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So checking on my dash, let me see if I can get this right.

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Giving equal weight to all voices in a controversial debate is not always necessarily a sign of balanced neutrality. Not every side of a debate is deserving of an equally prominent platform. If you are presenting explicitly malicious, hateful, and harmful ideologies as if they are just as worthy of respect as any other point of view, that in itself is a form of dangerous bias. A responsible and balanced presentation of different viewpoints includes an understanding that not every opinion should be portrayed as a reasonable, viable option.

Color Pie Friday: Aligning the Colors

In 1997, Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR, Inc. and their tabletop role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. Between their already burgeoning brand, Magic: The Gathering, and D&D, Wizards had cornered the market on tabletop nerd-dom. Despite fan cries for crossover sets of each brand, the company has vowed not to “cross the streams” and jeopardize the integrity of each individual brand. Good news, everyone! Today I’m going to partake in some stream-crossing and talk about the color pie implications of D&D’s alignment system.

So What Is This Alignment Thing Anyway?

I’ll start with a disclaimer: I don’t play D&D. Don’t ask me questions about it unless you want a snarky answer. The closest I ever got was playing Dungeons or Dragons, the rules-light, verbal, parody adventure we improvised on Boy Scout camping trips.

But don’t let that dissuade you, as I think a lot more people are familiar with D&D’s alignment system with the game itself. Essentially, alignment is a motivation matrix that is used as a guide for how your characters make decisions and why they do the things they do.

Alignment is built along two spectra: Lawful/Chaotic and Good/Evil. These identities are exactly how they sound. Lawful characters believe that the world should be ordered and organized, while chaotic characters believe that life is naturally disordered and that everyone should get to act how they want. Good characters are moral, value life, and put the group over the individual, while Evil characters are amoral, value destruction, and put the individual over the group. Between each end of the spectrum is a neutral group that doesn’t feel one way or the other. Put together, they form a nine-square matrix as seen below:

Fancy. So the overlaps in each square create the nine alignments in D&D: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Evil. They look something like this:

Groovy. Each of these nine alignments has a slightly different attitude, and that makes this an interesting thing to try to fold into Magic’s color pie. I could just go one-by-one and assign each identity colors. It’s what I did for the Myers-Briggs article, which also dealt with spectra, but it’s not how I approached alignment.

Color Additives

If you’re familiar with the color pie, the Lawful/Chaotic and Good/Evil spectra should sound familiar to you. They describe the philosophical difference between White/Red and White/Black, respectively. That means we could reformat the alignment grid to look something like this:

When we overlap the colors in the same way that the alignments overlap, the top-left corner becomes mono-White, the top-right corner becomes Red/White, the bottom-left corner becomes White/Black, and the bottom-right corner becomes Black/Red.

It’s a good start, but we have to consider the neutral spaces as well. I wasn’t sure how to approach them initially, but after some thought I realized that the color pie already has the answer. You see, Black and Red are the enemy colors of White. That means that the remaining two colors, Blue and Green, sit between White and its enemies. The color pie already explains that Blue takes a neutral position when it comes to helping others and helping the individual; mono-Blue can be selfless or selfish. In the same way, mono-Green can appreciate an interconnecting natural order while also allowing primal instincts to run wild. So let’s see how the grid looks now:

That’s a lot of words and arrows and twisty axes and not very pretty. But I never said it would be pretty, so I guess I’m off the hook. I bet the grid would look cleaner if I just moved onto the next subtitle. Yeah, let’s do that.

Nine Alignments to the Humans

What we end up with is a grid with one White box and eight two-color boxes. Each alignment corresponds to a unique color pair, which is nice. That makes things easy to talk about. But first, let’s take a look at the grid when we put all the information on it:

Ah, much more organized. And easier to read. And conveys more information. Yes, I think this is the final form of the D&D alignment color pie grid. While this gives you basic information, let’s go into each alignment and explain why it matches that color pair.

