle
A bit.
Eventually Brian sat next to you and made you look up from the book you were reading.
“Oh Brian hi!”
You heard the guys laugh over the head set, they had convinced Sal that you had no clue about the skit they were doing and that you didn’t know you were being filmed just to see how much Sal would flip.
Brian put a hand on your thigh and smiled at you.
“I’ve missed you y/n”
He said which gave you the perfect idea to act as if this was an on going affair which hopefully he would play along to make it funnier.
“Not now Brian! We are in public and not to mention Sal is here!”
He smiled at you and knew exactly what you were doing which just made everything better you could hear Sal losing his mind on the other end but you couldn’t care less.
“Y/N baby girl please I can’t keep hiding this!”
You giggled a bit at him and closed the book that was in your lap and set it to the side.
“I know you don’t want to keep hiding this but we have to!”
Brian groaned loudly and grabbed your hips pulling you closer to him and moved his hand closer to your inner thigh.
“Why so I can watch all these men look at you!? Baby no one can make you feel the way I do don’t you remember the way you screamed my name two night ago?”
You started blushing but to hide your smile you buried your face in the crook of his neck. Sal was screaming now yelling at Q to stop but he didn’t get up oddly. Brian picked your face up by your chin and looked at you in the eyes which was very unexpected, although you knew this was just a challenge deep down it felt like more it was electric what the two of you had. Sal was screaming by now
He screamed Brian help up I finger to symbolize him saying hold on as her took out his ear piece and examined it before stuffing it in his pocket.
A confused look washed over your face until he grabbed your face gently and pressed his lips on to yours which took you by shock. Once you realized what was happening you moved your lips in sync with his it was the most breath taking moment you’ve had in a while.
Slowly you both moved back and looked at each other for a while.
He said in a deep serious voice
You questioned
“I want you to know that, that wasn’t me doing the challenge”
A grin pulled on the corners of your mouth and you impulsively grabbed his face and gave him a quick kiss which took him by surprise.
“I was hoping you would say something like that”
Brian hugged you tightly but let go as soon as you heard your brothers foot steps and loud voice.
He screamed as Joe and Murr tried to stop him.
“I suggest the two you you start running now!”
Joe Called out to you which you both did. Brian grabbed your hand and began to run with you to his jeep. As soon as you both were inside he locked the doors and let out a sigh before looking at you.
“Hey Y/N”
You turned to look at him with a smiled
“Yeah Brian?”
He grabbed a hold of your hand and squeezed it bit.
“Although I feel as if I know the answer I’d like to take you out to dinner before I ask a girl to be mine”
You couldn’t have been happier all you did was grin and kiss his cheek
“I’d like that a lot”
You responded as he turned on his car to get away from your crazed brother.
“Good me too”

Request: Please write Alex taking care of the reader while she is sick and being very lovely. Ps: I love your writing SO much! 
Note: PS, I hope this is good enough, all fluff Alex ;-)

Words: 1887

‘How are you holding up babe?’ You looked up, panting while Alex just climbed onto another piece of rock. His definition under a good vacation included some good hikes and the raw beauty of nature. Not that you were complaining, you loved it as much as he did but he forgot sometimes that you had less of that condition he had. He turned around on the rock and looked down to you because you didn’t immediately answered his question.
‘I’m still alive.’ You shrugged with a smile.
‘I see that, all sweaty and gorgeous.’
‘Stop it.’ You chuckled. He threw you a bottle of water and you caught it out of the air, opening it before drinking it half empty.
‘We are almost back.’ He pointed to somewhere on the horizon. How he knew the way you still didn’t understand, you sucked at orientation. He held his hand out and helped you up the rock on which you had an amazing view over the forest you hiked through last couple of hours.
‘This makes everything better.’ You noticed while enjoying this kind of view. He wrapped his arms around you, rested his chin on your shoulder. ‘Yes, you to.’ You answered his waiting look. You stroke your fingers under his chin, placing your lips on his. He groaned in frustration and you started to laugh. ‘Shame we are hiking hmm.’
‘Still have enough of the day left.’ He said with a promising voice. You made some kind of an appreciating sound before following him back uphill. You did nothing else than going uphill last hours, to be quiet about the mosquitos. You kicked one away from your arm, looking at the bite he left behind.
‘Always those,’ you looked up to Alex who was pointing his phone your way. ‘I hate the mosquitos!’ You yelled to his phone. He started laughing, turning it back to himself.
‘She hates the mosquitos.’ He finished his Instagram story.
‘The world should now.’ You murmured, taking a run and jumping on his back. ‘Come on donkey.’ You clicked your tongue, longing to get back to the hotel.

