Bad Meets Evil ~ Void smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Void Stiles


Word Count: 3794

Synopsis: You are on a mission of sorts when you cross paths with Void Stiles

A/N: I’m sorry this is so full of smut I needed to do a Void smut. There’s some Latin in this, because I love me some google translate. If you’re like me and like to listen to music while reading, I highly suggest anything by Massive Attack, it just fits so well with this. Enjoy the trash ya heathens 

WARNING: This is the first time I’m putting a warning on my smut. This gets kind of intense. A little choking, definitely spanking, hair pulling, rough fingering and penetration. I’m sorry if I haven’t done the warnings quite right but if any of this makes you uncomfortable DON’T READ IT!

When vengeance takes over your life, it’s hard to think about much else. Most people my age would be having fun in their freshman year of college. Going to parties, dating, being your normal youth of today. But my life is not like the average nineteen or twenty year old. It never has been and somehow, I’m completely okay with that. Right now my focus is on one thing, well, one person. I came to Beacon Hills to kill Peter Hale, to make sure he suffers until his last dying breath. He has no idea. Why would he?

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Okay, after I got semi-over my pisstivity over Melissa not even being in the episode, something occurred to me: Melissa is never around when we’re finding out important Blackwell/Balcoin stuff. She’s always got something else taking her attention away: Nick’s death, then she gets knocked out when Faye tries to steal Cassie’s magic, or she was out of town.

Is it just me or do the writers not want her around because…she’s the other child of Blackwell? For example, if Melissa had been at Faye’s grandfather’s house and she’s the other Blackwell child, then Cassie AND Melissa probably would’ve seen Faye’s memories. Ergo, Melissa had to be written out.

Or during the Fire and Ice dance, if Melissa had panicked because of what was going on, she might have accidentally unleashed dark magic to protect herself like Cassie has been doing, ergo, she had to hit her head on the counter and be knocked out.

And tonight, if Melissa had been with them at the Boathouse, she might’ve been able to connect/see Jake’s memories if she had been there or possibly connected with Cassie when they all put their hands on her chest to stop her from coughing, ergo, she couldn’t be in the episode at all.


             by these elements, we bind the circle and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors who pledged themselves to fight against the forces of darkness.  when evil assails us, when fear weakens us, when descent threatens us, in the circle we will find our power.  we come to this place alone, but we leave bound as one.  with this oath our journey begins together. 

                                    DO YOU ACCEPT THE CIRCLE?

     welcome to chance harbor, where most people would go through this small town and think it was but an ordinary town.  the thing was, this town has many secrets, and for those that know its secrets, they are part of something much greater.  many families reside in this town and a few of them have been part of the town’s history.  their ancestors are part of a legacy that dates as far back as 1692.  these families are known as the witches of new salem.  six covens created six circles.  each circle is one of six families.  each needed to bind their circle so they can become as one.  the thing is not all witches want to share their power.  some witches have darkness in them.  and some witches don’t realize their blood can create a new circle.


  • accepting canons and oc’s from all fandoms (and if they are witches even better)
  • moderate activity to make the rping go well
  • no double faceclaims, unless they are twins (which i’ll accept two/three sets)
  • plot with people and have fun because it’s magic bitches ;)
  • MUTUALS only can apply.  but if we’re not mutuals just give a like to this post so i can check your page out
  • there is a limit of six spots per circle other than the twins there may be seven.
  • the balcoin children will be one out of each circle. (this part will be canon divergent)
  • tag and track: ( v. one of six )
  • when accepted you can post a bio for them and reblog this post.
  • make sure characters are between ages 18-24.
  • once we get circles filled, more will circles will open up.
  • if you are taking a character with balcoin blood, up to you and the others to know if they have balcoin blood or not.


character name   ⁞   age   ⁞   fc:
circle they are part of:
position they are in:

mun name   ⁞   age:
skype ( if you got one ): 



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