Style Imitation! Starring Mettaton

I’ve seen a lot of people making these so I tried it ;w; I drew the styles of @hotlegmeme , @m4dh4ttey266 , @thegreatpapayas , @thaidraws , and @balatronical !!!! I really love all your Metta’s ;w; <3 Everyone is so unique and special !!

Please credit me if you post this anywhere else!!!


Don’t mess with Sans baby, he will destroy you.

Original Comic

Thanks to @adoxtalks
for providing the woman’s voice. CHECK HER OUT OMG.


Megalovania with intro
  • Megalovania with intro
  • Undertale

I got bored and decided to play around a little with audacity yesterday. I’m a huge fan of @paper-mario-wiki‘s voice work, especially his take on Sans and Papyrus. So I thought it be kinda cool to add part of his take of Sans’ speech to the beginning of Megalovania as a bit of an intro to the song. It ain’t much but figured I’d share it, cause why not.

Art by @balatronical

watch your language
  • watch your language

This is exactly how I felt during the Flowey fight -n- such bullshit

I love this comic by @balatronical and @paper-mario-wiki ‘s rendition of it with @truffletruck 

here’s their post It was so funny and I really wanted to do my own version of it! 

Everyone who sees this, please check out all these people cuz they’re awesome!


I got to do the art switcharound with two awesome artists! it was loads of fun and I’m absolutely in love with the end results haha

♡ is by @sachlockk
☆ is by @balatronical
♢ is by me

final versions: asriel / mettaton / frisk and chara

Here’s another part of the collab with two amazing tumblr artists!

For this one, @elepine did this sketch, @balatronical did the lineart and I did the colouring/shading.

You know guys, i gotta say, these pieces are all so amazing, and I’m so glad that my first proper collar was with you both.

PTA Sans Collection (Part 1)
  • PTA Sans Collection (Part 1)
  • Gravigo Kenji
  • Undertale Comic Dubs

Icon: @cruciohh

Songs: Hail to the Chief (because it’s patriotic)

            Baka and Test - Sukima Kaze F Class

            (some random creepy sound effect)

            Baka and Test - Shimizu Miharu

Credit for the comics goes to @sawkinator, @balatronical, and @artbynators

If you want more of my voice stuff, climb into the van:

Blog Reboot

Balatronical here with this announcement: I’m restarting the blog. Firstly, no, nothing is being deleted, everything previously answered is staying up for historical purposes. Meaning if you ever wanna see how I drew Sans or Papyrus back in November of 2015, you’ll find it there.

Now, there are a couple reasons for this reboot! And I will try to be brief about them~

Errors, Inconsistencies, and Lack of Planning…

I never put enough effort into keeping track of answers I’ve gotten to and majority of the time my work is winging it. I don’t think I am that highly inconsistent, but I can see a few contradictions here and there when I answer asks.

I want to make stronger stories…

A good few of the events I’ve had on this blog have not exactly had the strongest beginnings, middles, or ends. I either start it off awkwardly, don’t have much a direction in the middle, and by the end I’m rushing myself or not fully prepared. There have been events I’ve wanted to do, but not enough planning went into them to make them happen.

I want to make working on answers more interesting…

I don’t plan to try and make the workload a whole deal harder on myself, I more so want to trade the style I do them in for another style that can still be simple, but more appealing. Not knocking on any ask blogs that do this style of “Character in frame and monologuing the answer”, but I feel I could be providing more and simply just haven’t been.

What I plan to do:

I don’t plan to change entirely too much, I will make some simple changes in character designs, maybe flesh out their personalities a little better, change relationships a bit more, etc.

I want to try and outline a more structured story, as this blog has been leaning to having a linear story rather than being off-the-rails-whatever-I-can-think.

My main goal out of this blog is to see it through that I actually create a beginning, a middle, and an end.

So, for the time being, I will take an actual hiatus. I won’t be answering asks in the format as characters, but instead I will open the ask box to questions people may have for me (Bala mod) or what I may do as far as with this blog.

I plan to try and get the reboot started around Late April to Early May.

Thank you guys so much for sticking around, and during this hiatus, I will try posting little WIPs or maybe just showing off some design ideas I have going. This blog won’t go completely inactive, but it won’t be officially back until later.