In your favorite summer dress and a cocktail in your hand you looked to Alex surfing his way over the waves. That boy really couldn’t stop moving around all the time. He enjoyed every bit of his vacation like you did watching him, taking a picture, making a video, all the things to remember this vacation for as long as you could. You pulled your sunglasses from your nose onto your head when he pulled that board over the beach, giving you a clear look over his naked wet chest and hair. He dumped the board down aside you, splashing water with his fingers onto you. ‘Stop it.’ You laughed.
‘What?’ He asked. And when you looked up he was looking down to you all in mischief and you knew immediately what that meant.
‘Alex no!’ He grabbed you around your waist, pulling you the whole way back to the sea. You fought his strong arms, laughing in between. ‘Please don’t.’ But he did, throwing you right in the water with dress and everything. You got underneath before you took a new breath when you came back up. You stroke the wet strains of hair out of your face before looking back at him. ‘You bastard!’ You smiled, splashing water over to him. He chuckled, doing the same back. You looked like two little kids having the time of your life. And in fact, it was exactly that, this vacation was so relaxing and fun you wouldn’t forget it any time soon. It was also your first vacation together with Alex and it was not to complain about it. You fought the waves getting away from him but he grabbed you around you waist, pulling you closer so your back contacted with his chest.
‘You love this bastard.’ He whispered into your ear. His hands traveled over your wet dress and you closed your eyes for a minute.
‘Yes, I do.’ You smiled, messing his hair totally up with your hand, turning around in his embrace. You laid your hands over his shoulder and pulled yourself to his eye level. ‘You certainly came on a white horse my prince.’ You said with that typical all in love face of yours. You met Alex on set, he almost didn’t saw you standing when he passed by with his white horse and chariot, in fact, he didn’t saw you. You being more on the background of everything didn’t change the fact he noticed you in an instant. He answered that look by placing his lips onto yours. Your hand stroke over his dark hair while his hand traveled down over your back, resting for a moment on the small of your back before he got lower and you felt that longing again.
‘We should get back to  the hotel.’
‘Yes we do.’ You whispered in agrement, placing another kiss on his lips before making yourself loose from his wet body and struggling your way back to the beach with him.

It was somewhere in the early morning when your body decided it was the best way to hang half an hour over the toilet, throwing everything up you eat yesterday. The bonus, it was more than 30 degrees outside and your body burned equally as hard. The sweat rolled down your forehead, exhausted you sat on the bathroom floor with your head against the cold wall. ‘Y/n?’ Alex came around the corner and looked at you. ‘You look terrible.’
‘It noticed that myself to.’ You murmured, holding on to the wall while getting slowly up. He didn’t waked up when you got here for the first time … and the second, and the third until you agreed to just stay here instead of getting every time back to bed. ‘I think I have the flue, or something else.’ You let your head hang, panting from the little things you did. Alex walked over, supporting your body a little. ‘I don’t want to make you sick to.’
‘Like I care, come on, back to bed.’ He reacted, leading your body right back to the bed. ‘You got a fever to.’ He noticed the heat coming from your skin. You started scratching the mosquito bite on your arm and Alex looked at the red dot. ‘I think we need to get you a doctor, to be safe.’ He noticed your scratching. You followed his look over to the bite, already scared that you maybe got a rare kind of disease. ‘I will call a doctor.’ He noticed your slight panic.

The doctor stated the following; you got the flue as a reaction on those mosquito bites of yours. He tested your blood to be safe but you were all in the clear so you had to sit this one out. There wasn’t more you could do then sleep, try to eat and sleep again. And this on your first vacation with Alex, you ruined everything. You looked over your shoulder when he walked in with a glass of water and a wet towel. ‘Alex,’ you signed as he laid the towel onto your forehead for the fever. It felt good in this heat, you closed your eyes, enjoying the cold for as long as it would last. He came to sit aside you on the bed and you opened your eyes again. ‘Go have fun. I will manage on my own.’ You whispered.
‘I’m here on vacation with you, I’m not leaving you. Besides, who’s gonna hold your hair up when you throw up again?’
‘I can do that myself.’ You protested on his words. He turned on his side and looked at you.
‘Let me take care of you?’ He asked all serious. You shook your head and looked through the hotel window to the blue ocean.
‘This is your vacation, please, enjoy it while it lasts.’ You begged him, guilty by the fact that you where this sick. But he was the stubborn kind and you knew already that he wouldn’t change his current plans, even when you would get angry about it.
‘And you are my girlfriend, so,’
‘Babe, no.’ He smiled softly. You murmured something and turned away from him, angry on yourself. ‘You would do the same right?’ He asked, hovering over your shoulder.
‘What can I get you?’ He asked. You turned your head and looked to him, forcing an exhausted smile on your lips.
‘The light, cold and good stuff.’
‘Arranged. Get some sleep.’ He placed a kiss on your shoulder and jumped from the bed.
‘Alex,’ you called after him when he was ready to leave. ‘Don’t forget to do something fun on the way back.’ You followed when he looked over to you. He rolled his eyes and walked out, leaving you alone with your sleep. Witch you caught right away. How long you slept you didn’t knew but you waked up by the whistling Alex always made when he was cocking. But you were on a hotel so he couldn’t be really doing that. You pulled out of the bed, turning the corner where he was dancing on the music through his headsets. You tilted your head, smiling by his moves while he made some kind of ice tea with fresh fruit. He turned around his own body and stopped when he saw you dancing.
‘Don’t mind me.’ You smiled weakened when he pulled his headphone of.
‘How do you feel?’ He asked concern.
‘Alright. Did you do something fun on the way back?’ You asked in return. You walked over to the table on the little balcony, sitting on a chair in the shade.
 ‘I went swimming here in the hotel, does that count?’
‘Yes it does.’ You nodded while he brought you a ice-cold glass of tea. He took himself one to and came to sit aside you. ‘You’re drinking tea?’
‘What? I’m not gonna drink cocktails without you.’ He shrugged. You signed, bringing your lips to the glass to sip from the tea. It was exactly what you needed, something fresh, light and with enough vitamins to get you back on your feet.
‘You know Alex, I really appreciate you being all the concerned boyfriend but I’m feeling guilty already for taking your time away,’ you looked over to him, desperate. ‘you know I can handle a little flue.’ You followed right after.
‘Y/n, I wouldn’t enjoy my vacation without you. Are you complaining about me taking care of you?’
‘No, I love it. I just don’t want you to be bored, if you want to do something you should.’ You forced a smile on your face. He leaned over his seat to you, stroking a strain of your messy hair back after your ear.
‘I’m never bored. And the more I can take care of you, the faster you will heal up.’ He placed his lips on your shoulder again and you looked at him, shaking your head.
‘To what did I deserve you Alex Hogh?’ You asked softly. He rested his lips on that exact same spot and looked up to you.
‘I’m still apologizing for almost hitting you with that chariot.’ He chuckled. You smiled and looked back to the surrounding. The little breeze did good, but he did more, taking so much care of you, you were sure you would be healed up in no time.