balancing books on your head

into the woods.

Words; 1,524

Pairing; jungkook x reader

Warnings; werewolf!au, slight angst/horror

Request;I wish you would write a fic(or oneshot) with werewolf jungkook ! Maybe something where he finds his mate? (I have a thing for werewolves and mates srsly I need help🔫🔫)” —@zhang91yixing

A/N; ahh i’m so sorry this took so long to do!! It’s just that I had to do so much research for this, since previously I wasn’t very familiar with the whole werewolf!au thing, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!!!~ feedback is encouraged and very appreciated, thank you~

Originally posted by d-boyz

The moon rose itself high above his head, causing the red that stained his hazel eyes to shine outwards even more, a low growl escaping his lips as he crawled through the lonely forest. Its tall trees seemed to touch the sky, no matter what form his body had placed itself in, the trees reached as far to touch the heavens above him. His body seemed to turn at the speed of light even when he heard the smallest cracks of a branch, worrying himself over probably just a harmless, little squirrel lusting for the acorn before him. He sighed as he stalked on, patrolling the woods as to pose for something else; just like the squirrel, there was something he absolutely desired in the exact same way. He would’ve thought by now that he’d have found his mate, but his thoughts were rendered incorrect when his leader no longer spoke of his single life.

He seemed to find the dedication in his words, hidden and buried beneath the strong words he upheld for his mate, posing her as someone strong as himself in front of his pack. The kindness that he up fronted his words with wasn’t what caught him falling for the idea, but more or so the bliss of having such a counterpart; the other half he’s missed the past 18 years of his life. A year had almost passed since his birthday, yet he was still lonely as he prowled throughout the empty forests.

He ached for such solitude, the kind of torture that tied him together with someone of his own for eternity. The thought of such a process seemed ethereal to him, it just came with being the youngest of his pack. His six older brothers, and above all of that they would lead him to live a life just as they would and ask that he would follow in their footsteps; but when their Alpha, Namjoon, passed the title down to him as oppose to the other pack members, things became even heavier on him. He was determined to find his mate, the Female Alpha. So when the day finally came that he would find you, it would all be just a coincedence waiting to happen.

The stress that balanced on your head like a book had been placed there was absolutely killing you at this point. No matter how hard you tried, there was no way you’d be able to catch up on your precious sleep. The sunlight that seeped through the thin blinds of your window were what you woke up to after only a half hour sleep, and after very much self-convincing you finally decided that you were doing too much work for your own body to handle.

The first thing that came to your mind was a good walk, something to refresh your mind and bring you some peace in your hectic life for once. You remembered the forest that passed you by every morning on your way to work; it had always seemed to bring you in by the collar every time you saw the sunshine fade through the thick leaves of the trees, and you had only wished for more free time to allow yourself to venture it as you so wished. So that was where you were going, no matter how restless you were. To the public, it almost would’ve seemed like you were drunk out of your mind; even on the way there, you felt your vision continuously fade, causing you to trip over yourself multiple times.

The weight of your footsteps crunched against the fallen leaves, the death that traveled through its veins hardening it into a shell. You walked cautiously, each step careful not to trip itself over another fallen branch. The autumn feel was completely contained in the forest’s aura, the color scheme remaining multiple shades of orange due to the weather changes. The atmosphere itself had already began to soothe your worries, the peaceful silence bringing you the bliss of a simple massage. You smiled at yourself before venturing even further into the unknown of the woods before you.

Your arms were spread out around you, acting as if you were completely aware as to any danger to come near you. The sun of the night had begun to rise itself above you, its bright shine hardly visible through the tall trees surrounding it. You had work tomorrow, of course you did, but the importance of that would never compare to the beauty of the forest that had caught you in a net. You meekly laughed at your own actions, finally dropping your arms back down to your waist to relax yourself.

Right when you heard footsteps right behind you.

The noise had rendered you completely frozen, your ears perking up at the steps that creeped closer and closer to you. Your heavy panting fell slave to your fear, your breath finally hitching itself in the lodge of your throat. The sounds of your own breath were replaced by that of the person behind you, the heat of his breathing traveling up from the crook of your neck to the sensitive spot behind your ear. His hand and his delicate and feather like touch caressed your arm generously, goosebumps growing cold on your skin. “Sweetheart, do you realize how dangerous it is out here? Especially in the middle of the night,” his voice trailed off as his body figure traveled to the front of you. He didn’t give you a chance to answer him back as he took you by the hand and pulled you into the darkness of the woods.

You were completely clueless as to the situation you were in, fear clouding your mind and not allowing yourself to think clearly. Your mind seemed to resemble the sky above you as your gaze traveled up. The black canvas represented your mind as a whole, while the thin, grey clouds that shadowed the stars represented your struggle to think. You moved your gaze back down in front of you, your eyes coincidentally meeting with the back of the boy’s head. His brown shined under the moonlight, even when the darkness around you had enveloped the rest of your sight. The line that traveled down his back had been perfectly displayed to you as he ran along with you trailing behind him, the muscles in his back flexing with every lunge. You had absolutely no idea who he was, but you had to admit his first impression wasn’t that bad; aside from the fact that he was practically kidnapping you at the moment.

In your mind, even you yourself were wondering why you would let such a gorgeous man kidnap you; maybe it was the stress that weighed you even closer to the floor, or the fact that you just wanted out of your stressful life, or maybe it was neither. You felt yourself floating around him, the oxygen that he brought around with him seemed different from the air that flowed throughout the entirety of the woods. It felt like there was a reason for what was currently going on, and it was one that would required you to be from a whole other world to understand.

You were his mate, and you just didn’t know it yet—as if you’d even know it in the first place. He had found you through your scent from even miles away, finding himself instantly attracted to you, leading him to stalk you around until he finally found the perfect moment to steal you for himself.