Lawful Good (White): These are the goody two-shoes of the world. They believe everyone should work together and be happy and inclusive. And, of course, the best way to do this is by having laws that everyone follows. This should sound familiar; mono-White’s goal is peace through structure.

Neutral Good (Green/White): Being Good means valuing life and community, but this neutral position is equally willing to use order and chaos to maintain peace. Green understand that there are times when laws are helpful (don’t murder other peeps), but also understands that life needs a certain level of autonomy to thrive. Sometimes you just need to follow your gut.

Chaotic Good (Red/White): Again, being Good means supporting life and peace, but the Chaotic side abhors laws and restrictions. This alignment believes people should be free to act as they wish while still being nice to each other. A Chaotic Good character will fight evil to the death, but on their own accord. Sometimes violence just gets the job done.

Lawful Neutral (White/Blue): Lawful characters crave structure. A Lawful Neutral character will still obey laws, but may or may not act for selfish reasons. More likely, this kind of person will act to maintain order rather than act for Good or Evil reasons. Structure for the sake of structure is the slogan of bureaucracy.

True Neutral (Green/Blue): True Neutral seeks total balance. It understands that actions will sometimes need to obey the laws, break the laws, help others, and help itself. Green/Blue is the color combination that is the best at seeing and understanding the totality of existence around it. This character will always think and act in terms of context, making decisions differently depending on the other factors involved.

Chaotic Neutral (Red/Blue): Who has time for Good and Evil when you’re busy doing the craziest stuff possible? These people are loose cannons, accidentally burning your crops down one day and inventing a better plow the next. While these are valuable allies on the days that they decide to screw with your enemies, there’s no telling when they’ll turn around and start screwing with you too.

Lawful Evil (White/Black): Rules are great! You know, when they ensure you always come out ahead. If a Lawful Evil character is the one making the rules, they will make sure that the rules always give them the advantage (power through structure). Otherwise, a person can still follow all the rules while acting only for themselves.

Neutral Evil (Green/Black): These people are always looking out for themselves in any way possible. If following the rules gives them an advantage, they’ll do it. If acting wild gets them the advantage, they’ll do it. Nothing is off limits when it comes to their selfish desires. Green gives them that perspective that best lets them find a way to win.

Chaotic Evil (Red/Black): Revel in the wanton destruction of Chaotic Evil! No regard for life. No regard for rules. These characters have one goal: do whatever I want, whenever I want, so long as I’m having a good time. These are the characters that Lawful Good hates the most.

As you can see, there’s not a lot of Green or Blue philosophy showing through. Because the D&D alignment is so skewed towards the White vs. Black/Red conflicts, it’s difficult for other color philosophies to shine. And, of course, that doesn’t address the other issue…

What Happened to Blue/Black and Red/Green?

It’s true. This configuration doesn’t have a square for Blue/Black or Red/Green. Could these color pairs appear in a D&D character? Certainly, but I don’t think they’re restricted to a specific space on the alignment grid. Blue/Black is definitely Evil, but probably errs more towards Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil. Blue can follow rules, but it’s also good at finding exceptions to them and breaking them in certain situations. Likewise, Red/Green is definitely Chaotic, but probably skews more Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral. Green values life and interconnectedness, but it still has violent and destructive survival instincts.

And, you know, the alignments aren’t totally restricted to the colors I have given them. A Lawful Good character could be White/Blue or White/Green. A True Neutral character could be colorless. Not every White/Green character is Neutral Good. You folks should get it by now that caveats always apply.

The Final Final Form

OK, so I bet you all expected some sort of alignment grid with Magic characters on it. So here you go.

Mark Rosewater never denies cool things, so it’s pretty cool that the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system almost perfectly correlates to two of the key facets of the Magic color pie. While alignment is so heavily influenced by White and its enemies, Blue and Green still embody these balanced viewpoints that come in handy when thinking about the alignment system. It also feeds back into the color pie, pointing out some aspects of the colors that aren’t highlighted as often. That’s a major reason I keep doing articles like this; I get to explore the color pie a little differently every time.

