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The Last Jedi teaser trailer (rey/kylo ren/reylo moments) 

              “light. darkness. the balance.”

                                                     "it’s time for the jedi to end.“

Some MHA manga redraws, because I’ve been binge reading it and I really really love the style!! It’s really good. With obvious Todoroki bias coz I see those parallels my boy good job on the friend thing I’m so proud

Also Aizawa’s trolling smiles crack me up every time help

April 6, 2016 tip: Some quick thoughts on making balanced poses. This kind of stuff can get confusing but here are some basic principles on balance. #studiomomentsatdisney #quickanimationtip #cganimation #animation #posing #drawing #tips #arttips #learning

Crow, aka Bakasana, is the root of all yoga arm balances and inversions. It can definitely seem scary when you first attempt to balance the weight of your body, on your hands, your face hovering just a few inches from the ground. But with practice, and the knowledge of which muscles to engage (think core), you start to lift and fly and decide that perhaps there are more arm balances in your future. Watching students stick this pose for the first time is always fun as their excitement becomes contagious. Expect to become contagiously excited, and leave feeling strong and open in and after all of my classes this weekend listed below.
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala


A strong core will transform your yoga practice giving you strength and balance in every pose and making any transitions smoother and more graceful.
Here are a few of my favourite core exercises.
Do them every day and your abs should miraculously reappear just in time for summer! 😉
Wearing @aloyoga from @sportseditteam ❤️
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