He stopped the both of you in front of a cave-like structure, completely cleared out of trees so that the main focus was itself and its beauty. Your feet stopped abruptly behind him as you stumbled into his bare back, your fingers unintentionally clawing at his shoulders. Your breath suddenly picked up once more as he suddenly held you against his body even longer and closer, watching out of the corner of your eye as he took in your scent. He buried his noise into your hair, his touch on you as soft as cotton and as light as a feather. He was gentle, cradling your frame gently in his arms to distract you from the fact that his lips began to move closer and closer to your neck.

You were so focused on him, how lovely it would be to have fallen in love with him; yet that was a fantasy you had to wait no longer for. You were violently dragged out of your thoughts when you felt a soft pair of lips land in the crook of your neck, planting a single sweet kiss on the exact spot that drove you crazy.

A dark blush consumed your features as you finally got to hear his deep and velvety voice for once, a low howl falling from his innocently beautiful lips. “I guess I’ve finally found you, my beautiful mate. My Female Alpha.”

My bucket list ideas!

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Also this is a list of what I have on my bucket list! Enjoy! and give me some awesome bucket list ideas, challenge and dares!! 

Bucket list ideas


Leave inspirational quotes everywhere (20/04/14)

Leave a note in a library book for fun (22/04/14)

Be able to do a one handed push up (26/04/14)

Do 100 sit - ups challenge in 5 mins (04/05/14)

Do a handstand (04/05/14)

Make a rubber band ball (30/04/14)

Leave a nice note on someones window/door (30/04/14)

Sticky note a car (28/04/14)

Bubble bath with clothes (13/05/14) 

Write: this way to the Ministry of magic in a public toilet (13/05/14)

Put up a “Lost dog” poster with a picture of a cat on it (14/05/14)

Have a tidy room (13/05/14)

Make “open when” letters (10/05/14) 

Post funny jokes on parked cars windscreens (12/05/14)

Bread challenge - 30 seconds without water (20/05/14)

Eat a lemon without pulling a face (18/05/14) 

Milk & coke (18/05/14)

Burn a dandelion (16/05/14)

Tie wishes to a tree (30/05/14)

Drink a glass of coffee ( 16/05/14)

Watch ‘The bucket list’ (15/05/14)

Put a message in a telephone box (21/05/14)

Try and balance as many books on your head as you can - 7 - (20/05/14)

Paint each nail a different colour (20/05/14)

Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning (01/06/14) 

Write notes and put them up around your town (30/05/14) 

Keep a blog about the bucket list (30/05/14)

Send a message in a bottle (14/06/14)

Try yoga (22/06/14)

Write 'you’ve got one unread message’ on a postbox (26/06/14)

Get some chalk. Play hopscotch and draw (14/06/14)

Poker face challenge - you have to pull a straight face while friends try to make you laugh. See how long you last (21/06/14) 

Just draw with chalk (21/06/14)

Go for a walk around your town (29/06/14) 

Do a handstand against a wall (29/06/14)

Not done! 

