Paypal thing.
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man that’s fucked up! there should be an auto thing for digital works that it just doesn’t have an address on it!

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But there is? 
Just gotta select “no address needed” 

I think the shipping and package this is hella convenient for people who DO ship things. Paypal isn’t all about digital artist.

It’s not Paypal trying to trick people. It’s people need to start paying attention to what they’re doing when they’re doing stuff. Why WOULD you select “ship to address” when you’re not getting anything shipped to you? Why would you select that lol? 

People just need to slow down and pay attention to what they’re doing. Because the option to NOT choose that is right there in your face. It’s not Paypal’s fought people don’t read or pay attention. 

So guys PAY ATTENTION. SLOW DOWN. This could really mess someone up if you’re not taking 2 seconds to just click “don’t ship”.