The new book, Women Behind the Plow, By Sue Kaseman Balcom, has been added to the Institute for Regional Studies Archives book collection.  The following description comes from the Dakota Booknet website:

“This book is published by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, which promotes the history of Germans from Russia in North Dakota’s Logan, McIntosh and Emmons Counties.  Women Behind the Plow is the book accompanying the photo exhibit that has been on display across the state.

Women Behind the Plow honors the unrecognized contribution of women who grew up or lived on farms in Logan County, McIntosh County and Emmons County. Many stories have never been told of farming prior to rural electrics bringing electricity to the sometimes-harsh prairies. How did these women learn about providing for families, sewing clothes or crocheting the scarce niceties in their homes?

In addition to being wives and mothers, many were farm hands, healers, teachers, housekeepers and artists. They kept traditional holidays and religious customs. Unseen and unrecognized many of these women did what they had to without recognizing the importance of their contribution to the economic growth of the state.”