  1. Crave my name in a tree
  2. Make a video at 1:00am 
  3. Do a 365 day photo challenge 
  4. Steal someones boxers
  5. Mix two milkshakes and drink it 
  6. Do a gummy bear challenge 
  7. Eat a cake without using my hands just my face 
  8. Eat a whole jar of nutella 
  9. Have a nice long chat with the trees 
  10. Eat an onion 
  11. Have someone smash a pie in my face 
  12. Sneak a love letter into the one I love’s pocket 
  13. Destroy a watermelon 
  14. Vlog for one week 
  15. Throw paper planes off a bridge
  16. Have a bbq on the beach 
  17. Wear a fake moustache 
  18. Make 365 day 1 second videos 
  19. Text “I hid the body” to a random number 
  20. Mentos & coke
  21. Jump in puddles 
  22. Paint with bubbles 
  23. Water balloon target practice 
  24. Let go of 1oo balloons all at once 
  25. Make melted art 
  26. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  27. Eat sushi 
  28. Fill eggs with paint and toss them at a canvas 
  29. Eat a whole roll of hubba bubba at one time 
  30. Make lemonade 
  31. Buy flowers for someone for no reason 
  32. Make a giant sandcastle 
  33. Try a juice cleanse - get a bottle and put water and fruit in it 
  34. Learn how to mediate 
  35. Eat a box of raisins in 30 seconds 
  36. Eat a whole sugar dount without licking my lips 
  37. Down a yogurt 
  38. Drink vodka with a straw 
  39. Make jello worms - put jello in straws 
  40. Laser beam challenge 
  41. Glow in the dark bubbles - cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution 
  42. Eat only fruit for a month 
  43. Prank your friends by freezing mentos in ice cubes and make them time bombs 
  44. Eat a whole watermelon with a spoon 
  45. Try butterbeer - Harry potter 
  46. Go to London 
  47. Make a dream catcher 
  48. Go on holiday with my bestfriend 
  49. Go on holiday with my boyfriend 
  50. Make rainbow roses 
  51. Achieve six pack abs 
  52. Benchpress my own weight 
  53. Climb a spiral staircase 
  54. Do 25 straight pull ups 
  55. Do 10 push ups for 10 days 
  56. Exercise for 3 months 
  57. Take photos in a photo - booth 
  58. Make a daisy chain 
  59. Paint rocks with nice messages on them then leave them for people to find 
  60. Make a collage 
  61. Go to the pub 
  62. Build a snowman 
  63. Wear a boys jumper 
  64. Glow in the dark bowling (using water bottles and glow sticks) 
  65. Sit on a rooftop 
  66. Run through a field of flowers 
  67. Make tie - dye shirts 
  68. Complete an 1000 piece puzzle 
  69. Roll down a hill 
  70. Put a random items in peoples shopping trolley 
  71. Get buried in the sand 
  72. Walk behind a stranger and copy them 
  73. Accomplish three pull - ups 
  74. Complete the 100  pull up challenge
  75. Baby food and baby drink challenge  
  76. Saltine cracker challenge - six saltine crackers in a minute without water
  77. Go 30 days without sugar 
  78. Be a tourist in your own town 
  79. Climb a tree 
  80. Release sky lanterns 
  81. Try different teas 
  82. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back 
  83. Pose with manicans 
  84. Solve a rubix cube
  85. Roast marshmallows 
  86. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies 
  87. Drop a water balloon of a tall building 
  88. Do an infinity sign with a friend 
  89. Make a gummy bear and sprite popsicles 
  90. Build a gingerbread house 
  91. Drink form a coconut 
  92. Do cotton - ball challenge 
  93. Do make - up challenge 
  94. Sit in a trolley and get pushed around in the shop 
  95. Go into a bed store and sleep on the bed 
  96. Flour bombing fight 
  97. Make a blanket fort and sleep in it 
  98. Do a cartwheel in a shop 
  99. Prank someone 
  100. Glue something (pound) to the ground and watch people try and pick it up 
  101. Do a music video
  102. Be blind for a day 
  103. Spend a whole day bare foot 
  104. Put on sunglasses when it’s raining 
  105. Do a twenty - four hour silence 
  106. Do something for a homeless person 
  107. Go camping 
  108. Order room service 
  109. Try 10 new fruits 
  110. Crazy glue something in a weird place 
  111. Fly kites 
  112. Walk around a shop with pink fluffy bunny ears on 
  113. Always try different food 
  114. Try deep friend mars bars 
  115. Do a halloween prank 
  116. Get a flat with my boyfriend 
  117. Go to Disneyland 
  118. Got to Italy ( Dream ) 
  119. Go to a concert 
  120. Own a “nemo fish”
  121. Go to a build a bear factory and build a bear 
  122. Do paintball darting 
  123. Breath in helium 
  124. Have a kitten 
  125. Vist a chocolate factory 
  126. Use a fake name in starbucks 
  127. Dance in a fountain 
  128. Try every flavour of vitamin water 
  129. Make jello shots 
  130. Try macarons 
  131. Try chocolate covered bacon 
  132. Try American food/drinks 
  133. Eat with chopsticks 
  134. Make smoothies 
  135. Try every Ben & Jerrts ice cream flavour 
  136. Go on a road trip 
  137. Have a dog for it’s entire life 
  138. Go mini - golfing 
  139. Have kids 
  140. Write something in we cement 
  141. Play messy twister 
  142. Participate in a charity events 
  143. Get married 
  144. Go bowling 
  145. Go paintballing 
  146. Order pizza 
  147. Swim in a baby pool full of ice 
  148. Crave a pumpkin 
  149. Learn how to bake 
  150. Have a pizza day 
  151. Make a pizza from scratch 
  152. Travel places 
  153. Have a picnic 
  154. Have a paint fight 
  155. Put soap into a fountain creating bubbles 
  156. Stomp grapes 
  157. Camp on the beach 
  158. Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming 
  159. Learn origami 
  160. Jump into a pool of whipped cream 
  161. Put mud on me then get water over me 
  162. Teepee something 
  163. Invent a new pizza 
  164. Learn how to use a pogo stick 
  165. Make something out of playing cards 
  166. Disney song challenge - give 10 Disney movies and you have to remember the songs from the movies 
  167. Movie quote challenge - Give 25 movies and for each movie you have to give a quote in the accent of the actor who said it 
  168. M&M challenge 
  169. Try mikado, strawberry and cream 
  170. Explore a cave 
  171. Write a love not on the bathroom mirror 
  172. Create an ice - cream flavour 
  173. Bake cupcakes for my friends 
  174. Go to a cheesecake factory 
  175. Bake a kitkat cake 
  176. Own a minion toy 
  177. Make a snow angel 
  178. Plant a tree 
  179. Have a hippy day. No phones or electronics. Sleep outside and eat only organic food 
  180. Finger paint 
  181. Try long-boarding
  182. Have a girls night
  183. Throw a dart at a map and travel to that place wherever it lands 
  184. Ride in a red London bus
  185. Vist pixar studios
  186. Participate in a colour run
  187. Go on a date to the zoo
  188. Explore a castle
  189. Have a silly string fight
  190. Watch the fault in our stars
  191. Go to vidcon
  192. Blow bubbles inside a bubble
  193. Place flowers on peoples doorstep
  194. Make an oatmeal face mask
  195. Write a fan letter
  196. Eat dinner outside
  197. Learn how to shoot the cap off of a water bottle
  198. Make 3 kinds of lemonade (strawberry, lemon and raspberry)
  199. Potato printing
  200. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  201. Read the hinger games books
  202. Have a sandball fight
  203. catch a ladybug
  204. Make flower headbands
  205. Make flubber
  206. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  207. Put grapes in the sun and see if they turn into raisins
  208. Do a cartwheel
  209. Learn how to play piano
  210. Wear as many glow sticks as possible
  211. Make a tire swing
  212. Shower under a water fall
  213. Go to starbucks everyday for a week
  214. Take webcam pictures at the Apple store
  215. Feed the ducks
  216. Play frisbee
  217. Pick strawberries
  218. Hula hoop
  219. Go to the aquarium
  220. Write 5 (nice) letters and put them through peoples letterbox
  221. Scream at the top of your lungs
  222. Make a banner and hang it somewhere public
  223. Put random stickers on cars
  224. Hug a tree
  225. Write memories on a white top
  226. Connect a whole bunch a straws together, then drink a can from across the room 
  227. Hang our shoes on a telephone wires 
  228. Throw confetti onto cars from a bridge 
  229. Get a 'stay positive’ shirt 
  230. Attend a gay pride parade 
  231. Own a charm bracelet 
  232. Buy cinnamon candles 
  233. Try frozen watermelon 
  234. Draw funny faces on all eggs in my fridge
  235. Sandboarding
  236. Make little paper boats and float them somewhere outside
  237. Paint yourself
  238. Drink from a chocolate fountain
  239. Slide down grass in cardboard boxes
  240. Mikado & ice - cream in a jar
  241. Drink colourful cocktails
  242. Vodka soaked watermelon
  243. Buy a pair of white shoes and write on them everyday
  244. Randomly start dancing at random times
  245. Wear two different shoes for the whole day
  246. Catch a fish with our bare hands
  247. Do 200 sit ups
  248. Make pottery
  249. Do some science experiments
  250. Go on an ice - cream date
  251. Lean to knit
  252. Have a pillow fight
  253. Hold a butterfly in my hands
  254. See the big ben in London 
  255. Play catch with eggs
  256. Play real life fruit ninja 
  257. Watch the clouds 
  258. Watch a sunrise or sunset 
  259. Blow bubbles 
  260. Buy converses 
  261. Build a ship in a bottle
  262. Make rainbow fruit kebab
  263. Own a rainbow umbrella
  264. Make soap
  265. Become a nanny 
  266. Go fishing
  267. Try bubble tea
  268. Jump in a foam pit
  269. Get a teddy from an arcade machine
  270. Eat frozen yogurt 
  271. Make a olaf mug
  272. Eat a wonka chocolate bar 
  273. Go to harry potter world 
  274. Collect herbs 
  275. Burn sage 
  276. Dance in the rain 
  277. Learn sign language 
  278. Play tennis with apples 
  279. Start a fire without matches 
  280. Participate in a zombie walk 
  281. Learn how to juggle 
  282. Learn how to roller-skate 
  283. Go on a hike 
  284. Eat cookie dough 
  285. Read every novel written by Stephen king 
  286. Sit in a field of lavender
  287. Own a pair of doc martens 
  288. Be a gamer on Youtube! 
  289. Make a glow jar
  290. Watch baby turtles hatch 
  291. Make homemade jam 
  292. Own a pair of black milk leggings 
  293. Go to M&M world 
  294. Have a lord of the rings movie marathon 
  295. Make homemade yougurt 
  296. Go to a fireworks display 
  297. Be a vegeterian for one week 
  298. Do a mud run 
  299. Put handprints somewhere around your town with paint 
  300. Make a daisy chain crown 
  301. Play with sparklers 
  302. Start a wall collage 
  303. Buy a venus fly trap 
  304. Take old toilet paper rolls and cut out eyes in them then place glow sticks in them then place them in random bushes late at night and freak people out 
  305. Glitter balloons 
  306. Buy a polaroid camera
  307. Get a disney balloon
  308. Make a memory jar
  309. Cuddle by the fire
  310. Jump in a pile of leaves
  311. Go on a breakfast date
  312. Own a gameboy colour 
  313. Build a book fort 
  314. Own a snow globe
  315. Take a selfie with a cactus
  316. Walk bare foot through a forest 
  317. Own a pair of superhero underwear
  318. Eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting 
  319. Make a jar of lucky paper stars 
  320. Buy a new pair of uggs boots for winter 
  321. Try every lush bath bomb
  322. Remember to stop and smell the roses
  323. Go to aquarium
  324. Make a lava lamp 
  325. Make body butter
  326. Own a hunger games bracelet 
  327. Own combat boots
  328. Take a picture half over and half under water
  329. Make homemade candles
  330. Bake nutella cupcakes
  331. Cook everything in the unofficial Harry potter cookbook
  332. Help the environment
  333. Pull an all-nighter
  334. Shake a soldiers hand
  335. Eat at one of chef Gordon Ramsay restaurants
  336. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  337. Collect Disney stuffed animals
  338. Go to a spa 
  339. Drink a Martini
  340. Vist the beach everyday for a week
  341. Bob for apples
  342. Go indoor rock climbing
  343. Have a glowstick fight
  344. Play in a giant ball pit
  345. Throw a bucket of water at someone
  346. Try eggnog
  347. Go to a forest in fall
  348. Collect train tickets
  349. Donate gifts to children in need
  350. Make someone less fortunate smile on christmas
  351. Go to the circus 
  352. Bottle feed a baby lion
  353. Catch every Pokemon
  354. Complete skyrim
  355. Spend a weekend in a hotel with someone I love
  356. Do a take what you need poster
  357. Hand out smiley faced balloons
  358. Get a henna tattoo
  359. Swim in jello
  360. Go eye bombing 
  361. Spend a whole week with my bestfriend
  362. Eat ice - cream out of a coconut 
  363. Throw a boomerang
  364. Prank call people
  365. Go on a shopping spree with my bestfriend
  366. Try oreo cake
  367. Make and try bacon pancakes
  368. Go fall candle shopping
  369. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  370. Ride the London eye
  371. Shower outside
  372. Dip dye my hair
  373. Go on a date
  374. Go to comic con
  375. Improve my flexibility
  376. Learn how to do a backflip
  377. Make a slip n' slide
  378. Shave my head for someone with cancer
  379. Take a photo at the perfect moment
  380. Kiss under mistletoe
  381. Learn how to pen spin
  382. Sleep in a car
  383. Sleep on a hammock
  384. Use glow paint
  385. Run for race for life
  386. Sleep in a teepee
  387. Vist Westminster Abby
  388. Own a sexy lace dress
  389. Write on a snowy car window
  390. Own a goldfish
  391. Breathe in helium, then walk up behind someone and say "follow the yellow brick road"

anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine where reader is bad at magic and Harry has to help them

You hit your head on the fat dusty book that sat on the library desk. You frowned at the array of history of magic books that were precariously balanced all over your desk. You hung your head as you carefully deliberated with yourself whether or not you should break your arm as to avoid the test next class.
“Hey” a voice sounded from behind you. You quickly spun around to find Harry sheepishly smiling at you. “most people don’t appreciate someone appearing behind them with a rather foreboding air” you laughed, watching him sit down in the chair next to you.
“Well, I like to think I give off a more happy go lucky type vibe” he smiled, looking around the table at the horrific mess of books and papers.
“Yeah, History of magic has become a form of unrelenting torture for me” you said, noticing his traveling gaze.
“Ahhh, that happens to be one of the many areas I excel in” he replied looking at you. He was in his messy shirt and house tie, with his black hair tangled and green eyes glowing behind his glasses. You but your lip.
“well if your offering your help, it would be ever so rude of me to decline” you grinned, cocking your head to the side, your messy hair falling over your eyes.
“When’s the test?” He asked, gently pushing his glasses further up his nose. “Tomorrow” you answered, slowly packing up the chaotic mess that had amassed on the table. “Well” he replied nervously, loosening his tie “if you maybe wanted to I could help you study tonight after dinner?” he asked, a nervous smile cracking open on his face. “Yes, yes that would be great” you grinned back at him. He laughed and helped you up, and the two of you walked to the Great Hall together.

Gryffindor is staying up all night to plan a prank. It’s running around with sparklers during a carnival. Gryffindor is finally standing up to a bully after awhile. Gryffindor is laughing so hard you almost pee your pants. It’s staying in your pajamas all day on Christmas Day. It’s screaming at the top of your lungs because your favorite team won a game. Gryffindor is being too competitive at video games. Gryffindor is laughing even though you’re not supposed to. It’s listening to music while you’re working. Gryffindor is freedom and bravery.

Ravenclaw is cleaning the steam from a hot drink off of your glasses. It’s walking down a hall while balancing a book on your head. Ravenclaw is buying ugly Christmas sweaters with your friends. Ravenclaw is practicing a dance routine over and over again even if you perfected it. It’s having your own little area at a library. It’s correcting a teacher even if they’re terrifying. Ravenclaw is binge watching your favorite shows for the fifth time. Ravenclaw is getting paint on your face. It’s drinking hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day. Ravenclaw is creativity and knowledge.

Hufflepuff is laying in the sun with your pet. It’s staying home and eating pizza instead of going to a fancy restaurant. Hufflepuff is wearing flannel with everything. Hufflepuff is forcing your friends to dance with you. It’s kisses in the rain. Hufflepuff is hugs that seem to last forever. Hufflepuff is having your crush like you back. It’s road trips and screaming your favorite song. Hufflepuff is getting whipped cream on your nose. It’s standing up for your friends when they can’t defend themselves. Hufflepuff is love and loyalty.

Slytherin is slicked back ponytails. It’s the satisfaction of hearing your high heels on hard ground. Slytherin is eating a whole pizza because someone said you couldn’t. It’s dark colors and pastels combined. Slytherin is doodling on your arm because you’re bored. It’s forcing your cat to lay down with you. Slytherin is blowing all your money on the perfect birthday present. Slytherin is having an office on the highest floor. Slytherin is helping someone so they’ll help you later. It’s starting work a few days before it’s due. Slytherin is ambition and cleverness.


It is truly amazing what we can do when we decide we want to do it. You can do a tree sit and live in a tree to save it from being clearcut. You can learn how to walk on your hands. You can learn how to balance 50 books on your head. You can learn how to tell stories that are thousands of years old, in their original language. You can learn how to heal with your hands. You can learn how to build a robot. You can learn how to bend spoons with your mind. The possibilities are so exciting to me!
I give thanks for this body which I am so grateful for. I am able to do so much and I love consistently challenging myself to take all aspects of my life to the next level - not only with my hoop, but extending the same willpower I have with the hoop to my spiritual life, education, imagination, and service path. The hoop teaches me to enjoy it all, push myself lovingly into edges, and practice living in the moment.
YAY. What a journey it’s been! I believe it’s been 5 years now dancing with this sacred circle. 🙏🏻❤️🐉🌈
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Gif source:  Elijah

Imagine having trouble sleeping, so you see if Elijah is awake and you find him reading in bed, so he lets you sleep there and you curl up next to him whilst he reads and strokes your hair and is all cute.

——— Request for anon ———

He can’t help but smile as you dive under the covers as he holds them up for you, your welcome escape from the cold hardwood beneath your bare feet, “Want me to read to you?”

You situate yourself softly against his chest, feeling his hand come to rest on the side of your head, stroking soothingly as he balances his book in his other, “What are you reading?”

yuki-hitomi-chan  asked:

RFA with Saeran/V with a very clumsy MC. Like she runs into poles or trips on air.

