Don’t mess with Sans baby, he will destroy you.

Original Comic

Thanks to @adoxtalks
for providing the woman’s voice. CHECK HER OUT OMG.


Megalovania with intro
Megalovania with intro

I got bored and decided to play around a little with audacity yesterday. I’m a huge fan of @paper-mario-wiki‘s voice work, especially his take on Sans and Papyrus. So I thought it be kinda cool to add part of his take of Sans’ speech to the beginning of Megalovania as a bit of an intro to the song. It ain’t much but figured I’d share it, cause why not.

Art by @balatronical

watch your language
watch your language

This is exactly how I felt during the Flowey fight -n- such bullshit

I love this comic by @balatronical and @paper-mario-wiki ‘s rendition of it with @truffletruck 

here’s their post It was so funny and I really wanted to do my own version of it! 

Everyone who sees this, please check out all these people cuz they’re awesome!

PTA Sans Collection (Part 1)
Gravigo Kenji
PTA Sans Collection (Part 1)

Icon: @cruciohh

Songs: Hail to the Chief (because it’s patriotic)

            Baka and Test - Sukima Kaze F Class

            (some random creepy sound effect)

            Baka and Test - Shimizu Miharu

Credit for the comics goes to @sawkinator, @balatronical, and @artbynators

If you want more of my voice stuff, climb into the van:


Sorry, had to do some Underswap Papyrus/Muffet (Puffet, Muffyrus, idk??) and like I won’t lie, I’ve already had plenty of convos with my dear friend @donutfloats about these two and them having a baby and so many ideas involved with that as well as a design for said baby.

I don’t care, I just HAD to make this a THING.

Here’s the stupid reason this comic even exists: