@ people who boycott seaworld  :

if you boycott seaworld you should also boycott all zoos. if you support zoos you are a hypocrite. there is no room for argument. if you pay to see animals in cages solely for human enjoyment you do not support animal rights. stop half assing it . 

 or do you need an another elaborate documentary to make your moral decision for you  ?? 

If any of you have yet to watch the documentary Blackfish (its on Netflix; its about a killer whale named Tilikum) I highly recommend it because it really opens your eyes about how fucked up the SeaWorld industry is and how narrow minded and how money hungry people are and it actually makes me sick to my stomach to think that I went to a whale show at SeaWorld and I actually liked it, because this movie completely changed my opinion on this kind of thing and its really sad and heartbreaking to know that it will probably go on for many more years until people get their heads out of their ass and realize that animals are not made to be in captivity.