Being clumsy can be hard! But this was a pretty cute ask lol

☆Admin Destin


  • Any pole that MC ran into would be a dead pole
  • Zen would beat the heckie out of anything in MC’s way
  • He’s gotta protect his MC from anything and everything
  • They trip around him so much, catching them before they hit the ground would become second nature to him
  • He’d grab onto them as they fell and wrap his arms around them to make them feel safer


  • Every time that MC ran into something, Yoosung would check to make sure that they were okay
  • He’d kiss the bumps on their head and bandage up their scraped knees
  • Then he’d make the whole house/apartment safer, covering up sharp corners, hiding the knives, and putting away anything breakable
  • He’d essentially baby proof the house is what I’m saying


  • The first time she saw their bruises, Jaehee would be so concerned and confused
  • “What is happening? Are you getting into fights? How are you tripping over nothing?”
  • Jaehee would become very careful around her MC, stocking up on bandages and would probably consider wrapping MC in bubble wrap
  • Any time MC wants to get up and go somewhere/get something from the next room, Jaehee jumps up and gets it for them before they can do anything


  • Jumin would also be confused by MC’s accidental self-destructiveness
  • “Maybe Elizabeth the 3rd can teach you how to be more graceful”
  • If he could convince them, he’d have them to try some of those princess etiquette lessons so they could practice better coordination and balance
  • (Like the ones where you walk with books balanced on your head)
  • He would also try to keep a closer eye on them so that they didn’t injure themselves too seriously


  • Seven would laugh at first and tease them about it a bit
  • But he’d also make sure they were fine and not hurt too much
  • When MC trips, he makes sure to trip too so they don’t feel too embarrassed
  • Sometimes they just lay on the ground for a bit so MC can get their bearings before making the second attempt at walking


  • V also trips over things and runs into poles and walls
  • The boy is blind, but he’s gotten more used to it with practice
  • He does his best to teach MC how to be more careful and conscious of their surroundings
  • He’s very patient with them, because he just wants them to be safe


  • Saeran would always be surprised when they tripped randomly
  • He’d chide them when they stumbled, scared of them getting hurt
  • “You have to be more careful! I don’t want anything to happen to you!”
  • He’d pull them out of the way whenever they were headed toward a poorly placed wall or pole 
For everyone who is considering self harm

You can do so many other things than self harming that will help you.

Drawing on yourself with markers (pens can be sharp)
Coloring a coloring book
Organize your stuff
Write a poem
Write a story
Write a novel
Look up fun silly diys
Read fanfic
Write fanfic
Watch anime
Watch positive YouTube
Watch let’s plays
Go to a book shop
Go to a library
Surround yourself with stuff/people you like
Hug a pillow
Hug a stuffed animal
Learn a new language
Learn sign language
Organize a bookshelf
Try different colors of makeup or nail polish
Try on fancy clothes
Wear ridiculous outfits
Design a cosplay
Go to a thrift shop
Draw your favorite character (even if it’s a stick figure)
Make a lil comic
Make up characters and imagine them in everyday life
Imagine you have a pet dragon
Imagine you are 2 inches tall
Imagine you are 20 ft tall
Lie on the floor and imagine what it would be like if the house/room was upside down
Pretend you are an elegant ballet dancer
Try different ways to wear scarves or ties
Practice tying a bow tie
Make a smoothie
Eat fruit
Eat vegetables
Wear an oversized sweatshirt
Drink a hot cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate
Chew mint gum then drink ice water
Brush your teeth then drink orange juice
Play with water
Play with water balloons
Feel things around you and think about how they feel
Think about why the sky is blue
Make up ridiculous stories explaining the magic behind everyday things
Practice origami
Make stuff out of construction paper
Stick post it notes with happy notes and cute drawings everywhere
Encourage someone else
Color on yourself with highlighters
Make a pillow fort
Make a tent using a blanket
Make stuff out of toilet paper rolls
Practice sword fighting with wrapping paper rolls
Sit in a big box and pretend it’s a rocket or a train or anything you want
Pretend you are a general and inspire your troops
Pretend your life is being narrated by Morgan Freeman
Watch Disney movies
Watch kid shows/movies
Read your favorite children’s books
Read out loud with funny voices
Narrate everything you do
Make a paper hat
Brush your hair
Try different hairstyles
Try silly walks
Skip around
Smell a book
Paint a mug
Walk in a field
Walk in a park
Walk in the woods
Hug a tree
Collect acorns
Collect leaves
Collect rocks
Skip rocks in a lake or pond
Bounce a bouncy ball
Bounce an acorn
Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
Paint an old T-shirt with fabric paints
Do a puzzle
Play solitaire
Make stuff out of cardboard boxes
Paint rocks
Stick googlie eyes on everything
Wear every hat you own at once
Balance a book on your head
Make a baking soda volcano
Watch butterflies
Listen to birds
Plant flowers
Water plants
Imagine what voices animals and inanimate objects would have if they could talk
Talk into a fan and pretend you are a robot

And above all, know that you have a future. You have the potential to achieve great things. Life is worth living, and you don’t need to hurt to feel alive. You may feel empty at times, but you don’t need to fill that emptiness with pain. You have the power to help yourself. It will be difficult, but you are strong enough to do it. You are strong enough to fill that emptiness with happiness, to seek out things that bring you joy. Never forget that you deserve happiness.




K: “Hey jagi so what did you spend your birthday money on?”

Y/N: “Books, oh gosh I bought so many”

K: “Should have known”


*He had tried to cuddle with you earlier but you weren’t having it because you didn’t want to be distracted from the end of your book. You had finished now so you had come to find him*

Y/N: “Still want some hugs”

SH: “Oh now you want me, well sorry jagi but the time for hugs is over”


*When you two are sitting in silence together it’s usually because you had delved yourself into a good book and he doesn’t want to disturb you, but he steals glances from time to time taking note of how your facial expressions change when something interesting happens*


*When he wants your attention he takes some of your books and balances them on his head to amuse you*

CY: “I’m over here jagi… and so are your books”


*He finds the facial expressions you make when reading a book funny and cute so he puts on his glasses and sits next to you mimicking what you do*


*Encourages you on your goal of trying to finish this book in a day because that way he gets to spend time with you without your head in a book, however he does like the fact that you are a book nerd*


*It was your birthday and he was with you and your family whilst you were opening your presents, when you opened your present from him you just saw a box full of books, and they happened to be the exact ones you had wanted to read for ages*

C: “Oh and the award for best birthday present goes to me”


*He knew how much you loved a certain book and that it was your favourite, so he took it upon himself to read it just so he could:

-Impress you

-and help you fan girl over the book

T: “Yes I am the best boyfriend ever I know”


*You were up till the early hours reading a really interesting story but whenever something major happened you tended to voice it out loud, waking up Lay in the process*

Y/N: “No, he did not just do that you can’t be serious!”