Until next time, planeswalkers, may all your dice rolls be natural twenties.

What happens when you live in the echo-chamber

So I’ve been thinking (not being sanctimonious here) on the difference between me and my liberal friends. Because if my liberal friends knew of my blog here they’d probably drop me as their friend faster than if they were holding a scalding pan, despite me identifying as a liberal myself albeit quite a centrist liberal. Yet, unless very extreme, I would never drop someone because of their beliefs. For me to drop someone, it isn’t based on beliefs, it is based on actions, the moment you take bad actions against me, THAT’S when I drop you, not when you just simply have different beliefs than me.

And the difference between my liberal friends and I is simple, I have never surrounded myself with an echo-chamber. Despite having much annoyance at many ideas and moral views different than mine, I have never once completely shut out people based on difference of opinion. This is why I run this blog, I like to engage in multiple points of view of world issues and various politics but I fear co-mingling this blog with my liberal friends. Why? Because when you convene and only speak with others who share your points of view and ideologies, and only ever get your information from news and media which aligns with your political stances; you in fact, become intolerant and unaccepting. 

A lot of liberals (used to be how I was too), have this idea that “intolerance” and “unaccepting” are words that can only apply to people who resist progressive ideas (i.e. the liberal perception of conservatives), but that’s not true at all. Intolerance and unacceptance have no stake in what the idea is, just that you approach it with a closed-mind, that’s all the scenario those words require to become applicable. So when your news media and your ideologically same friends all parrot the same stories and the same misguided aspects of those stories which then you internalise and don’t critically think about or have outside views to balance, then you become more and more sensational and radical, more and more intolerant and unaccepting of anything which challenges your world-view.

That’s why as a centrist liberal who makes sure to listen to both sides, I am much more well-adjusted in light of the inauguration, much more calm, and much more optimistic and willing to see what Trump’s presidency has to offer in improvement for my nation. I’m much more willing to compromise and realise how people can work together despite the divide in the political aisle, than my friends are. And I’m also not breaking out into hysterics and paranoia and thinking the world is completely ending.

That’s why my friends are all sitting on tumblr and posting things like…

“I hope you rest easy tonight, because the millions of individuals that could have their rights, lives, and chance to be here could be gone as quick as the flick of the wrist. I am not safe, my family is not safe…”

You’re a gay white male, you are quite safe I assure you, as is your family, as are all your LGBT friends (including me), and your legal immigrant friends.

“Millions–millions–of people around the globe marched and rallied today (January 20-21, 2017) because women’s rights are human rights.”

Whoever said they weren’t??? Whoever was challenging that notion? No one.

And this echo-chambered existence is why all my liberal friends… 
1. are believing that the White House page change no longer having an LGBT page is the end of their rights
2. are believing that Trump calling out fake news is somehow bullying to CNN because that is one of my liberal friends’ news sources
3. having anxiety attacks and breaking down
4. calling themselves the resistance, not just calling themselves anti-Trump but calling themselves the straight up “resistance” like holy fucking shit, chill, we don’t have a Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine situation, put down the blaster.

And this is all because they just can’t deal with this massive bubble of theirs having been popped. Since at least the Obama presidency began (referencing a time point, not setting blame here), my friends have lived in these echo-chambers and because they have no balance of viewpoints, they’ve grown intolerant and unaccepting of anything not liberal, that’s why Trump being president is the end of the world to them, they have no other way to see it. 

And what bothers me most is not that my friends have allowed themselves to become so gullible and narrow-minded in their views and sources, no it’s the fact we have let the media become this polarised, because it is doing damage. Big time! The news media is supposed to just report facts, not be biased, yet it has been for a long time now. This may very well be the biggest chaos ever seen in light of a presidential election, and we have the media to blame for it, we really do. The media and in turn those they’ve indoctrinated and spread so much fear into and used as tools to spread fear with, are the problem right now and we need to address it and find a way to reverse the psychological damage in these people who have succumbed to it. Being this hysterical and paranoid and fear-ridden is not normal, by far! 

