Okay, after I got semi-over my pisstivity over Melissa not even being in the episode, something occurred to me: Melissa is never around when we’re finding out important Blackwell/Balcoin stuff. She’s always got something else taking her attention away: Nick’s death, then she gets knocked out when Faye tries to steal Cassie’s magic, or she was out of town.

Is it just me or do the writers not want her around because…she’s the other child of Blackwell? For example, if Melissa had been at Faye’s grandfather’s house and she’s the other Blackwell child, then Cassie AND Melissa probably would’ve seen Faye’s memories. Ergo, Melissa had to be written out.

Or during the Fire and Ice dance, if Melissa had panicked because of what was going on, she might have accidentally unleashed dark magic to protect herself like Cassie has been doing, ergo, she had to hit her head on the counter and be knocked out.

And tonight, if Melissa had been with them at the Boathouse, she might’ve been able to connect/see Jake’s memories if she had been there or possibly connected with Cassie when they all put their hands on her chest to stop her from coughing, ergo, she couldn’t be in the episode at all.


Austin Blackwell | Witch | 18 | (Alex Pettyfer) | Open

Austin is the only child who was actually raised by John Blackwell. His mother died in childbirth of natural complications and with no other family to claim him as their own, John had taken him in against his better judgement. His childhood consisted almost entirely of learning magic and being conditioned to master it, tapping into the power his bloodline had ensured he possessed. Living in a rural part of West Virginia, Austin loved magic from a fairly early age and practiced as often as he could, not even needing the insistent prodding of his father for encouragement, although it wasn’t for a lack of it. For a while he would question when he would get to meet his siblings, to which John would tell him when they were all ready. He would be the first of the Balcoin children to actually tap into their dark magic, delving into the more dangerous side of his powers at the age of fifteen. Austin can’t help but think he’s above everyone else — more talented, more worthy of success, more intelligent. Even with his siblings he still thinks that he’s above them, often acting like their leader.

After not hearing back from John after his usual phone calls, Austin follows what he was told to do and seeks out his other siblings before going to Mystic Falls. He comes across Mallory and Derek first, not bothering with a brotherly act and getting straight to business before dragging them off to find Nathan. The four then travel to Mystic Falls, almost shocked to find the town already in what seems like a state of crisis. They’re warned to leave, but Austin doesn’t let them take no for an answer. He wants to see his father’s dreams become a reality, no matter of wrong or right, willing to do anything to get what he wants.

  • Clashes with Caroline, their headstrong personalities causing them to fight and bicker often. He does however begin to think that perhaps vampires are not all horrible because of her.
  • Takes advantage of Mallory, using her to do his bidding.
  • Takes an interest in Elena and her newly unstable state, trying half-heartedly to get her to turn to the dark side for his own amusement.
  • Finds himself attracted to Amelia Glass and convinces himself that he can change her, going so far as to invite her to live in the Blackwell house. Much to the displeasure of his siblings. 
If Melissa is the other Child of Blackwell, maybe that's why she was possessed first?

I know everyone’s thinking Faye at the moment (the assumption being that Cassie and Faye might be half sisters, if Dawn really did have more than a crush on John as was hinted at during the fundraiser between Dawn, Charles, and Jane), but that seems too obvious.

Plus, it might be worth noting that Melissa is the only one in the Circle who is biracial. I thought this was purely a casting choice since they were condensing the series for television and instead chose to loosely base an “original character” off multiple characters from the book, so as long as they were doing the “original character” angle, they might as well add in some skin pigment diversity too. (Don’t even get me started on how irritating it is that so many shows are way too “white” - only albinos are truly white - skin dominated and then when they do introduce non-“white” characters, they almost always get the short end of the stick. I was very happy that they went that direction with Melissa, even though I wasn’t sure what kind of intentions they had when they did it.)

But now with the whole Blackwell revelation, I’m wondering if maybe her biracial lineage might also be a plot point? Instead of the Cassie and Melissa half sister angle, could one of Melissa’s parents be an “illegitimate” Blackwell/Balcoin descendant?