Turbulent by Rob
Via Flickr:
Haven’t shot this location in ages, but a trip back to Balcome Viaduct is always a pleasant experience. We’ve had some typical British spring weather lately, a couple of days of beautiful blue skies and then some heavily overcast ones. This theme called for the shot to be taken in the middle of the day, well this was as close as I could manage to get. This is an HDR composite of three long exposures taken with an B+W ND110 and using a Lee soft grad for the sky. Week 11 - Middle of the day HSS!

Musical Chairs

In 1805, during his return from India, the Duke of Wellington stayed briefly in a house on the remote island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic.By an odd coincidence, when Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo 10 years later, the deposed emperor was exiled to the very same house — while Wellington occupied his former palace.

“You may tell Bony,” the duke wrote to a friend, “that I find his apartments at the Elisée Bourbon very convenient, and that I hope he likes mine at Mr. Balcom’s. It is a droll sequel enough to the affairs of Europe that we should change places of residence.”