L: “Wait whats that noise”


*He walks in your bedroom and trips over one of the many books that are scattered over your floor*

K: “Baobei, I know you love books but I’m tall and when I fall over the ground quakes so please pick them up”


LH: “Hey Y/N, can we go out now”

Y/N: “Wait just let me finish this chapter”



*He finds it really attractive that you love to read books and he swears every time he comes round your house the amount of books on your shelf has always increased*

XM: “Your not going to have any space soon jagi”

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*


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Exo reaction to their girlfriend saying her favorite physical feature about them

Hey nonnie! Thanks for requesting and I’m so sorry I’ve made you wait. College and work had me swamped but I’d love to do this for you. I hope a text reaction is fine for now…

Suho: You’d be cuddling it up with this old ajhumma and it’s a normal day and you’re quite absorbed in your tv show and randomly you just let it slip that, “You have some seriously good abs you know?” in a low voice. You felt Suho stiffen behind you and when you turned around in alarm, this boy was blushing beet red. His ears had gotten so red you were going to dissolve into giggles. You’ve never seen the leader more embarrassed than that.

Chanyeol: A few of the exo boys had been on your case about your relationship with Chanyeol and Baek decided to be really annoying and ask why you even liked Chanyeol. Without missing a beat, you announced, “Have you see this boy? He’s so sweet he gives me diabetes. How could I not like him?” Chanyeol was a bit shy for a minute but that went down the drain when the boys started cheering and Chanyeol proudly wrapped his arms around you and whispered, “Thanks Jagi!”

D.O: It had been a hard day for you and you wee waiting for dinner quite impatiently. The minute Kyungsoo put the soup down in front of you, you whipped out a spoon and dug in and almost burnt your tongue in the process. He hit your head slightly, worried that you’d seriously burn yourself. But you couldn’t help it. “This is so delicious I think I could marry you just for this.” You were too tired to retract your words but you didn’t have to. Kyungsoo was happily staring at you and a satisfied smile replaced his worried expression. I’m pretty sure he has already planned the names of your kids.

Baekhyun: “JAGI JAGI JAGI LOOK AT THIS!” Baekhyun was balancing a bunch of your books on his head, walking carefully across the living room. You wanted to snap at him because you were working on a very important project and this boy refused to keep quiet. But his silly antics evaporated the heavy tension on your head and you found yourself mumble, “How can you make me so happy?” Baekhyun stopped in his tracks suddenly and all the books tumbled from his head, falling in a heap on the floor. His eyes softened and he sat down on the sofa next to you and kissed your forehead. “Because you make me the happiest person in the world.”

Kai: “I don’t want to.” Kai was being an adamant guy that day. You were trying to get him to go on a double date with you. You guys had been busy and your friends wanted to see you but you also wanted to spend time with him. On the other hand, Kai wanted you to come hang out with the boys for exactly this reason.

“Why do I have to do it for you then? Why can’t it be my friends this time?” The minute the words left your mouth you knew they were petty. Petty and stupid but you couldn’t apologise not now. You saw Kai’s mouth turn into a bitter thin line and knew this was going to be a long fight. You sunk into the cushions and whispered, “God I love how you stick to your friends but this is too much Kai.” You heard him sigh and sit down next to you. He laced his fingers with yours and whispered, “How about a compromise? Let’s spend the day in, just the two of us.” You liked that idea best.

Sehun: You were watching him from the kitchen, rearranging the sheets and making your bed that morning. You felt yourself stare at him for a bit too long and decided it was time to tell him, it was stupid to hold it to yourself like some big secret. You walked behind him and wrapped your hands around his torso. “You know…” You began, “I like how you take care of me, especially the little things.” He smiled to himself, thinking you were just mentioning this in passing. “I love you,” he beat you to your declaration and saw your eyes widen. But this boy already knew what you were going to say. He knew you a bit too much.

Kris: You were watching the youtube clip with him and Sophie for the umpteenth time and watched them fondly as they interacted in their own little bubble. “You like it that much?” His face was snuggled in on your shoulder and you nodded without turning back. Though Kris and you had never been very big on overly cheesy things or the topic of kids, both of you were quite filial. He put the laptop away and snuck into the space next to you on your bed and let your head rest on your shoulders. “Thank you” He whispered. “hmm?” You echoed. Words were failing you for the first time in your life. “Thanks for being my best friend.”

Xiumin: Minseok was having a hard time during the interview and you knew it. You were watching it live on the appand you couldn’t wait to see him after he got home, hoping to comfort him someway but until then, a small comment would have to do.

y/nlikeskawaii: Minseok oppa it’s ok to be a bit flustered. We see so much strength in you. please don’t forget that. saranghae~ xx

You didn’t think much of it then but when you felt minseok slip into the house way past midnight and hug you with all his might, you knew something was up. “Thank you Jagi. You have no idea how much you mean to me.” You were wondering what he meant but then he mentioned how he knew all your usernames and knew it was you commenting that on the app and it helped him a great deal through that interview.