So this is what happens when you live in an echo-chamber, you may live peacefully as long as things go your way and how you think they should, but you enter this complacency in believing the world is in your control and when you discover it isn’t, your mind and your fellow ideologues’ minds just descend into utter chaos. What happens when you live in an echo-chamber is you lose touch with reality. Never do that, always seek balance and truth, always.

anonymous asked:

I think that article was pretty decently balanced between the two viewpoints. Im neutral on the ship but I have to say. There are more antis suicide baiting than shippers. People would take you all more seriously if you didnt call for death so often. Yall just sound like radfem terfs that way

- ending the quote on a sad wincest shipper about fandom feeling ‘unsafe’ is anything but objective journalism
- if you’re neutral on this topic you need to grow up and see the damage incest and the celebration of it does to minors and survivors
- trans people are oppressed. incest shippers aren’t.
- come off anon coward

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Megyn Kelly leaving Fox to NBC; sign that Fox will abandon it's faux "balanced" viewpoint and become a more Breitbarty pit of hell partisan outlet? It's already a hellhole of racist lies and right-wing propaganda, it'll be causing more damage if it drops it's supposed "moderate" elements and goes full on racist in order to retain media strength.

It’s also a big sign that NBC has no problem hiring a racist who was FUCKING MAD AT THE IDEA THAT A SANTA MIGHT NOT BE WHITE.

Being an ENTP, people mistake my enthusiasm towards a lot of topics with anger, offense or downright hate - they think I’m arguing with them.

The truth is, you’ve got it all wrong! Sure I raise my voice, change my wording choice. But I’d love it if you notice the smile on my face. It’s streched so far around in sheer delight!
I wonder why people don’t notice? Do they think I’m being condescending?

I love disscussing about problems; the finer details; the bigger picture; the intricate-ness and the delicate balance between two viewpoints. I love standing on that edge and putting a foot over the line. When I do find someone who feels exactly the same way, they automatically become my new best friend. I’D TRUST THEM WITH MY LIFE.

You see, it’s a learning process. Not only do I get to understand you better, but it opens my mind to a whole world of possibilities and ideas. It’s a thrilling experience!!!

But, this is where I loose friendships. Relationships are lost in a blink of an eye, and I die a little inside.

The Balanced Self
Wilferd A. Peterson

The man walks out on the high wire over empty space, sways above the breathless crowd, defies the law of gravity… .

The successful living of a life can be compared to walking across a high wire.

The indispensable quality needed is balance.

The balanced self is the well-integrated self.  A harmonious combination of all the constructive elements of personality makes the self whole.

The balanced self practices moderation, avoids extremes, follows the maxim “Not anything too much.”

The balanced self meets the challenges of life with equanimity.  It is neither exalted by success nor dejected by failure.  It meets despair with hope and climbs the heights with humility.

The balanced self maintains mental equilibrium. It has ideals without illusions.  It separates fact from fancy.  It keep a level head.

The balanced self is mature.  It considers everything from a grown-up viewpoint balanced by a child’s simplicity.

The balanced self balances dreams with action.  It uses the power of inner thought to inspire outer achievement.  And it uses action to stimulate further dreams.

The balanced self guards against quick emotional reactions.  It does not jump to impulsive conclusions.  It delays action until it has had time, calmly and fairly, to balance all the factors involved.

The balanced self is resilient; it is flexible to change.  Like a tree in the wind, it bends without breaking.

The balanced self knows the error of constant effort.  It renews itself through prayer and relaxation, that it may apply a higher impact of energy and creative power to the task at hand.

The balanced self lives a balanced life.  It balances work and play, love and worship.

The balanced self maintains the I AM of the spirit at the center of self, in full command of its destiny.

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Which do you like more? Spirk or spones?

*takes a deep breath*

*stands up*

*rips off shirt*

*grabs microphone*







*drops mic*

*backflips into space*