As Travis pulled up to Willow’s dorm, he quieted down the radio a little and texted her that he was outside. It was just like old times when they’d stayed back at school during breaks during high school, just wanting to avoid being home or alone for that matter. When he finally saw her blonde head pop out from the door, he couldn’t held but smile. It was crazy to him how she still had that effect on him after all this time. “So are you ready for an interesting night, babe?” @wind-in-the-willow-balcoin

Okay, after I got semi-over my pisstivity over Melissa not even being in the episode, something occurred to me: Melissa is never around when we’re finding out important Blackwell/Balcoin stuff. She’s always got something else taking her attention away: Nick’s death, then she gets knocked out when Faye tries to steal Cassie’s magic, or she was out of town.

Is it just me or do the writers not want her around because…she’s the other child of Blackwell? For example, if Melissa had been at Faye’s grandfather’s house and she’s the other Blackwell child, then Cassie AND Melissa probably would’ve seen Faye’s memories. Ergo, Melissa had to be written out.

Or during the Fire and Ice dance, if Melissa had panicked because of what was going on, she might have accidentally unleashed dark magic to protect herself like Cassie has been doing, ergo, she had to hit her head on the counter and be knocked out.

And tonight, if Melissa had been with them at the Boathouse, she might’ve been able to connect/see Jake’s memories if she had been there or possibly connected with Cassie when they all put their hands on her chest to stop her from coughing, ergo, she couldn’t be in the episode at all.



“If someone messes with you, you should be able to decide their punishment.”

Noel Balcoin, the oldest of the Balcoin siblings. His bright blue eyes, charismatic personality, and good looks often leave a trail of girls behind him, and he doesn’t even have to use his powers for that to happen. His competitive streak shows through when his siblings and him devise plans - he always wants to be the one with the best plan. Unfortunately, that’s never the case, and he is usually just used as a distraction. 

When John Blackwell had left for a month, he was the one who made a joke about him living a secret double life, and having kids from another Circle. His joke ended up being the truth, and unlike his siblings, he didn’t feel betrayal or hurt, he felt somewhat proud. Proud that their father was realizing the immensity of the Balcoin power and creating more offsprings to pass down the dark magic incase they were to die. The closer they get to Mystic Harbor Hills, the more Noel realizes that he isn’t proud of what his father did, he’s insulted. Sure, it was a smart idea, but he had ditched his children for another circle. His new feelings towards his father will be known, as he plans to wreak havoc to this small town. 

  • Is unimpressed with Mystic Harbor Hills, and plans to make it more exciting.
  • His siblings are convinced that their brother might have some sort of precognition.
  • He has grown closer to Cassie Blake, as he helps her with her dark magic. 
  • He is hostile towards Diana because she turns a blind eye to the gift she had been given.