Bawal ang Aayaw-ayaw sa Balaw Balaw

Refusal is not allowed in ‘Balaw Balaw’ is the translation of the title of this entry. Have you ever tried something different in your life? Maybe, this will be a challenge once you enter Balaw Balaw. The special restaurant can be found in the art capital of the Philippines which is Angono, Rizal. They serve typical Filipino dishes and exotic foods as well. The restaurant was established by one of the Filipino famous artists.

Price Rate: 200-300/meal (good for two-three persons)

Business Hours: Everyday 10AM - 10PM

Location: 16 Don Justo, Doña Justa Village, Angono Rizal

  • My Tips and Review “Art in Food is Great”: It’s worth going even if it’s (2-3)-hour-drive  from Manila. Parking maybe a problem because the restaurant has not provided a space yet, you might probably park your car beside it (still a high-way, though). The restaurant is very artful because of its giant masks, extravagant paintings, and dramatic interior design/architecture. The services is actually good, the crews are very accommodating. All I can say is that foods (exotic) are products of the art.

  • Food Ratings “It varies on your appetite/Above Average”: Since we are after exotic dishes, expect for a bit pricey one. We have tried their top-seller’s; these are Uok (larvae of beetle cooked as adobo or steamed in tamarind fruit and tomatoes), Nilasing na Palaka (Fried Frog, Marinated from wine), Kamaro (Fried Crickets), and Soup #5  (balls and butt of cow). Be ready for your appetite since it will digest an unusual food for it. Soup #5 is the best of these dishes. Kamaro is crunchy outside then it produces a bit creamy sensation once bitten. The Nilasing na Palaka tastes like fried chicken. Uok is the hardest to eat for its chewy skin and unpleasant taste. hahaha For sure, once you have eaten these things, you’ll really feel a delight. It’s as if you’re facing your fears and if you succumb the challenge, it then brings you joy. :) You should try it! LOL! 

                           (Here are some of the things you might find in Balaw Balaw)