Luhan: He came out of the bath, a towel around his neck and his face bare of all the makeup you usually see on him. You weren’t against the makeup but you weren’t exactly for it either. You knew how much pressure was on him to maintain the health of his skin and it was beyond health now - his skin was his career. You patted the space in front of you and luhan padded over and sat in front of you, and you took the towel from him and started drying his hair for him. “You look your best like this. Bare faced and everything….” You didn’t know if you worded it right. It sounded weird even coming out of your mouth. But Luhan got what you wanted to say. He pressed his palm against your cheek and kissed your forehead quickly. Whispering a small “I love you” as you continued toweling his hair dry. (A/N I GAVE MYSELF FEELS. WONDERFUL)

Lay: Lay was busy playing the same tune over and over again. A deep frown was etched on his forehead and his fingers stumbled with the guitar strings. You were cleaning up his work room, because he hardly ever did that and somehow it drove you crazy that he had to work in a messy environment like that. You stepped behind him and held his hands, preventing them from going at it with the guitar again. “It’s good. Don’t overthink it. You’re far more talented than you give yourself credit for.” Lay huffed and leaned into your embrace, allowing himself a moment of solace in the hurricane that was his life.

Chen: You were busy watching a fancam online of Chen’s concert in LA and you couldn’t help but feel your heart constrict at the sight of him crying during his part in Promise. You wanted to be there to comfort him but you knew that words did little to him in that moment. The bond that Exo shared with their fans wasn’t something you could comfort them over. It was a different kind of love, very different from what they shared with their girlfriend or their family or their members. You decided all you could do was send a text-

Y/N: You did well honey. Very well. You know I’m proud of you yeah? And I love you for reasons besides your voice and your cheekbones. You are so much more.


Chen: I love you. Thank you for saying that.

It was a clipped message but you knew it meant far more for him too.

Tao: You were climbing into bed after freshening up when you saw Tao with tears glistening in his eyes. He was flipping through pictures of his family back home. Though he was in the same country as them, it was still hard to be away from them and you knew how much his work demanded of him. You were thankful for every minute that he chose to spend with you when he could just go home. Without any words, You wrapped your fingers together and pulled up a book and started reading it. This wasn’t a moment for you to smother him, he needed his time to miss them. A few minutes later, you felt his fingers tighten around yours and you knew it was enough to just be around him.

AHH THAT WAS LONG. I hope you like it nonnie!

ProTip #47: Balance a book on your head

When studying for hours on end, or sitting at a desk for hours on end, it’s natural to end up tired, hunched over the desk, and have a horrible crick in your neck at the end of the day. Plus, you can end up with some medical issues from poor posture over the years!

To stave this off, sit with your back straight (pretend you’re balancing something on your head) and your head only slightly tilted downward, and drink a lot of cold water. This will help you breath deeper, stay hydrated, and consequently keep you more alert.

Ways to help with posture:

  • put a tape marker over the spot where you USUALLY end up hunched over your desk; this will remind you to not stray from your posture
  • tape a reminder to your computer/lamp/cubby: “sit up STRAIGHT” usually works for me

Get things UP and to your eye level:

  • an old shoebox as a computer stand
  • a stack of old textbooks as a computer stand
  • bookstands can be very cheap, save space, and prevent you from hunching over your textbooks!

Ways to stay hydrated:

  • put fruit in your water (I like cucumbers & citrus)
  • keep (unsweetened) pre-prepared tea on hand
  • put a checklist of how much water you drank today (half your body weight in ounces is good!)
  • put reminders in your work space (post its are good and don’t cause any residual stickiness)
Stuck With You, 4/?

Malcolm Tucker, Rose Tyler

In a parallel world, Malcolm Tucker doesn’t return to government after being bested by Steve Fleming, instead taking a lucrative offer to be personal spin doctor to the wealthy Peter Tyler.  It’s all fun and games until the daughter Pete never had comes to stay.  DW-The Thick of It crossover fic.

Genre:hurt/comfort, romance

Written with the lovely dryadalis, with the lovelythedoctordanceswithrose contributing her mad beta skills.

Catch up here or AO3

Chapter 3: Battle Plans

There’s a certain kind of euphoria that Rose gets when she’s full of adrenaline; it’s what made her not mind the running, despite jumping head-first into her life of adventure and excitement when she hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in a few years. As she pushes herself faster, the treadmill automatically adjusting for her speed, she searches for that feeling desperately so that the numbness still lingering in her body will disappear.

It’s been three weeks since she and Jackie arrived in this new Universe, and Rose would be lying if she said she was settled. Though a lot of things still remind her of home, it’s the little things that let her know she’s out of place; the zeppelins, the soldiers guarding the entrances and exits of the various parts of the city, the way this world is overly suspicious of anything foreign. The second night on this world she had researched its history, learning how World War Two had lasted for ten years, how the Cold War had been between China and nearly all of Europe, how America separated as a consequence of its civil war. It made her feel lonely; the Doctor would have loved learning about how this Earth had diverged from her own, about the technological differences and how one could buy a robotic maid but couldn’t fly in anything faster than a zeppelin. She wouldn’t have minded the adventure with him by her side, but now it’s like she’s stuck in a cage that serves to keep reminding her of all she’s lost.

When not studying and thinking of the Doctor, she’s surviving on coffee and adrenaline, taking cat naps here and there so that her trainers won’t be suspicious about her sleeping habits. Pete had been as good as his word on getting her put in the advanced class, and while she’s miles ahead of most of her class in running, critical thinking, and average on hand-to-hand combat, her marks in weaponry are lousy. She had come here to the gym to work out her frustrations since her weapons instructor had threatened to fail her if she didn’t get it through her mind that the guns are required.

Plus, there’s the issue of the interview. She pushes the thought away, not wanting to think about that until the last possible second.

Unfortunately, Tucker proves once again to be too smart for his own good, and finds her three minutes later. “Well, if it isn’t my least favorite Wonder Woman. I thought I told you to be dressed an hour ago,” he growls, and yanks the cord on the machine when she ignores him.

Keep reading