Don’t mess with Sans baby, he will destroy you.

Original Comic

Thanks to @adoxtalks
for providing the woman’s voice. CHECK HER OUT OMG.


watch your language
watch your language

This is exactly how I felt during the Flowey fight -n- such bullshit

I love this comic by @balatronical and @paper-mario-wiki ‘s rendition of it with @truffletruck 

here’s their post It was so funny and I really wanted to do my own version of it! 

Everyone who sees this, please check out all these people cuz they’re awesome!

Megalovania with intro
Megalovania with intro

I got bored and decided to play around a little with audacity yesterday. I’m a huge fan of @paper-mario-wiki‘s voice work, especially his take on Sans and Papyrus. So I thought it be kinda cool to add part of his take of Sans’ speech to the beginning of Megalovania as a bit of an intro to the song. It ain’t much but figured I’d share it, cause why not.

Art by @balatronical